01.30.3014: Because We're Family, That's Why
Summary: A group of Granthams and one Dalton gather to talk about the recent 'excitement' some of it's members have been causing.
Date: 15 Nov 2013
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Inverted Gardens and Habitats
Beneath the grand Atrium of the Ouroboros is the inverted gardens and habitats hub of the House Grantham. Thriving life and growth is so rare on Ignis, but this garden is just one of many that have been constructed to bring these things to the volcanic moon. Dozens of vertical, dark wood slats run diagonal along the ceiling from one corner to the other. Wide, flat fixtures that produce artificial sunlight are set behind the slats, providing the climbing, twisting plantlife with necessary photo-nutrients. Plants that have been altered to grow in this inverted nature include the rare and sweet albino apple and the orange tomato. There are several columns that follow a particular grid pattern that provides structure for the thick, crimson wisterias to twine and climb up from the squares of artifical soil at the base of each column. The small, delicate flowers that bloom in weeping bunches from the vines are vibrant crimson.

In the wide open areas between the columns are various clusters of seating including comfortable chairs, chaise lounges, and a pair of armless couches. There are dozens of thresholds that lead off from the gardens to the various family habitats of House Grantham and their sworn. Each door is hermetically sealed without doorknobs or hinges, swishing open with activated by an adjacent access panel.

30 Jan 3014

Editor's Note: This is only from when Flint entered the scene. Anything before that between Luke and Helena is missing until one of them finds it. Or it shall be lost to the annals of time.

Luke chuckles at the statement. "Usually for the best, where I am concerned my dear. I think it would only cause you to worry- or maybe simply-never call." A chuckle there as his pat is at least gentle, before a chaste kiss on the cheek is given. Eyes skim up and down, before the knight is nodding in approval. "And you as well-I should make it a point on visiting Inculta-if only to have your Lady Mother wondering as to my visit." A shake of his head, before his chuckle dies off.

"Well, I did not intend to start it-really. And, I think my cellmate and I worked out our issues, but- I did manage to run into an Orelle promptly leaving the Jail. It was wonderful luck." The nudge gets a grin, before Luke, is motioning Helena to the couch. "Have a seat, please." A glance back-before he is chuckling. "Please don't do that, I don't think I could stand going to your funeral."

"My mother would probably be fine with a visit from a Grantham, even you. Lady Dalton, though, might have something else to say. She may not be my mother, but she is my mentor, so she might as well be like a mom too." Helena accepts the offer of the couch and flops rather gracelessly onto one end. Immediately she snuggles back into the corner and pulls up one leg to curl beneath her. "And don't talk about funerals, please. It's a strain on my nerves wondering if I'm ever going to see certain people again. At least when I'm working I don't have to think about it."

Helena tosses her tablet onto the cushion beside her before propping her arm on the back of the couch and resting her cheek against her palm. "I really want the whole story about you and this other man. I've heard whispers and rumors about what happened, but no story is quite as good as the one straight from the source. I heard you started it. Did you?"

Flint wasn't meant to be in the gardens today, but Marah wanted a talk. Which means it wasn't in her office. And which also means it's in public. Well, in public for the Granthams anyways. It's a little off, but the seated Flint in his wheelchair, is talking with the always unhappy looking Marah Grantham, seated on a bench. The brother and sister appear to be speaking civilly, but you never know with Granthams.

Whatever is spoken only last for so long, with the younger sister handing over a tablet to the elder brother. Flint looks at it, looks back at her, asks a question, then looks back at the tablet. There's a mild exasperated looked, what seems to be the word 'fine' is mouthed and a nod. Marah looks pleased, or at least as pleased as she can allow herself to look, before giving Flint a kiss on the cheek and walking. But not without giving Luke a solid eyeballing before continuing, her daily business in front of her. As for Flint, left to his own devices, he tucks the tablet into a side pocket on his wheelchair and starts to head that way, intially like he's looking for the exit.

Crow slinks back down with a sigh, before he is bending to snatch up his drink. A look back over, before he is taking a sip. "I was curious about the rumors-Well. No, I did not start it." Though it's good to hear his reputation maintains itself. "What happened was, I was leaving an establishment of finer quality than I usually visit. Are you familiar with Hancock's?" A shrug as if to say that it doesn't matter. "Accidentally bumped into Jor Aeldan outside-fancy that. Do you remember him?" a curl of an eyebrow up. "Well, we got to talking-or rather growling at one another. I think I might have set him off."

Another drink is needed before Luke is turning to face Helena more, than just an angle. "He threw his drink in my face, before punching me in the jaw. I retaliated by hitting a rib-or something. Then I punched him in the knee as he looked to make me cough up my testicles." A grunt there, and a shift of his legs unconsciously. "We were promptly arrested."

Marah is spied, and the knight remains solid for a moment, a glance then given over to Flint, before he is giving his brother a nod, one brow raised in question, but he is not calling out to the other Grantham- No, given the look that Marah just shot him-he is content to simply give the ol' brow treatment.

"No, I don't remember Jor Aeldan. The name isn't familiar. Have I met him?" Helena glances away, staring up at the plants crawling toward the ceiling as she considers carefully. After a few seconds, she shakes her head and returns her attention to Luke. "No," she continues, although by this point Luke is well into his story; it appears that Helena's acknowledgment wasn't actually a necessity to propel the narrative. Amused, the doctor listens in silence while scratching her nose and gazing around the gardens. "Really. The man threw a drink in your face and then punched you because you accidentally bumped into him. I feel like you're leaving out an important part of the story, dear, like the part where you might have mouthed off and provoked him somehow."

Smirking at Luke's story, Helena watches as Marah and Flint converse at a distance and then part. The expression on the Grantham woman's face as she glances sidelong toward Luke causes her to snort out a laugh, which she then is forced to disguise by covering her mouth and coughing into her palm. Unlike her companion, however, Helena is far more personable; she raises the same hand and waves it in the air briefly while calling out, "Sir Flint!"

