06.23.3013: Blank Page
Summary: Taryn comms Lorelei on Michael's request and they try to patch things up. Thalo wakes up from his drug induced sleep and Johana comes to visit him with Erik coming to visit her. Reena also comes to visit the Wall and Johana.
Date: 23 June 2013
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Temporary Medical Area, Barracks - Volkan
At the base of the Blackspyre are several floors of barracks, training facilities, armories, and cafeterias, all built to house the defenders of House Khournas in rough comfort. Soldiers are bunked in rooms each large enough to sleep 50, with lockers and desks alongside each bed. Deep within the barracks levels, close to the training areas, are communal bathhouses, some set aside for single-sex use and others open to members of both sexes. There, the soldiers and nobles of House Khournas can soak away the aches of a hard day's labor. The corridors are all narrow enough that two soldiers could hold them against a tide, except those leading from assembly areas to great doors that open to the exterior surface of Volkan, allowing the soldiers of House Khournas to march out already in formation if need be.
23 June 3013

Slumped back into his hospital bed, Michael looks utterly depressed and defeated. Next to him is a small journal sized box, slightly obscuring a journal underneath it. There is a half eaten tray of food, a note on it that reads, "Eat, or it's more bed time, and fewer patrols Michael. -J" mostly discarded. His right leg is bandaged about mid thigh and the wound it suggests is serious.

Taryn commed Lorelei asking her to come to the barracks in Volken to talk with Michael. He told her that he had been injured and wanted to settle things between them. He doesn't say that he is seriously hurt, but he doesn't say either that he is mildly injured, just that he is injured.

Lorelei 's dressed in riding clothes(pants and tunic), her hairs up in aright braid. No sign of her writing book or tablet. She looks nervous, but almost relieved once she gets into the main hospital room. She'll slow as soon as she enters. Eyes going over those that are hurt until the land of Michael. Her face is hard to read as she walks up, she's trying to not emote. Her eyes do flicker to his wound, and small frown appears, "Michael…are you ok?"

Michael at the sound, looks up. His eyes have waves of grief in them. "Hi Lorelei." he starts, and looks doesn, "I'll be fine, the ribbon of steel only slightly nicked a minor artery. It was serious enough that I'm not allowed to walk until possibly tonight, but I'll live." he doesn't look up though.

Taryn looks relieved that Lorelei showed up. Yeah, she said she would, but he was worried that she wouldn't. He offers her a smile, "Hey, Lorelei." He looks between the two of them. "Okay… I'm just gonna start off.. The two of you are my closest friends… and I would really like for the two of you to try to get to a point where you can at least be civil to each other… but preferrably you can some how manage to learn to be friends again."

Lorelei frowns slightly at Michael's description of his injury. That doesn't sound like nothing. "if it nicked your artery, you'll be lucky to move that soon." She'll look up to Taryn, and fold her arms slightly, it's meant to be tough looking, but use just kinda looks young. She'll raise an eyebrow at Taryn, showing a bit of confusion, "What did Michael tell you happened?"

Michael sighs softly, "The medics were able to stitch me up after Lord Nitrim saw to it on the field. They knocked me out over night, and did some work they said." then he shakes his head, "I told him exactly what happened the other day."

Taryn looks over at Lorelei, "Just that he had massively screwed up with you… and that he wished that the both of you could put it all behind you and be friends."

Lorelei looks between the two of them, trying to decide what to do, she'll unfold her arms, "Michael was very clear that he didn't think we could be friends. I'm trying to make things not weird." She'll swallow , looking from Taryn to Michael, unsure what to expect. Loree's dressed a riding tunic and pants, hair up in a tight braid.

Michael shakes his head, noting Taryn's attempt to help him. He finally looks up, there's something off about his eyes, they're shifting emotions that don't belong. Anger to laughter to sadness to fear, one after the other in no particular order. "It was difficult to understand, Lorelei. We both gave conflicting stories to each other and we made a mess of things." he pauses, and looks to Taryn for a moment, "I'm willing to just try at being friends, just friends. I mean that."

Taryn is standing next to Michael's bed, near Lorelei. The blond Valen wears a sword at his side, but does not have the look of a soldier, nor a pampered noble playing at one. He glances over at Lorelei, waiting for her response. At the moment, he will play the role of the mediator.

