06.23.3013: Bed Side Manner
Summary: Taryn, Nitrim, Johana, Michael, Ellinor, Nikomachos all chat about things in the Temporary Medical Area set up in the Volkan barracks.
Date: 23 June 2013
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Temporary Medical Area, Barracks - Volkan
At the base of the Blackspyre are several floors of barracks, training facilities, armories, and cafeterias, all built to house the defenders of House Khournas in rough comfort. Soldiers are bunked in rooms each large enough to sleep 50, with lockers and desks alongside each bed. Deep within the barracks levels, close to the training areas, are communal bathhouses, some set aside for single-sex use and others open to members of both sexes. There, the soldiers and nobles of House Khournas can soak away the aches of a hard day's labor. The corridors are all narrow enough that two soldiers could hold them against a tide, except those leading from assembly areas to great doors that open to the exterior surface of Volkan, allowing the soldiers of House Khournas to march out already in formation if need be.
23 June 3013

Usually Johana had come to the barracks by now, but today she's running a little later than usual and not dressed in her sparring gear. Instead, she is wearing her normal leggings tucked into boots, a red tunic and a black leather vest like thing that laces up her abdomen and ends just below her upper curves. Her sword is sheathed at her side, the pommel near her hand. Taking just a moment to look around, she sees a group gathered around Michael. With a half smile, she approaches. "Sorely lacking female company Michael? Slacker." Giving him a teasing smile, however brief, offering a nod to Taryn just before she looks up at Nitrim. "Hey Slick, how are you feeling?"

Michael chuckles softly at Johana, "I've been praying and praying to the six, but like my leg, they aren't giving me anything to work with." he grins, "I'm hoping Sir Viannea comes by today though, I had to cancel plans with her when you called me to come with you." then he looks at the tray, "I'll finish the food like you ordered, just will take a bit of time." The newer looking charcoal-grey blue journal in his lap is set to the side and he shifts in position slightly. "At least the pain is gone, they just don't want me to walk on it and reopen it." He looks at the small group of people around him.

Slick? Nitrim laughs softly and peels his dark sunglasses off of his eyes, revealing orbs that swim with milky clouds. The whole while, he's been using some kind of Awakened effect. Flashing Johana a toothy grin, he nods upwards, sharply from his position with Taryn and Michael, next to the squire's medical bed. "Bathsbound and all my pains currently swimming in the same part of my brain that cares about baby showers where it'll never be found. I'm stitched and…" He motions to his arm in the sling. That's all he needs to say about that. He's a gimp with a chicken wing. He closes up his black robe just a little more, hiding the bandages. "If no one stops me I just may head to that concert."

Taryn is standing beside Michael's bedside, along with Johana and Nitrim. He offers the Sir Johana a deeply respectful nod. "Good day, m'lady." He looks at Michael, "That is nearly blasphemy… You'd be lucky that the Knight does not leave you with a limp to remind you to be more respectful…" He turns his gaze back to Nitrim and nods, giving him an honest smile. "Then let it be water under the bridge and let it be nothing more between us."

It has not been a good twenty-four hours for Ellinor Sauveur. First was the excruciating removal of her armor, then the terrible antibaterial wash, and only then did the Khourni medic overseeing her decide to give her some localized anesthesia. She has been looked after by several different doctors — some of them the Noble kind — and has finally been relegated to a resting bed with her belly wrapped in gauze and dressed in those unflattering hospital gowns. She is squinting one eye open at all the noise from her neighbors, focusing on the Khourni and their guests. "You guys are so fucking chipper," Ellie grunts.

When you come into the hospital in dusty, scratched up armor with unidentifiable liquid stains that are probably blood but might be hydraulic fluid, they make you remove that armor, whether you're hurt or not. Sir Nikomachos Cindravale is not hurt, or at least not injured, but he is a long ways from the Vale. At the nurses' insistence, he's stripped down to his underarmor, and cleaned that off briefly, and now he threads his way through the hospital beds in response to holographic directions from his bracelet. He's probably passed people he knows, but he doesn't slow until he spots Sir Ellinor Sauveur, thumbing off the holomap and moving toward her bedside. Seeing her awake causes the man's shoulders to relax, and he blows out a relieved breath as he navigates the last few aisles.

