07.06.3013: Birth of a Storm
Summary: Lorelei finds herself buried alive in snow on Niveus, and her panic causes a storm to Awaken around her. House of Iah calls for help from Lord Nitrim to keep her from causing a greater avalanche.
Date: 6 July, 2013
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RP Room 3
The Ice Planet of Niveus
6 July, 3013

Stepping out of the main waygate in Shelter finds one in the middle of a busier scene than they might have expected on an Ice Moon. However, this is an Ice Moon that is already at war, and the new Head of House is taking her duties to defend against the Hostiles seriously. In true Niveun philosophy of being ready, she is making sure everyone, not matter how small or far from Shelter is well stocked, and can hold a garrison at a moment's notice if need be. So, the caravans are being mustered to send to those outposts that don't have waygates. The people in charge are easy to pick out by their house Iah colors and the data pads they tote around as the give orders and set people to work.

Lorelei's dressed as warmly as she has. It doesn't get this cold in Arboren. She's dressed nice though, wishing to present the best possible situation she could. She's in her pretty blue dress, and has her hair loose, except a white ribbon holding it out of her eyes. Her own tablet is in her hands. She's clearly excited, but nervous. Her eyes go about the room, and she'll give a few small jumps when there's a loud noise. But she has a purpose, and it's important, so she follows the guard who's going to bring her to Lady Una.

The guard approaches one of the men in charge, who listens and then looks over his shoulder to Lorelei. "Yes, yes… the poet that Lady Una sent for. She wanted to see her right away. The caravan over there is on it's way to the post where Lady Una is inspecting supplies. Take her with them." He calls over to the head driver, and secures a place in their snow crawler for Lorelei.

Lorelei eyes go a bit wide at the transportation, but will nod. She's not scared, per say(yes she is) but this was just unexpected. she had thought this would be another visit, have some wine, read a poem then leave. She'll thank the guard, giving him a bright smile, before giving the driver a smile as well. she'll try to get a seat near a window and will focus on her breathing. Hopefully the whole vehicle won't be filled.

The snow crawler is full of supplies, actually. Lorelei will be helped into the front seat, and the only other person will be the driver. "Do you get motion sickness?" he asks cordially as they set out at the lead of the caravan into the vast whiteness. "I wouldn't worry much, the snow makes a pretty smooth road for us."

Lorelei looks behind her at the filled truck, "No..I mean, I ride horses, so I'd think this should be ok…" she sounds nervous though and her eyes will dart back to look out the windows. She'll force a smile though, no need to be rude to the driver, "I'm Lorelei. It's almost overwhelming, all of the white. Pretty, but overwhelming."

The driver nods. "You get used to it. After you've seen awhile, you start to see the blues and silvers, and when the sun hits just right, the golds and ambers." There's silence for a bit. "You're a poet? I don't suppose you could recite some of your poems while we're riding, to pass the time?"

Lorelei nods, "I guess i could see that. Most people think that Arboren's just green and brown. There's so many other colors." Her cheeks color slightly, "Oh..uhh..my poems?" She'll bite her lower lip, "I don't normally…." And then she'll shake herself. she needs to get over it. She'll nod, but then laugh lightly, "You can't tell anyone. I never do this, ok?" and she'll recite a few, from her head. All light hearted, or if they are about the war, it's got a positive twist. Mostly flavored with coming home to those you love.

So the time passes as they go overland, until there's a beeping on the comm, and the driver (who's shared his name to be Reginald) holds up his hand to silence her with a gentle smile. "Go ahead, Fernald."
"Hey, Reggie, we've got a reading on a new crack ahead. We're turning east to skirt it. We're takin lead."
"Understood, Fernald. Turning, now." The snow crawler rumbles in it's turn. "One thing about Niveus, the oceans under the ice are always working against the ice, so they work new weak spots. We'll just skirt this one, won't take us too far out of our way." There's a grin. "I've been enjoying your poetry, though. Please?" He gestures for her to continue… then there's a sound outside like a crackle of thunder. Thunder in a sunny, cloudless sky.

Lorelei listens intently to the radio call. Reciting her poetry has actually helped with her nerves. And Reginald makes her feel almost safe in this whole situation, so when he asks for more poetry, she can't help but smile an honest beaming smile. "Sure Reginald! Is there anything in particu-" And then a sound that goes to her very core, shakes everything.Her eyes go wide and freeze on Reginald.