Lorelei raises an eyebrow again, conflicting stories. Looking at Michael, narrowing her eyes, "No getting mad? No jealousy? No grabbing me anymore? No guilting me?"She'll take a deep breath, looking to Taryn, not sure if she's ok with his involvement in this or not.

Michael nods slightly, his eyes dropping their emotion swirled gaze to the bed. "I can promise that I won't be jealous, or hug or kiss you, I'd be happy if you'd write at times, and…" he looks uncertain if he should say this or not. "I've kind of met someone… it's nice, and she'll even be coming on patrols with me if I'm not scrapped by Sir Johana as a squire." he looks to Taryn now, seeing if he has anything to say.

Off in the medical area of the barracks, Thalo is laying in a bed, off towards the back corner, away from all the other injured people. Because people aren't allowed to see the Wall injured. He's dressed in nothing up top…and covered by sheets so who knows what else. An IV is in one arm, and he's got a bandage over his abdomen where the maul's spike got through his armor. He rouses finally, for the first time since the fight.

Allowed or not, Johana is coming back to see Thalo, whether he's injured or it was just a scratch. Nodding to Michael and those gathered around him, she bypasses right by them to approach Thalo's bed. So she's standing there beside the bed when he rouses and she has a seat beside the bed. "Hey Hero, how are you feeling?" Her voice is quiet, careful so it doesn't drift too far, but the room isn't that large.

Taryn looks at Lorelei and sees that glint in her eyes. "I promise.. calling you here was Michael's idea… " He holds his hands up, "I swear.. I am not meddling… I'm just here to try to make sure that the two of you talk… civilly."

Lorelei blinks, not exactly sure on Michael's flip floppiness. She doesn't answer at first but looks to Taryn gaging what he says. She'll nod slowly, bit it's clear she's still unsure of the situation. Michael's said just wanted friendship before. "I'd like to be friends…"

"Feelin' like someone shoved a spike in my gut and a needle in my arm and made me sleep for a while." Thalo replies in a low tone, though the conversation happening with her squire doesn't seem to escape his notice, "You know…you're squire's got a way with trouble." He shoves himself up a bit without too much trouble.

Displeasure is stamped clearly on her features as she looks back at Michael and his ever altering entourage. The look is brief before she's turning back to Thalo. "Yes." Her answer is flat. "He does." Exhaling a breath, Johana tucks a few stray strands of her red hair behind her ear and looks at him with concern

Michael nods slightly, he knows it sounds sketchy to her. "I know I've said that before, and I know it seems so… back and forth. I've been through a lot in a short time, and I didn't have people to talk to about things until now. Lady Talayla has been a kind enough person to be my confidant in all this, and she's helped me to understand." he looks at Taryn, then back to Lorelei, "He's telling the truth, I wanted to reach out.. say I'm sorry, and try to patch things up. Make our friendship work, cause at the end of the day, that's what I want a friendship." he might have heard Thalo, but if he did he doesn't make mention of it. On that front, he's just going to keep quiet until addressed, and do as told.

Taryn glances back between the two. Finally he looks over at Lorelei, "So you're willing to give him a second… or tenth chance as it might be?" He says it jokingly. "And if he screws up again, I'll kick him in his bad leg and beat him up for you." He grins over at Michael, not really paying attention to the two eavesdropping knights, "Or I'll set his ass on fire for you."

Lorelei eyes go over towards the other two, but will watch Michael as he speaks. she'll let him finish and look to Taryn. Frowning slightly at his offers of violence, "I can kick him myself, if it's needed." Probably not, but no one needs to get kicked. "I don't.."she'll sigh, looking back to Michael, "I want to be friends. I just don't want to make things worse." She's thinking, and still to sure, "We…I'd like to try though. I don't want to not be friends." She'll bring her hands together, lacing her fingers together , nervously.

Eavesdropping seems a bit harsh. Overhearing due to proximity seems better. Regardless, Thalo seems to have stopped paying attention to them, "You need to deal with him. His personal shit is gonna make you look bad." He offers by way of advice and then grins just a bit at her, "So, what brought you by? Worried about me? Takes more than a spiked hammer to the gut to take me out."