Seeing the look that Luke tosses to Flint after looking at his sister, the older of the brothers just snorts, shaking his head. "Don't give me that look." he utters, rolling up. "You know damn well what we were talking about. You -and- Beden." the former heir notes. "Both of you getting into barfights in the same week. It's one thing if it's here, but you threw down on Landing and Beden didn't have the wherewithall to realize he was starting a fight in Volkan, soooo, guess to gets to the mean relative? Because our sister is delegating tasks. In her words, 'make those two dipshits remember the next time they think about starting a fight not on home soil'."

"Doc?" Flint looks a tad preplexed by Helena's appeanrce at here of places. "I didn't expect to see you here. How you doing?" he asks, coutenance turning a bit more positive since he's not looking at this brother for the moment. "How's life for you going? Feels like I haven't seen you since your awasome costume."

"He was a knight in the watch. I believe he was thrown in Prison for some form of corruption-now he is out. He lost his spurs over the incident. If I remember the trail, he maintained his innocence throughout. Though there was some rather damning evidence to the contrary. Needless to say, prison doesn't change someone into a rather cheerful sort." Luke adds with a faint chuckle, before his hand comes up to rub his jaw slightly. A tilt in his head back towards Helena, and Luke chuckles. "Okay, so perhaps I am leaving out the part in which I called him a fuckwit, because he wasn't answering my question-but I believe he was already in a pissed mood before that occurred."

The glance back to Marah as Helena snorts, causes his eyes to shift back to her, and a small scowl show. "Oh don't bloody encourage her, she'll come over here and likely chew my ass, right now." Oh and look we're calling to dear brother. Excellent. "Brother." called out.

A bit of a raise of brows before he is laughing. "The Ring, less worse? It was at least where I am known." Could have been much worse. He could have gotten someone pregnant. "Beden did what?" Now there's a laugh before he is shaking his head. "Maiden's tits, Look-If I had known.." He likely would have tried his best? Who knows. "At least though, it's you and not Marah."

"I was here working," Helena answer Flint, arching her eyebrows at his surprise. Surely she isn't a species rarely seen outside of her normal habitat? "I was working, and then got wind of a couple a Grantham lord needing patching, and then of another Grantham lord just returned from a quick stint in a Landing jail. Your family likes to keep things interesting, Sir Flint, to say the least." Her gaze flicks away briefly to watch as Marah disappears, and then she turns her attention back to the brothers.

"If I were you, Luke, I'd hold my tongue. Have you seen him put those wheels to real use? He's had time to practice running people over, so he might just finished with this Jor started. Or, rather, what your mouth started and he attempted to finish. Men. No, not men. Boys." Despite her harsh words, Helena's tone and bearing appear to be far more amused and cheerful. She reaches up to run her fingers through her loose hair before dropping her hands into her lap.

Flint glances a look at the tablet Marah had given him. "Oh. Right, it was the Ring, wasn't it. So, no, not at as bad." Setting it back down, his gaze isn't exactly reprimanding to his brother, more like resigned. "I'm not going to chew your ass out too hard, Crow. You're already well aware of what you did, so you don't need me driving home that point. Besides," he waves off, "I think Marah finds me doing it a bit ironic, which she probably finds hilarious. Anyways, both of you know better than to start fights not on Ignis. Okay, okay, you didn't start this fight. I read the report arrest report from the Watch and it's pretty clear that you…ah, 'had some words' before the firsts started flying." The matter of their nephew, Flint grunts, scratching at his cheek. "This should be his mother talking to him about but, given it's cause, I'm betting Beden doesn't really want to talk to his mom right now. Apparently, I'm not exactly sure, I'll need to talk to Ash since she was there, but Beden got into an argument with his boyfriend," he tabs through the tablet, "a Ring resident by name of Lincoln, about the fact that he's marrying Aidan. Apparently, some of the Legion were also in the bar, and didn't take kindly to Beden being ganged up like that. One thing led to another and…well, you get the idea."

Flint runs his hand over his face when Helena explains. "Not the -best- reason ever to drop by, is it?" he remarks, quickly scanning the tablet a little bit longer and then setting it down. "And yes, they certainly do. I'm fairly certain that Ashleigh is about the only one of us who doesn't get into trouble. Which makes me think she isn't Grantham." There's a trail of black fabric as Marah's tail end of her dress finally disappeares. "I think she makes me do this as a way to attempt to remind what I should've been doing." he mutters. "Anyways, well, it's kind of you drop by, doc. If here to tend to some Grantham's wounded pride, the least I can do is offer you a room for the night before heading back to Inculta."

"Oh I have, My dear, though I am sure there is someone with a bit more of an intimate knowledge of that." A smirk back in Flint's direction before he chuckles. One hand coming up to run though his hair. "I did, I was asking Mister Aeldan, what he was doing. Believe it not, I was trying to get us a solid recruit." Eyes watching Flint to gauge his reaction on the Jor business. And then he is looking over, eyes trying to catch more about Beden.%r"I had told him to figure that shit out. I hope this doesn't fuck his betrothal too much, unless that is exactly, what we are wanting it to do?" A raise of his brow before he's laughing softly. "Well, I believe Ash is the best of what we have to offer." A brief pause before he is looking back to Helena.

"If you need somewhere to stay, you could take my quarters." A half smile at the suggestion-as if he already knows the very quick answer that will come.

Flint eyes daggers at Luke at the last comment. "Let's not temp our sister's patience anymore than we already have, Crow."

