09.04.3013: Behind the Green Curtain
Summary: Alistair and Glenna make proposals of the Lords of the Roar
Date: 04 September 2013
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Alistair's Office — Senate Tower, Landing
This office, on the fifth floor of the Tower, is decorated for both function and comfort. The double-doors display banners of the blue and yellow of Leonnida, seeming right out of one of the tourneys for which the region is known. The room opens up to a lobby area, with Senator Alistair Hartcliffe's private office behind a door to the right of the main desk. Numerous paintings displaying the beauty of the Southern Wilds are hanging around the room, while a bookshelf graces each wall. Behind the main desk is a banner, which reads "Serving United," and has a picture of a dove. A sturdy wooden table is to the right of the entranceway and is surrounded by several plush, upholstered chairs. At virtually any time of the day or night, at least one of the Senator's aides is around.

Behind the door engraved "The Honorable Senator Alistair Hartcllife of Leonnida," is a smaller room, which serves as the private study. One desk sits nearly against the windows that overlook the Lower Courtyard, a comfortable looking chair behind it. Two additional chairs, identical to the one behind the desk, are seated facing the desk. The Senator's desk has a number of papers spread across it, along with a variety of trinkets, including the tooth of a Lion in a glass case. The walls will feature slogans and advertisements from recent charity events and fundraisers, which are ever-changing as new ones occur.

September 04, 3013

Evening in the Landing, the table in the lobby to Alistair's study has been prepared with refreshments. A third chair brought in for the scheduled meeting. The Senator awaits the Lord while standing next to one of the chairs, his tablet sitting idly on the table. The holoscreen near the door has been muted, and Alistair seems a little tense as well. He nods to Glenna after making sure everything is prepared. The door is wide open, in deference to their impending visitor.

And, the intern known as Glenna has finished making all those last minute, pesky details. Fromher spto, she's entered a few last notes onto her tablet, obtaining a third one…..just in case. One must always be prepared. "Sentator, theslide show, if you want to use it, is there. Otherwise, I think we're all set." And, yes, a check of the appearance of both herself and the Senator.

The sound of knightly boots and spurs is always a good sign that Lord Garus Leonnida and his personal guard are approaching. From down the hallway the sound of multiple footsteps approach to the tune of Garus' accent, speaking quietly with them as they walk. The grow louder and louder until all of the footsteps come to a halt save for one. A second later, Garus slips through cleanly shaven and wearing a functional vest and an attractive shirt to match the pagaentry of his swordbelt and spurs. Spotting them immediately, he nods sharply to them and reaches behind him to close the door. "Senator Hartcliffe, Miss Blair. I hope I did not keep you waiting too long, did I?"

Giving a low bow at the waist, Alistair greets the possible heir to Leonnida with a smile. "My Lord Garus, not at all, please, come in. Can I pour you anything? I realize that war and other matters must weigh on you now, but I'm grateful for the time." Alistair moves to the table to get the Lord whatever he requests, though he remains standing.

Glenna follows suit, with an appropriate curtsy, murmuring the appropriate and echoing platitudes. With a glance towards teh Senator, she takes the opportunity to gather up that third tablet, the one for just in case the Lord needs one. Standing somewhere near whatever chair she might assume he'll take a set.

"Just water, please, but serve yourselves as well." Garus replies with a nod of his head to their respects. With his wrist left to rest over the hilt of his sword, he moves closer to the table and scans their faces, their datapads, and their demeanors with practiced, light blue eyes. Unbuckling the swordbelt, he takes the scabbard into hand and smiles to Glenna as he moves to take a seat. "So not one of you but each of you. Please, let's begin."

"Of course, my Lord." Alistair pours three glasses of water quickly and sets one in front of each seat. He'll sit after Lord Garus does, nodding to Glenna to follow suit. His pro-Reversion attire is formal but certainly not opulent or above his station. "My Lord, how go things at the Castle? Are you in preparation for another deployment?" The Senator asks, highly interested.

Glenna's hazel eyes spark in a hint of interest at the Senator's question, and after Lord Garus and the Senator sits, so will she, on the edge of the seat, ankles crossed. The third data pad she has is deftly and surreptitiously placed in front of where Lord Garus sits while she regards the two of them for the time being. For the moment, the glass of water sits.