Michael ponders for a moment, he had heard Johana's response at least and guessed it's meaning. He's really screwed up, and he'll place himself into solitary if would help. He speaks to Lorelei, "We'll just give it time. No expectations. Start out with just a letter to other here and there, or the occasional hello if we have free time. Nothing fancy, nothing major." he stops and looks at Taryn, "The same with us, only instead of letters, when you find a private place we can talk from afar." he looks down, "I need to distance myself from people all together. Without my zoning, I can't control my emotions the way I used to… and it seems like not having had a center, has caused me to make Lady Johana look bad. If I can see Viannea ever again…" he stops, a tear slides down. He sinks back into his bed, "I'll just distance myself from everyone, it really is the only way to not cause trouble for Lady Johana. And perhaps… if she's willing to allow me to continue as her squire… my hard work will show the other knights she knows what she's doing, cause she does."

Taryn looks at Michael. "I told you that once you are able to be up and about, I could help you on learning to focus and center yourself. Trust me… it is one of the most important things to learning to control yourself… Even if our cases are not the same… but you might be able to use the same techniques."

Lorelei's shoulders seem to relax a touch. "I'd…like that."She'll frown slightly at Michael's turmoil and look to Taryn. She has no idea what's happened, but it's not good. She'll take a step closer to Michael's bed, frowning in worry when a young boy comes running up with a note, "Are you Lorelei Quellton?" She'll take the note, and open it, the color draining from her face, "I…I have to go." There's a fear in her voice, "I'll write you later, Micahel, don't try standing too soon." She'll give Taryn a look that's hard to decipher.And turn to leave.

"Yeah he seems to have so many personal issues, so many personal interests, it makes him appear to be younger than he is as well as erratic and incompetent. He doesn't balance his emotions very well, does he?" Johana doesn't attempt to keep her voice down, not one to talk about someone without being able to say it to their face, so pointedly, she says so he can hear. Though that's all she does mention about her squire. Rising, she walks over and has a seat on side of Thalo's bed, much the way she had done Michael's earlier. "I already came to see him today, this visit is about you. I know it takes a lot to bring a wall down, but I recognize pain when I see it."

Thalo hmmms quietly, looking over to Michael then nodding to Johana, "I have faith you will find a way to bring him around. He managed well enough on the mission." With that he watches Johana till she settles down, "It hurts enough, but I'll live. Not much of a hero out there though, Victor really kept us going there. And you did as well, had you not come to help me out…Well let's just say I'd probably be knocked out still."

Michael picks up the box Talayla had given him, and opens it. Inside is a plastic wrapped, charcoal grey-blue leather bound journal and a short quill to match. He smiles softly at it. He'd heard Johana's words and then Thalo's, but he wasn't going to say anything back. He'll just sink into his journal and hope for the best. He looks up at Taryn, "We'll see how it goes, they did say later tonight they'd let me try to stand on it." he pauses, "You should see about someone better than I to train you in swords though."

Taryn watches Lorelei go. His brow furrows as concern for her fills his eyes. He is not sure what that note was about, but he doesn't like how she responded to it. He lets out a sigh, as he shakes his head slightly. Nothing is ever simple is it. He smirks, "Well, it's not like I have many options.. besides, after all, didn't you take out two hostiles after you were maimed?" Taryn is standing by Michael's bed, while Johana is by Thalo's.

Johana waves away those thoughts even as they're spoken. "Sure you were a hero. You were holding your own out there. Everyone was. Can't believe so many were hurt though." Reaching for the blanket, she will draw it back to show his bandages unless he resist it. "I did get a single strike kill though." Wrinkling her nose playfully, she laughs. "And apparently I'm very modest too huh?"

Thalo doesn't resist. The bandage covers the wound and is a few square inches. There's a lot of bruising coming out around the edges of the bandage, shapped about like a cudgel. Funny that, since he was hit with one. "Not sure if there's enough room on this bed for me and your ego at this point." Thalo offers with a smirk and looks down at his bandaged wound, then at Johana, "How's the neck? I was worried when I saw that shaft come at you. Thought it might have taken you down at first."

