05.26.3014: Bog of Eternal Stench
Summary: A foray into cooking and other miscellaneous events.
Date: 12 January 2014
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Arboren Family Common Room and Kitchen
There is something homey about the common room shared by the family of House Arboren. Despite the fact that it must be able to accommodate several dozen people at any given time, there is a warm coziness created by its atheistic. Like most of the Elder Seat, the floors are done in polished wood, though here it looks as if they have taken planks from all over the Spine and puzzled them together in a rainbow of pale gold, rich maple, deep dark rose, and heavy mahogany. There are various nooks spread along the exterior walls which contain tall windows that each have the topmost panes done in stained glass. There is a large, broad hearth done in heavy stone that burns with a bright fire particularly in the winter.
Spread throughout the room are various seating arrangements and shelving units of electronic books. The one thing this room is missing that other House common rooms host are vidscreens. Those of House Arboren know that this room is for conversation and peaceful reflection.
May 26, 3014

One of the guest apartment doors open and Jayce emerges. He closes the door behind himself and pauses, taking in a breath and moving out in the manner of a man barreling forward into something. Likely, it's the way he's dressed, as opposed to yesterday.

Already seated in the family room, in her favorite little nook, Brienne is seated sideways, her back against the shelf and her legs extended, her feet bare. Beside her on a small table is a orange juice and a bowl of strawberries. On her lap is a closed book and in her hands is a datapad. When the door opens, she looks up and smiles. "Good morning, Jayce." Eyes drifting down over his attire.

Jayce walks out and smiles, moving towards Bries little perch, grinning, "Good morning, Brie. How did you sleep?" He asks, trying to ignore the fact that he can feel her gaze. in that self conscious way that he's just going to have to get used to.

"Good morning." Of course Brienne was looking. He looked different than he did before, so any difference is notable. Lifting her gaze to his, there is the same sort of expression she's always worn when she sees him. "How are you today?" Apparently the cyber doesn't bother her as much as it probably could.

Jayce relaxes slightly, rubbing his hands together, "I'm doing well, quite comfortable, this is a wonderful place." He pauses near her, "And yourself?"

"I'm doing good. Would you like some breakfast? We could go to the kitchen and scrounge around or I could have cook get you a plate of whatever the rest had. Or anything you like." Brienne offers, standing in her bare feet which makes him even taller than her.

Jayce grins, "Never could resist a good scrounge." He offers his arm, likely made easier by the fact etiquitte demands he offer his right one to her. "Please, lead the way."

Brienne laughs, taking the offered arm with her hand slipping into the bend at his elbow. "Then we shall have an organized raid of the kitchen, Sir! Onward and upward!" She laughs, pretending to march her way to the kitchen, pushing open the door, announcing to the staff inside. "Cease and Desist! We must find sustenance!"

Jayce steps into the kitchen, announcing, "There is no reason to panic. Simply relinquish delicious foods swiftly and we will be on our way. There is no reason to make this unpleasant." He drones off evenly, looking around to ensure understanding.

Brienne laughs when he plays along with her, pleased. When the staff look at them like they are daft, it only makes her laugh harder. "It looks, Sir Jayce, like this will require a trebuchet." She looks at Jayce conspiratorially, eyes dancing with amusement. "Should you resist, you will be sent to the bog of eternal stench!"

Jayce looks at Brie, one eye wider than the other, "Milady, this is your house, your kitchen and your staff…" He looks at the staff, other eye widening as the other squints at them, "Eternal stench. Think about it." He makes a menacing oooo sound.

Brienne laughs as the staff just look… confused and rather unimpressed with the pair. Still, Brie forges her way through to the large commercial sized refrigerator and flings it open with flair, "Food! We have conquered thee!" Letting go of his arm, she notices a few good choices. "Banana french toast? Pecan waffles? Leftover cinnamon rolls? Or there is bacon and eggs. Whatever your hearts desire, my Knight, I will see it done without fail!"

