08.19.3013: Blackouts and Humiliations II
Summary: An assumption leads to a revelation about secret feelings and tension surmounts.
Date: 19 August 2013
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Eirene Deacon 

TP Room 1
Deacon Coburn's apartment - New Atlantis, Mare Maris
19 August of 3013

The next morning, Eirene arises with a massive headache. Every little sound, every bit of light is sheer torture. She can hear the shower running but it takes her a minute to realize where she is. Since she slept so deeply, the side of her head that pressed into the pillow all night is all wild with hair sticking up in all sorts of strange ways. Some of her makeup is smeared under her eyes giving her that dusty raccoon look. Deacon isn't in bed, but there is evidence of their tryst - or supposed tryst. Her dress is strewn across a chair. He's got his own clothes scattered here and there and when she looks under the sheets, she notices she's completely naked. Shocked and almost horrified, Eirene covers her mouth and squeals. "What have I done?" She whispers to herself. Quickly she scrambles about and tosses on one of Deacon's undershirts so that she isn't naked anymore. For a moment, she considers running away, but her headache splits right between her eyes and a wave of nausea hits her gut. Pushing herself into the bathroom while Deacon is just about finishing up in the shower, she calls to him. "I'm just washing my face and I need something for this headache, I'm not looking I swear!" Quickly as she can, Eirene scrubs her face clean and smoothes out the mess of hair. God, if he saw how ugly she looked in the morning..Wait, why does she care? This was a mistake. Oh god, a terrible mistake.

Just as Eirene is walking into the bathroom to scrub her face, Deacon turns the water off and flings the shower curtain open. Water flows down his hair, which means he likely had his head under the shower head as she called out to him. Presuming Eirene is still sleeping off her drunken revelry, he takes his time in reaching for a towel to dry off as the water sluices down his slender frame. When he realizes there is water running, he first checks the shower with a frown, then looks over to see a woman washing her face. He settles into his usual morning after self, clearly forgetting who's there. Maybe he had some to drink after Eirene passed out. "How do you like your eggs? Scrambled? Poached? Over…hard?" he laughs at his lame joke, continuing to dry off. "Why don't you go back to bed and I'll bring you some breakfast and…" here he remembers that it's Eirene and he quickly wraps his towel around his waist then pulls the curtain closed. "Eirene! Hi! I…forgot you were here. Are you feeling better?"

Mortified, Eirene is thankful he didn't say 'fertilized'. Not only is she scrubbing her face, but using her finger as a makeshift toothbrush. She pats her face dry and only catches a mere glimpse of skin before Deacon conceals himself. She turns around again and closes her eyes. "You forgot?!" And now she is feeling even more ill. "My head is pounding, but, otherwise I'm fine. I assumed I would be more, um, coughsorecough. But fine. Thanks. I didn't mean to invade your privacy, I just wasn't feeling completely well." Once Deacon is semi-decent and out of the shower, she turns around to face him. This is what she was waiting for, wasn't it? To confront him. "Deacon." His name is whispered just as she catches her breath from looking at him. It's a completely different look than last night. She's been intimate with this man now and she needs to be a woman about it. "I don't remember how it happened, but, I don't regret it. I've known you almost all my life. I trust you more than anyone else in this world. I don't want there to be any strangeness between us. I was going to lie and say I remembered everything, but, I can't lie to you. I mean, I would be lying if I said I never fantasized about it, with you - and now that it's happened.." Eirene can't believe what she is saying, but Deacon has to know she doesn't recall losing her virginity.

"Sore?" he asks with a smile and a shake of his head. Now that the towel is securely about his waist, he doesn't mind coming out and standing before her. "I mean, aside from the headache, sure. My bed is comfortable and you know it." he almost lifts a hand to wag an accusatory finger at her but that might cause his towel to drop. As she speaks, it slowly begins to dawn on him what she thought happened. What she assumed they would have done. He tries and succeeds in not smiling or blowing his cover, simply nodding earnestly. "You were amazing, love." he murmurs, using the voice he uses on women all the time, all oozing sensuality and throaty rumble. "The things you did to me…I…" he hesitates, lifting his gaze very slowly to look through his eyelashes at her in an almost feminine gesture. "I'm an experienced man and never have I felt so…alive in bed. It wasn't the emotional component, Eirene, just physical. Your hands? How did you do that!?" he's clearly going to have a little fun with her.