After receiving a particular message from his eldest brother, Erik had made arrangements for his shift to be taken over by another veteran officer in Godswintown and soon enough, the Cindravalen had taken the Waygate to Volkan. Blackspyre is a place that the youngest Cindravale has not had the chance to visit except perhaps on official visits in the past but he has been directed by the guards to the Barracks which is apparently a makeshift medical area.

"I guess, just don't expect much from me. I'm not a good teacher." Michael looks to Taryn, then a quick glance to where Thalo and Johana are, before looking down the new journal in his lap. He takes a short breath and exhales, "Here lies an empty journal… and don't have anything to write… I can't think of a single word to put on the paper." he comments almost too low to hear.

Taryn glances at the book. He cants his head, "Start with everything you feel inside that you don't want locked inside." He offers Michael a bit of a smile, "Hey, not a good teacher doesn't mean a bad teacher… and a not a bad teacher is still probably better than no teacher, right?" He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck.

When she can see the bandage, a frown furrows the Ibrahms brow. Not just from the bandaging but from the bruising. Gently, Johana replaces the blanket over him and shakes her head. "My neck is fine. Strangest thing, the bolt thing just sliced right here," tilting her head to the side, she shows the small cut she had gotten that almost makes an X symbol. "Sure hurt when it happened, now though it's almost non-existent." Since her and Thalo aren't immediately by the entrance, she hasn't noticed the arrival of the Valen yet.

Thalo adjusts, sitting up a bit to look at the cut and hmms quietly, "Could have been nasty had it cut much deeper." he comments quietly and lays back into his bed. He points at the jerkin slung over one of the chairs by his bed, "Mind grabbin' me that, Ana?" Three guesses as to what he wants from his jerkin while in bed right now. "Doctor's say how long I'll be out of commission for? I've got greenbloods to train, patrols to run, and a report to write up for our last mission."

Michael gazes thoughtfully at the book, and then opens it. He shuffles over enough to make space and motions to Taryn, "Sit for a bit? Or do you have somewhere to be?" if Taryn sits, Michael will start to tell him about some personal things in a hushed tone. If not, Michael will start to write into his journal.

Taryn glances at his chronometer. "Well, I do have to track down Lady Sophie and yell at her.. " he clears his throat, "I mean try to talk some sense into her…" He does in fact take a seat.

At the question, Johana hops off the bed and walks to the jerkin. She doesn't bring the jerkin back as requested. Instead, she searches until she finds the flask. Retrieving it, she turns back towards him and offers it to him with a crooked smile. "It could have been much worse. Your armor is what saved you, Thalo. Is it already getting repaired?" Propping a hip on the edge of the bed after handing over the flask, she shakes her head. "Doctor didn't say anything yet. We fought well together, it was comfortable, so if you ever need me on patrol again, just let me know." Hearing the approach of another, the Ibrahm seems surprised to see the Valen. "Sir Erik," offering a slight nod to him."

Thalo takes the flask with a quick grin and unscrews the cap, "Probably could have been worse. Then again, I've taken hits without armor and lived." He takes a swig and offers the flask back towards Johana, cap still off, "You are always welcome on my patrols Ana…" Yes…patrols. He glances to Erik, nodding to him as he approaches, "And I'm not sure about my armor. If it was delivered to the armor for repairs, then it should be. I was brought here once we retruned."

Slowing his approach as it appears that Johana is fetching something from the jerkin, Erik watches and listens for potential break in the two knight's conversation. It is when the redhead knight addresses him does the Cindravale approach further, bowing his head respectfully in greeting to the nobles, the other commoners in the room not even on the young noble knight's radar. "Lady Johana. Sir Thalo." There is a pause before Erik continues, his attention returning more to Johana, "I received word from my my brother that there was some sort of… skirmish against the Hostiles yesterday?" There was most likely more words written in the message but nothing shared.

Michael whispers with Taryn about several things. Keeping his voice as hushed as possible. During one point, he opens the journal and begins to write something visible to Taryn. "So, that man with Lorelei the other day, that was her brother? Chiron you said?"

When the flask is offered, Johana takes it and lifts it to her lips, tipping her head back, taking a drink. "Thanks, Thalo, I'll be glad to go one them. Also, I will make sure that the armor is mended and good as new." Offering the flask back with a smile of thanks. "Good stuff." Looking back at Erik, she bows her head respectfully, following his head. "There was. We were escorting a convoy when we were attacked." Soft laughter follows her words. "Sir Niko, you mean? I saw him earlier today. He was in to see Lady Sir Ellinor."