Helena listens to the brothers' exchange, only half paying attention to the family politics. While it is most definitely intriguing, it isn't really her place to remark on how the family operates. And so, it isn't until they are both looking at her again that the doc blinks rapidly and returns her focus to the pair. "Hmm, what? You were trying to recruit this Jor Aeldan for the Legion, and you thought calling him a fuckwit would inspire him? Your approach to life is ever mind-boggling, Crow, if not a bit askew." With a half-smile, she looks to Flint at his offer and then back to Luke, and the sarcasm in her voice is practically palpable. "It wouldn't feel right taking your quarters, Luke; where would you sleep?"

Luke snorts back towards Flint. "I would be a gentleman." A glance back, over towards Helena as his smile rises just so. "I was going to call it a sleep over." And hopefully before her jaw can drop-or a no come he's pushing the Jor Aeldan issue. "I have been known to inspire squires with that word. Such as sack up, fuckwit-we have Hostiles to kill, and so forth." Ah, battlefield vernacular is the stuff made of poets.

There is a bit of a pause as he scratches at his chin. "Perhaps, fuckwit was not my best stuff-though I did not ask if he made any friends while institutionalized." commendable.

"Likely on my couch." Flint deadpans, going from Helena to his brother. "Not like it wouldn't be the first time I've found him out-of-sorts." He gestures at Luke again. "Alright, so you went to try and pull this guy into the Legion and you started off by insulting. Right, Crow. Usually, in the Legion, we don't start with the hardass routine until you're already in. Even we know that. But, if the guy couldn't take a joke, then maybe he's better off."

"As for Beden…shit." he looks at his tablet. "Where the hell did I get the idea it happened in Volkan? It was here. Well, I'm sure that's not the rason Marah's annoyed. More like she probably doesn't want to fuck shit up with the Peakes. I can't help but feel for the kid. I don't think he exactly wanted this. But…" he shrugs a little. "As for you," he goes back to Luke. "Anything you've been doing that you want to tell me now? Just to make my life easier? I don't know when I've become everyone's babysitter, but I guess Marah finds it easier if I do it. I'm 'nicer', she tells me."

As if Helena hasn't heard similar offers from men before - some far less savory than Luke. So if the Grantham is expecting her to act astonished and offended, she merely stares at him for a moment before letting out a bark of a laugh. "You might be disappointed, Luke. I use beds for actual sleeping. If I come across a pretty girl who is more interested in other things, I will give her your name. For now, I should probably be off to work for a bit."

Luke differs to Flint there, for a moment before he is sighing into his drink, the glass, being set back down onto the floor, carefully. "Well, It started with less than harmless questions, and trying to get him into it that way-It was only after I had enough of the thorns up his ass and general obtuseness that I called him a fuckwit." A glance to Helena, as he opens his mouth-and then thinks the better of it before he is chuckling softly. "Of course."

As for letting Flint know something, there is a clearing of his throat. "There is one thing. A recent development."

"You know…" Flint leans back in his chair. "There's nothing really wrong with just talking about the Legion without having to be an ass about it." he suggested. "I mean, that's how I got Nitrim interested in it. But…maybe that's not the best example I can give at the moment. Alright well, good intentions and all that. I can't really blame you for what you wanted to do, maybe just the way you went about it." He raises a brow at him, good-natured. "Weren't you supposed to be the smartest of all of us? What happened with that one, eh?"

However, when he learns there's more, the elder brother looks like he wasn't exactly expecting there to be more at all. "Oh. Uh, alright, better lay it on me now so I don't find out later from someone else."

Luke snorts. "I drank, and set aside books for bashing in skulls." And there he rubs the back of his neck, before he is coughing ever so slightly. A glance is given to Helena, before he leans forward to rest his arms on his knees. "You are going to be an Uncle." perhaps the best way to put that. Eyes watch for a reaction before continuing. "I don't remember it happening. I just know it happened-I can tell you when, and all that. But, that is what I know." cards laid out so to speak. "Congratulations, Flint."

"Read more. Need at least one more smart person in this damn family." Flint remarks as an aside, but almost falls out of his chair when hears the U word directed at him. Immediately, he looks past Luke's shoulder towards the doorway where Marah left, as if making sure she's still not there. "What the -fuck-, Crow." he says in a slightly harsh, but hushed tone. "Have you told your sister yet?" There's a bit of facescrubbing. "Noble ot Cirizen."

"Gods no." And there he is glancing back to where Marah went herself. "Citizen." A flat look leveled back to Flint. "I was blind drunk-first night back on leave-so I went to one of the damned parities on The Ring for New Years." clipped reply , before he is scrubbing hands through his hair again. "I had gotten into a fight with a Khourni knight-and some of his friends." a point to his eye. "Apparently my badge of honor was something of ridicule for them-either way this woman took me to her place and patched me up. Apparently we had sex." hence having a baby.

"I'm not stupid enough to get a Noble pregnant. If I had, I am sure Marah would have had the papers for that marriage signed by now and I would be doing my duty, now wouldn't I?"

"Marah would have your balls in a goddamn vice, Crow. If you had knocked up a noblewoman." Flint remarks. "Well, it's not like you ever wanted to get married anyways, eh. Because no noblewoman worth her time is going to want to get involved with someone who's already got a kid. At least, not without a whole lot of urging or they have their own things going on not to really care." He pauses at that. "And I say that in the nicest way possible. Because honestly, I should've thought of that idea years ago." He waves his hand. "Already said and done, can't do shit about it now. What now? You know the mother, right? Because we really don't need to be hit up for child support because the mother was some kind of gold-digger." He's looking hard at his younger brother, but something makes him falter, causing him to sigh. "Alright. What do you plan to do. You going to bring the mom and the kid into the fold? Claim the kid as yours?"