Reaching for the glass of water, Garus again scans their faces and rests comfortably in his seat. He normally doesn't consult the Senators on matters of war, but lets what he can through when it is necessary, so the question isn't so far out of place. "With the tragedy at Cape Amran there's increased security surrounding the WayGates, which have taken a priority while our soldiers maintain their readiness to deploy to our lands or with the Cindravale as needed." He replies to them, pausing for a sip from the glass of water. "At the castle, I think that the gala was a success, the reviews of the menus were as expected."

"Though the media coverage may have been a bit more jaded than I would have liked." Alistair chooses not to press for further details on the war effort for now. "And Cape Amran is one of the matters I wished to discuss. Since war is likely to drag on for sometime, I was wondering if I might be able to assist in identifying and preparing possible refugee zones throughout the lands of Leonnida. With your consent and approval, we could be prepared to respond in the event of future catastrophes." The Senator takes his tablet and pulls up several maps of the vastness of the Southern Wilds.

Glenna can't help it really, her lips twitch slightly in a smile. There were quite a few man hours spent preparibg for that event, and it being labeled a success - well, ego boosting is always a grand thing. Then, offering along with the Senator's words, "The figures have been analyzed and, absent any data we weren't able to obtain, and, of course, it being impossible to truly predict exact numbers in this situation, the projectiosn we've provided should be adequate."

Reaching for the tablet, Garus' pale, blue eyes look over the locations as he considers their request. "Well, the media coverage says what they want people to believe, but they'll not lose the concept that you had the peoples' interest in mind." Garus replies faintly, tapping through some of the screens. "The facts, figures, the ability to house these people doesn't change the fact that with settlers over our lands there would be an increased need for labor, protection, and law and order." He looks up to them. "Do these figures include the increase costs of training and recruiting lawmen?"

"Naturally, my Lord. Resources will be even more strained the longer we're fighting. And, if we can adequately stockpile food and convert some of the areas within the camps to grow some level of food for sustenance…" Alistair points to several locations. "Then these camps can be partially self sustaining. The Cape will not be the last Waygate the Hostiles attempt their tactics with, my Lord." The Senator takes a sip of water. "I worry they may in fact use that tactic to now divide and cut us off from each other…but I'm no military strategist." He awaits the response of Garus.

Glenna says, "And, the land in those areas, if not the most prime of land, can with some work, be more than viable - even when the time comes that these refugee camps will no longer be needed," tapping another button on her pad, sending a point of information toward Lord Garus and the Senator, then taking a sip of water herself. The Senator's particular statement of the Cape and the Waygate, bring an aura of deep concern over her features, eyes looking off in the distance for a moment at a thought, before returning her regard to the matter at hand."

Having so many outsiders on the land is a blessing but it also poses a potential threat to their well-being and could make the Roar a viable military target over less defended areas. Large spans of land could result in unchecked boundaries, so it would be vital, Senator, Miss Blair, that these sites are kept within a well-guarded area and we give these people the opportunity to assist in the defense and care of their people within the camp." Garus replies, resolutely, and offers the datapad back to Alistair in favor of the one from Glenna. "The other side of the coin, is that when we are the place where people turn to, we will have their love and won't want for volunteers. We would care for these people, but it must be made key that they understand that there is a fine line between a refugee and being a part of the movement, and that volunteers for farms, footmen, lawmen, and skilled builders would be required as part of a volunteer census. With strangers could come strange habits, and the last thing we need is a new criminal element among our refugees." He seems to be tilting to yes, apparently.

Alistair nods, having at least partially anticipated the concerns. "Of course, my Lord. People who have a stake in a place's success certainly make for a better style of refugee. The farms are a step towards empowering a mentality of working among those who seek a new home." The Senator taps a few notes on his pad. "And certainly people must adhere to all standards of your lands. A census would certainly aid that. We had planned on registration centers for the camps, places for those who are coming in. That would be the optimal time to identify skills possessed and what that camps needs are." He's trying to make sure that each point gets an adequate response as he taps note after note.

Glenna nods along, "And along with that, it simply brings more people home, well home to me, to care for the land and environs. You don't ahv eto be born to a place to learn to love it." She clears her throat for a moment, taking a sip of water, "But as the Senator says, if this works the way that it should, then we all win." Left unsaid perhaps is the fact thet one side will win more, perhaps, but….yes, it's left unsaid.