Taryn cants his head slightly as he arches an eyebrow, "Well, that depends on why you want to know? Is that honest curiosity, or it motivated by that overactive sense of romance of yours?" His grey-green eyes fixing themselves on Michael with a hawk-like scrutiny.

Thalo takes the flask back and pulls another swig from it. No, patients arent' supposed to drink. Thalo doesn't listen to what the Doctor's tell him to. He hands the flask back to Johana who is sitting on the bed next to him. Erik is there as well, near the bed. "To be fair, the plan was to be attacked." Thalo interjects, "So we could find and clear one of several points on that supply road that needed to be shored up."

Erik remains quiet as what had occurred the day before is described to him, also studying the Ibrahm's words, tone, and mood, finding that it does not exactly match the words in the message. Inclining his head, he glances to the larger knight as the plan was clarified, "Must've been quite the Hostile force that was baited out. Was it destroyed?" The young Cindravale also knows that his brother was here to visit the Sauveur Knight, "I trust that she is recovering well? And you, My Lady Johana and Sir Thalo, how are your wounds faring?"

After accepting the flask back in hand, Johana pauses in midaction of lifting it to her lips and regards him in silence for a long moment. "Supposed to be attacked. Right, I guess I'd forgotten that part." Lifting her shoulder in a light shrug, the opposite side of her bandage, she agrees. "Looks like the good guys won again." Shifting her glance back to Erik, Ana smiles. "You doubt my abilities, Sir Erik?" The words are in jest of course. "We left none alive, and there were several." There's a pause, "She?" Then a sudden understanding. "Sir Ellinor is fine, you needn't have worried so much, Sir Niko was here on her behalf earlier. As for myself, I am fine, thank you. Sir Thalo was harmed much worse."

Michael sighs, "Curiousity. Viannea has tempered my romantic side." he looks to Taryn again, and then looks down at his journal, continueing to write.

Reena sweeps down into the barracks like a woman on a mission. She has a box in her hands, wrapped in "Get Well Soon" paper, complete with ribbon and bow. She is still slightly scowling thanks to having to haul Nitrim home from a concert before he hurt himself further.

Taryn nods, satisfied with the answer. "Yeah, Chiron is her brother… She hadn't seen him much… I think he's part of the Royal Navy or something… I know that he's very protective of her… I thought he was ready to challenge me to a duel or something, when Lorelei introduced me as her friend… I think that he thought something else…" He grins rather cheekily, "Or he thought that I was you." His eyes flicker towards the Khournas noble as she enters. Whether or not she even notices, he bows his head respectfully, before turning his attention back towards Michael. He strains his neck slightly to read what Michael is writing down.

Thalo meets Johana's gaze with an even stare until she looks away. "Better well prepared Knights than two men at arms driving the convoy." he states quietly. And then he shrugs a bit towards Erik, "Honestly I'm fine. Just off my feet for a day or two." Okay, so that's definitely going to make it worse, but Thalo hates sitting in hospital beds. His gaze moves to Reena as she enters, "Isn't that right Reena? I'll be out of here tomorrow." Okay, now he's just making it worse on purpose.

A grin finally appears from the Cindravale as Johana reassures him that Ellinor is recovering and her life was not in any serious danger, "I just wanted to see what my brother's mood would be if I run into him later, My Lady. And there was no doubt, I have heard that the Khourni and Ibrahms were excellent warriors, though not as great as Valen knights, but the good guys winning were never in doubt." The words spoke in teasing jest to both Johana and Thalo than prideful arrogance. For once. Though there may be a hint of arrogance in his tone. When the large knight addresses the newly arrived noble, Erik turns his gaze to the approaching Khourni, bowing his head respectfully, "Greetings, Lady Reena."

"Of course. Well I hope you know I have your back anytime you need me to." Lifting the flask again, Johana takes another sip then offers it back to him. "You have a way to contact me on the comm, right?" As Thalo addresses Erik and Reena, Ana arches her brows, "Tomorrow? Bet she says no!" Laughing, she looks back to Erik, catching the grin at the mention of Ellinor. "Excellent Warriors, you have the right of it. Valen are warriors on the tilt." There is more than arrogance in her tone, there is confidence. As Reena approaches, she smiles. "My Lady, a pleasure seeing you."