Eirene closes her eyes as the space between them closes. She can smell the mixture of his skin and soap and it moves through her more intimately than anything else. Weak in the knees from the sound of his voice, she leans back against the counter and sighs. There is a struggle for recollection, but she can only imagine, as she might have done previously. Relief washes over her features even if she is blooming into a deep shade of red. Onto her toes she rises and slowly caresses the back of her left leg with the front of her right foot. There are some physical responses her body cannot hide behind a thin tee-shirt. "Holy Six.." She murmurs like a quiet prayer. Her arms reach out for him and drape over shoulders. She pulls him close and draws her mouth to his, tasting droplets of clean water that fall from his hair. There is fire in her and unbridled passion as she pushes herself back into him. "Take me to bed again, I don't want to forget this time."

"Wait…" Deacon breathes softly, hands moving to her hips to prevent her from getting too close to him. The kiss, though, he cannot prevent so he lets it happen this time. "you walk first, love. I want to see you move. Leave the shirt on." he murmurs the last for obvious reasons. No reason to go completely crazy. "I saw you move last night, Evie. Writhe beneath me. Atop me. Against the wall?" he shakes his head and lets out a shuddering breath that is mostly laughter but can be skillfully concealed as passionate remembrance. "Go ahead into the bedroom. We can…reacquaint ourselves with each other, love. This time, I'm not going to let you forget."

Eirene is hesitant to pulls away from his lips, but there is this look in her eyes that begs him for more. "Against the wall?" That doesn't really sound like something she would do on her first intimate night, but, then again.. She does as asked and takes a few steps ahead of Deacon back into the bedroom. She reaches for the remote to the stereo system and there once more is the sultry sound from the night before. This she remembers, vaguely. Her body moves slowly to the beat and she toys with the hem of her shirt just to grab and keep his attention. There's a look over her shoulder, her hair wild and careless in her eyes and that smile that could break a thousand hearts. Eirene teases her 'lover' with just a hint of skin from her backside. "I want to dance with you, again."

"I was surprised too. A wall? But you insisted." Deacon continues the ruse, nodding solemnly then watching as she heads back into the room. He follows slowly, one hand keeping his towel firmly secured to his lower body. There's a moment where he feels that he may be doing the wrong thing in leading her on this way, but the expression flashes across his features while her back is turned and he's smiling once again as she turnes around. "Good, Evie. But come here. Come close to me. I want you in my arms. I have to tell you something. Something private. Secret, my love. Just for your ears alone."

Eirene starts to slowly crawl upon the bed, tugging at the sheets while feeling alive, just like he said. It's really sort of a miracle that she's not overly uptight as she usually is. "Are you sure you want me there? Wouldn't you rather come back here?" She rolls onto her back and slips that tee shirt off, tossing it aside even though he told her to keep it on. "It feels amazing to feel so free," Her hands slowly start to wander over her body, feeling her curves for the first time like a real woman. "I'm only sorry that I was so inebriated last night that I don't remember, but, I've dreamt about you and me, us, feeling you like that, so close to me, inside of me - I just want to do it again."

"Eirene, we didn't sleep together. You came here drunk and passed out standing up. I caught you and put you to bed. Nothing happened." rather than prolong the joke, Deacon ends it there as she pulls the shirt off and he averts his gaze. After a few seconds. "I have just having a little fun with you, Eirene, that's all!" he turns his back and moves to sit in a chair that faces away from the bed. "I forgot for a minute that it was you here, while I was in the shower. Usually when there's a woman at the sink when I'm in the shower…" he trails off there, feeling it unnecessary to elaborate further.

Eirene shoots up and covers her chest. Her legs curl under her body. "What?" There is an emphasis on the 't' making it sharp from the shock. She pulls up the covers over her body to shield herself from him as humiliation sinks in. "Say that again, Deacon, but don't turn your back on me. You made me believe.. I ..bared my soul and told you secrets I would have never told you! Look at me!" Tears fill in her eyes and her throat begins to constrain. "You forgot it was me. You /forgot/.."

"Evie, why does it matter if we slept together or not? You opened up to me. You told me things. You said things you needed to say for yourself. I'm sorry." he stands and turns, still holding onto the towel as he faces her. "It was supposed to be a little joke. I apologize. Honestly, Eirene. You wanted to be comfortable in your skin. You said that last night." Deacon approaches the bed slowly and, when he's close enough, leans down to pick up his pants. Turning about again, he quickly drops the towel and pulls the pants on. "Look at you now. Confident, cocky, comfortable. The way you felt doesn't change anything. That's you, Evie, on the inside. I wouldn't have taken advantage of you like that. You were very drunk. You were coming onto me. It's nothing to be embarrassed about, all right?"