"She'd likely lock me downstairs with her husband." Luke replies with a faint grin, but it doesn't last or linger. Instead Crow watches his brother for a moment, his own look showing the weariness of the situation before he is sighing once more. "I do know her-and she is not some gold digger." And there he props himself up. "She had said it was not needed, but I have offered to help her as I can. As for claiming the child as my own and bringing her in." There's a shrug there, his teeth flashed. "I don't know-there are circumstances in which doing so would be likely less than fucking good. I plan to do the right thing-I just need to figure out what the right thing is." And there he glances to his brother. "I am not seeking advice on this, believe or not-I want what is best for the child, and for our House."

"Good, because advice with a kid isn't really something I have at this particular moment, Crow." Flint says, as if trying to grasp for something that could be considered positive to say." He still seems concerned obviously. "I take you don't really want anyone else to be talking to this woman, do you? because if you'd rather leave it alone and let you handle it, that's fine, I'll respect it. Won't exactly like it, but…it's your decision. I guess I'm trying to get ahold of what these circumstances might entail or why they might be bad. Doing the right thing, well, I'm glad to hear that. Shit, I wanted to hear that."

"I may be a fuck up, but I own my fuckups." Luke adds with a dry laugh. "As for the circumstances, this was all found out post sex. Not like there was an interview, but she a debt to pay." A glance, for surely his own brother knows what that means. "And the child could come under it. I don't know how much, but it seems enough if the child could come under it-to be substantial." A thumb scratches at his chin. "If you wanted to talk to her, I can bring her here. Though, she's not much of a people person, fair warning."

Flint looks a bit perplexed by all that. "Debt?" he tounges the like he doesn't much like it. Like he's heard it somewhere. "Are we talking like someone who owes Lucian a particular debt? Because wouldn't that be just lovely. And the kid is just a kid, what's so special about someone owing a debt having a kid? I figure that wouldn't be any of the Syndicate's concern really." The idea of her coming by, he seems to consider. "Rook, you said?" Then he looks back at Luke, an odd look on his face. "Congratulations, you were fucking Nitrim's old girlfriend and got her knocked up. If it's the same Rook I'm thinking of. I met her once in Vokan. Ithaca or something like that."

"I only know her as Rook, yes-Didn't know she was fucking syndicate until she told me about her mother when I saw her shit apartment. So- as you can see, making them one of the fold would be a bit difficult. I don't know how 'Lord' Lucian is about such things-nor do I particularly care to have him sending people here." Not that Gentleman Johnny might not have members here on Ignis. As for it being Nitrim's old girlfriend, there's a laugh. "You're squire? Well, that'd make shit interesting if he came back." And he is rubbing his nose ever so slightly. "Awakened-short with dark hair? Would be the same one then." Crow says.

"Well, isn't that just the most pleasant fucking wake-up call I've had in a long damn time." Flint doesn't exactly seem too pleased. "You just couldn't get some bartender knocked up, could you? Or some random barfly that just happened to be drunk enough to want to sleep with your ass. No, had to be a Syndicate worker. Eugh." He holds his hand up. "Alright, I'm done harping on you. I'm sure I'm saying stuff you've already told yourself. No, you should bring her here. We'll have a little family pow-wow over this. Without Marah. Though I'd suggest you at least tell her before she finds out from someone else. And then she may do more than just whip you. Tell her you'll handle it, or we'll handle it or whatever. Something so she doesn't have to get involved." A nod. "That'd be her, yeah. Quiet, mosey thing. Never did go for the chicks with little to no spine, myself."

It isn't like Helena to reinvite herself back into a conversation she has so recently left, but here she is anyway - heading right back to that same couch. "You boys didn't move very far, did you?" she jests, glancing down along the cushions with a frown. "Sorry to interrupt, but I left my tablet here. I think - ah, maybe it feel between the cushions. Please, continue talking as if I weren't here." And without further ado, she kneels on the far cushion and bends over, shoving her hand down into the scary place between cushions to find her stupid tablet. "Don't you guys — have something to do — other than — sit around all day? Ah-hah! Got it." Flushed but triumphant, Helena straightens and display her tablet to both Luke and Flint. "Whatchya talking about? You look like you swallowed a bug, Sir Flint."

"It's not like I bothered to ask-"Luke begins, before he is simply nodding, mutely-before clearing his throat as Helena returns and without missing a beat he turns to face the good Doctor, allowing her more room on the couch, should she want it. "There might be change in there.." meaning the couch. A glance back to Flint and he offers a nod. "I'll do it." meaning talk to Marah and handle this whole thing. Pawing at his own chin for a moment "Family, believe it or not." added with a smirk. "Well-I do. I don't know about my brother? He may have dancing lessons soon."

Nothing like making jokes about your brother's wheelchair. Still it seems goodnatured, "If you have any thoughts, by all means let me know."

"Good. That's what I like to hear. Better you do it willingly then I have to drag you into her office. I really don't want to do that. It makes skid marks all over the hallway." Flint notes. "No, I know you didn't but…eh, it's just…slightly unfortunate is all. Hey, maybe it's not yours. There's always that hope, right? You could luck out." There's some nodding to go along. "Right family and all that."

He headshakes at Helena. "Maybe. It's just when you hear shocking news about your family, you tend to be a little bit surprised over it. But hey, at least I don't have to go and explain myself to Marah. Not yet anyways. I'm sure I'll have to do that one day over something. But right now, it's not my turn."

Smiling at Luke, Helena turns about and flops into a seated position on the couch, crossing her legs and setting her tablet in her lap. Fuck work, right? "What's yours?" she inquires, latching on to particular details here and there in the otherwise guarded conversation. Obviously there is something she is missing, something she is supposed to be missing, but it doesn't mean she won't try to ferret it out if she can. Her gaze drifts from Luke to Flint and back again, and she arches one thin eyebrow. "Luke, you did something that actually shocked Flint? No, no, you can't leave me in the dark. I must hear all of it. Did you kiss another man? OH I KNOW. You and Jor became jail lovers, didn't you?"