Jayce watches Brie taking command of the Kitchen and folds his arms, grinning, "Ah, cheese omelette." He nods, and smirks, looking at the staff, nodding, "Eternal. It's a bog, and the stench never comes out that's why it's eterna-where you going?" He says as a cook walks away from him, ignoring him completely.

Brienne giggles. Giggles! Brie never does that. "She was sure impressed with you, darlin'." As they continue to go do their thing, she almost doubles over with laughter. "We made a big impression here, Jayce." Reaching for the eggs and cheese, she smiles, "I hope you can cook." Is she teasing? At the last second, she gets the butter too and uses her hip to close the fridge door.

Jayce smiles at Brie, "People like me." He says, then, "Oh, no I can't cook in the slightest, so we'll have to do it together." He says with a cavalier attitude of someone who knows other people are going to clean up after him.

Tristan has arrived.

Just through the family common room into the kitchen, Jayce and Brienne are having fun at the expense of the staff. Brienne walks over to the stove with her booty consisting of eggs, cheese and butter. "A shield, my Knight, would do perfectly! I believe it is just rounded enough to cook our omelet!" They are playing a good game of pretend and Brie motions to one of the skillets, still laughing at the attitude of Jayce.

<FS3> Brienne rolls Cooking: Failure.

Jayce takes the skillet off a hook and turns, moving as his cybernetic hand holds the pan of the skillet, presenting the handle to her as if it were a sword, as he bows over it, "Lady Knight, your weapon."

Brienne reaches for the skillet and holds it out towards the stove, "Why thank you, Kind Sir." Looking towards the stove, "En guarde!" Tapping it on the burner a few times playfully. She turns on the burner after unloading her arms of the bounty she has. "Butter.." Breaking off some and dropping it into the pan, not bothering to measure it at all, just a lump of it from the stick. Fire on.

Jayce steps back to observe the combat from an approperate vantage point, folding his arms, and nodding, "Don't let the egg get the uper hand, you control the battlefield, remember that."

"From this day forth, all liquid chickens must die!" Brienne breaks an egg into the pan. The butter was too hot, the flame too high.. and there's a fire. A big fire. There's a girly sound of dismay as she freezes a moment.

He may not have been seen much these last… few weeks, really, but that doesn't mean Tristan doesn't sneak out of his rooms to get some food every now and then. Slipping into the kitchen a bit quietly now, he blinks a bit as he sees his sister at the stove, and comes to a stop. "Oh dear…" he mutters, shaking his head a little bit now.

Jayce watches the fire, brows lifting, as he steps forward, taking another skillet off a hook, and setting it atop the burning skillet carefully, useing his left, cybernetic arm to do so. He nods, solemnly, and looks at Brie. "You underestimate your opponent." He says quietly, perfectly calm in the heat of the.. battle.

Brienne didn't notice her brother yet.. She's watching the flames die down and she sighs in relief. "And yet you come to save the day. Again." She glances up at Jayce with a bemused smile. "How about a ham and cheese croissant? I can heat them in the microwave.."

"She might be able to do that without breaking anything," Tristan remarks, before he adds, "I mean, letting her handle the kitchen is almost as bad an idea as letting me… do anything, really. Moving over to get whatever he was sneaking here to get now.

Jayce turns, now noticing Tristan, and inclining his head deeply, before looking to Brienne, "Radiation chamber to heat food.." He looks at his cybernetic arm, "Yeah, I got an energy field built in, go for it."

"It's the max of my knowledge, Sir. It may be you have to take on this quest for me." Returning the eggs, she withdraws the sandwich meat ham, bringing the cheese and taking the croissants out of the bread box. "If you would, please." Brienne looks over at Tristan and then gives him an impulsive hug. "You, my dear brother, must find your way out of this sadness and blame, for what is a life without smiling?"

