Lady Sir Bianka Blessed Ibrahm
Lindsay Hayward
Lindsay Hayward as Lady Sir Bianka Blessed Ibrahm
Full Name: Lady Sir Bianka Blessed Ibrahm
Byname: None
Age: 22
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Ibrahm
Title/Profession: Knight
Position: Knight
Spouse: None Height: 6'9
Father: - Weight: 240 lbs
Mother: Lady Sir Corialle Ibrahm
Lady Sir Mishka Ibrahm nee' Nordeus
Hair Color: Platinum Blond
Siblings: Lady Sir Johana Ibrahm, Lord Sir Barton Ibrahm Eye Color: Ice Blue
Children: None


Born in 2990 on September 19th, Bianka is the Youngest Daughter of Lady Ibrahm and her wife Sir Mishka Ibrahm nee Nordeus. Bianka was born and as large and heavy as her older brother Barton. Her childhood was a happy one, most of her time spent outside when not with tutors. Her favorite sport was always soccer, and she enjoyed watching, as well as playing, that sport. Her dream was to become a member of a soccer club, as well as become a knight, but eventualy she realised that she couldent do both, so she picked being a Knight over being a soccer player. She loves her slibings, and reguardless of the circumstances, always stands behind them, especially her older sister, who she idolized as a child, and still does slightly to this day. Being as big as her brother, her height was always her defining physical trait. Most people couldent look past the fact that she has a pretty face, or was strong, it was being tall that people knew her by. She was always told to not play rough wit hthe smaller children, though, she did give a few of the other kids a fat lip for making fun of her height, those few instances were enough to make them stop… saying stuff to her face.

When she was ten she was accepted by a distant uncle to be a squire. Her mornings were filled with two hours of physical conditioning from seven to nine, though it felt more like physical hell, then after that was weapon's training, her ability to use a spear flawlessly, even at a young age was amazing. This went on until two o'clock, with a break for lunch (Thank the mother.). After that it was school studies until six, which was dinner time, and she would have three hours in the evening for anything else she wanted to do, a few times she would find herself drifting off, dreaming of the future, or just falling asleep with music playing.

By the age of Eighteen, she was made a Knight, taking her vows and earnning her spurs. Her family threw a huge party for her. It was a few days after when she saw an ad for able unarmed fighters, having broken many a heavy bag, she thought she would have a look. The ad was for a promotion for Cage fighters, while the sport itself isn't as high as soccer or Tournys, it was a growing sport. She signed up, and began fighting… and winning her matches. The Draw for her was, again, her Height. At first people thought it was all just a show, parade around the Amazon to pull people in, until she was part of the main card, though, she didnt have as many wins as before ,she constantly got better, and has held one championship in the past five years, her record being 18-0-12, with six of those wins via knockout.

She has made a few typecast movie apperances, mostly as a costumed up slasher, or monster, though she has turned down any role that has her playing a hostile, most notably, she is known for her most recent film, Drake Hell, where she plays a Human Drake Hybrid monster. She also has taken an intrest in the musical clubbing scene, going to industrial concerts, drinking, and playing pool as a fun way to relax. She even watches soccer games and is willing to fight people over the honor of the Team of the Ibrahm Hammers, making her a bonified soccer hooligan. Now if only she can be as lucky as the other nobility and find a spouse she can get along with, preferably a woman, because men tend to get irked out when a woman is taller then them… since the only man taller then her is her Bubba Barton.



Standing at an increadeble Six feet Nine inches tall is a woman with platinum blonde hair that is tied into an intricate bun with two tendrils of hair framing her face in the front. her ice blue eyes shine with a merciless gaze, and her face, with angular cheekbones and full red lips, add to her noble heritage. Her skin has a healthy sun kissed tone to it.

Her body is fit and muscular, yet retains her womanly curves. Over her torso is a red silk long sleeve tunic that is rolled up to the elbows, her biceps slightly stretching the fabric. On her wrists a pair of black vambraces are worn, and well made leather fingerless gloves adorn her hands. Over the shirt, a black leather vest is worn, buttoned down the front and hugging her breast and waist, to accent her hourglass figure. Around her waist is a sword belt, with a sheathed extendable spear at her right, and a single handed hammer at her left, the belt holds up a pair of black leather pants that hug her long, powerful legs tightly, being tucked into a pair of black militia leather boots. Over her body a red cloak is worn, with the hood usually drawn back and the two crossed hammer's of Ibrahm on the back of it.


  • Cool Calm Collected
  • Everything in Stride
  • Bully Beater
  • Soccer Hooligan


  • Third Child of the Ibrahm main line.
  • Trained Knight (age 10 to 18.)
  • Professional Cage fighter - 18 wins, 0 No Contest, 12 Loses. Six wins Via Knockout. One time Champion.
  • Acting Credits:
    • Lost in Obsidia (Credited, Role: Slasher #2)
    • Delahara (Credited, Gladiator Champion)
    • Drake Hell (Credited, Drake Human Hybrid: Tiamat)
    • Return to Drake Hell (Pre-Production, Drake Queen Tiamat.)

Musical Inspiration

Monster By Skillet

On the Grid

Known Associates

Johana Young Lady Sir Johana Ibrahm : My older sister, someone I will always stand beside.
Barton Lord Sir Barton Ibrahm : My older brother, I'm kinda a menace to my Bubba.
Thalo The Wall : Most people look at him with awe, I look at him as a fellow Knight that if fun to hang around with.
Klaudea Thalo's Squire : That's pretty much all I know about her.




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