"Nothing to worry about," Reginald says tightly. "Just sit tight, it might be a little bumpy…"
However, if Lorelei looks out the side window where they were turning, she'll see one of the snow crawlers suddenly disappear, then another as a crack opens in the snow, heading towards them. Reginald puts the vehicle in reverse, the treads biting into the snow as they rapidly pull away from the hole. Unfortunately, the crack travels faster than they can, and in moments, they are tilting forward, and then plummeting.

As soon as it's clear he's nervous, Loree'll swivel her head. And as soon as the snow crawler disappears, she screams. Her hands fly up , but she's unsure, or too scared to actually do anything but cry out.

Although he doesn't scream, Reginald doesn't look too sure of himself, now. "Hang on, kid," he tells Lorelei.
The snow crawler tumbles end over end, but with the first jounce, the internal safety air padding inflates, cushioning the fall for her, until there's a sickening crunch, and then the windshield breaks. Lorelei is thrown out onto a shelf of ice as the transport tumbles further. Not long after the transport disappears over the edge, a slide of ice and snow follows, tumbling around the woman until she finds herself in a gloomy pocket of blueish gray light.

Having the wind knocking out of you is a sure way to stop screaming. Loree gasps a few times, struggling to breath and comprehend what's happened. There's concern for Reginald, but as she turns, not even realizing that there's glass in her hands from the wind shield, she'll keep turning….where's the edge? Reaching out her hand, to touch the wall, her breath starts coming faster. Blood smears on the ice as she stumbles , her ankle twisted, not finding anything but more ice and snow and it's coming back upon itself, and above. A soft, almost keening noise starts up in the back of Lorelei's throat. She's trapped! almost paralyzed, the fear of this very thing happening, again to her. She doesn't -can't- feel the the thing in her finally animated it's self, that instinct kicking in. She lets out a scream as her eyes whiten and her aura manifests itself for the first time. Dark storm could, highlighted but violet lightning swirl around Lorelei. Her small snow prison lights up as electricity courses through her into the walls.

There's one thing that snow doesn't like. Loud noises. The snow's already been disturbed once by the machines crashing through it. Now it's being disturbed again before it's even settled fully by the screaming of the girl trapped inside. The loose snow over her head starts to rumble and shake, and slide again, getting darker around her as a minor avalanche starts to slide down into the crevice.

The ladies and lord Iah receive an emergency call on their comms -
Citizen Aelfgar, Head of Requisitioning: Support Caravan to White Gates outpost sent a message of an ice pocket they were going to have to skirt, and the coordinates. They were reporting their progress when communication broke off. We suspect that they fell through the pocket and request a search and rescue team to look for survivors and supplies.
Lady Elodie: Lady Elodie responding, on my way to Shelter, will meet at the Main Waygate in ten minutes.'

It's hard to keep her thoughts straight, with the walls literally coming down at her, but she'll clasp her hands over mouth, her left one cutting her cheek from the glass lodged in it. Loree closes her eyes, crying into her hands, " please please, not this." she's unaware that her aura is still up, and that the electricity actually melted the walls of snow into ice. While that effectively traps her there, it's solid, and won't crumble as easy. she'll sink down to the floor, not comprehending the new light source, the light ball she's created.

Lady Una: This is Lady Iah, a rescue team will meet Lady Elodie and accompany her to the last known coordinates of the caravan. Lady Sir Tiriel and I will meet you there.
Ronan : Sir Ronan here. I am not currently on Niveus. Lady Iah, do you think this situation requires an early return?
Lady Una: Not yet, Sir Ronan. Though I would suggest that you be prepared for the possibility.

As the sound subsides, the rumble slows and ceases. Although she now has some light from within, and the harder ice prevents anything from caving in on her, Lorelei is quite effectively trapped for the time being. A good thing about cold, though. It will help slow the flow of blood from her cuts.

At Shelter, Evald was waiting with Elodie's armor as well as her survival and rescue gear, so that the team could lift immediately. She changed en route, so that when they set down a safe distance from the new ice crater, she was already in armor with her med pacs on her back, and her helmet in hand as she approaches The Lady Iah and her contingent. The older veterans start scouting the rim of the new crevasse as Elodie approaches her sister. "Head Requisitioner says there were twelve transports in the caravan, 23 personnel and one civilian visitor coming out to meet with Lady Iah," she says, handing over the data pad.