Is this it? Geez, the Khournas are intimidating, especially to an Orelle coming out of seclusion. Hmm. Talayla is politely lead to the barracks, and reminded to be on good behavior. Happily, Talayla remembers that she's abjectly terrible at dodging wrenchs (and by extension, the pointy, hammery business ends of big, burly guards). "Oh, don't worry. I just brought some stuff for a friend…" She promises. No, she's not an escort. Yikes. It looks like there's a box in her messenger bag or something and soon she peers in carefully, slowly, as if the floor were made of lava-filled land mines and each bed held cobras on sticks held by clowns. Caaaaaareful. Caaaaareful. "Oh." Oh wow.

Michael sighs to Taryn, "You're right… bad. I have prayed though for quick recovery without permanent damage." he looks up at the rest of them, seeing Talayla in the distance he smiles and calls to her, "Lady Talayala, over here." he waves to her as well. Then at the noise from his neighbor he starts, "Sir Ellinor? Is that you? I'm sorry if I woke you."

Johana's eyes flicker over the food then back to the patient. "Yeah don't get out of that bed until they tell you. You're relieved of your duties until the danger of your wound reopening is over." Brief and to the point with Michael, she smirks, adding only a gentle rebuff at the end delivered in an amused tone. "You've spent more time healing than you have squiring." Turning marginally, the Ibrahm props a hip on the side of the bed and turns her attention back to Nitrim, grinning in response to his toothy smile. "Don't count on me to stop you. I'm all for seeing how much common sense a person has after a fight with the Hostiles. I may have to go to the concert too, just to see Opportunity Nox. I've not seen them in concert myself since 'oh three, I think." Looking back at Taryn when he chastises Michael, she returns the nod but offers a frown. "I'd never intentionally leave my squire with a limp. He fought hard out there, he earned his time off." When she hears Ellinor, she cranes her neck to look over there, and grins. Chipper? Sure. "Good morning, sunshine."

Valen are hard to miss, even when they are just in their underarmor. Ellinor looks up when Nikomachos arrives, and immediately she blossoms into what some might say is a rather pretty smile. She is without her usual lip rouge, which only seems to remove years from her ivory countenance. "Hey…" She says up to him, reaching to take his hand and offer a squeeze. "I'm alright." She says before she looks around at the others. Slowly, she eases upright despite the complaint with her belly. "It's alright, Michael." Then she sticks her tongue out at Johana. "Right back at you, peaches."

Nitrim whips his clouded, white eyes towards the door, to which he stares. Because what's more fun that lava-filled land mines with cobras in them? Sudden, intimidating looks by men with all-white eyes. Of course, it only last a few seconds, as Nitrim raise and arm and makes a come-hither motion with the crook of his finger. "It's the drugs, Sir Ellinor. To which, you have a guest. Good afternoon, Sir Nikomachos." Nitrim greets, smirking softly as he eyes the door to the baths. "The question is…do I want to risk bumping into all those people and nosey jour—" A beat. "There's still time. I'll flip a coin over it shirtly, I'm sure."

Taryn shakes his head to Michael. "I was joking… well mostly." He stiffens just slightly at the mention of Ellinor's name. He grimaces at the idea of any of the Sauveur's in this particular part of the world, especially when it comes to either Sophie or Ellinor. He glances back at Michael, "But yeah, you need to not push things… I am sure that destiny will wait for you to prove yourself once you are ready."

Nikomachos smiles in response to Ellinor's reaction, taking her hand, "I came as soon as I could." He glances out toward the entrance to the clinic, "They'll… uh… they'll figure out what to do with Erinye outside." As she eases upright, he shifts his grip on her hand to clasp her wrist and help her up, stepping up to shift the pillows at her back. And then he looks up to the others, inclining his head, "Sir Johana, Lord Nitrim…" and then he's stymied a moment, and settles on, "…everyone else."