"My last concern," Garus replies, offering Glenna her tablet back as he reaches for his glass of water. Again, he pauses for a sip before setting it back. "Is that the expanded need for food for people could later result in a lack of tribute or continued food with your prior charity. We should do well to make it clear when this is announced that there will only be an orderly intake of refugees and that our contributions to the expanded meal program with be absorbed by providing the meals to these refugees." Garus replies, folding his arms in his lap as his eyes swivel between the two of them. "Approved, under these circumstances. Law and order is my main priority in this matter, Senator, Miss Blair, and I will require that those needs are met and that I see an expanded, trained guard funded and trained as the camps are being built. I will draw some local footmen to the area to train them."

"Of course, my Lord. We don't want to bring unrest to the your lands." The Senator says with a nod. "And I'm certain it won't affect with MOM's efforts, but I'll be certain to communicate that to them as well. We'll update the projections as necessary and keep in close contact with House Leonnida throughout the process." He likewise takes a sip of the water, tapping extra points into his tablet. "I also believe there was another matter that you'd discussed with Miss Blair after the Gala the other evening?" Alistair nods to Glenna, allowing her to speak on her idea.

Glenna takes the data pad back from Garus, a pleased look on her face. Pleased, perhaps an understatement. It's always a pleasure when a plan comes together. With a glance towards the Senator and back, the another back to the Senator. She'd been pleased with the refugee discussion going well. Having the next portion included, is a bit of icing on politically interesting evening. "Im not sure if you do recall it, Lord Garus. About the setting up of communications between citizens and those serving far away?

"Well, if anything the meals from MOM won't have to travel so far as the mouths come to us." Garus replies, and though it's a wry remark, he doesn't smile. It's a part of the lordly demeanor that his father has likely beaten into him since childhood. At the words not sure if you do recall, he raises a hand to wave her and shakes his head. "No, no. I remember well. That's a particular piece of all of it that is rather important to me. It's not refugees or mouths fed that will keep people safe it's the people putting their lives on the line. They deserve this work from us." He turns to better face Glenna, saluting her with his glass of water. "What are your feelings and thoughts on this, Miss Blair? You're on the podium now."

With a bit of finger waggling and maipulations, Glenanbrings up on the tablet previously returned to her, then offers it back to Lord Garus. "Forgive me if I become a bit verbose here, almost like other projects, this one is of interst to me, being the daughter of a soldier and having two brothers who are as well. But, In a nutshell," with a glance towards Alistair before continuing:

The purpose of the project is to establish a form of communication between Havenites with those members of the military erving far off, so that each can appreciate the sacrifices BOTH sides are making. Some Havenites could sign up simply to show their moral and emotional support, to provide additional support to a family members unit or because they are honoring the memory of a past military member (or because they were a former member themselves and have no family, yet wish to show their support)

Military members can sign up themselves to provide additional emotional support to their unit or perhaps because they dont have family waiting for them at home - to maintain that tenuous, ineffable tendril of connectivity with some of the most important of things: home, family, the knowledge that no matter the sacrifice, no matter the cost, that one is honored, appreciated, respected - regardless of social station, etc; to know that, that if in the event that their ultimate sacrifice of service involves offering the last full measure of devotion, it will be remembered.

At no time, during any communications between involved parties will there be any mention of specific troop movements. All communications are subject to random monitoring and scanning, to the serving members as well as to the Havenites at home.

Anonymously, at the commencement of the procedure, a care package/cards/letters, whatever the extent of their chosen gift/correspondence is, will be labeled AnyHavenite/BRANCH/Central Receiving. At this time, a random choosing will assign that package to a random member of the Havenite Armed services, and the item will be forwarded. When the correspondence is opened, then the receiver will be aware of who the package is from and said correspondence can continue between the interested parties, forwarded to each other by way of the code number previously assigned.

Operational security MUST be maintained at all times.

The Senator nods with a smile. This was Glenna's pet project, and he wanted her to have the moment. He seems proud of the intern as she outlines the many facets of the program, ensuring for the proper channels and accountability. When she finishes, he turns to Lord Garus. "It's certainly a way to heighten morale both at home and on one of the many fronts. The worry many face about those they love, truly the reasons behind each soldier's fighting, can be lessened primarily thanks to this idea. As Miss Blair can tell you, we've been a letter writing machine in this office since the Banquet." He notes the stacks of letters on the desk.