For a few moments, it might look like Tristan will shrink back at the hug, but instead he hugs back, quite fiercely. "I wish I could find a way to disregard the facts, Brie," he says, words kept relatively quietly. "But they are facts, after all…" A look over to Jayce again, before he asks his sister, "Who is he?"

Jayce watches Brienne as she and Tristan speak, and does appear to be looking at Brie as if waiting for an introduction, but still amused at her tone of the moment.

Brienne snaps her fingers. Right, introductions. She keeps an arm around her brother's waist. "Gallant Knights, it is time you have met. Sir Jayce of the Cindravale, this is Sir Tristan of the Arboren." Her lips curve with amusement. "You are both valiant and dear to me. You see, Sir Tristan, Sir Jayce is the Knight I was a squire to once upon a time. And Sir Jayce, Sir Tristan is my beloved brother whom I would fight to the death for. I adore him greatly."

Pausing as he hears the introductions, Tristan looks to Jayce rather carefully for a few moments. "Less of a peacock than Sir Nikomachos, I hope?" he offers to his sister, before he offers a bit of a nod to the Cindravale. "As you can hear, she's quite insane," he remarks, before he adds, "It's nice to meet you, I think."

Jayce inclines his head deeply, "A pleasure to meet you, Sir Tristan, thankfully I've been aware of her insanity since she was a squire, so it's good to see it's progressed to this point." He says mildly, then looks at Brienne, and smiles, "Hi."

Brienne lets go of her brother to begin assembling ham and cheese croissants. "Are you both very hungry?" She intends on making plenty, so she assembles as she continues to look back at them. "Insane, Tristan? Oh yes, I'll take insane, and raise you a crazy." Looking back to Jayce, she smiles, "Hi.." ducking her head back to her work, she assembles five. Two each for the guys and one for Brie.

"Please don't use that title…" Tristan says, kept very quietly now, as he turns to look around the room for a few moments. Pausing a bit again at the question of being hungry. "No…" he begins, just as his stomach seems to decide to take this moment to call that a lie. "Er… I guess I am…"

Jayce chuckles to Brie, and as she continues assembling food, he looks to Tristan, and nods, "As you like. We'll hope that breakfast works out." He smiles, looking to Brie with a smile.

Brienne gives her brother a confused look about to ask him why he was here if not for hunger. Shaking her head, she shrugs it off. "Good just has to heat and it'll be done." She glances over at Jayce just when he smiles, catching it, returning it. Now to nuke the food..

"I mean, if people keep using that title for me, they will start thinking I'm brave or something, and then they will be even more disappointed in me," Tristan says, a bit quietly, before he sighs a little bit. "If that's even possible…" A smile, although it might seem a little forced, is offered to his sister. "Thanks…"

Jayce looks to Tristan and smiles, a little confused, then, "Well, still good to meet you." He offers as he leans back against a counter, and reaches over to make sure the skillets are properly cooling and not going to explode and kill everyone.

Wait, something bad was wrong with her brother and Brienne is just realizing he was serious about what he'd been saying. She leaves the food being radiated and turns bacl to her brother. "No one is disappointed in you except you, Tristan so don't you dare start trying to put words in my mouth. You are a Knight. Knights don't give up." Glancing over, she watches Jayce a minute, then looks back to Tristan. "Why are you suddenly being like this? You're going to marry the woman you love."

Tristan grimaces as he listens to Brienne's words. "Can't you see it? No matter what I do, people get hurt…" He sighs a little now, before he adds, "Maybe she deserves better?" Glancing around for a few moments, before he adds, "You all do. Some far more than others…"

Jayce watches with a quiet air, tilting his head as he listens to Tristan, looking to Brie, and if anyone looks at him, he's completely out of touch of whats happening. But he's listening.