Una takes the datapad with a nod and a slight frown. Her own armor is simplified, the sashes and crests removed for the moment. "A civillian? I wasn't expecting… Lorelei." The last word is a whisper, spoken as her eyes widen upon seeing the name listed. "By the Six." The men and women who accompanied her are already working, setting up tools and informing Elodie of the situation.

One of the veterans comes up to the ladies. "Good news, My Ladies, is that there's no water at the bottom. The rift doesn't go all the way down to the ocean. Looks like there was a secondary avalanche over to the side there. Maybe one of the transports exploded and set it off."
"If a transport exploded, we'll find the more seriously injured under there," Elodie surmises. "Start your scanners for life signs in that area and work outwards." Her head swivels back towards Una. "Lorelei? You were expecting her today?"

"Yes but not /here/." Una replies. She nods to the man, giving him final permission to do as Elodie orders, before explaining. "My instructions were for her to wait at Shelter if she arrived before I returned."

"Well, someone didn't get their messages straight." Elodie looks over to Una and then reaches a hand to her shoulder. "Don't worry, Una, I'm sure we'll find her." With that, and a reassuring smile, the youngest Lady of Iah puts on her helmet, then takes the climbing pitons from one of the other rescuers and heads over towards the avalanche.
Lorelei won't know how long she's crouching in her little ice prison before she starts to hear the noises coming through the snow. The sounds are agonizingly slow to approach, as the rescuers don't want to start another slide.
Up at the rim, where a triage has been set up, drivers and their navigators are being brought up, some with serious injuries, some not so much. The latter are sitting around, wrapped in reflective heated sheets.

Lorelei doesn't hear the noises at first, as all she can concentrate on is the fact that she can't seem to move and breathing is becoming harder. When she finally hears it though, she'll let out a soft groan…unsure if it's a rescue, or more collapsing snow. Her prison though is glowing , it would all be very pretty, if it wasn't going to be her grave. She's certain the Devil is next to her, taunting he with noises and pretty lights now. She'll sit with her back to the wall, her twisted ankle sticking out, arms around her other knee, shaking.

Una tries to find a number of places to set herself up. In the end, she just ends up pacing between each station, checking on their progress and worrying.

As she works her way down with the rescuers, stabilizing people to be taken to the triage, Elodie notices a glowing spot in the snow. "Looks like one of the transports has one of its lights on," she notes. "Careful, it might have melted the snow around it and made an ice pocket. Do we have a life reading?"
After a moment, one of the rescuers looks up. "Affirmative, Lady Elodie." At her nod, one of them men starts working with a heated laser, cutting a hole in the snow and ice towards the light.

Lorelei cringes as the noises change. Why can't she just die? A whimper escapes her and she'll try to pull herself into a ball, bringing her injured leg in. Her aura wraps itself around her tighter, the powerful storm clouds being highlighted by lighting, the clouds reflecting the light cause them to roll over Loree and around her. In the midst of the storm a small object seems to be battered about.

Una watches each of the survivors brought in. She offers those who are conscious a word of thanks for their bravery, and as soon as they are safely in the hands of the medical staff moves over to wait for more. Her face grows more and more grim as each survivor is not her new friend. The lights give her hope, but she does her best to stamp it down. They've had too much experience with the instability of cave ins here.

The heated blade finally does it's work, and Elodie nods to the rescuer who stands back. Crawling through the ice with her helmet visor down, she currently has the video feed off, she finds herself in the tiny hole in the ice… with a raging storm in front of her. "The Six…" she breathes, then she speaks through her comm back to the triage area. "Una, can you get me a holo-feed to Lord Nitrim? Right away, yesterday, please?" She's still as she watches the raging thundercloud. "Evald, tell the rescuers in the area to back away, please. Clear this section of the avalanche."

Though Una's frown shows clear confusion and worry, without a word she nods to one of her assistants. A portable screen is brought, the image showing its connection attempt to Lord Nitrim's signal. It's at this point that Una asks, "Elodie. What is it?"

Lorelei 's started a very soft mantra, With her eyes shut tight, "Please let me die. Please let me die."she hears noises, but has decided it's just more crashing snow.