"I like to personally, give Marah a heart attack at least once a month." Luke quips, before glancing back to Helena. "If you're looking for maternity leave, I could help you there Doctor. Could be part of our sleepover, like painting nails and talking about boys." Crow's quick on the joke before he is leaning back into the couch for a moment. "Could be worse- I could be married to someone and have this problem."

A glance back to Helena, and there is a faint stare. "Yes my dear. We both sixty nined-and then tattooed his name on my back." A faint frown before he is shaking his head. "That's the rumor going on HNN, right?"

"Ugh." Flint squints hard, rubbing at the bridge between his eyes. "If you ever get that descriptive again like that in my presence, I will beat you with my legs." As if then he has to take an actual look at his brother's nails, he tries to grin at Helena. "The Doc here doesn't talk about boys. Unless they're her patients. I mean, she hardly has time to watch movies. Which she never actually took me up on that offer. Shame on her." A glance back at Luke. "Oh no, I wouldn't deny my brother here the right to tell the story he just told me. Go ahead, Crow. Everyone is going to find out eventually. Might as well start with me and the good Lady Doctor here."

Helena squints. Her gaze darts between the men, and she crosses her arms over her chest as she attempts an intimidating, 'I will get you to talk' expression. "Maternity leave? What are you talking about? Flint, what is he talking about?" A moment later, her personality is confirmed by Flint, and she gestures with one hand toward Luke. "There, see? I don't talk about boys. I don't watch movies. I'm damnably boring. Why are we even talking about me? I'm asking about Luke. Oh, and I want to see your sweet new 'jail tat' when you're done regaling me with some other epic mistake you've made." And so she settles in like a girl waiting for a fresh round of gossip - which is close enough to the truth - and offers Luke her sweetest most sickeningly charming smile she can manage. "Pretty please?"

Luke narrows his eyes at Flint, for a moment before he is looking back to Helena. "I tell you this, as you are one of my dear friends, and I know your judgement will scour me only so long." clearing his throat, Luke is quick yo pat his pant legs for his cigarette pack. But, is sadly missing it. "I may-or may not be a Father, and Flint here, may or may not be an uncle. So-yes there is that." He won't go into that it may be one of Nitrim's exes, or anything like that. That's good enough and shocking for everyone as it is. "So yes. I could have fathered a, something."

Ashleigh has not been in the best of moods since she had to break up the brawl her brother was in the other day. She hasn't had a chance to talk to him yet so has done nothing but fume over that entire thing which has done less than zero for her disposition. It should be noticeable as she's not walking in so much as storming in, the speed in which she does causing the hem of her dress to brush noisily against the floor. The entry into the room is halted upon noticing there are people here, Luke's answer to Helena just missed. "Uncle Flint. Uncle Luke. Lady Helena." Short, abrupt and just polite enough to not be offensive to their guest, Ashleigh's tone is clipped, voice slightly tight.

"'A -something-', he says." Flint rolls his eyes. "There's about only two things it can really be, Crow. Unless of course, there's something you're not telling us. Like if you're making the whole thing up about there being a woman. You can't get pocket pussies pregnant, brother. Or your hand, even if you have named her." he grins lightly. "Honestly though, we don't know, so I don't know why you're going around acting as if it is yours, especially when she hasn't even gotten tested for it yet. You need to set it straight. And her, if need be. Nobody deserves to be hung out like that, no matter the title. Even if that means going on one of those daytime talk shows where they do DNA testing. 'You are not the father' and then you start break-dancing."

"We talk about you because you need friends, Doc. I keep saying, you let work swallow you up, you won't have any time for You Time. Even if that means, I dunno, watching a movie. Or talking about boys or…shit, I dunno. Hell, I'm just glad you got enough time to show up here today. I mean, how do you even get time to get groceries?" Ashleigh's enterance is noted by the elder knight, turning his to lift a brow at her. "Hey to you too. Who pissed in your coffee?"

Well perhaps that news was not what Helena was expecting. She is silent as she stares wide-eyed at Luke, and her gaze darts briefly toward Flint to see if he is going to confirm the news. Yep. Okay then. Working her way through about a million unsavory retorts, it takes a whole twenty seconds before the Dalton manages to speak. "So, I guess it's too late to tell you that you should attend one of my lectures on using protection. I give them about twice a year to the schools." Pause. "So, who is she?"

Again, Helena looks between the brothers, but before she has time to really pry, in comes Ashleigh. Glancing up, the Doc offers a cheerful smile that fades rather quickly at the sight of the stormy Grantham. "Flint," she chides in a near-whisper, ignoring the query about groceries and reaching out a foot to nudge the man's wheelchair. "Consider the possibility that Lady Marah isn't the only person dealing with the recent incidents."

"Well, I don't even know what it bloody well is." Luke says with a faint laugh. "Could be a boy, or a girl-or a whatever." And eyes look back towards Helena, and there's a faint look of-well was that shame? Yes just a small glance of being ashamed before his own armor is back up and kept hidden under the veneer of not caring. And like that everything is kept back. "I'll remember that next time I am blind drunk and ready to fuck."

Deadpan delivery before he is glancing back to Ashleigh. "Seems to be the day for the Granthams. Red Letters all of it."

"Your nephew, Flint," comes his reply although asking Ashleigh that might not have been a good idea, exactly. "Beden and a couple of his friends got into a fight with some of the Legion and I had to break it up." They might know that already, if they pay attention to the rumors that float around Ignis. The smile from Helena has her feeling guilty and she bows her head. "Please forgive me, my Lady. Familial troubles seem to be in fashion for us. I do hope you've been well."