Reena's dour expression lightens at Thalo's address, and she heads in his direction. "You just keep believing that, Spinecrusher. We'll see how your vitals check out tomorrow. Good evening Sir Erik." She pulls up a chair near The Wall and Johana, nodding to Taryn and the others with a bright smile. "I brought some gifts for two of my favorite knights currently broken all to bits," she announces. She pops the lid off the box, and pulls put a vase of orchids which she hands to Johana. "Pretty flowers for my pretty friend." The she pulls out a bottle of whiskey which she hands to Thalo. "And something a little stronger for the strongest man I know." She grins.

Michael nods to Taryn, still writing in his journal. He pauses and puts the tip of his shortquill to his lips, then when he starts to write again, there is an ink blot where he'd done this. He glances up at Taryn, "I can't wait for you to meet her. She's wonderful to talk to, she's learning Falconry currently."

Taryn smiles slightly as he nods, "Well, if she is anything like her older brother, then I am sure she is quite delightful and quite a good friend." He glances at the other gathering for a second.

The bottle of whiskey is accepted, Thalo taking a moment to look it over approvingly, "Thank you very much Reena. I was just running out of my good Volkan stuff." he offers a smile and takes his flask back from Johana. One more swig and then he settles the cap back on it, stuffing it under his pillow. Super secret there, obvisouly. "I could walk out of here today." He insists. But that's just The Wall's bravado, since even he knows that isn't true.

"Not all are just warriors on the tilt, My Lady." Erik's smirk is now directed at Johana though it is more amused than anything else. When the gifts are produced, the Cindravale let's out a quiet whistle, as if impressed with what is being offered.

"Are you going to make me strap you into that bed? I could have the orderlies do it, you know," Reena threatens Thalo, before she climbs up to sit beside him, pulling some datapads loaded with books and movies on them out and handing one each to Johana and the big guy. "I figured you'd be bored, so I came prepared."

Michael says to Taryn, "She hopes to introduce me to her family." he pauses, "If I reach knighthood, she's promised to throw me a party and then dance with me."

Taryn nods slightly, before he cocks his head. "So, it's already serious enough that she's planning on introducing you to her family?" He grins, "Love gives the heart wings and lets it soar to heights otherwise unfathomable."

When Reena approaches, Johana gratefully accepts the Orchid. "It's lovely, thank you, My Lady," expressing her appreciation. With Reena successfully capturing Thalo's attention with the drink, Ana looks back towards the Valen. "I know, Sir Erik. Remember, I have seen you fight before." Accepting the datapad, she arches her brows. "Nice.. Very thoughtful.

The only answer Erik has for Johana is a grin when she mentions having seeing him in combat, though his eyes then moves to the datapad. "This almost makes me want to lead one of my patrols straight into the Hostile forces just to become wounded, to be showered with gifts again." He then looks back up at Johana and asks, "Are you confined to the medical area by your doctors, My Lady?"

"Me?" Johana asks in surprise and shakes her head. "Not at all, I've already come and gone a couple of times today." Finally, the Ibrahm looks over at Michael, letting her gaze settle on him for a moment. "Sounds as if he has actually begun falling for one of the fans he has." The look is broken and she glances back towards Reena and Thalo. "How about I leave the two of you to catch up and I'll just walk Erik out. I've got to get to bed soon anyway." Still holding the orchid and datapad, she leans over and kisses Thalo's forehead in a sisterly fashion before rising from his bedside. "I'll be by again tomorrow."

Thalo takes the datapads and offers a quick smile, "Thank you. I haven't watched a movie in…" he trails off there, apparently so long he doesn't recall the last time. The life of a soldier. A glance is taken over the books as well, and he looks to Johana, and nods to her. A quick smile is offered at the kiss to his forhead, "See you tomorrow, Ana." And then he looks back to the books, setting them in one pile on his bed and the moves in another. "So, Reena, when will I be out of here? I've got a war to fight."

