Madame Blessed Dragomir

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Jada Pinkett Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith as Silvia "Blessed" Dragomir
Full Name: Silvia "Blessed" Dragomir
Byname: Madame Blessed (bles-id)
Age: 38 Standard Years
Planet: The Ring of Oculus
Paramount: The Paramount House of Orelle
House: House Orelle
Title/Profession: Madame, Mistress
Position: Fortune Teller, Seer, Occult Shop Owner
Spouse: Unmarried Height: 1.75 meters
Father: The Lord of Niveus Weight: 65.8 kilograms
Mother: Madga Dragomir Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: None Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Children: None


Silvia Emiliana Dragomir was born All Hallow's Day in 2974. Her mother had been a companion to the noble house of Niveus, though her birth came several months after Magda Dragomir was released from her noble Lord's service — though the reasons as to why the woman was made to leave was never known to Silvia in all her years. Her mother had been kept by the house both for her ability to appease the Lord and her intense prophetic dreams; it was therefore easy to assume that Silvia would also be blessed with such gifts, and she was. Her mother, alone and abandoned on the Ring, was comforted by communing with her daughter's Awakened abilities, despite them being quite simplistic in her early childhood years.

Madga set up shop in a small food service kiosk on the Ring, and within several years, became known for her mamaliga balls and sarmale — foods that had ancestral links to Old Earth Romania. Her kiosk gained wheels, and she started to move throughout the Ways to peddle her rather delicious goods. During these gypsy years, Silvia assisted her mother while also attending mandatory lessons in the Ring primary school. She was a gifted storyteller and writer, though she also had a slant toward the dramatics. She also attended the chantry regularly, and became a devote follower of the Six.

When Silvia was eleven years old, she began her Awakening. It was rather typical of an Awakened child of an equally Awakened parent. Her mother refused any outside mentorship, tending to her daughter's Awakened training herself. Silvia was prone very early on to aggressive and vivid prophetic dreams that often left her exhausted despite a full night's worth of sleep. As she became more and more aware of her abilities, her traditional schooling slipped. She started to tend to class less and less, and by the time she was eighteen, she barely squeaked by. She did not attend any further traditional schooling, but became a pupil of her mother's eccentric and mystical ways. She learned several means of divination, borrowing animal senses, and some degree of offensive and defensive magics. Her aura became stronger, and so did her powers.

While her mother continued to be a wandering food cart amongst the system, Silvia started her own business ventures. Bangled wrists and flowing skirts, she took to the streets of the Haven worlds to offer fortune telling and soothsaying — most of which was all the acts of a charlatan with the occasional true and honest prediction. When her prophecies were true and honest, they shook her to the very core and left her exhausted for days on end.

When Silvia was twenty-five, her mother passed on from this world — though her death was quite sudden. Her body was burned in the necropolises of Primus as a woman of the chantry, though it was only Silvia who attended her funeral. Left to this system alone, she wandered about lost for several long months. Not as skilled as her mother in the traditional cooking, the cart lost business and eventually she was forced to close down. She stayed on the Ring in her mourning for quite a length of time before she realized there was no benefit in sinking into absolute sadness.

She started to turn her business toward fortune telling and mysticism. She became known as 'Blessed' — her Gods' given name. She started to sell odd cures, prophecies, and other tidbits that fed into the yearning for the unknown that mankind still felt.

Over the next thirteen years, she built up a reputation in the Ring in her little shop in the Entertainment District of the space station. With the Hostiles now on the brink of returning, her business has started to boom and she uses her mother's old food cart as a mobile transportation of her mystic wares.



This Awakened woman is tall and slender, standing at a precise 1.75 meters in height. Her body is compact and healthy with long limbs and digits, and a well-balanced poise. Her skin is a rich brown with neither scars nor blemishes — save for her hands. They are heavily scarred, obscuring the natural lines and characteristics of her palms. Her perfectly ovaline face is composed of a slightly dimpled chin, defined cheekbones, and a high forehead. Her nose is simple, straight, and neatly pointed. Her dark brows arch gracefully over lighter brown eyes. Bloomed around her head is a wild thicket of dark, curly mahogany hair that, in this state, comes just shy of her confident shoulders.


  • A Touch Theatrical
  • Impressive Poker Face
  • Indeterminate Age
  • True Believer

Musical Inspiration

  • Delerium - "Silence"

heaven holds a sense of wonder
and I wanted to believe
that I'd get caught up
when the rage in me subsides

  • Love Spirals Downward - "Depression Glass"

close my burning eyes to see your shining face
floating in dreams that tortures soul and heart
promises of love, love and light and grace
that disappear upon waking with a start

  • Emma Hewitt - "Rewind"

i see the flashing lights through the pouring rain
i've been awake all night now i'm on my feet again
so many years ago I've been down these streets
and I'm taking my time though i know they're waiting for me

  • Daft Punk - "The Game Has Changed"

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The House of Orelle

Orelle The Noble House of Orelle : My home, my liege. I will serve them, when they come to me. They are so content in their place amongst the stars, but do they know how the stars watch them, and do they know their place in the greater universe? I do.

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