"No. I'm humiliated. Why couldn't you just tell me in the bathroom? Why did you let me continue to make a mockery of myself?" As she starts to inch away, the sheets drag with her. There is a recoiling process that happens physically and emotionally and Deacon is witness to both of these things. "I feel so sick." A hand covers her mouth while the other keeps the sheets up for decency. "I would have never said any of those things to you, ever. Those were private secrets - things I only would have shared if you felt the same way and now, I.."

"You don't ever need to feel humiliated with me. You don't need to be ashamed of anything you ever tell me." Deacon doesn't get closer except to sit on the edge of the bed. "Don't feel sick, Eirene. Please." uncharacteristically, Deacon is at a loss for words for a time, his gaze dropped to the mattress. "Look. Let me get dressed and I'll go out. Give you time to think, to get your things. If you're here when I'm back, maybe we can talk. If not, I will see you later. All right?"

"No. This is your place." Eirene grabs his tee shirt and tosses it on inside out. Her heels and dress and clutch are all gathered up swiftly. "I need to go home. I can't be here." There are some wayward tears she wipes from her cheek before making a run for it. It certainly appears like a walk of shame ensemble. Luckily, one of her guards will keep her close before bringing her home. "I don't think we should talk, for a while." Heartbroken as she is, Eirene tries to say those words very calmly.

"Wait! Please stay. At least to talk? Don't run away from me, Eirene. Please." his voice takes a softer tone as he pleads with her from the bed, watching her run off toward the door. "Please don't push me out. I'm sorry, Eirene." he's not going to chase her even if he may want to.

Every girl wants to be chased. They want to know they matter. His words alone don't cut it. Eirene stops at the doorway of his bedroom and leans against the frame. Her back is to Deacon but he can hear how she's sobbing. The words are barely audible and swallowed up by the tears. "Talk?" Only if there is a hole where she can crawl into. "Haven't you said it all?"

"There's always more to say, Eirene." Deacon slides off the bed and stalks after once she stops at the bedroom door. When he's close enough, he reaches to set a hand on her shoulder. "Don't go. Let me make you some breakfast, get you some coffee. You can take a shower and send for some new clothes. All right? Just stay a little while. Don't leave like this." he steps a little closer, the hand on her shoulder squeezing in what he hopes to be a reassuring gesture. "I'm really very sorry. I thought we'd laugh about it when I told you I was kidding."

Eirene turns slowly. The touch is vaguely reassuring yet heaviness hangs still. "I made a fool of myself. I kissed you thinking it was all real and it was nothing but lies. You didn't even remember I was here. Just some other girl." Lost in her own body now, Eirene closes her eyes to think in silence. When a moment passes, she continues. "I'm not even mad at you - Not /as/ mad at you as I was. I'm angry and disappointed in myself. You don't see me that way. You never did."

"It was me shifting into my old habits, Eirene. It's nothing you want to know about or want to be a part of. It's sordid." Deacon shakes his head and steps closer still, fingers curling to give her shoulder a little scratch with his fingertips. "Eirene, I'd be stupid and blind if I didn't notice how beautiful you are. How sweet and wonderful you are. How desireable. Of course I see you that way, Eirene, but it is not to be. Not for us. You'll have your nobleman. Don't regret that. I don't. And don't beat yourself up over this. You can trust me, Evie. You always can and, in the middle of how you feel right now, you know that."

"You always say that, 'It's not to be. Not for us.' It can. It can be like that for us. We can be together in public and society and it's not frowned upon. My family will marry me to someone who will make for a political ally and you can be with me. I can renounce my title." Eirene goes through a bunch of different scenarios but reality is Deacon most likely doesn't want to be confined to one person. "Your sordid ways make it impossible though, right? You would eventually resent me."

Eirene turns slowly. The touch is vaguely reassuring yet heaviness hangs still. "I made a fool of myself. I kissed you thinking it was all real and it was nothing but lies. You didn't even remember I was here. Just some other girl." Lost in her own body now, Eirene closes her eyes to think in silence. When a moment passes, she continues. "I'm not even mad at you - Not /as/ mad at you as I was. I'm angry and disappointed in myself. You don't see me that way. You never did."

