09.20.3013: Birthday as Usual
Summary: Lorelei and Chiron bump into Cyrielle at the taphouse while celebrating Lorelei's birthday.
Date: September 10, 3013
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Mott's Taphouse
The taphouse is burrowed out from the heart of one of the various elder trees that surround the Heartwood. It is dark, warm, and inviting no matter the time of day. There are not a lot of hard corners, and it feels as though the walls blend in with the ceilings that curve high above. The interior wood has been stained a honey gold, which is offset by the rosewood bar and tables. There are a couple of circular windows that have been carved from the tree trunk, though the glass is stained a soft green to continue to maintain a particular atmosphere no matter the time of day. Scattered throughout the room are tables of various size and chair arrangement, and the aforementioned bar runs along the left-hand wall.

The taphouse only provides ale. Order a whiskey, you get ale. Order a martini, you get ale. The menu is also very simple with a set series of meals — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — that change from day to day. It is common knowledge that special orders or requests are always ignored.

September 20th 3013

What time is it? Cyrielle is not even aware any longer. She has little care or mind for the schedule of the surrounding people. There's one place she knows will be open regardless of the hour. Through the doors of the Taphouse the Hollolas moves. She wears a long, lightweight skirt of a dark blue fabric that falls to the top of her boots. She wears a black, sleeveless top that fits well to her form and an airy gray blouse over that. Her hair is left free and it marks well the swiftness of her passage. There's a slight hitch in her step, but her teeth are clenched against any lingering pain. Instead she heads for a booth and near falls into a seat, slouching against the table once she's settled.

Lorelei and Chi are set at a table, both with waters in front of them and empty food plates in front of them. Loree's dressed in a simple riding outfit. and is smiling softly at her brother. "Ok, so…after this, where to?"

Chiron had spent most of the time in the Taphouse with his sister. They've been celebrating her birthday, but it's turned into something of Chiron talking about his problems and getting rather drunk. He's taken a break from drinking, as another drink would probably send him over the edge. He gives Cyrielle a confused look as she walks into the taphouse, but will reply to Lorelei. "Oh I don't know, aren't you and Ephraim gunna go do something?"

While Cyrielle waits for a server to take her order — ale — she pokes at a tablet device. There's a soft sound from it every now and then of an incoming message. The woman looks not quite down and out, but perhaps a bit frustrated. Perhaps a bit sad. When her drink finally arrives, she murmurs her thanks and lifts it to her lips, draining a fair bit.

Lorelei shakes her head, "Ephraim and I will meet up later. I'm sure he's off planning something embarrassing." She'll look over at Cryielle, tilting her head, blinking at her boyfriend's sister.

Chiron giggles, he's still a little drunk. "I bet it'll be embarrassing… I should call him and tell him to tell me what embarrassing thing he's going to plan." He laughs, then his eyes go wide. "I mean uh… not unless it involves… Uh, never mind."

The tablet is set down and the woman sighs, slouching back in the booth. She lifts a hand and lets her fingers tangle in her hair, looking towards the ceiling. It's likely that Cyrielle has noticed Lorelei, but she does not know her brother's interest well enough to intrude.

"Oh I'm sure it involves swimsuits…" Chiron teases, giving his sister a wink. "But really, I bet he takes you to a nice restaurant again, or something. He seems like the type of guy who would do something like that."

Lorelei blushes more, "oh…I hope it's not swimsuits. He wants to go some crazy water sport thingie." She'll sigh, "I…maybe? He likes to over due it. spoil, he calls it."

"You're worth spoiling though, don't you think?" Chiron says, "I mean, if I had the money I'd spoil you. But not like /that/, you're my sister." He giggles some more. "Can you believe that noble? I can't believe that noble said that…"

Lorelei shrugs , "No? Spoiling is…it's weird. I just want…no spoiling." She'll smile softly, and then wrinkle her nose, "I've met a lot of nobles, and that was just…odd."

"No spoiling? I understand why you would not want to be spoiled all the time, but a little bit of spoiling is ok. You deserve to be spoiled more then most that I know. What with almost dying, putting up with the two of us, all of these boys chasing you…" Chiron says, rambling some. "I don't think most nobles are like that, maybe he was high on A.M.P. or something?"

Lorelei shrugs, "I just don't want anyone to think that's why I'm with him, ya know?" She'll chuckle softly, You and Bey are only hard to put up with when you're fighting with each other." A sip of water, "Maybe? He was kinda acting like Lord Keanen…but worse."

Where was she? Oh, right. Cyrielle is a few ales in and only now seems to remember where she's at. The young woman has been rather involved in her tablet. She nudges her empty vessel to the edge of the table to signal a need for more. There's a glance around and she blinks a few times as she spots Lorelei.

Chiron nods, "But you shouldn't fight him on /everything/. It's your birthday, he's allowed to spoil you some." Chiron says, giving a glance back over to Cyrielle. "Is that woman checking you out?" He whispers to his sister, grinning and giggling.