"Well, Miss Blair, I would like to tell you in front of the Senator that you've impressed me and that you've taken into account all of my requirements mentioned at the Gala." Garus replies, his eyes scanning over the request. As he comes down to the signing line, he reaches for the electric pen at the side of the datapad and signs his name to the request and presses his signet ring against the reader for scanning. "It's succint, to the point, and exactly what it needs to be. I appreciate the hard work. And Senator?" He looks up, brows tipped to the man as he gives him a slow nod of his head. "Thank you on behalf of my people for your service. You should be proud of yourselves, both of you."

The Senator seems to be racking his brain, ensuring he hasn't any other pressing issues to discuss while the Lord was present. "I live to serve, as I always have, my Lord. You have my thanks for your wisdom and persistence in guarding the interests of the people who serve you." Alistair nods respectfully the Senator and offers a wide smile to Glenna.

Glenna's eyes fill with a quiet glee, watching the signing. All the hours, all the writing…all the hours. But, now after taking a sip of water, she allows a full smile towards the Senator and to Lord Garus. "Thank you, Senator and of coures, thank you as well, Lord Garus. My thanks are offered along with the Senator's." Mental celebration ongoing, she takes a moment before saying "Would anyone care for some more water or coffee?" as she offeres to take the data pad from Lord Garus.

"Just don't let me catch you profiting from any of your measures, ever. That's all that I ask as Lord." Garus points to them, though the expression on his face doesn't read as anger as he offers his glass to Glenna for a refill. "Being a lord and a senator is a privilege, and it's our responsibility to provide a service to the people, for without good lords the suffering is unimaginable." Having said his peace, he rubs his hands together and leans back in his chair, relaxing to watch them with a finger pressed to his temple. "Tell me, how is the morale and feeling in the Senate? Are the sides starting to solidify politically from the peoples' perspective?"

Alistair nods genuinely at Lord Garus' warning, all too aware of those who might profit from their position. Taking the inevitable coffee from Glenna, the Senator relaxes a bit as he crosses his legs. "The Senate is bracing for the coming elections. The Chancellorship is definitely up in the air, so all sides are pulling out the stops. Cape Amran is sure to swing more than a few votes towards the Hawks, though we'll see what coalitions form once people start making up their minds. Most tend to do so within a month of the date, so there's still time for shifts in mood and opinion." There's some sense of hoping in the Senator's voice, but he seems confident in the understanding. "I expect the flurry of legislation to start soon. I plan on introducing some on the floor within the next week on matters from war to poverty, hopefully getting some action done before the height of campaigning begins in earnest."

Glenna glances at Alistair to see if he needed a refill as well. But no, she smiles, and takes the ubiquitous cup of coffee to him, then to take the glass and moves to refill it from a pitcher. An hint of anger but quickly put away, after all it is a valid consideration - no one wants to be thought of as profiting at the suffering of others. Returning the glass to Garus, she offers "Of course not, Lord Garus, that's unthinkable." then, now that that task is done, goes to get a cup of coffee of her own. *bliss*

"Then we're all in agreement. I didn't mind the menu at the Gala at the least and would eat worse if it was required for the people, for the efforts. My nature of who I am, I benefit. By nature of who I am, I serve. I have no accusations, not in the least. I see good in the both of you." Garus replies, whispering a thanks to Glenna as she offers the glass of water. "The lion does not reap from its cubs. We are not dogs." He pauses for another sip, the water cool on his tongue. "The people are the ones entering the votes, is it your intention to comment on our refugee programme before the coming elections?"

"I had hoped to be a model for which other houses can look to make similar arrangements. We simply can't be caught off guard again…anywhere. The keys to winning a protracted war rest with a loyal citizenry and a capable military. Those things must be sustainable. People fleeing in fear don't grow food, they don't raise horses, they don't leave their homes to go fight. We need leaders, like yourself my Lord, to steady the helm." He sips his coffee, finding some soothing from the warm java. The Senator seems to be pondering a few things in the discussion. "And certainly, the people will have the final say on their Senators. We are all but citizens serving citizens at the will of our fellows." Smiling at the thought, he sets his mug down. "I think the parties have kept things civil for now. We'll see if things devolve into the mud."

Still fairly new to the political arena, Glenna wasn't around for the previous election as an aide, merely a participant,a bystander if you will. "I'm sure, as I've read of in the past, that no matter the issues, the mudslinging and rumors will grow exponentially. But, if I may, I think that there'sa frim enough foundation for the Senator to go pursue." Taking a sip of her coffee for a moment.