"It was me shifting into my old habits, Eirene. It's nothing you want to know about or want to be a part of. It's sordid." Deacon shakes his head and steps closer still, fingers curling to give her shoulder a little scratch with his fingertips. "Eirene, I'd be stupid and blind if I didn't notice how beautiful you are. How sweet and wonderful you are. How desirable. Of course I see you that way, Eirene, but it is not to be. Not for us. You'll have your nobleman. Don't regret that. I don't. And don't beat yourself up over this. You can trust me, Evie. You always can and, in the middle of how you feel right now, you know that."

"You always say that, 'It's not to be. Not for us.' It can. It can be like that for us. We can be together in public and society and it's not frowned upon. My family will marry me to someone who will make for a political ally and you can be with me. I can renounce my title." Eirene goes through a bunch of different scenarios but reality is Deacon most likely doesn't want to be confined to one person. "Your sordid ways make it impossible though, right? You would eventually resent me."

Deacon is at a loss of words for the moment. He listens quietly then takes her hand once she's finished, lifting her hand and lowering his lips to kiss lightly. "You're not going to renounce your title. And you may find someone you love. Don't give up, Evie, and don't talk about renouncing anything, all right?" he frowns as she speaks of resentment. "I am not the kind of man who settles down, Eirene. Would I resent you? I'd like to guarantee that I wouldn't, but I don't know. That's my honest answer. I don't know, love. I don't."

At the very least, he's honest. Eirene takes her hand from his and moves back into his bedroom. She grabs her data pad and sends a message to her guard and one of the servants in the house. It's definitely not what she wants to hear especially after she laid her cards out on the table. What more can she say right now? No true words come to mind. Once she's finished sending out the message, she moves back into the bathroom and closes the door. The sound of the shower echoes and shortly there after comes this voice rife with pain. Every now and then the words die off.

Opening his mouth again, Deacon can't find the words. He follows along after her until the shuts the bathroom door. Outside, he waits, head against the wall beside the door, uncertain of how to proceed. It's an unusual and uncomfortable feeling he's experiencing here and he heaves a mighty sigh while waiting for Eirene to finish in the shower. The singing certainly doesn't brighten his mood at all.

Eirene is in there for a long time. After a while the singing stops. Just the sound of shower pouring down comes through the door. It might actually be long enough to worry about her when there's an abrupt knock at the front door. The shower stops coincidentally at the same time so at least Deacon knows she's still moving. The door knocks a second time and the woman opens the bathroom door, wearing a long, dark, masculine robe. She dries her hair a bit with a towel and almost bumps right into Deacon. "Was that the door? That could be Grant. I sent word to have Celeste pack me a few things and send them over." But she is not at all presentable just in case it is not her guard.

Deacon is still there and is about to answer Eirene when the door knocks again. "Go back in the shower. I'll get it." he waves her back in with a rare frown and strolls slowly toward the door. Along the way, he gets himself a shirt so that he's not walking around topless and suggestively. He also quickly cleans up and organizes the bedroom a bit before he finally goes to see who's knocking.

Grant is all of 6'4" and built like a brick shit house. He's carrying an overnight bag and just gives Deacon a look. "Lady Eirene asked for me to bring this to her. If there's anything else she needs, she can message me again. I will be at her service." The man hands the bag over and takes his leave. He looks none too happy. Eirene is getting herself in all sorts of 'trouble' again.
Eirene comes out from the bedroom and quietly pads barefoot across the room. "Was that Grant?" She inquires. "You said you wanted to talk. I think we should talk, but I wanted to clear my head and wear some clean clothes - more proper attire." There is something of an icy touch to her words. Though they stand not far from each other, there seems to be miles between them.

Deacon takes the back from Grant, just nodding once and slamming the door in his face before he man can turn around fully. With a grunt, he throws the overnight bag against the wall in a brief fit of anger and frustration. After a moment, he retrieves it and brings it over to Eirene. "If you're going to give me an ice queen routine, Eirene, I'm not interested. You feel embarrassed, you feel like I betrayed you somehow. Let's pretend the joke didn't happen. That we did sleep together. That doesn't make me any different than I was beforehand. You opened up to me. Why is that such a bad thing, Eirene?"

