Betrothal Request
Summary: Kieran writes his father High Lord Magnim Valta about a potential match between himself and Brienne
Date: 03/12/2013
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Kieran Valta 

March 3rd, 3014 — Kieran's Apartment

To: Magnim.Valta@HouseValta
From: Kieran.Valta@HouseValta
Subject: Betrothal Request

High Lord Magnim Valta,

Dear Father, I write to you today proposing a potential match between myself and Lady Sir Brienne Arboren. After spending some time with her on the battlefield and the days following the rescue of Lady Sir Ellinor and Lord Sir Nikomachos Sauveur I have concluded that a union between Arboren and Valta is not only a reality, but a necessity for both houses going forward.

To start, Lady Sir Brienne Arboren is a knight of high standing among her people, to the extent that her subjects follow her into danger without question, sometimes without even being asked. She has proven her skill and honor as a knight, though both the battlefield and tournaments. She placed second in 'The Tourney for Tomorrow', where she and the aforementioned Lord Sir Nikomachos Sauveur had a total of nine passes before Lord Sir Nikomachos Sauveur finally claimed victory. Furthermore, she has garnered a lot of good will with House Cindravale by squiring in the Vale.

Lastly, and most important, a match between myself and Lady Sir Brienne Arboren will open up alliances that we would not have been able to dream of before. In addition, her unique blend of the Spine and the Vale's philosophies will provide us with a different way of thinking and approaching a problem. It would also prove that both House Valta and House Arboren are committed first and foremost to the protection and continued growth of not only our own houses, but for all of Haven in the face of this war against the Hostiles. As a side note, I have spoken with Lady Sir Brienne before writing this letter, and she agrees that a match between our two houses can only improve both of our houses.

Still Tides Yield No Gain

Young Lord Sir Kieran Valta

March 10, 3014 — Magnim's Apartments

To: Kieran.Valta@HouseValta
From: Magnim.Valta@HouseValta
Subject: Re: Betrothal Request

Young Kieran,

I've just had a most interesting discussion with High Lady Arboren. Valiant and skilled she may be, but Sir Brienne has apparently also been spending time with several other men in addition to you, my son. Several other noblemen, in point of fact. Someone liable to dally with multiple noblemen is not likely to cease doing so after betrothal or marriage, and I will not have this House shamed, even as price for a marriage with a Paramount.

The High Lady has given us her profuse apologies for the behavior of her daughter, which I must say was quite entertaining, and asked that I pass those apologies on to you.

Your father,


March 12, 3014 — Kieran's Apartments

To: Magnim.Valta@HouseValta
From: Kieran.Valta@HouseValta
Subject: Re: Re: Betrothal Request


I can assure you that all rumors about Lady Sir Brienne Arboren are unfounded or half truths. As someone who's played that game on more then one occasion in my younger years I can assure you she is not the type of woman to take romantic interest in more then one individual.

We are at war, father. Now is not the time to be using opportunities such as this to socially shame those who's philosophies and house values differ from ours, as delightful and humorous as it may seem. If the tables were turned, I'm sure House Arboren would have done the same. However, we had a chance to show Haven that Valta is above petty grudges.

Anything can be obtained, everything has a price. What can be done to reconsider?

Still tides yield no gain.

- Young Lord Sir Kieran Valta

March 15, 3014 — Magnim's Apartments

To: Kieran.Valta@HouseValta
From: Magni,.Valta@HouseValta
Subject: No.


So you've had it from the leafy lady's own mouth that she isn't playing three men for fools? Or you just know it because of your experience juggling Citizen girls. I feel much better. As for being at war, yes, we are. And war isn't some time to be chasing after a piece of pretty who's already giving it up — not that I want you to keep screwing around with a noblewoman you aren't going to be marrying.

If I wanted to socially shame House Arboren, I'd be trumpeting this news across the InfoSphere — or having someone else do it. But I'm sure you'll excuse your old man a bit of entertainment from another House's screw-up in the midst of this war. As for making assumptions about what House Arboren would or wouldn't do, you'd be surprised how bitter their High Lady can be.

Yes, there's a price for anything, but some things aren't worth having even at half price.

Your father,


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