Lorelei rolls her eyes, "No..not everything. But I don't need jewelry or furs or anything over the top, is all I mean."She'll smile, "I'm sure it'll be something nice. Like a dinner or maybe a walk. Ephraim wouldn't do anything toocrazy." She hopes. Loree tilts her head looking at her brother confused, "What?"She'll turn to look where Chi is looking.

Her eyes drift to the man with Lorelei, but Cyrielle doesn't recognize him. She seems to toy with an idea for a moment, but it passes once her ale is replaced. A murmur of thanks and she slouches back in the booth once more. Drink is lifted to lips with one hand, while the other holds the tablet.

Chiron looks back at the woman. "Yeah, she's been staring at you sense she got here almost or something. You want me to go tell her you have a boyfriend? Or… you think she was checking /me/ out?" He grins, blushing some.

oh, for the love of the Six! Loree rolls her eyes, "Seriously, Chiron! Grow up!" She'll start to stand, "That's Lady Cyrielle, Ephraim's sister." She'll turn and walk over to the Noble, "Hello Lady Cyrielle, you just missed your brother." She'll smile, her cheeks pink from the few ales she had earlier.

Checking out? No. It's just curious glances. Perhaps Chiron should learn what checking out really looks like. Poor guy. Cyrielle looks up from the tablet and blinks a few times. Her gaze swims slightly, but she finally gives a slight nod. "That's a shame. I hope he's doing well?"

Chiron blinks a few times, "Silly Sparrow, that's not Irvette." Chiron says, rolling his eyes. He is clearly drunk. "Or… wait. How many sisters does he have?"

Lorelei blinks back when she sees Cyrielle's condition. Maybe her's and Chi's conversation wasn't as far off. "he seemed to be fine. He ran off in a hurry, once he realized it was my birthday." She'll give a smile to the noblewoman, "is everything alright, my lady?" She out right just ignores her drunk brother. there's a small wrapped package on the table with Chiron.

"Ran off?" Cyrielle's brow furrows as she puzzles over that for a moment. "I hope he's not doing something stupid." The question draws a slight shake of the head, though it's delayed. "I am unsure." She looks towards Chiron, then back to Lorelei. "Are your drinks paid for? If not, charge it to me. As an impromptu gift."

"He already got that, actually!" Chiron says, trying to stand up. "Your brother is really nice, Lady. How's your family holding up?" He asks, referring to the attack on the Hollolas's Vassal's city that was attacked by hostiles. "Will you be at the party?"

Lorelei raises an eyebrow, "Is that something I should be worried about?" There is a hint of worry in her voice. A smile to Cyrielle , "Oh, Ephraim already did that. Thank you though." She'll smile at her brother's praise of Cyrielle's brother. Eyes going between the two , and a small smile, "You are going to be there, right?"

"They seem to be holding up well," Cyrielle answers the question, after a brief thought. "I'm still settling back in, so I don't know many of the little details." She does glance between the two of them, head tilting slightly. "Of course. I was there when he came up with the idea- it'd be rather terrible of me to abandon my brother after he's put in so much effort."

Chiron gives Cyrielle a concerned look. "Settling back in? Where were you at before? If your family needs any help taking back the city let me know. I'll help you guys out, I was out there when we closed the gate." He takes a seat at the booth on the opposite side of Cyrielle and looks up to his sister. "Eph got a call or something and it was important, so he stepped out."

Nodding to Cyrielle, Loree narrows her eyes as her slightly drunk brother offers to go help and is being awful…friendly? She'll blink, smiling a bit brighter. "I..yeah. He said he'd call me…so…I'm not sure what he's planning…"

"Far, deep into the woods of The Spine. I've spent the last… number of years with a druid there." Cyrielle's shoulders shift in a small shrug. "I'm sure if help is needed, a call will go out to the people around Beacon." She does glance towards Lorelei, but there's a slight shake of her head. "I haven't heard a thing, so if he's planning something special… he's keeping it quite secret."

Chiron's eyes light up with Cyrielle mentions the druid. He looks up to his sister and smiles. He looks like he's about to say something, but he decides it's best to not bring /that/ up right now. He's not that drunk yet. "Oh, well… ok. I'm just saying if you guys need any help, I bet Sir Agnes and I would be available." He looks back to the Hollolas Lady. "I heard there was going to be candles and dancing and medals!"

Lorelei shivers slightly, at the mention of the woods. her smile drops, she's not nearly drunk enough to feel comfortable about talking about the forest again. "Ep-Lord Ephraim didn't know till today. i doubt he had time to do anything too drastic." She hopes. her eyes glance over to Chi, expecting hint o blurt it out, but happy when he doesn't. A smile comes back, "You seem to be warming up to the idea, Chiron."