Reena settles in and taps on the datapad she gave Thalo, bringing up some old war movie she is fairly sure he's probably seen a thousand times. "Don't strain your injuries, Ana!" Reena calls after the female knight. She smiles at Thalo as she sweetly lies to his face. "Just a day or two, you'll be fine."

Michael blushes, still writing into the journal, "I wouldn't say it's love, Taryn, and it isn't serious… as such. Though, I think of no one else in this way. We're just spending time together, talking and occasionally sharing a meal. Getting to know each other."

When the Ibrahm speaks of her squire, Erik finally glances over to where the two commoners are situated as if seeing them for the first time, "Fans?" He inquires, as if not understanding, "Is he also part of some band like Drake Danger as well as a squire?" He then turns his gaze to the recovering knight that is on the bed, "The war will not end in a day or two, Sir Thalo, you will have plenty of time to recover fully before you need to lay waste to the invaders again." When Johana rises from the edge of Thalo's bed and speaks of walking him out, the Cindravale properly offers his arm when she is ready while inclining his head respectfully to both Thalo and Reena, "Good day, Sir Thalo, Lady Reena."

"Definitely, Thalo, I'll be here tomorrow. So you better be if you want me to help you sneak out!" Surely Johana is kidding, yeah? "Or later tonight, if I find I can't sleep. I'll come watch movies with you and Reena." Winking at the Khourni, she nods. "I'll be careful. See you soon." When Erik offers his arm, only someone who knows her really well would notice the hesitant way in which she takes it, holding the orchid in her other arm as Erik leads her out. "Fans as in female admirers. He's got a following it seems." Pausing at the bedside. "Whenever they start letting you up, do some light work on that leg so it doesn't stiffen. Erik here had a bolt through his chest so he can sympathize with you." Can.. but does he? Only Erik knows for sure. Offering a distracted nod to Taryn, she heads out.

Taryn smirks slightly, "Well taking it slow is probably a good idea…" The smirk grows more impish, "And a nice change…" He is obviously teasing and not meaning it as any sort of lecture. He sees Michael's knight and the Valen nobleman preparing to leave. He gives both a very respectful bow of the head.

Michael looks up slightly surprised, then nods. "Yes Sir Johana." then watches her walk out with the Valen. He looks to Taryn, "Like I said, Viannea has tempered me a lot since I met her. It was all of a sudden, she walks in here to the barracks. I offer to give a tour of the place and that lead to lunch at a café. The next time I see her, again she's been here but training this time. Then we go to the Ring for shopping, and I was going to ask her for dinner until the mission came through. I haven't had a chance to see her since." he talking a little more excitedly about her as he explains thing to Taryn.

Thalo glances at the movie then looks up, nodding to Johana, "Excellent, I was wondering when we'd attempt a break out." He grins faintly, "And let me know if they smithies give you any trouble about my armor." Why would they? She's Johana IBRAHM. Duh. Thalo looks back to the screen, shifting to lay down a bit more as he was sitting up earlier. It's not long before the second round of pain meds seem to start kicking in.

Reena waggles her fingers in farewell to Erik and Ana. Then she carefully monitors Thalo while he's busy watching movies. Some patients you can threaten with a needle. Others you have to bribe with a lollipop. He is clearly the latter.

With the farewells spoken and Johana ready to depart, Erik walks with her in the direction of the exit of the barracks, leaning in to whispers a few words to the Ibrahm. While he whispers, his expression is half amused, half curious.

Pausing at the door, Johana looks back and grins. "Tomorrow, for sure. Sleep, you." Offering a nod to him about the armor, winking at Reena. "See you later." When Erik whispers to her, she frowns.. "And?" Asking for an elaboration on what he had just said.

Taryn nods slightly. He regards Michael as he speaks. "No offense, Michael, but maybe a bit of tempering is a good thing… And I'm not just talking about Lorelei… you have a tendency of burning pretty hot all the time… if you aren't careful… and you burn too hot too often.. . you might get burned yourself."

Michael blinks at Taryn, "What do you mean I burn hot?" he stops writing in his book and closes it. Shifting to regard Taryn, more quizzically than offended or angry.