At the mention of protection made to her other uncle Ashleigh raises a brow, her eyes somehow managing to narrow at the same time the rest of her forehead lifts. "What is this… oh, no." Someone's slowly putting the pieces of this little puzzle involving Crow together and by the time the last piece falls into place she looks absolutely, positively mortified. "Uncle Crow, what the fuck did you do," she half-wails, her pale face growing more so.

"Not 'what'," Flint corrects for Ashleigh. "'Who' is more percise, right? 'Uncle Crow, who the fuck did you do?'" His attempt to add some levity to it. "Ash, yelling at your uncle isn't going to change the problem for what it is. And it's only a problem so long that it's his, and that the mother isn't going to make some huge issue over it. It's going to be alright. I wasn't exactly going to bring this up. And neither was your mother since you were handling the whole Beden thing."

To which he then frowns. "Wait, Beden got into a fight with his ex or he got into a fight with some Legion, because my report is a bit conflicting in that. All I know is that there was some yelling, some fighting, and you walked in and broke it up. All I know is that Beden's boyfriend, or ex I suppose, is none too pleased about Beden marrying Aidan Peake. Is that about right?"

"Who, yes, 'who'," Helena chimes in, reaching out to place a hand on Luke's arm. The gesture is meant to be one of comfort, and perhaps to also fondle a little muscle because, hey, who can blame a girl? Her smile widens once more as Ashleigh apologizes, and she waves her free hand in a dismissive gesture. "No, please, no offense taken, and no need to apologize. Sometimes trouble happens whether you will it or no, but I am sure all of this will fade rather quickly. It doesn't sound as if any truly lasting damage has been done. Well." She glances to Luke and then back to Ashleigh. "Everything is fixable."

"Who I think is the-Yes, thanks Uncle Flint." A beat as he is looking to the Heir apparent and offering his own half assed grin in return. "Your Uncle Crow, might have gotten someone pregnant. We're clear on any of that." said as he regards his niece for a moment. "Nothing that can be taken care of." he assures-and no he's not told Ashleigh's mother. After clearing his throat he continues. "Her name is Rook." which some people might know-or might not know. A roll of his shoulders. "So, beyond my possible child-and Beden fighting legionaries, I am sure there is nothing else that can go wrong." Right?

Oh. Wonderful. At least that trumps Beden's recient misadventures in the Alehouse, meaning he just might be spared Ashleigh's wrath. Unfortunately for Luke, however, he just might become the new target of it. "I see," she utters in a deceptively calm voice. "So you might have sired a bastard?" The b-word is loathsome to her, it distasteful on so many levels, but she can not not use it now since it sadly fits what the unborn child will be labeled as. "Did you ever once stop to think that it might be a bad idea?" The longer Ash speaks the higher in pitch her voice gets until she just about sounds like her mother. "By the Six, Crow! Do you know what the could do to the reputation of House Grantham?" Falling quiet, then, she looks from Luke to Flint and Helena, her shoulders slumped. "I am sorry. This is not something that should be discussed when we have company." Ahem. Insert blush here.

"Famous last words." Flint chimes out the corner of his mouth. However, he starts rolling his eyes the moment Ash starts to rail in on her uncle. "Hey. Back the hell off, Ash. You're starting to sound like your mother." Coming about in his chair, he get's physically between the two. "He's aware of what, doesn't need you or me, or Marah to tell him that. And nobody knows if it's really him or not. When we find out that, then you can go off on your rant an shit, not before. And we especially don't fucking turn on each other when one of us makes a fuck-up. We're better than that." Looking up at her, he narrows his eyes a little bit. "Besides, we've -all- done some pretty stupid shit when we've been drunk. Haven't we, Ashleigh?" And the way he looks at her, there's an unsaid statement the eldest Grantham is giving the heir. "So how about you cut Crow some slack, eh?"

"Oh come off it, Ashleigh. It's not as if we've not all fucked around at some point, or gotten too drunk to care." And then a point is given over to Helena. "Accept her, Lady Helena's reputation is spotless." As for House Grantham's there is a snort-but he is shaking his head for a moment, and eyes go down to the empty glass on the floor. Right he should have brought more to this little tete a tete. "I-" The rest is lost as his brother comes in and Luke looks back towards Helena with a self deprecating grin. "It seems you picked the best day to come here."

Helena jerks violently at Luke's announcement, but — surely she has misheard. She turns slowly to stare at him, but after replaying the conversation in her head, it is obvious that she has heard him correctly. "Rook?" she inquires breathlessly, growing paler (if that's even possible) as she considers the implications. It's rather obvious by her behavior that Helena is familiar with the name, but she presses her lips together firmly and glances down to her hands. Hmm, well then, maybe it's a little awkward sitting in the middle of a family argument, but it isn't as if the doctor is about to butt in. Rather than say a word, she silently pulls up a document on her tablet and begins to read as if perhaps she's not listening — until eyes are looking her way. "What?" She glances up and frowns at Luke before shrugging a single shoulder. "Not entirely spotless, but perhaps I should just let you three discuss this privately. I really don't meant to intrude."

Ashleigh shakes her head at Flint. "I am not turning my back on Crow. If I was I'd be running to tell Mother and demand that he be disowned. But I am allowed to get it off of my chest first so I can think rationally." Pause. "Yes, we all make mistakes. I never said that." Nor has she gone as far as to try and imply that she hasn't made mistakes herself. "I am sorry, Crow. But…" Sighing, she falls quiet, not really sure how to feel or what to say now that Flint had the nerve to deflate her anger. The ice starts to crack a bit and a tiny bit of the normally-cold Grantham's emotions start to show through in a display of tears that mist-over her eyes. "What are we going to do?" That's right. 'We'. See? She isn't turning her back on anyone!

Speaking of mistakes, Beden strolls in to the gardens, presumably on his way to his room. And…there they all are. The lot of the family. He freezes for a moment, asseses the tension and steps up next to Luke. Polite nods to Ash and Flint. "Someone not tell me about the party?" He says dryly, wearing his Ash Legion uniform.