"I agree, Miss Blair. There's sound room for upward movement for the man, and it would be a shame to see him go. We'd have to hope the people would find to elect a senator for our lands that impresses them as much as they would me." Garus leaves a trail, a quaint little cookie trail of a hint as he turns back to his glass of water. "But that's the risk we'll have to take with the coming elections. You have my support to run for Chancellor, Senator Hartcliffe, but the final grace should come from my father himself. I'll give him my recommendations, and I have no doubt you'll have it. This is wartime politics. Be prepared for shifting tides."

"My Lord…for…Chancellor?" Alistair seems surprised at the suggestion. "I'm certain that there are many qualified Senators who will be pursuing the post." The Senator stops himself and picks up his mug, wheels turning in his mind. "At the very least…it'd give a platform for bringing up issues, but I'd be hesistant to do so without your Lord father's approval." He sips the coffee, already plotting probably. "And I'm a politician, Lord Garus. An idealist, yes, but I can assure you I'm got no naivete when it comes to the sway of polls and votes." He seems content and perhaps a little happy too.

Ah yes, Chancellor - an even grander platform for bringing up issues that a Senator. And, taking a sip of her coffee, tries to hide the knowing grin and look in her eyses. Already planning? Of course The Senator is…he's planning even when he's sleeping which is why people get calsl and the most ungodly of hours. Glenna moves to place her cup on the table still tring to hide the half smile on her face before glancing over to Lord Garus. "TheSenator can only hope for the best then, with your support."

"Oh please, Senator Hartcliffe, I may be genial to you and Miss Blair's proposals but I'm no stranger to politicians." Garus replies, smirking to the man. "A Senator does not mention that the Chancellorship is in the air, knowing the feel of the Senate, without their being some small flickering flame in the back of his mind that he might wish to take his duties in that direction. It's wartime and the people need strong leadership. You said this yourself. Would you rather trust the Senate to a panderer than a public servant?" Garus drows the brow. The DISCERNING brow towards the man to level the LOOK. It's something that he's inherited from his father. "And I leave it up to you to direct Miss Blair here on how, or whether you feel she would be ready, to ply for Senatorship herself if she is so ambitious. Like I will consult with my father, you have your own consult."

Well aware of the Leonnidans directness and their bold pronouncements, Alistair nods politely to the Lord, but offers a smile nonetheless. "Well, then I'll submit it to the people, of course." He nods as the wheels turn, pondering the routes to take and the coalitions that would need to be forged. "I'm certain we'll at least challenge the complacent with such a bid. As for Miss Blair, she'd certainly do fine in public service." Alistair smiles with pride, he's sincere at the idea. "But I believe she's still torn between several disciplines. A good place to be, though, she's excelling at her studies in the Academ. She'll make Haven a better place for all, regardless of the path she chooses."

Oh, oh my. One will not lie and say, that it wasn't considered as a possibilty at a future time and taet. OH, gears and cogs, gears and cogs turning. Glenna glancse over at the Senator, "Youre' being to kind; but, as always, you're correct. I haven't quite decided yet - there are so many things I could do and paths I could take." With a faint smile, "Father would say, it's always best to have many options open to you, no matter what your plan ends up becoming.

"The people will what they will, as they may." Garus replies to the two of them, tipping the glass back to down the last of its contents. Rising to his full, muscular height, he sets the glass down with a rather final tap and brushes the condensation left on his fingertips against his thigh. "Well, Senator, Miss Blair, if you've no other business with me, I should be returning to the Roar. I thank you for the time and energy you've spent working on these decrees and expect to hear news about them, soon."

Standing and bowing again deeply at the waist, the Senator rises with a determined look on his face. "Of course, Lord Garus. This visit has been invaluable for your people, and we'll continue to work tirelessly on their behalf. You can expect updates regularly."

Glenna rises as well, offering her own respects, deeply, with an inclne of the head. "Thank you, Lord Garus. A most enlightening evening and invaluable, as the Senator says, to all your people….ever in service."

Garus lowers his head, a sign of respect that is a proper match to their bowing and curtseying. With his sword in one hand, he presses a closed fist to his chest in a salute to the two of them. "Ever in service." He repeats Glenna's words and makes sure to make eye contact with them both before he turns and walks out the door. Seconds later…that number of boots that belong to his own men pick up again.

Waiting as the sounds of the boots head towards the end of the Hallway, Alistair closes the door to the office before turning to Glenna with a genuine smile. "That went surprisingly well." He picks up his coffee and tablet, leaning against the back of the chair, reviewing the notes, not quite sure where to start.

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