Back on Volkan, Nitrim is in the middle of resting in a spa after a day slaving under his new Knight, Sir Flint Grantham. Leaning back in a steaming tub when his tablet chirps, he pulls a hot, wet towel off of his face and reaches out to it. Blinking as he sees who it is, he carefully props the tablet up so that he will only be seen from the shoulders up(yet still the porcelain of the tub can be seen). Pressing the button to accept the call, his holographic image in the tub springs to life as he rubs at his eyes sleepily. "My Lady? If you could please give me a moment to place you on hold to make myself more presentable…"

"I found Lorelei… I think…" Elodie answers Una as they wait for the feed to come through. As soon as she hears the male voice she answers. "I'm sorry, Lord Nitrim, but I have an emergency here, and you're the only person I know who has any idea what to do," Elodie's voice sounds in Nitrim's tablet. "Una, I'm going to turn on my video feed, now. You should be sitting down…" There's a pause as she triggers the feed so that they can see the thunderstorm crouching in the little ice cave. "We're inside a cave in, Lord Nitrim, about 65 metres down. The snow and ice here still isn't stable, and I need to get her out of here without bringing the whole place down. Any suggestions?"

Una nods to Lord Nitrim, and lets Elodie take over the conversation. She doesn't sit at her sister's suggestion, though she does reel back a bit, eyes widening as the image appears on the connected screens. "By the six… "

Lorelei keeps her mantra up, pulling herself tighten into a ball. There's a clear awakened created Light Ball illuminated the storm raging around Loree. She has blood on her left cheek and her hands are bleeding as well. she seems on the verge of hyperventilating.

There's a splash of water as Nitrim sits upright, visibly bare in his holo-image from the chest-up, tattoos and all. Forgetting where he's at, he leans in closer to the screen with an air of immediacy to view the storm in progress. "Who's in that storm that's Awakening? If it's someone I've communicated with before and if this is happening within four of five kilometers of a Waygate I can be there in the next, ten, maybe fifteen minutes." He replies with a sense of urgency to his voice. "Can you amplify my voice for the Awakened to hear?"

"Its Lorelei." Una responds. "Lorelei Quelton. I had arranged a commission from her." Una gives no more information. Nor does she react to tattoos or nakedness. But then, she is of Niveus. Such things as propriety are left in the snow when it comes to disasters.

"How long will that cave hold, Lady Elodie? Do we have time?" Nitrim nearly interrupts.

Waiting for her sister to supply the name she doesn't know, Elodie nods, her camera feed bouncing a little. "As long as she doesn't go supernova or something, we have plenty of time. The only real danger is something disrupting the snow and starting it sliding again. Do you know her, Lord Nitrim? We're about six kilometres from the Main Shelter Waygate. And yes, I can amplify your audio feed for her."

Nitrim looks off camera and points to someone. "I'm going to need emergency transportation to the Waygates, arrange it NOW!" He barks and reaches for the tablet. Turning it aside so that they can't see him, they're greeted to the sight of a bathhouse wall and the sound of splashing and quick dressing. "Amplify me." He pauses. "Miss Quellton? This is your friend, Lord Nitrim Khournas. Can you hear me? I want you to listen only to the sound of my voice and know that everything, I swear, is going to be JUST fine, but I need you to listen to my voice."

During the pause, Elodie sets Nitrim's feed to her outside speakers, turning the volume up as much as she dares inside their icy trap. She crouches, watching Lorelei carefully and holds her breath as she waits to see what's going to happen. Hopefully, Evald and the rest of the rescuers have heeded her warning and cleared the area.

Lorelei let's out a strangled laugh, it almost sounds like she's choking a moment. Her head does turn towards the familiar sound, and her white eyes seem to be searching, "Nooo…Lord Ni-….it's not…It's not just dreams….You said you peeled you skin, but they cut-they cut into me and …." Her hands go to her stomach, and she'll sit up straighter. she's still trembling though, and will shake her head, "Why would you tell me that…you..you made it worse…" Loree's not really comprehending what's happened.

Una steps back, letting Elodie and Nitrim handle the awakening. The business of keeping everyone else on task helps her to control her worry for the moment. A quick count reveals soon enough that Lorelei is the only one still in the ice, so she turns her energies to getting the others quickly treated and back to White Gates.

A few seconds later the tablet's holo-camera shifts again. A shirtless, but pants-wearing Nitrim is looking down at the tablet and furiously typing something into it. The tablet is set down again to show him tugging his shirt on while letters appear on the holo-feed for Una and Elodie's view.