"Never underestimate what my mischievous brother can achieve when he sets his mind to it. Even in a short period of time." Cyrielle lifts her glass and tilts it from side to side for a moment. She drains the rest of it in a few gulps and presses it to the side once again. "There's going to be quite a few events. He's making quite the day of it."

"Well yeah, there's gunna be a medal… I mean, I feel bad getting a metal. But… a medal!" He exclaims excitedly. "I've never gotten a medal before." He says, looking slightly mortified about being excited about the prospect of a medal.

Lorelei sigh, a tough worried about what Cyrielle's brother could be planning. "He's mentioned a few things, yeah." Looking to Chi, "it's ok. Like I said, it's about letting us honor what was done. it's about letting Ma know that her sacrifice of worrying about you was worth it."

"Just think of a medal as something to brag about when you're old and want to mess with the younger generation." Cyrielle's words have begun to slur slightly and she shifts a bit, grabbing the tablet close. She's unsteady on her feet as she gets upright, drawing in a long breath. "It… should be a good time."

"Ma's not dead, that's how she knows her sacrifice was worth it." Chrion says before he thinks about what he /actually/ said. His eyes go wide when his mind catches up with his mouth. "I uh…" But it's too late, the words are already out. He gives Cyrielle a worried look, the Lady can't help him most likely, but he's desperate.

Lorelei reaches over to help steady the noble, as she seems to be a bit intoxicated. Her eyes fly ope though, at her brother's words. She stares at hims moment, looking mortified, "What is wrong with you?" It's almost hiss that escapes loree before she turns back to the Noble, "I am so sorry , Lady Cyrielle….He's not normally like this." Loree takes a step away from the chairs, "I…I'm not doing this. Not today." She'll bow slightly to the noble, "It was nice to see you."

There's a glance between the two of them. Cyrielle stops and wavers slightly on her feet. She looks a bit confused. Finally, she points out: "I would hope that you'd have learned, sleeping with my brother, that we Hollolas are not nearly so uptight as most." And then she does start making her way out.

Chiron blinks, "Wait, you're /sleeping/ with him? That bastard. I trusted him!" He says, placing his arms on the table, and then placing his forehead on his arms. Getting drunk was a bad idea. "Sparrow, wait. don't leave." He calls out.

What is wrong with Eph's family?!?! Lorelei actually makes a gasping noise, clearly offended, "I am not sleeping with him!!!" What has Ephraim said? She actually looks upset and she'll step away, turning on Chiron, "And even if I was, it's none of your business!" Turning back to Cyrielle, "But I'm not!" Loree then picks up an empty mug and slabs it rather hard on the counter , near Chiron's head, hoping the noise hurts, before turning and storming away.

There's a few blinks of surprise. "You're not? Hunh. Mebbe you should. Nothing wrong with that, just don't get pregnant." Cyrielle is not wholly herself at the moment. These poor souls who must witness it. She flinches at the slammed mug, watching the girl storm off. "I hit a chord." A simplistic statement. "I thought by how he was acting about her that they were…"

"You think?" Chiron says, trying to focus on Cyrielle. The alcohol is making things difficult. "You… should be nice to her, and your brother! Unless your brother is just horny, Then, don't be nice to him. He's a jerk." he says, flinching as Lorelei slams the mug next to him. His eyes go white, his sister is being violent today…

Lorelei turns, almost at the door, "Oh, you and your sister don't have to worry. I won't be bringing an Hollolas bastards into the world!" She'll turn and rush out, before she starts crying. Her wrapped gift is left on the table, between the empty mugs.

"I was merely making the statement that as far as I knew, she was… and that she should know my family better, if so." Cyrielle shrugs a bit, letting the pieces to the strange logic puzzle rattle around without really finding their place. "But as she's not, well. I suppose she's free to assume we're uptight like all the rest." The girl storms out and she runs a hand through her hair. "I should have stayed in the woods. You'd think my being accepting of her sleeping with my brother would be one thing…" A pause and she looks baffled. "Unless she does want to have his children… That must be it. Oh dear… No fixing that, really."

Chiron sighs, now he's done it. "Why should her sleeping with your brother be a big deal anyway? I just don't under-You think she wants to /what/???" He says, very loudly and dramatically. "My sister, is /not/ looking to have /anyone's/ babies. Especially not Lord Ephraim Hollolas's!" He begins shouting quite drunkenly.

"It's not a big deal… That she seemed to think I was uptight and stuffy was." Cyrielle frowns. "I guess, at least. I was just making banter. I didn't know it'd upset her." She looks over to Chiron, blinking rapidly. "How do you know? Why's she so upset over the thought? Seems like it'd be an easy thing to ignore or laugh off if she wasn't." A shrug. "Well. Ephraim will get through that. Teach her a sense of humor."

"Because I just know, ok!" Chiron says, he's getting loud and starting to attract attention. He blinks a few times, realizing what's going on. "I… need to go." He says as he stands up and stumbles out towards the door, almost tripping over a chair on the way out.

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