Brienne is completely lost. "What the fuck are you talking about?" When she gets confused, lost or plain thinks something is wrong, she goes on the offensive. "I've been on battles with you more times than I can count and that's just stupid to even think or say. If you think Firia deserves better than you damned well better tell mother before the match is fully arranged. Are you talking about Jarek? Tell me you're not. He made his own decisions to go on. Chiron and I went after him and he's alive, we brought him back. I don't know what you're talking about but you are a fighter and to hear you give up like this.." She pushes against his shoulder, almost daring him to get mad. "Fight, dammit. Stand up for yourself."

"You think we wouldn't know by know if anything was to be fully arranged?" Tristan replies, a little angrily. "And I'm not a fighter. The only reason I was knighted was that Sir Alwyn was tired of having me following him." Slumping back for a few moments as his shoulder is pushed, he glares. "Stop that!"

Jayce remains leaning against the counter, watching, This is the definition of 'Family Matter' and he can be genericly supportive, but better, to not put a foot into it.

"You're lying Tristan. Sir Alwyn would never be immoral and knight you for no reason. You would dare disgrace him to even say so?" Brienne pushes on his shoulder again, then his other one. "Make me stop, I'm not going to stop till you fight back even if I have to push you out of this tree." She pushes his shoulder again, advancing on him.

Tristan's eyes narrow a bit now. "Then why did he knight me? I've never been good enough, we all know that." As he's pushed again, he takes a deep breath. "Stop it!" Not making any move yet, it would seem.

Jayce keeps his position, watching the two siblings. Nope, not going to get anywhere near this one.

"Jayce will you get the food out of the machine?" Brienne asks calmly as she continues advancing on Tristan. "Lies. So many lies. I never took you to lie to your siblings. Or even yourself!" Push, push, backing him out of the kitchen if she has to. "Stop lying!"

"You stop lying!" Tristan replies, as he hears that, backing up a few more steps. "Stop it! Stop it ALL!" And with that, he steps forward, trying to push his sister back now.

Jayce moves to the side. He opens the microwave and gets out the food, setting it aside to rest. He then turns to watch. Two Knights, brother and Sister, nope, not going there still.

Brienne knows he outweighs her, and he's taller than her and stronger, but she also knows that he needed knocked out of this put he was in. "You keep telling yourself that, Tristan. You keep lying. Why? Why are you lying!" She tries to stop him from pushing back, giving him a strong and solid push now.

And there usually comes a moment when people react to being pushed, right? And so, Tristan swings a fist, aiming for his sister's stomach now. It's done a bit blindly, perhaps a bit angrily.

Jayce folds cybernetic and flesh arms across his chest, watching. Yep, saw that coming.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Tristan=Unarmed Vs Brienne=Unarmed
< Tristan: Success Brienne: Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brienne=Unarmed Vs Tristan=Unarmed
< Brienne: Good Success Tristan: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

The reaction was very expected, so that when Tristan swings at her, Brienne counters with a dodge as well as tightening her stomach muscles. She doesn't swing back but she pushes him again. "That's right, Tristan. Fight back!" Poor Jayce.

Tristan's eyes narrow again now, as he once more attempts another punch, this time with more force in it. "Stop pushing me!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Tristan=Unarmed Vs Brienne=Unarmed
< Tristan: Good Success Brienne: Success
< Net Result: Tristan wins - Marginal Victory

Jayce watches, leaned against the counter. He's just waiting for this to resolve itself. IT'd be rude to eat in front of this.

"Oomph.." The wind is knocked from her, the punch taking her off guard. Brienne stops pushing and rests her hands on her knees as she attempts to catch her breath. "Good.. hit." It wasn't as bad as it could have been, which is good, but still she's winded.

As he sees that, Tristan freezes fully. "Brie…?" It's said very quietly, as he just stands there, watching his sister with a terrified expression on his face now.

Jayce remains where he's leaning, watching the pair, tilting his head slightly. Nope, not yet.