Eirene is the picture of perfect calm even if she is raging like a storm inside. She watches him throw her things in a fit and it makes her cringe. What if she had something fragile in there. Deacon /knows/ how particular she is with her things. Her eyes blink in disbelief then widen when he starts to show some kind of reaction. She cannot keep the sea from breaking through and snaps back. "Because I am a fool!" She steps forward and pushes him back. "Because I bared my soul, my body, the inner most sanctity of my being and you might as well have given me a cookie and pat me on the head for being adorable. And what do I get in return, Deacon? That you are a womanizer? Is that what you're saying? That you cannot fathom the /idea/ of being with me because your needs your.. /dick/ needs to get wet by a different woman every night? Tell me, you coward - is that your great revelation to me?"

Deacon takes the shove without reacting physically. "You're making a lot of assumptions. If I had known you would take what I thought would be a little joke so poorly, I would have said 'no, Eirene, we didn't sleep together. You were naked in my bed and I was hard as rock but no, I couldn't bring myself to fuck you!" huh? Would that have made you feel better? Your assumptions are what's causing a problem here." he points at her as he says the word 'your' and shakes his head. "You put me in an impossible situation! You come here drunk and take your dress off? Damned if I do, damned if I don't, Evie! If I don't sleep with you, you assume it's because I hate you. If I do, you think you're just another conquest!" by this point, Deacon is stalking back and forth slowly, like a leopard uncomfortable with confinement at the zoo. "Yes, I'm a womanizer! Does that bother you because it's not you in my bed rather than the women that throw themselves at me? Coward? Coward! Maybe I am. Next time you come here begging for it, drunk or not, maybe I'll give you what you need, Eirene."

Eirene fights back the urge to throw something at him but instead takes matters into her own hands. Literally. Catching him on the pace back, the woman 'harumphs!' and slaps the living daylights out of his face. "I did not come here to throw myself at you! I just needed you. I wake up naked and I assumed. Yes, I made an assumption based on something I always wanted. I have loved you my whole life! And now you are making me regret that. I am not throwing myself ..at you! I just want you to love me. I wanted to be the one that saved you. Your joke led me to believe and I felt free of the shackles that have bound me for years. But it was all a ruse. Just tell me you want me out of your life and I'll go. Tell me you do not love me and I will never bother you so long as I live."

The slap shocks him and his fists ball up but her certainly doesn't hit her or even impose himself upon her physically. "Of course I love you, Eirene! With all of my heart! Do you think I love the women I normally bring here? No, of course not. They are poor substitutes." he lifts a hand to his face, rubbing his cheek slowly and working his jaw as if that would help the pain to subside. It doesn't. Not even the physical pain. He resumes pacing, though further away from Eirene and her swinging hands. "I don't want you out of my life. And a ruse suggests malicious intent. There was none! Maybe you need time to process this. Maybe you need time to handle your feelings and your assumptions. A few days. I'm not letting you go, Eirene. No." something finally registers and he stops dead, "Rescue me? Save me!? From what!?"

Eirene takes a step back and looks to her hand with the same shock that draws across Deacon's face. What has she done? "I'm sorry." Her words are whispered and most likely swallowed in his own bellowing tone. "I don't need time to process. And what do you mean, handle my feelings and assumptions? There are no more assumptions! You've made everything perfectly clear!" The more she yells, the more she feels she's going to be spending a lot of time doing vocal stretching. She grabs her bag and storms off in a huff, before she even makes it to his bedroom door, Eirene drops the robe from her body and kicks it back. The door to his bedroom is slammed shut. "FROM YOURSELF!" The reply comes loud and clear through the door.

"You apologize in one breath and then yell at me with the next!" Deacon paces after Eirene until she slams his door him his face. "You are being insufferable right now, Eirene!" he yells through the door, hitting it once with a loud slam of his fist. A sigh and he steps back, shaking his hand and trying to calm himself. He's silent aside from his angry, heavy breathing for several moments. "Eirene." he calls more quietly. "Eirene, will you come out? Can we speak calmly? I want to fix this. I want us to be right."

Eirene shouts. "I'm naked right now. You want me to come out right now? I don't want to put you in the position where /you/ assume I'm throwing myself at you because I'm -naked-!" Yes, she's being insufferable and a total bitch. It sort of runs in the blood. "My tits and ass are out for everyone to see and they might think I'm trying to sleep with you."

"You may not remember last night, Eirene, but I do." Deacon begins using the patient male voice to counteract the crazy female voice. It's a time-honored tactic to make one seem a calm voice of reason in the face of another person's temper. "You saw me with no shirt on. You saw the pants I was wearing. You turned on my music and pressed yourself against me. I know what happened and I know what it means. I am not entirely stupid, Evie, especially when it comes to this sort of thing. Please, put some clothes on and come out."