Contact the Arboren: High Lady Eryn and Eilara. She is their Citizen

The camera whirls again to show a white-eyed and slightly aura'd Nitrim running through the bathhouse, somehow holding the tablet out at a distance as he rushes out and into a security vehicle. Lights flash. "All of that for another time, Miss Quellton. I will explain soon, but for now I NEED you to close your eyes. You're a poet, love, I need you to see what I say. You are in a rainstorm, nothing more. You reach for a blanket on your bed and pull it around your shoulders…"

Elodie lets Una handle the contact to be made to Arboren. She's only half paying attention to the visual of Nitrim as all of her concentration is on the woman in front of her. The words 'making it worse' have her tensing up, her hands curling on the icy floor underneath her. She forces herself to hold still and not back away from the disaster looming that could bring the ice down on both of them.

Lorelei shakes her head again, and almost looks like she's going to try to physically move away a moment, but she will shut her eyes, almost screwing them closed. "I don't understand …" The Light ball seems to dim slightly, but the storm around Loree still rages on. "Why is this happening…" her tears have long since dried up, but she has the tracks down her cheeks. Her hands are still at her stomach, like she's holding it, or protecting it.

Once the patients are on their way to White Gates, Una contacts Arboren with a message for their Lord and Lady explaining the situation. This, at least, she can do confidently.

"Because you are in a storm, Miss Quellton." Nitrim's voice takes a more soothing tone. "All you need to do is close your eyes and pull that soft, warm blanket over you. The warm cotton fabric, your favorite blanket. Close your eyes and take a deep, big breath for me. Now I want you to wrap that warm, heated blanket around you nice and tight around your shoulders and keep your eyes closed…I am going to come to you and lead you out of this storm, but I need you to stay warm and safe in that blanket for me, can you do this?" Nitrim asks softly, then another message appears on the screen.

Five minutes till through gate…Do you have medics on hand?

We have a full team of medics, rescue personell, and experts in cave-ins. Una's response is swift, following a similar part of her report to the Arborren. She switches back to that conversation after responding, requesting that the poet's brother be sent once she remembers having heard mention of him.

Elodie gives a soft snort as the other message comes up on the screen, but she doesn't dare speak and interrupt Nitrim's progress with Lorelei. As the light dims a bit, she's able to see more through the clouds, noting the smears of blood and trying to gauge how much is lost by looking in the snow around the woman.

Lorelei 's not lost buckets of blood, but there's smears on the walls where she tried to clearly get out and some on the ground where she ended up huddled. a small whimper comes from her again, she's torn, half of her wants to believe Nitrim. It's just a storm, wait it out with Hubert's blanket. The other half is telling her to run away, as fast she she can. she's still trembling, but her hands leave her stomach to go around her waist in a more , hug like motion.

In the window behind Nitrim, there's a flash of light that's suddenly replaced by ice and snow. The emergency vehicle continues to travel as Nitrim leans back in his seat. His aura around him flares and he starts to reach out with his mind.

Alert your security. We are friendly. No time to switch vehicles

Leaning back and closing his eyes, Nitrim speaks both over the communication feed and inside of Lorelei's mind at the same time. He sends to her a wash of emotion. Love. Warmth. Acceptance. Safety. All the while talking her down through the experience. "Now, Miss Quellton. Lorelei. I want you to hear a soft music in the background. It's your favorite song. A song of lovers. The song you think of when you write about beauty. The storm around you will slowly start to peel away and you're going to feel so safe and so good. I'm here with you every step of the way. I want you to reach out and picture yourself taking my hand."

There's not enough blood loss to alarm Elodie into hurrying Nitrim, yet. Especially as the storm is still raging around Lorelei. She slowly sits back on her heels, reaching down to her med kit to have everything ready when she finally gets a chance to do what she knows how to do.

Lorelei shakes her head again, but that seems to be her response to everything, not a negative answer to what's being asked of her. She's trying, she is. She wants to be warm and safe. She wants to know it's ok, but everything is swirling and chaotic. She slowly slinks her head to the ground, like she's trying to literally ground herself. Unfortunately, it's all ice here. With a shaking sigh, she'll stay laying on her side , with her eyes closed, trying to feel those things Nitrim is saying. The ball diminishes more, and the storm surrounding Loree fades some.

"Perfect." Nitrim soothes to Lorelei, his sole attention focused on her through both his mind and the speakers on the holo-vid. "Now I want you to feel yourself laying comfortably on your bed. The storm outside is fading, it's moving away, and that blanket around you is warm, your pillow is soft, and the music is getting easier to hear because everything is getting nice and calm. Like you're trying to get rid of a headache, I want you to take a deep breath and focus your thoughts to the center of your chest, where your warm heartbeat is. Focus on the music and the storm will start to go away. Can you make the storm go away for me, Lorelei?"