Might as well be optical cobras. Talayla blinks owlishly. She smiles faintly, recognizing most of the faces. She even waves a little to Johana. "Hi… I'm sorry. I promised Squire Michael a book of sorts and -" Pause. "Um." Sadly, the guest is Talayla. Which is like expecting a cute escort and getting the mail lady. Ahem. She looks awkward a moment. "Hi there," A little wave to everyone in general really. She stays still. If you stay still, they can't see you. Gathering herself up, she starts moving again, carefully offering a small box to Michael first. "Well. I don't know if I should be happy or sad that you have literal holes in you now." Talayla tries to be helpful and comforting, but some days, it's like comfort from one of those automated voice.

"They'll probably eat him," Ellinor says calmly about Nikomachos's horse before she offers him a quirk smile. Then she spies the Orelle as she comes approaching the cluster of injured folks. She continues to hold gently onto Nikomachos's hand as she offers her betrothed-to-be a rather amused smile. "You know, you're not going to be able to just drop everything and rush to my side every time I get hurt… it will start getting a bit ridiculous after a while."

With the response from Ellinor, Johana chuckles softly, watching her only a moment as she outright blossoms under the Cindravale attention. Ohboy, she knew that feeling. "Sir Niko, I figured I'd see you around here." Giving him a knowing smile before looking away, she leaves them privacy for a moment, not exactly making the introductions that she's sure protocol would usually call for. Instead, she shifts her position to sit more fully on the foot of Michael's bed, watching the Lady that Michael calls Talayla, catching the wave and returning it with a bemused smile. "Well hello there." Tipping her head to the side and watching her with interest. Peculiar. Another gift for her squire. In a brief aside to Nitrim, she grins. "All these hurt nobles and the squire gets all the visitors." There's no malice in her words or tone, just genuinely amused… bemusement.

Michael smiles at Johana, "Thank you sir, I'll do what I can to recover as quickly as possible… the medics snuck a hypospray again that knocked me out for hours." he sighs and shakes his head, "When I'm able to though, I would like to go back out on patrol. A stray shard of metal shouldn't keep me down like this… I need to consider full combat armor, I wonder if I can sell what I have, and perhaps find some minor jobs to make up the rest." he ponders, then as Talayla speaks he smiles to her, "Lady Talayla, you're no mail lady. It is always nice to see you Lady Talayla, how have you been?" when she offers the box he smiles brightly, "Thank you! This one is very nearly full, I got a new covering for it, but I'll be on the last page soon." then a grin at Johana, "I make a lot of friends."

Taryn grins at Talayla's arrival. He offers her a polite nod, before chuckling softly. "Well perhaps you could be both.. Happy that the holes in him are not more serious than they are…" He grins over to Johana, "Well, you have probably figured out that your squire is a bit of a drama queen… he'll do anything including fighting the hostiles just for a bit of attention… especially if that attention comes from, well from someone prettier than me." He looks over at Michael, "Or not… not sure how picky Michael might be."

"Yes, well, he's a rather popular person, your squire. You'd think Drake Danger was outside with all of the gushing, crying girls with cameras waiting outside of the perimeter." Nitrim replies to Johana sarcastically, matching her grin. He glances over his shoulder to his bodyguard, who is idly waiting near one of the doorways. The man catches his look and nods slowly to him. Nitrim turns his attention to Michael. His grin broadens. "What was that you said about attractive scars, again?"

Nikomachos grins crookedly at Ellinor's half-threat toward his horse, "Erinye can handle a couple of Khourni…" He snatches up a stool with his free hand, pulling it over to settle down at the Sauveur's bedside, "Oh, I know. They didn't tell me until the patrol returned this time. But next time, we'll have to just go out and get hurt together." He shrugs slightly at Johana, "I'm sure that my baby brother would be here already himself, Sir Johana, but I think he's trying to play it cool." An effort which the eldest brother just ruined, of course. What are older siblings for, after all?