"I'm.. fine, Tristan." Brienne straightens, a hand on her stomach a lopsided smile on her face. "Come here.." She reaches for him and wraps an arm around his shoulders, burying her face against his shoulder. "You're a good knight, Tristan, stop selling yourself short. You're a fighter, you're strong. I respect you for that. We all do what we have to do in this war.. and everyone is responsible for themselves." She looks over at Jayce and gives him an apologetic smile. "We're good, Jayce. I.. just can't stand to see him so defeated."

Pausing for a few moments now as he hears Brienne's words, hugging her tightly in return now. "I'm sorry… I'm so sorry…" And then, tears start to fall, and he doesn't do anything to hold them back. "Tha… Thank you, for always being there for me, even when I don't deserve it…"

Jayce smiles slightly, watching the siblings, and nodding to Brie, understanding and not interfereing.

Brienne turns to give her brother a proper hug, holding him tightly. "It's okay, Tristan," she murmurs soothingly, more like a mother than a big sister. But their mother was busy running a house and fighting a war, so the siblings pretty much stuck together. "You know I'll always be here for you, Tris. I wouldn't trust anyone else to the job of being the big sister." Her smile is warm and she separates from him enough to lift a hand and wipe his tears. "I love you, Tris. There's not anything I wouldn't do for you or Keanen. Even Dec and Bren and Lara." Course she has her favorites. Straightening her tunic, she laughs softly. "We're good, little brother, always. Now, let's eat. I'm hungry." Looking back at Jayce she smiles. "Ready to eat? We can take it back to the family room."

"I've just… Afraid…" Tristan mutters a bit quietly now. "And then, when I started to think, I saw him, each time I tried to sleep." A brief pause, as his tears are being wiped. "And also, when I could see you were so unhappy…" Pausing a little, before he nods at the part about eating. "Sounds like a good idea…"

Jayce turns, taking the plate of food, and nods, "Okay, let's eat." He's about three chapters behind and is content with that. He moves to the family room to leave the kitchen in the ruins made of it when the nobility cooks.

"I know, Tristan. I.. have often done the same. It doesn't help and you can't blame yourself because that's what hurts everyone around you. Look at me? Jayce has been dragging me out of my self imposed prison too." Following Jayce, she brings Tristan along, smiling all around.

Tristan sighs a little bit, "I see Rydick there, hanging in the woods like we found him, back when we encountered those first scouts…" A brief pause, before he offers Jayce a brief smile. "Thank you…" And following the others now.

Jayce nods, "Facing Hostiles, I understand." He comments as he sets the plate down and takes a croissant, looking it over, as he lifts his Cybernetic arm, "Made me this."

Brienne shudders, "Rydick." The name echoes there. "I.. have tried to put that out of my mind." And she had. She doesn't linger on it now. She looks at Jayce with understanding, and concern. "You wear it well." A smile flits over her lips as she gathers two croissants, offering one to Tristan before biting into her own.

"I tried too…" Didn't work too well, it would seem. Tristan takes the offered croissant, smiling a little as he does. "Thanks…" Listening a little quietly now, before he looks to Jayce again. "So she was your squire? I mean, you must have some interesting stories from back then…"

Jayce takes a bite of sandwich, chews, swallows, looking at Tristan, "She cleaned my armors interior gell layer with bacon grease once." He nods, falling back on that story. "She was testing on her Armor training and assembling my armor over and over again was a part of it, well, guess who grabbed the wrong thing in the kitchen and.." He shrugs, "Smelled like a side dish for weeks."

"I know Trist.." Brie gives him a reassuring squeeze before she moves over to her favorite nook and has a seat, feet still bare. She chuckles at the bacon grease in the armor. "Smelled so good. Made me so hungry.."

Tristan grins, "So many things make you hungry, sis." There's a laugh at the rest of the story, though. Eating a bit slowly, he adds, "You're also much braver than me." Holding up his free hand to stop any protests or something, he adds, "I mean, with people."

Jayce shakes his head, looking to Brie, "Took forever to get that smell out, longer for me to like bacon again. Of course, it wasn't dislike of bacon. Because it's bacon." He shrugs and takes another bite.

