Young Lord Sir Benedict Orelle
Misha Collins
Misha Collins as Young Lord Sir Benedict Orelle
Full Name: Young Lord Sir Benedict Orelle
Byname: {$byname}
Age: 26
Planet: The Ring
Paramount: Orelle
House: Orelle
Title/Profession: Knight
Position: Young Lord
Spouse: Not Yet Height: 5'11
Father: High Lord Esiah Orelle Weight: 180
Mother: Lady Magnola Larent Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Talayla Orelle
Roslyn Orelle
Cedric Orelle
Frederick Orelle
Marissa Orelle
Eye Color: Blue
Children: Not yet


Eldest son of High Lord Esiah Orelle and his wife, Lady Magnolia Larent, Benedict was born in 2986, the first in a long line of siblings. Even with only a year head start on his nearest sibling, Benedict has always been the favorite, developing a strong bond with his father. He was named heir at a young age, and has spent much of his time at his father's side, learning what it means to one day be High Lord of Orelle. As a child, Benedict quickly developed a fondness for electronics and technology of all sorts, and could often be found taking things apart to see what made them tick. A lot of the time he didn't manage to put them back together, though that changed as he got older. His favorite piece of technology was the various forms of Heads-Up Displays, which tended to make a number of other things easier, or offered instantaneous access to any and all information.

Due to his position as oldest child, Benedict spent a great deal of time interacting with the heirs and children of the other Paramount families, many of whom were intending to walk the path of Knighthood, he found himself deciding to do the same, thinking it would help bolster relationships with the other houses in the future. Being raised on the Ring, and more focused on other things than some of his counterparts, he never quite reached the level of physical prowess that some of his counterparts did, like the rather disturbingly large and muscled specimens from Khourni. However, he was able to make up for this by learning to modify and augment the HUD in his armor, using the feature to the fullest, predicting the likelihood of his opponent's next actions, displaying the best ways to minimize damage, and suggesting the best course of action while keeping track of all of his surroundings. Over the years, this has improved his own natural understanding of combat, and even without HUD he is a rather capable combatant with blade or other weapon. Due to his preference for heavy armor, and given his life mostly being spent on the Ring, Benedict never bothered much with horses, despite jousting being a popular event. He trained to fight the Hostiles, and he would be doing most of that as a Marine, not on the ground with cavalry and the like.

Earning his Knighthood easily at the age of 18, Benedict returned to spending most of his time over the next decade at his father's side and learning more of the political goings-ons. Such as Grandfather Ilo's seeming descent into senility. A shame, for what was once a great man, but while the idea to go elsewhere in the universe -may- have had merit once upon a time, just years just months before the impending war was an ill time to decide to begin trying to force the issue, and Benedict predictably has sided with his father in this matter, and not only sided with him, but genuinely agrees with him.

Over the years, Benedict has proven to be a strong supporter of technology of all sorts, and it's practically unheard of for him to be without some sort of HUD, be it an over the eye display, a wristband, a function of his armor, or something else. He's also proven to have a knack for implementing and designing technology, finding ways to make various things 'better', and on occasion he does build something suitably impressive and useful. While tending towards being serious and stern, he's shown to be a bit a jokester at times as well, and tends to come off as either charming and personable, or insufferable, depending upon one's perception, or mood. Benedict is a confident man. In the recent months, with the coming war, and the division in House Sauveur, Benedict has sided with Princess Janelle, meeting with the woman and supporting her.



Standing just shy of six feet, this man isn't much taller than average, and there's nothing particularly impressive about his physical appearance. He's fit, athletic, but not incredibly so. He's handsome, with striking blue eyes and his facial features are strong, with dark stubble on his cheeks giving him a bit of a worn, tired look despite his expression on occasion hinting otherwise. His dark hair is cut short, and doesn't look to have received much more than a hand run through it to brush it to the side.


  • Technology Makes Everything Better
  • I Can Do That
  • HUD Happy
  • Always Connected
  • Team Janelle
  • Amazing Facial Expressions

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Known Associates

Rozlyn Rozlyn Orelle : Ben's sister, they've been able to become closer recently and even listen to each of there current events and offer advice. He is glad for this and has offered any help he can.
Cedric Cedric Orelle : They are civil, but still something lingers it seems of an old fued, with the coming of the hostiles. Ben hopes to be able to push this aside they both have jobs to do, but it should not be at the cost of their brotherhood.
Talayla Talayla Orelle : <describe relationship>
Lyrienne Lyrienne Orelle : My brother Cedric's wife. No matter what start they had Ben considers her family and is eternaly thankful for her help. He has told her that he hopes to be more visible to his family as a whole.
Frederick Fredrick Orelle : {$relationship}


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