Siblings. THat's how they do. She smiles to Johana. "Hello, I promised to bring this to Squire Michael earlier. I've just - been oddly busy lately. How are you?" Talayla admits. She blinks, spotting Nitrim and double taking. So that's who- huh. "I am alright, glad to see you all." She nods. "I um. Guess it's a good thing I had something spare…" She feels awkward only bringing one or two things. She fishes around her bag and eyes Nitrim a moment. Hmmm. There's a smile to Taryn, "True. They're speed holes! He'll go faster than ever now." Oh dear. She has a weird sense of humor. "But um, there's some rose candy if anyone wanted some. If I had thought there'd be so many, I'd've brought a card game." She seems easily pulled one way or another in conversation.

Michael grins at Taryn, "I do not seek attention, I just happen to be a very likeable person. Even the hostiles think so." he chuckles, "Oh Taryn, you know you're my man." then to Nitrim he just grins. Then to Talayla, "I really do appreciate it. I prefer books to the tablets." then a smile, "It is nice to hear, have you heard from Lord Densoric recently?"

"A lot of friends.." Johana pauses to consider a moment. "You know, I'm not sure if it'd fit you, but I could ask Barton about his armor. He got a new set and his old is just sitting there.. Maybe he'd loan it to you." Laughter follows Taryn's words and she rolls her eyes playfully. "Drama Queen.. And then some." Stifling a yawn, Ana cuts her eyes towards Nitrim. "No such luck to have Drake Danger out here. I've seen his band perform before, I even met him briefly not too long ago. Love that hair. Nice ass too." Lifting a shoulder, she shrugs almost nonchalantly, but the amusement glittering in her eyes belies the attempt. Looking back towards Niko, she can do nothing but smirk. "Oh he plays it cool. Too cool." Her words are more vague, but that's deliberate of course. "Well met, Lady Talayla. I'm Sir Johana Ibrahm."

Feeling eyes on the back of his neck, Nitrim turns his head to see Rexus Deyne, his bodyguard, still watching him. A curious look crosses Nitrim's brow, and he glances sidelong to the rest of the group. "If you'll excuse me a moment…" He says, peeling away from the others. Stiffly, he walks over to Rexus and speaks quietly with the man. The bodyguard gives him a concerned, if not slightly disappointed look. With a nod of his head, Rexus makes for the exit. For a brief moment, Nitrim stares at the wall, rubs at his eye socket, and then slips towards the door to the communal baths. As he walks, he gingerly peels his slung arm free of his silk robe…and disappears within.

"I bet he said the same thing about your ass, Ana," Ellinor says as she continues to bask in the familiar comfort of her Valen. Victor would be mocking them at this point, but Ellie doesn't give a shit. She brushes Niko's knuckles against her cheek, wincing just once as she strains the wound on her neck. Always with the neck. She looks up at the fellow Knight before she drops their linked hands once more. "Alright… I can't sit here much longer. We have Hostiles running around, making amok of everything." She glances toward where Nitrim slinks off to, but thinks nothing of it.

Oh and so much more of his image of the nobility gets cracked more and more. So much for the illusion that the nobility is this spotless reflection of grace and charm. He can't help but to cock his head slightly. "Beggin' your pardon, m'lady, but there are others who can keep the hostiles at bay until you have had a chance to heal up from your last encounter. To rush into battle so injured, is like rushing into battle with a piece of armor missing… it opens you up to greater injury than you might be otherwise."

Nikomachos nods to Talayla as she joins the group, glancing over to Johana, "I'll have to let him know to man up then." Of course, Valen ideas of 'manning up' may be different from the Khourni — or even Ibrahmi — ideal. He looks down at Ellinor at her wince, "Are you kidding me, Ellie? You can't move your hand up to your cheek without wincing." He gestures over to Taryn, then smirks and leans in close to Ellinor, "…you keep talking like that, and maybe we'll have to get Lady Sophie to come keep you away from combat." At least he can laugh about that now, mostly.

