Lord Sergeant Beden Grantham
Aaron Tveit
Aaron Tveit as Beden Grantham
Full Name: Beden Grantham
Byname: The Anvil
Age: 20
Planet: Oculus, Moon of Ignis
Paramount: Orelle
House: Grantham
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: Sergeant
Spouse: - Height: 6' 0"
Father: Lord Grantham Weight: 155
Mother: Lady Marah Grantham Hair Color: Red-Blonde
Siblings: Ashleigh Grantham, Bastien Grantham, Zayne Grantham(deceased), one other Eye Color: Green-Hazel
Children: -


Sergeant Beden “The Anvil” Grantham is the youngest of the Grantham children. Always at home moreso in the mines or with the footman of the Legion of Ash, Beden started manual labor, mostly voluntarily, at a young age. Whenever possible, he’d sneak off to a Foundry or join the mining crews. His mother relented to the desire and made sure he was properly trained, though his perspectives altered with the death of the Young Lord Zatne Grantham, his eldest brother. While his sister, Ashleigh, the next in line, had always seemed nice enough, Beden had always felt distant with her. Her abrupt departure following the loss of their sibling did nothing to bridge the gap.

He sought refuge in the repetitive motions of the equipment deep within the volcanic rock of Ignis. Calm and even-tempered, he reacted to the death of his brother with an intense drive to work even harder. Never one for scholarly pursuits, he joined up quickly with Grantham’s military, seeking to prove himself at 18 as a common soldier, rather than seek the path of the knighthood.(Though some may suggest his nobility has given him quite the quick jump in rank) While he would prefer a hole in the wall bar to a formal affair of state, Beden can clean up and play the part, feeling some pressure to maintain social appearances while his sister, four years his elder, would be gone for lengths of time to train. Incredibly reserved and secretive, his observations on the people around him have made him a pessimist towards most. Because of this, he's notorious for keeping opinions and emotions close to his chest in the company of most. He's certainly not a bottler either though.

Those who know him closely are well aware of his straight-forward and quick judging nature. He makes up his mind off first impressions, being incredibly observant, a skill trained first by anticipating his siblings and later on in the mines and on the field. As a teen, he often had the penchant to 'get away' by going off climbing some of the peaks all around Ignis, the more dangerous, the better. It's lessened as he ages, especially as his responsibilities have grown within the Legion of Ash. This just means he's less apt to climb a volcano that's been recently active.



Man of the People: More comfortable in the mines or on the field, Beden has never quite gotten used to formal dinners or affairs. Thankfully, some of his behavior is acceptable within the confines of Ignis. His mother, however, might start making more aggressive moves to bring him into line with his station.

Snap Judgment: Ever observant, Beden trusts things as they appear in the moment. He's not too stubborn to change his mind; however, the mind changing will have to be after he's already acted on the first assumption. Good thing he's generally pretty aware.


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Ashleigh Young Lady Sir Ashleigh Grantham : My Sister, probably the last one who wanted the responsibilities thrust upon her. I know you miss our brother, but we all need you to be strong now. There's wisdom in the musings of the Crone, perhaps you've learned?
Luke Lord Sir Luke "Crowseye" Grantham : Somedays, I think my Uncle is who I aspire to be…others…I fear he's who I may become. There's no one who knows how to put my own thoughts against me, which is probably for the best. Damn proud of him, hate that I never squired under this knight.
Flint Lord Sir Flint Grantham : He's straightforward and no-nonsense. Guy's got his priorities in a rigid line, and I'd submit to his leadership without question. Not as close with him as he is with Ash, but I also wasn't the one who had to take up the mantle of heir overnight.
Devon Lady Devon Grantham : My sister-in-law for now…More to Come!

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