Taryn brushes his hair back with his fingers. "Well, everything you do is full speed ahead… It almost always seem like it's all or nothing… "

Michael nods slowly and downwardly, "Yes… that is how I used to be. A go getter, my mother said. She encouraged it, saying that with the zone in place and Sir Corbin to center me, I would rise up as a knight and noble and prove my name in no time. Rival the heirs of the houses even." he pauses and shakes his head, "Viannea has taught me moderation, pacing. and she encourages me to strive but be honest about it." he smiles, "I know that I like her, how it will be in time I want to find out. But at the same time, I want to find out in time."

Taryn nods. "Good.. I think that's a really good thing…" He pauses, "I think that you were pushing yourself to prove yourself and to make up for lost time… " He pauses, "Things happen when they are suppose to happen."

Michael nods, "I've wasted away for six years in a job I hated… and all those boys I knew growing up were knighted and taking on their own squires. Sir Drexton was one of the ones who squired at the same time I did. His squire William has taken to me for advice, and Drexton has become a bitter man since last I saw him."

"No one ever said that life is fair." Taryn notes, "And if they did, then they were lying. It isn't the easy things that defines a person, but how they deal with the obstacles in their path."

Michael nods again, "I just felt… like I'd done nothing, and with the war happening what did I have to show for six years? Nothing, sure I kept up my physical fitness, but I didn't train, I didn't squire. I moped around and took a course in mathematics, dropped out of Academ with no real interest in it, and then just did the same job for years."

Taryn purses his lips slightly, "Well, think of it like this… if you hadn't waited… you would not be here now.. The things that lead you to this point would not have happened as they did. As a knight, you might have been inclined to marry for ambition's sake… married into one of the houses, and as such, you might not be able to get to know Lady Viannea as you are now… You would probably have been on duty and not in Landing, and so you would have not met Lorelei as you did, and subsequently you wouldn't have been sitting having lunch with her at the Ways and you wouldn't have met me as you did… "

Michael chuckles softly, "It takes an Awakened to see things beyond the normal view." but then it fades, "I'm letting it just go, the past, the pain, the anger, the remorse. I know I'm a good guy, I know I can achieve what I want… part of this too was that Lady Johana kept on saying that she knew I was going to be knighted really soon. It was such a throw back, in my quasizoned state it just sunk in and I began to calculate my every next move. I saw different options like variables, if I seem to be getting a good response then I take that path until I don't get a good response and follow the next. It wasn't fair to those who were involved, and I'll never be doing that again."

Taryn shrugs, "What can I say? When you have to question every single dream you have had since you were a small child as to having some deeper cosmic meaning, because you can't always tell which ones are prophetic and which ones are just dreams… you start looking at things a bit differently…" He nods. "Just remember that positive attention isn't always good attention…" He sighs, "Well, I think I probably should let you get some sleep. If you don't rest, you won't recover… "

Michael nods slightly, "That hypospray there on the counter, I'll need that to knock me out or I won't sleep. Perhaps tomorrows I can try to stand on this leg." he looks up at Taryn, the rapidly shifting emotions in his eyes still playing like Thalo's movie. "Thank you Taryn, I'm glad I can't read a Ways map and also don't eat much, I'd never have met you if I could."

Taryn stands up and fetches the hypsopray for Michael. He smiles, "Me too… Who knows… maybe when you get knighted I can be your first squire… " He chuckles, obviously joking.

Michael chuckles in return placing the hypospray on the bed next to him. "We'll see, although we both know the first person who'll attempt to scheme her way into that." he gives a knowing look. "I'll see you soon Taryn, and so long as Sir Johana isn't about, I'll train you in sword play."

Taryn nods slightly, "If it might get you in trouble with your knight, let's not worry about that… I'll see if I can get someone else to help… " He shrugs, "Maybe Sir Agnes might consider it… in exchange for me taking care of her horse when she's gone…" He shakes his head, "Anyway, get some rest.. I'll see you later… And don't push the leg… follow the doctor's orders."

Michael smiles, "I'll see you around, hey, who knows. Perhaps with Viannea's help we just might get that set up for you. I'm sure Sir Agnes would like a squire, and horse grooms are only combat away from squires." he smirks slightly, "Well, I'll think about it. Not keen on the dreaming part, you know how that is, and mine to mean anything save inner turmoil." he'll wave to Taryn when he goes.

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