Michael smiles at Johana again, "If he would, I'd really appreciate it." then he looks to Taryn with a warning look and a frown. "Sir Ellinor knows what she's doing Taryn." is all he says, not in a standing up for her way, but a don't preach to her way. He watches Nitrim slip off toward the baths, and shrugs slightly, "I get the feeling, he likes me. And I'm not sure if that's entirely a good thing, but I'll be just as much a friend as I am to everyone else." then he stops and looks at the Valen. Michael doesn't say anything though, but he inwardly cringes.

Oops. Talayla looks apologetically to Johana. "The pleasure is all mine," She nods. "There's rose candy if you'd like so— oh hey, my playing cards." She DID bring some. She looks concerned, as Nitrim walks towards the exit. "Do you think he's getting ready for that concert?" She asks. Talayla seems uncertain. She seems to have a hard time figuring the dude out. A soft grunt. At Michael's question, a pained, clouded look crosses her face. "Somewhat recently," She nods. "What's up? And I am glad." She smiles to Michael and Johana. Taryn, too! Though she glances to the others, but she seems unable to manage more than a conversation or two.

Taryn glances at Niko at the teasing remark about bringing Sophie this close to danger. There is a slight sigh at the idea of it. He turns back to Michael and quietly nods. He frowns at something, "Perhaps I should be going… You have plenty of people to see that you don't do anything stupid…"

When Nitrim leaves, Johana watches him for just a moment, then looks back to Ellinor and grins. "Yeah? I bet he says it about all the women." The tenderness between Ellinor and Niko is touching, but she doesn't intrude by watching, instead she looks at Taryn, sympathizing with him. "It's hard to keep a good Knight down." When Niki addresses her, she looks back at him and laughs. "No need to relay any messages, if he was interested he'd come find me. I'd rather not play the part of sitting at home waiting for a man who has better things to do to show up or call." Then Sophie is mentioned and then everything from the day before is remembered. "Did she really go to confront the Hostiles? Or was she just talking about it?" A quick look to Michael and Talayla. "Sure Michael, I'll ask him. And it's a definite pleasure meeting you too, Lady Talayla." Offering her a smile before her head is swiveling back to look at Ellinor and Niko.

Ellinor fixes Nikomachos with a steely glare, though he is really not the source of her frustration. "Oh, don't even get me started on Lady Sophie," she says harshly. "I'll be chasing after her shortly since she appears to think that some Awakened dream means she has to go to the Drake Mountains to get her ass captured." She shakes her head, casting Michael a look. "Which reminds me, we have a conversation to finish. I want to know everything you've been saying and doing with my sister that makes her think that she has all these people who support her crazy notions."

Talayla is quiet a moment. She seems sympathetic and nods. "Thank you and I am sorry. I didn't mean to just barrel in. I'll leave some candy and playing cards," She smiles faintly to Johana. "Then be out of your hair. I suspect people need to rest…" She taps her chin. Also, she blinks at mention of an Awakened dream. Concern works its way across her face.

Wow, and there is that sharp jabbing pain again. Taryn's shoulders droop a little further. He did just say he was about to leave. It wouldn't be totally suspicious for him to flee the scene right now would it? No, he's too honest or too stupid. He turns, a bit chest-fallen, towards Ellinor, "I can assure you that it is Lady Sophie who is supporting her own crazy notions… all on her own."

Nikomachos straightens up sharply at Ellinor's response, "Woah… woah… I didn't mean to get you riled up." He looks over to Michael, frowning slightly as he leans forward, setting his free hand on the Sauveur's shoulder as if to calm her down a bit. "I'm sorry…" he blinks, "Wait… what?" He groans and shakes his head, "So very sorry I brought it up." That doesn't stop him from telling Johana, "She rode out to Godwinstown behind me. Got herself hurt. And now, apparently, she has another crazy idea. I'm thinking she needs to be locked up for several years…"

Ellinor does settle back down, particularly after the dangerous glare she gets from one of the medical supervisors. She breathes a deep breath that makes her diaphram tighten just a little bit. "That's the issue," Ellinor says to the stranger — also known as Taryn. "Everyone keeps saying that, but she has it in her head that she's got a half a dozen people who think this idea is a good one." She glances toward Nikomachos. "I'll explain later," she mutters before she flops her head back. "The point is… my sister is proving with each passing second that she is not ready for combat, war, or stepping outside."