Eirene finishes lacing up the front of her cotton dress. It is a simple thing she wears when she is looking to be comfortable. It is dyed a rich hue of blue and shimmers slightly as she moves about. Her hair is gently pinned up as usual and slippers adorn her feet. Around her neck are three dainty gold necklaces - each with a different charm hanging at separate intervals. "I came here last night looking for my friend. I was drunk. I had Grant change my itinerary from going home to coming here before I was completely out of my mind. There are so many changes going on in my life. I cannot get a hold of anything. Everything is slipping through my fingers and you are/were the only stable thing I had in my life." She gives Deacon a look. "I've seen you in less when we've been swimming. Your bathing attire is shorter and tighter. I needed to breathe, the feel alive. I didn't care about propriety or keeping modest, I wanted to strip all the layers off and feel the night against me and move within me. I guess I must have fallen asleep." Eirene moves past Deacon now but glances over her shoulder. "You saw the dress I was wearing. No proper undergarments could be discrete enough to wear. I can't deny my feelings for you - my desire for you. I've dreamt and fantasized about looking up at you, while feeling you move inside of me and holding me against you. I woke up, saw the room and assumed.."

"It was a logical assumption." Deacon finally admits, nodding and then bowing his head in acknowledgment. He follows and moves to a small sitting area, lowering himself slowly into a plush chair and heaving a sigh. "I am stable, Evie. For you, I am. You can rely on me. How many more times can I say that? How many more times can apologize for my stupid prank before you will forgive me? I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry!" the apologize is more a plea than anything else, begging forgiveness and absolution for his sins. "You be able to come to me any time you wish. No pretense, no worry, no judgments. Just you and me. Like before. I'm sorry, Evie. I am. Is it foolish of me to want things to be normal again? It feels like weeks since I earned your ire and years since we've been ourselves together."

Eirene turns and nods faintly. There is acquiesce when he asks for things to be normal again. In truth, she wants more. Knowing it and acknowledging it is like a knife wound in the gut. "Of course." She waves her hand around in whimsical fashion. "There. Last night never happened and I just came by today to see how you were doing and gee, I'm starving. What will you make me for lunch?" She isn't a wonderful actress, but she tries. For the sake of their friendship, she tries.

"I don't…" he begins, lifting a hand to run through his hair, giving himself a moment to think. When he continues, it's calmer and more focused on what he wants to say. "I don't think we should deny that what has happened has happened. I simply want us to figure out a way to work through it. Maturely. Together. I don't want there to be tension between us, Eirene, and I don't want false levity. I don't want to play games. I want to work through this." Deacon frowns faintly as she waves it off and asks about lunch. "I have some cold chicken, bread, cheese. I can get some for you." he stands from the chair and tries to fix his hair as best he can without a mirror before proceeding toward the kitchen.

Eirene forces herself to follow him into the kitchen and once she's in close proximity, her arms wrap around his torso. "I'm not hungry." She admits. Her chin tilts upwards and there in those big warm brown eyes, Deacon can see the sadness. "I just want -you-." Now she feels like she's begging him while he keeps shunning her. She might just be a masochist after all. "The one true thing, the one unregrettable thing I did all day today was kiss you."

"Oh good. I don't actually know if I have any good in here." there's something of his normal light playfulness creeping back in, even if just for a moment. Deacon brushes a strand of hair from her face and kisses her lightly on the forehead. "I want to kiss you, Eirene. Right now." he murmurs softly at her, leaning down until his forehead touches hers. "Would it be cruel? Leading? I don't want to hurt you, Eirene. Not more than I already have." his lips pull down into a faint frown, but that soon disappears as he leans close to brush his lips softly against hers. It's somewhat chaste despite the location, but he's back for something a little firmer in a second, yet equally as brief. "I make no promises, but maybe I do want to be saved. On some level. I don't know, Eirene. I don't. Now," he sighs softly and kisses the tip of her nose, "Grant is no doubt waiting to hurt me. Why don't you go home with him? I'll come over tomorrow to see you."

Eirene responds by returning his soft kiss and deepening it just a little more. There is a fire inside of her that rages still and the urge to fight for what she desires. Her fingers skim through his hair just moments before slipping out of his arms. "All right. I don't want your promises, Deacon. I just want you." Out of his reach, Eirene goes to take her back and moves towards the front door. Again she looks over her shoulder and leaves him with soft, endearing smile - then, she is gone.

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