As the storm starts to fade, Elodie finds that her muscles are a little cramped, from being tense for so long. It's almost a painful feeling as she starts to relax. With deft, quiet motions, she begins to arrange the things she will need to treat the woman's injuries.

Lorelei 's shaking hasn't lessened, but that could be because she's laying on ice. Her face crunches up as Nitrim speaks of a headache. She can't ever get rid of it…Her breathing is slowing down, but still erratic. She'll try a few times and then instead of saying it out loud, she just thinks back to Nitrim. /The Storm never goes away./

"The storm is yours to make go away, Lorelei." Nitrim replies, both inside of her mind and over the video. "You are in control of the storm, now, and you do not want the storm, do you? Not now. This storm is a storm that scares you. You now control the storms." He sends to her a series of emotions. Self empowerment. Acceptance. Warmth. Love. "Now…I want you to draw the storm back into you where it can be kept safe. Imagine in your mind's eye snuffing out a candle with your fingers. Breathe deeply…and when you open your eyes the storm will be gone."

Soon enough (or perhaps not soon enough depending on perspective) Una is given a link to connect to Lorelei's brother.

Lorelei curls in on her self some. She is scared. It takes her time, and it could be just out of sure exhaustion, but little by little the light ball and storm lessen. Her breathing isn't even yet, but much better than before. She doesn't open her eyes though.

Its afternoon, early still, when the contact goes through to Chiron. The holo-vid request is from the High Lord of Arborren's communicators, but it is patching through a message to Niveus.

The transport outside arrives and Nitrim, wholly unprepared for the cold, opts to stay inside of the heated vehicle while he continues to try to talk Lorelei down. Flooding her with soft, gentle, supportive emotions, he reaches for the door handle and steps out into the snow. While communicating with Lorelei, he heads to the cave entrance and tries to get as close as he can. "I'm almost to you Lorelei. Remember to breathe. Remember that you are in control of this dream. I want you to wish the storm away. Come now…"

Chiron tilts his head to the side slightly when he gets the holo-vid request. This isn't something normal, especially not from /Niveus/. He scratches his head before pushing the accept button.

Nitrim is intercepted once he's out of the vehicle, as he'll need proper gear and another rescue personnel to help him down. The team are experts at what they do, and it takes very little time to have him harnessed and put in a heated suit over his clothes. Once they realized the Lord would have to go to Lady Elodie, they have been busy, setting up a belay system down to the hole, and carefully enlarging it so that the he can squeeze in the opening next to Elodie.
Down in the hole itself, the Lady finds herself growing impatient to be able to take the glass from Lorelei's hands and start patching her up.

Possibly even more confusing, the image on Chiron's screen is not of Lorelei, but of Lady Una Iah. A backdrop of snow and hurriedly working men in uniform fills the screen behind her, and her face is grim. "Chiron Quelton?"

Lorelei turns her head, eyes still closed, so she's facing the ice. She'll mutter something, but it's hard to make out. Nitrim clearly hears,/It's not a dream. None of them were./

Chiron furrows his brow and tilts his head a little more, he looks rather confused. "Yes, this is he? Who am I speaking to?"

Una hesitates the briefest of seconds before introducing herself, "This is Lady Iah of Niveus. I am calling to inform you that your sister was in an accident while coming to visit me today. There was a cave-in, and we are currently working to bring her out. How close are you to a Waygate?"

Now in the chamber, Nitrim turns his white eyes towards Elodie and the flaming serpent of his aura that swims around him eerily turns to look at her, too. His normally carefree appearance has been washed over with a deathly gravity as he crawls past her, inching quietly towards Lorelei, aura or not. "Lorelei. You're going to feel my arms wrap around you and pull you into a soft embrace. I want you to accept me." He says, spreading his arms wide. "We're going to make the storm go away together. I have all of your answers and I will not let you be hurt. I promise you. Everything is going to be just fine. You're very tired and scared, I know…" He sends a rather paternal emotion towards her, like a security blanket. Love and acceptance. He reaches in to try to touch her and pull her to him in a hug.

Scooting over slightly so that Nitrim can squeeze by, Elodie gives only a little shudder as the snake decides to check her out, too. However, she feels her breathing coming a little easier, now, and she simply continues to wait quietly.