Michael the inward cringe stays inward, but outwardly he nods to Ellinor. "Yes Sir Ellinor." he pauses, "Lady Sophie met me at the Arcology several days ago, when I confronted a man who had attacked another right infront of Lady Sophie." another pause, "In passing comment to a Mister Jor Aeldan, Lady Sophie perked up and offered us both a job. She said if we accepted, we could not speak about it unless she made it publically known. As my mother and my former knight both served House Sauveur, I agreed to assist her so long as I heard the plan first." he looks up to Johana for a moment before glancing to Taryn and then back to Ellinor, "After that, I kept running into Lady Sophie, on the Esplanade where she decided to assist in helping me pick out outfits to wear, at the park where she had myself and a friend go along to meet Matthias the drake. Then as you're aware, she asked Sir Johana for permission to have me for a poetry recital. That turned into a dinner where she instead laid out her plans and this dream information. As I listened, I came to disagree with her on it. I wasn't so outrightly just no. But I did explain to her why it is a bad plan, why others tell her she can't do this, I offered her to instead spend time teaching me to use a bow, and if she agreed to stay within the city I might show her simplistic sword work. My real plan was to distract her, take her mind from this. She was very ready to accept the notion, but I suspect she thinks my offer is to prepare her for this folly. I have not spoken with her since, save when she came here the other morning and Lord Asher escorted her about the Great Hall if I'm not mistaken." he sighs, "If you have any suggestions as to how best shift her focus onto something else… I'll help as I can."

As Ellinor explains what happened, Johana blatantly listens in, though her attention is captured by Talayla, "You're in no ones way, feel free to stay as long as you like. I'm sure Michael enjoys the company." With a nod to Niko, she quietly agrees. "I think she should be locked up, actually. For her own good and the good of the others around." The words are delivered flatly, "But again, it's not my choice to make. She's dangerous either way, that's for sure." After Michael's spiel, Johana rises from his bed and gives him a studying look. "Apparently I've given you too much free time for you to have time for a job, offering ill advice to an unsuspecting noble and all of this subterfuge. Maybe I made a mistake." Nodding to the others. "My apologies, I've got to be somewhere. Good day." She doesn't look back at Michael.

"First of fucking all," Ellinor says to Michael. "You teach my sister any weapon training, and you get to deal with our mother, Princess Evony Sauveur. And trust me, if you think I'm a madwoman, she will make you cry blood by the time she's done with you." She rolls her shoulders a bit, wincing again. "Second of all, you don't have to worry about redirecting her focus. I'm going to our parents tonight and telling them both what stupidness she is engaging in. I told her I wouldn't do that if she straightened up her act, but I guess she prefers being stupid." She shakes her head a bit as she regards Michael and Taryn with those sharp green eyes. "You want to do my sister some good? Tell her to stop making a mockery of what we all do." She glances to Johana. "You'll probably get your wish." But then she settles back into her bed, trying to settle her rage.

Taryn reaches up and pinches the point where his nose and skull meet. Oh, that pounding is quickly turning into a full blown taiko concert. "I honestly have no clue what your sister has told you, m'lady, but I'm the start of her insane plan… this.." He pauses, then shakes his head, "No.. not going to apologize, but this idiotic plan of hers to go out and get herself kidnapped was not my idea nor did I even know she was actually planning on doing it… she suggested it to Lord Aidan and me, and we very quickly shot it down." He says that then that surge of confidence crests and starts to fade. "I mean… "

Poor Taryn. Poor Michael and Ellinor and Johana and - the list goes on. Talayla quietly sends up prayers and thank yous that the worst her siblings do is make out with the house staff in gardens. Amen. She looks apologetic. "I um, suspect this is none of my beeswax. Sorry. I wish you all luck and thank you for having me." She will leave the rose chocolates and candy behind for whomever wishes them. Though, she smiles to Johana. "Thanks. It's much appreciated. I might drop by later." She nods. It seems like this is a bit of an awkward moment. She waves to them, smiles again and will quietly tiptoe back out.