"Yeah.. I guess so, Tristan. I know you're definitely not a people person, but I love you anyway." Brie winks at him, the camaraderie with him much stronger than her oldest brother. As she eats, she contemplates Jayce, so humored by everything. "Yeah.. bacon. Makes sense."

"They scare and confuse me. Hostiles? Not that scary." A brief pause, before Tristan adds, "That drake… You're sure Sir Jarek was okay?" A grin to Jayce, before he adds, "But aside from the smell, did it work?"

Jayce nods, "Oh, yes, the armor was correctly assembled, but we called her Hash Brown for a month." He nods, and continues eating calmly. A smile is favored to Brie.

"Jarek is.. fine. He has a new arm and a new eye." Brienne tells him matter of factly. She finishes off her croissant and reaches for her juice. "Hash Brown? You wish. The name when you were away was tater tot."

Tristan nods a little as he hears that. "Ah…" He goes quiet again before he chuckles as he listens to the others. "At least you had nicknames…" Eating the rest of the croissant now, as he looks around for a few moments.

Jayce chuckles, "Tater tot.. Like it." He looks to Tristan, smiling, "Never had a nickname?" He asks, curiously.

"Ryan has these odd nicknames for us. Tris is Tristmist. I'm BrieTree. Declan is DecTech. I don't remember Brennart's, Eilara's nor Keanen's." Brienne shakes her head. "Ryan is a good Knight, but I think he doesn't take life seriously. I guess why should you though, you never get out alive anyway." Looking at Jayce she grins. "What is your favorite nickname you've had?"

"No goood nicknames, at least…" Tristan replies, before he hears Brienne's words, "Only that one…" A brief pause, as he nods a little to the part about Ryan. "Any more of the food?" he asks, after a few moments. Seems like having tried to be a hermit is hungry work.

Jayce looks to Brie and grins, "Mine, um, I think Mace. You know, regular play on the name but also, just.. Mace, you know." He says, "Liked the sound of it." He nods to the rest of the plate of what Brie made "Yup."

Brienne gets another sandwich and walks it to Tristan, smiling when she does. She returns to Jayce though and offer him her orange juice. "Mace. I like that one too. I wonder what we should call Tristan.." She studies her brother with a half smile. "Something good and fitting."

Tristan smiles, "Thanks. I didn't even know I was this hungry." Taking the sandwich, he pauses for a few moments, as he hears Jayce. "What kind of weapon do you usually use?" he asks. Pausing as he hears Brienne speak about giving him a nickname now. "Ah…"

Jayce swallows a bite, "Monomolecular spear and calvary lance, Monosword and a crossbow backup. Ususally my preferred weapons set, but I need to rebuild my load." He shrugs, "So I have some shopping to do in the future."

"Jayce can't fight for awhile. He's out for medical reconditioning." Brienne tells Tristan quietly. She keeps the juice she had offered to Jayce and walks back to her little nook, sitting down and extending her legs across it, relaxing.
"Ah, sorry to hear that," Tristan replies, after a few moments of pause now. Going back to eating in quiet as he looks between the other two.

Jayce nods, "Thank you, but I intend to get back to the battlefield as soon as I can. Hostiles didn't take anything that I can't buy a new one of." He smirks.

Brienne glances covertly at the two but looks down at her datapad just after. She says nothing at the moment, falling into silence. She types a few commands in.

Tristan smiles, "That is a good thing." He eats a bit thoughtfully, looking between the others now. Looking a bit unsure of what to say.

Jayce nods, and looks to Brie, smiling at the datapad, "Any news? I made arrangements to hace Casa inspected for Occular Cybernetics, see what they say."

"Have you? That's good news then. I hope he's an acceptable candidate for it so you can get at least that part settled." Brie puts away her datapad and smiles. "So, off to the Observatory then? Or save it for tomorrow?" She smiles at Tristan. "Promised to show him around today."

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