"Alright, fair enough, Ash." Flint nods, rolling back to where he first one was sitting. Or positioned. "Sometimes we gotta be reminded before we start casting stones at glass houses. That sorta thing. As for what we're gonna do. I suppose you're gonna have to give Beden a talking to at some point and we'll have to wait on word for a parental test for Crow. That's the long and short of it. This all may seem embarrassing now, but this isn't any different from what other families have had to deal with in the past or currently. It is what it is."

And at that point, he turns to see Beden enter. "Oh, speak of the devil. Look who we were just talking about. I hear your sister dear wants to speak with you, kid."

Luke looks back towards Helena, and he is reaching back out to place a hand on her leg, unless of course she is skeedaddling out. "You're not interrupting. This is a normal occurrence..Well, fighting in some manner is.." he's trying to keep it light, but he does notice paled skin and the other. "You know her-" and at that moment a member of the house comes into the inverted gardens, followed by the swish of the door behind them. Without really interrupting the noble gathering-said packet is passed along to Luke, in which he raises a brow, before standing up wordlessly.

"Excuse me a moment." the knight mutters as he steps away from the couch to read and take a look at the contents.

"Normal or not, I feel like I'm eavesdropping or something," Helena mutters to Luke, offering a brief smile and watching as yet another Grantham joins the party. Not that Beden isn't welcome; the Dalton does her best to straighten her posture, flick her hair out of her eyes, and offer the newcomer as cheerful a smile as she can manage. It is, perhaps, a trifle strained. Her attention flickers back to Luke, and she presses her lips together in a thin line briefly. "I know her." And yet, before she can expound upon this, Luke is drawn away for a moment, leaving her to stare at Ashleigh, Flint and Beden. "Sir Flint has the right of, my lady. Some things are out of our hands, and we must wait and prepare for all possible outcomes. These incidents - they are so minor in comparison to some things that have happened. It will 'blow over', as all the kids say."

Ashleigh glances at Beden, her mouth setting into what might be considered a grim smile of sorts. "Oh. Hello, Beden. I do apologize for not getting to speak with you sooner," she says in a tone that is a bit too… nice. "I do hope you and your friends are recovering from your little bar fight." A look is darted to Flint and Helena, the latter of whom is given a nod. "I know. I am just… you know? Wanting to do something and now I'm feeling very helpless." Which is a tough pill for the heir to swallow. "So yes. Crow…" who is now watched as he goes off to read whatever it was he was given, "… will take care of it to his best ability and we will all adjust as life needs us to."

"When did I start to sound like the goddamn parent?" Flint grumps, even as he grins a little at Helena's agreement with him. "Ash is the responsible one, not me." Watching Luke get up, he sighs. "That better not be important," he calls over, giving Helena a humorous look. "Well, I suppose you didn't ask for any of this on a day off, eh? I'll have to make it up to you somehow, Doc. Not really sure if you need anything but…well.." he shrugs. The offer is what counts, right?

As for Ash and Beden, he shakes his head. "Getting in a barfight with your boyfriend is no way to tell him you're getting married, Beden." he comments over their way, but content to let Ashleigh handle her brother.

Eyes continue their skim of the packet and the contents, before there is a brief nod and a shake of his head. Shoulders rise and slump for a second. Head tilted Crow, stares off at a hanging clump of albino apples. After a moment he simply turns back with the packet in hand. "Crisis averted." Luke announces blandly. Usually this is then moment when he should be doing black flips and dancing off stage while some poor woman cries. However, Luke just seems stunted for the time being, before his smile comes on like pulling up a blanket. "So, I guess that means I do not need to talk to Marah about that.

Despite the relief that this revelation could bring on, the knight doesn't seem to show it. Instead he passes over the packet over towards Flint- so that he might read.

"We're recovering splendidly, sister of mine." Beden says, matching her excessive politeness. He seems ready to respond further, but then there's a series of other revelations and tensions. He looks…concerned over to Luke, as he avoids eye contact with Ash.

Regarding Flint, Beden shrugs. "He found out the same way I did - on the news." Bitterness in his tone. "Things proceed fine with the Peake heir. I'll sort out of my romance more discreetly." He says, trying to sound final.

"And this is why I don't bother with romance, especially with citizens," Helena chimes in, and although the attempt is at a little humor to lighten the mood, she mostly winds up sounding like a pretentious bitch. A cheerful smile accompanies her words, adding to possible misperceptions. "Ah, well, that is good news, Luke," the doc continues, eyeballing him thoughtfully before glancing away toward Beden and Ashleigh. "And there, see? Things work out in the end. Now you can all do a couple of good deeds to pay forward the luck that's been given to you today, so if anybody is looking for some charity work just let me know. I have a job for you."

"One day, Doc. One day you'll find someone interesting enough to pull you away from work." Flint waggles a finger at Helena. "You just wait. It'll happen to you too. Though, people say the same thing about me too." He does seem to get joke, though, even if she sounds like a bitch about it. That's just not her stlye! She's far too nice to be a bitch! Turning to look, he tilts his head. "If that's such good news, why do you look so…disappointed about it?" he asks after a moment of watching him. "I don't suppose that's actually something you want, is it?" He shrugs that off. "I suppose that takes all kinds. It's for the best, Crow." The sound of work always makes his ears perk. "Please." he says to Helena. "If there's anything that can get me away from doing Marah's bitchwork, I'll do it. Unless you need someone with functioning legs."

Luke gives Helena a look, though it remains mainly unreadable. Instead, he clears his throat and gives a nod. "Yes, some of the best luck in a long time." As such he gives his family a brief bow of his head. "Oh, No- don't get me wrong. It is for the best for the House and for the family." Luke says to his brother. "Perhaps..I don't know." a shrug as he stoops down for his book and his glass. "Now, if you will excuse me." And Crow is heading off back towards the Lift and likely to the Garrison.