Chiron is silent for a few seconds, staring at the screen. "A Cave-in? Is she alright? Is there anybody else with her? What was she doing in a cave in the first place?" Without giving Una time to respond, he says, "I'll be right there, there is a Waygate close by.

Lorelei tenses slightly when she feels Nitrim's touch, but doesn't resist beyond that. But she also doesn't help him either. He has to lift her , she pretty much is a rag doll, will her eyes closed. She's shaking, her hands laying lose, it's cold enough and she'd been touching ice long enough that her fingers are numb. The last wisps of the storm leave as soon as she's in someone's arms. she's not alone and trapped. That's the final thing she needed. Her eyes blink open to they're normal warm Hazel, and she looks utterly confused and exhausted.

"I will send men to meet you and bring you here from Shelter's waygate." Una replies, "My sister and Lord Nitrim are with her, and are doing everything they can to bring her out safely." She barely pauses at all before adding, "There is more. It is very likely that your sister is in the process of awakening herself."

Chiron 's face gets very serious, "Lady Una, that's not possible. None of my parents are awakened. You are mistaken."

Wrapping Lorelei in his warm, jacketed arms, the Khournas lordling is rather gentle with Lorelei, giving her hair an affectionate brush as the storm recedes and she starts to come to. Of course, trapped in the crawlspace everything is spooning, and the lord gives her a squeeze from behind and lifts his head to look back at Elodie to give her a confident wink. Things are going to be okay. "Miss Quellton. It's Nitrim. You're going to be just fine. I need you to let the nice lady behind us help you out of this place and to somewhere warm, okay?"

As soon as the storms die away and Lorelei lies limp in Nitrim's arms, Elodie scoots forward. "Thank you, Lord Nitrim," she says quietly. "Can you please hold her still? I need to stabilize her injuries before we take her out to the basket." She already has scanner in hand, checking the wound on the hand, and nodding once. "Please warn her that I have to take the glass out of her hand, and it is going to hurt," she adds, then continues to scan the rest of the woman, noting the cut on the cheek, and then pausing over her twisted ankle.

"That may be." Una replies, "But we have accounted for all other passengers of the convoy. And /someone/ is awakening down there right now. Either way, I suggest you get to the waygate as soon as you can."

Chiron nods to Una, "I am at the waygate now."

Lorelei swallows, starting to comprehend where she is again, "Wha-" she voice cracks slightly, like she had been yelling. Her eyes go about the room but land on the opening that the two nobles came though, "We need to get out of here." Her voice is soft and scared. She'll look down to her hand, surprised at the glass in her hand. she'll frown, but nod slowly. She can understand Elodie. When it's removed, she tenses up again, a cry escaping from her clenched jaw.

"You're welcome, My Lady." Nitrim replies to Elodie, although he cannot see her face as he's focused solely on keeping Lorelei in a calm, steady state. Soothing her, he makes a soft hushing sound and brushes his hand through Lorelei's hair. "It's okay, Miss Quellton. They have done this a million times and their ancestors a million more. We're just fine here, all you must do is close your eyes and wait a few moments and they'll have you back where it's warm with tea and blankets. You're doing very well."

Elodie gives a soft smile to the woman. "Welcome back, Lorelei," she says quietly, talking in a gentle, soothing tone. "I'm Lady Elodie, the Lady Iah's younger sister. We'll get you out of here very soon, and Lady Iah is waiting to take you back to Shelter." Sometime while she's talking, she pulls out the shard, the conversation meant to distract the woman. She gives a nod. "Lord Nitrim is right, you're doing very well. Being trapped in the snow is scary even for us Niveuns. Your ankle is twisted, and I'll just wrap that up after I close the wound on your hand, and we'll have you out of here in no time." The young medic doesn't waste time, suiting actions to words as she talks, her hands deftly capable and swift. Once it's finished, she reaches out to touch the lord's arm to get his attention again. "We can start down the tunnel, now. I'll keep her head and shoulders steady while you help her legs. Una should have the team down here by the time we get there."

A team of men and women are ready to meet Chiron at Shelter, which he is able to see little of before he is given thick coats lined in fur and taken out to the site of the accident. Una gives Chiron a nod before he enters the gate, then pauses his connection to help the medics set up the equipment to bring Lorelei and her saviors out. A basket-like contraption is set up and carefully lowered to the three, ready to go by the time they arrive at the tunnel opening. And once that is set up, Una turns to meet the arriving Chiron.