Nikomachos nods to Ellinor, then looks over to Michael as he speaks up. He gestures over to Johana at her response to Michael, then nods a farewell to the Young Lady. He shrugs at Ellinor, "She could use a few sword lessons, but not from a Squire. Or from me, honestly. She needs a professional teacher." Looking over to Taryn, he adds, "Lady Sophie does not allow for anything to be shot down. If she wants to do anything, she just does it." Spreading his free hand, he shrugs, "Now, however, I'm going to steal Sir Ellie away to watch the concert together on the vid, if you'll excuse me."

Michael looks at Johana's back with a hurt, but understanding look. "I'm sorry Lady Johana…" he sinks back into the raised back of his bed, then looks to Ellinor, "I had hoped to speak with you before any of that. To bring you in on her plans…" he sighs, and just sinks back further.

Johana gets to the door and looks back to Ellinor. "I don't want her locked up, but she's an idealist and she's dangerous. Especially to herself. I hope she just.. gets some help. She's a smart little thing." Johana offers a smile just then, for Ellinor, nods to Niko, and then looks over at Taryn. "See you later, my lady, it was a pleasure." Stopping once more, she does finally look back at Michael. "Don't make me regret my decision again." The warning in her words rings in the air as she leaves.

"Sophie has to face the consequences of her actions," Ellinor breathes out a sigh before she looks up toward Nikomachos. She offers him a small smile, nodding gently. She starts to ease up again, but the medical supervisor is swooping in to give her a little hoverchair to maneuver around with. She fixes him with a look, though she accepts her fate and allows them to move her into the chair. "I'm sorry we can't be there in person, Niko," she says to him. She glances once more to Michael and Taryn. "I hold neither of you actual ill will… I'm mad at Sophie. Not you."

One last sympathetic look towards Michael. "Um. Maybe you need the candy and cards for now. Let me know if you need anything brought by. Be careful now," Talayla waves and will tiptoe along.

Taryn sighs softly. He turns to look at Michael, studying to see how the squire handles the response of his knight. He frowns just slightly, "I'm sorry, Michael… I'm beginning to think that I'm just bad luck all around."

Nikomachos shakes his head at Ellinor, helping shift her over to the hoverchair. He frowns at Johana's description of Sophie as a 'smart little thing,' but doesn't protest while she's on her way out, and he focuses back at Ellinor, "Oh, it'll be fine. This way no one'll spill their drink on us." Nodding over to the squire and the… Taryn… Niko moves to escort Ellinor off to a private room in the hospital with a vidscreen.

Michael just slumps back further, suddenly looking overwhelmed with grief. He looks over to Ellinor, "You're a good older sister, Lady Sir Ellinor, she's lucky to have you." he looks up to Taryn, "No, I'm just really bad at giving advice." he looks to Talayla, "If you get free time soon, I'd like a chance to talk to you about things."

"Will do. I should be about," Talayla smiles and promises. But she's soon at the door, letting the wounded rest.

Taryn glances back and watches Ellinor and Nikomachos depart for their private room and private showing of the concert, and then Lady Talayla. He glances back at Michael. "If you want to be alone, I can find somewhere else to be. seeing that this is probably my fault, somehow."

Michael shakes his head to Taryn, "At this point, I could even see Lorelei and it wouldn't make the day any worse. In fact, why not? Call her, see if she'll come. We can get that taken care of too." he looks defeated, "I'm glad you're here though Taryn, I may be close to Talayla, and Densoric, but not as close as I am to you. I don't blame you for anything, we're both just horrible at dealing with people."

Taryn looks at Michael a bit dubious. "You sure? I mean… " He cocks his head, "But if you wish.. I'll see if she'll come… " He steps back to make the comm.

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