Ashleigh waits for Flint to be done with the packet Crow handed to him before trying to grab for it, too fucking curious to ask if she may look. "Flings are the way to go, aren't they, Helena?" The heir is by no means one to fall into romantic inclinations often, if at all, and after this she's probably going to be keeping to the 'asprin between the knees' form of abstinance for a good long time.

"Beden, you and the other Legionaires will be doing extra training. What that'll involve I am not sure, yet, but I'll let you and everyone else know." No, Ash is not a Knight Lieutenant but she feels assured that such from her will be taken well despite not being in charge. "And you and your friends will give the owners of the bar triple the cost of everything that wound up damaged or broken. Each."

Luke is given a smile and then a hug before he can get too far. "Take care, Uncle. And I'm sorry."

There's a quite visible eye-roll to his sister's attempt to be bossy. "Whatever makes ya feel better, Ash." He sighs, considering his final stretch as a Legionnaire will now be spent doing her training. He nods to his Uncle, still not sure how to react to the news.

"I'll be organizing a bit of an expedition as a gift to my betrothed, if you'd like to come along sister of mine."

Wiggling her fingers to Luke as he leaves, Helena's smile lingers for a moment before she returns her attention to the rest of the family. "Flings? I don't really do flings. I haven't had one of those since my days at the Academ, ahaha." The doc links her fingers together, resting her folded hands atop a knee and looking between the Granthams. "The burden of leadership, hmm, my lady? Only those who don't realize what a crap hand you're dealt actually want to be in positions of power. Shame, really. I'm feeling peckish. Is anybody else hungry?"

At Helena's explanation, Flint is pointing at himself vigoriously, as if implying, 'See? See? I made the smart move. Didn't want that crap job either'. "Flings are the best." the older Ash Knight comments. "Especially when both involved and see just for what it is. It's only when it gets past that is when it starts to get a little messy. Makes me a bit whimsical for when I was Ash's age." Beden gets a sigh. "I don't know what I can tell you, kid. You got kinda boned, especially since Aidan didn't even appear to consult you beforehand, asking if it was okay. I'd put his teeth in for at least not giving me forwarning. Or to tell him to screw off before he went and asked our parents. Little asshole was a bit disrespectful towards you, if you ask me. Unless of course, this was Marah's idea, and from what I've spoken to her about, it was brought up to her. I think she was fine with you as how things were. You're 'the good kid'." Eyes slide over to Ash. "Don't get into trouble." Gaze makes it's way back to Helena. "What you have in mind, doc?"

"Think you guys are kind of missing the point of arranged marriages," Ash points out, her eyes narrowing at Beden thanks to his having rolled his at her. "But that's kind of a moot point, now. It's either carry through with it with grace and at least try to act happy, if only to not shame the family or Aidan's, or act out like a child who isn't getting his way and embarrass everyone involved, including yourself." Thankfully this is a bullet she's dodged so far but Ashleigh knows it's just a matter of time before she's made to face the same fate her brother is.

A chair is dragged over close to where Helena sits and is sat upon by the red-head, Ashleigh looking amused. "For what it's worth, I did not want this position. And how about we drop the formal address bullshit while we're here? Call me Ashleigh. Or just Ash. I go by either and will answer to both." Shaking herself as if suddenly cold, she leans over and rests her forearms on her thights. "Gods, I am sorry. I really am, Beden. But think about it this way. Because of this marriage we will be able to count House Peake as allies, which we are in need of during times of war."

"And you're missing my point, Ash." Flint remarks. "That's all well and good, but you know what? Be respectful and at least tell the other person that this is going to happen. Don't just drop it on them like that. Because shit, he found out through the goddamn -news-. How you feel if that happened to you? I don't know about you, but I'd feel pretty damn pissed off and disrespected. And that the person I'm marrying will fucking know that this is a political marriage, nothing more. And that I will have the goddamn right to a companion and that's that. Or they just better get used to the idea of me sleeping with somebody else or call the damn thing off. That's what I'm saying. Besides, when did Grantham give two shits about what other thought of us? We're not here to make nice with other houses, we're here to kill shit. And I've got no illusions as that's the only reason why we're even a house at all. I don't give two shits about making other people happy, because they sure as fuck don't care about us."

Ashleigh eyes Flint. "Alright. So I misunderstood what you were saying. Am sorry." The bridge of her nose gets pinched and she leans back, looking pained. Rising, then, she gives Beden a hug and then Flint one before, with a grunt, she flops as if trying to sit on Flint's lap. "What I wouldn't give if we were still kids and not have to worry about this crap."

Beden looks between Flint and his sister, leaning against the wall. "I know I shoulda done better." Flint thankfully has more than voiced his concerns. "What's worse is this dude's delusional belief in making some sorta peace with the Hostiles. He's arranged for some visit with Sarah cuz he's convinced it'll change my mind somehow. Heh." Beden grunts a bit. "I know the score, Ash." He looks to Flint. "And thanks."

Flint shrugs lightly to them both. "I wouldn't be beyond setting down arms with the Hosties." he says after a moment. "I doubt something like that could happen, but I'm not beyond that. Have to be a pretty decent list of things to work to make that happen, and I kinda doubt that. But if there's one thing I've learned, is that never say something is impossible. Because you'll almost always be eating those words." Looking around, he sighs. "Well, I'll let you two works stuff out if need, but I'll be back later. Just remember, Beden. You didn't ask for this marriage. I'd say be respectful, but you make it clear that you're gonna have someone other than him. Go make kissup with your ex. If you can. Ash, you did good, kid." With a wave, he'll roll himself down the hall, looking for his apartment.

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