Lorelei closes her eyes again, starting to shake more than from the cold, "Please…please get me out of here…" that terror is starting to creep back into her voice.

Chiron enters the waygate. In merely seconds it seems he is on the small icy moon. He is polite to Una's men, puts on the coat quickly, but says very little. His face is slightly pale as he fidgets with his hands as he is transported to the scene of the accident. When the transport stops he hops out as fast as possible and slightly bows to Una, "Where is she? Where is my sister?" Is the only thing he says to her.

As Elodie requests, Nitrim shimmies back slowly to help with Lorelei's legs. Having a little medical training himself, he's very careful to touch her legs in the right place and make sure the immobilized leg doesn't hit anything. It's slow work while trying to avoid causing a cave in. Though all the while, he keeps Lorelei focused on the sound of my voice. "Hey, Miss Quellton? Do you remember that old man at Midsummer's that was buying food for that teenaged son of his?"

Elodie almost starts to tell Lorelei that they're on their way out, but as Nitrim starts to talk to her, she smiles, and lets him do the distracting. When she reaches the opening, she pulls the basket in, and slides it up alongside Lorelei, looking to Nitrim and showing three fingers to indicate a three count to lift and transfer the woman to the basket. Once they've accomplished that, she straps the patient in securely, and carefully slides her out the opening to begin her journey upwards. "I hope you can keep her calm, Lord Nitrim," she says quietly as the basket starts to lift away from them. "The ride up is almost as scary as being trapped."

Una's answer is to gesture to the ropes leading into the tunnel. The ropes begin to move just as she does so, the team working to pull the trio up as swiftly as safety allows. "They are coming out now."

Lorelei seems almost thrown by Nitrims question, "What? no. Yes? He was happy.." Her eyes are darting around the walls as they move her, she's trying to not wince, make this easier, but her body keeps tensing. this whole thing is going to come down on them. Strangely though as soon as they get her in the basket, and she sees open sky, she relaxes some. She'll not say anything, unless they try to get her attention, but her eyes keep looking, like she's expecting to find out she's in the cave again.

"Just keep your eyes closed, Miss Quellton." Nitrim says soothingly as Lorelei is being lifted away. His eyes gloss over in white again and he sends calming emotions as she ascends the tunnel to safety above. Once she's out of earshot, he looks to Elodie and smiles quietly, whispering to her. "I'm not going to be able to convince you to take the next ride up, am I?"

Chiron nods to Una, waiting for the very slow crane. After a few seconds of silence he will speak, his voice filled with fear and worry, "So… do we know how bad it is?"

Elodie grins. "I'm afraid not, Lord Nitrim. Since I am the leader of this rescue team, my word is law." She chuckles then. "Don't worry. I'll be right behind to catch you if you fall, My lord." Once Lorelei is up, she motions to cable, and makes sure Nitrim's harness is clipped properly. "Just brace your feet against the snow and 'walk' up," she tells him encouragingly.

"We know she is alive." Una replies. She keeps her eyes on the ropes while she continues. "I have not yet been given a full report of her state. She was conscious when we arrived." At this point Lorelei becomes visible, and the team of medics steps in to remove the harness and help her gently onto a hoverbed."

Giving Elodie one last look of concern, Nitrim nods his head and gets into position. Taking his time, he carefully uses the harness to climb his way back up to safety. He, too, emerges from the hole and out into the cold, winter air, where he lets the team disconnect him from the rigging and lead him back to base camp.

Lorelei doesn't close her eyes she feels better seeing she's not trapped any more. But a thought, a horribly upsetting though crosses her mind, and as soon as they are messing with her harness, "Reginald! Is Reginald ok? He was in the vehicle…"

"Reginald is all right, miss," one of the medics assures her. "He's got a broken leg, but he's already been taken to White Gates to be seen to. You just relax, now. We're going to take you back to Shelter."

Elodie arrives up top shortly after Nitrim, and supervises the dismantling of the rescue ropes before she goes over the data pads with Una briefly. She pulls off her helmet, giving her head a shake to clear it and get some fresh air, then gives a nod and a hug to her sister before hopping into one of the vehicles heading to White Gates to tend the wounded, while Lady Iah accompanies Lorelei and Chiron back to Shelter.
Lord Nitrim's transport is still there to take him back, as well.

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