09.23.3013: Beacon Festivities
Summary: The Memorial Festivities that took place recently at Beacon
Date: 09/14/2013
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The City on Water is alight with a festive air. Not the sort full of joy, but containing a static to it much like a build of, something akin to excitement perhaps. The fall is approaching Beacon, which simply means slightly drier air, a turning of beach grasses and the eventually return to the rainy season to come in winter. That brings a somber touch to the events as well as the fact that a large portion of the current festivities is dedicated to a memorium for those who have fallen at Cape Amran.

There was a brief ceremony offering the pinning of medals to a few warriors, while the remainder have been distributed to the Houses responsible for units that attended the action. The officious metal is designed with a banded ribbon - blue on the outside, then black inside of that, followed by gold, green and a gold center again. Hanging from the ribbon is a circular 'white' metal with the emblem of House Hollolas going to the edges, overlaid with House Amran's own emblem as well as imagery of The Osprey's Nest and the closed Waygate.

As the sun sets, there tends to be a gathering for the lantern festival. Ephraim and Lorelei can bypass getting them from the merchants, a few set aside for the house and other official characters associated with the event itself. As they make their way towards that ceremony, he ponders, "Any lantern in mind," perhaps curious if she's launching the sort to float on water or on air.

Lorelei's dressed n her nicest dress, so her purple and ivory dress from Lady Iah. her hair is up in a rather intricate series of braids, all done up, leaving her neck bare. She's wearing a pretty necklace, with matching earrings. the design is somewhere between leaves and waves, with blue green stones. She did have lip gloss on, but throughout he metal ceremony had chewed it off due to nerves. She walks with Lord Ephraim, hand on his arm and will glance over, "I don't know…which are you thinking? I…" She'll frown slightly as some memory starts to make it way to the front of her mind, "Did we talk about the flying lanterns before? She has little memory of what she actually talked about when in the hospital.

Grinning himself, Ephraim has attempted to put his hair back in some sort of fancy fashion, but the curls are escaping to try and dangle as is their want. "A little, I only suggested both. Traditionally, we float them out to sea, but I know others prefer the sort that will float into the sky. You thought it a touching idea for those wishing to observe their own traditions." Pondering that, he says, "Maybe we both should do one of each? I have a platform set up for the family, hope you don't mind stepping out with me …" While he wears a dinner jacket, it is comfortable enough that he will not get hot while moving around in the warmer fall weather of the ocean front. His eyes, when they turn to her, move between the line of her neck and her eyes.

Lorelei nods, "They both sound lovely." She'll tilt her head, really not remembering the conversation, "I said…Yes, one of each could be nice." She'll smile a bit brighter, "Of course. As long as your family doesn't mind, I'd like to be next to you." Her eyebrow raises as his eyes linger, "What?" Then suddenly getting nervous, her free hand goes up, "Is the necklace ok? Is it crooked?" She'll try to straighten the jewelry.

Ephraim walks with Lorelei, both decked out for the festivities and the formal to come over at the Hollolas seat, The Hand. Ephraim turns to Lorelei as they walk, "No, you're fine, you're quite fine. I'm just saying, everyone will watch of us to launch first before they set their lanterns out just the same. I should of warned you?" Though his eyes are gleaming.

Lorelei's dress in her pretty purple and ivory dress from Lady Iah. Her hair is up in a rather intricate series of braids, all done up, leaving her neck bare. She's wearing a pretty necklace, with matching earrings. the design is somewhere between leaves and waves, with blue green stones. Her hand is at her neck, near the jewelry, fretting some. She's frowning slightly, "I…yes? I'll just follow your lead?" She sounds nervous. "Maybe I should just stay in the back?"

Shaking his head, Ephraim responds, "No, its good. Most people will look at my mother and father. At best we might get a tabloid piece that speculates. If you're worried about that, join us but you can stay back, release your lantern after the main family. I just didn't want you lost in those proceedings."

Chiron walks a little behind Ephraim and Lorelei wearing his Peake Tabard that was given to him by Agnes as his squiring event. On his breast lies a medal he had received prior to this with both House Amran and House Hollolas's house symbols on them. He is quiet for now, reflecting on the battle and those who were lost.

Lorelei frowns, not having considered tabloids. "oh…I guess it doesn't matter…" She'll give Eph's arm a squeeze, and then drop back to check on her brother. "Hey…You ok?" they've not really spoken since the fight, but she'll but that behind the for now. She'll place a hand on his arm, making him engage her, at least to walk with her.

In the need of distracting herself, Viannea has come out to do a little celebrating of the newly changing seasons. Despite her desire to do so she looks distant and rather… well. Distracted but not from whatever it might be that she wants to not worry over, even if only just temporarily. Dressed comfortably in blouse, britches and boots, she is content to wander around, not yet seeing any familiar faces.

Not knowing details of any fight, Ephraim is in good spirits all around. As Chiron is near at hand and Lorelei is pondering the ramifications of joining the family for the launch, he considers a solution. "Ah yes, young master Chiron, perfect. You can join us too at the family's platform, you can launch with us." And deflect some speculations perhaps.

"I'll be ok… just thinking." Chiron replies to his sister and sighing some. There is a hint of regret in his voice, but right now isn't really the place to discuss it. "We can talk later, if you want?" He asks her, giving her a weary smile. He turns his attention to Ephraim when he addresses Chiron. "If you think that would be appropriate, my Lord, then I would be honored." He smiles, noticing Viannea in the crowd. He waves to her, trying to get her attention.

Lorelei nods, "I think Chiron on the platform would eb wonderful." And not at all better for Loree…really. She'll nod to Chiron, agreeing this sin't the place for them to talk about the fight they had. Instead, she'll give his arm a squeeze, "It will be good to have one of the people who helped close the gate send off one of the first lanterns. It's….right." She'll look up to see who her brother is waving at and gives the noble a soft smile.

Viannea looks up from where she's been looking over a selection of decorative hair bands and clips, a few of which she has in hand. She buys those as well as a few others which are then packaged for ease of carrying. "Thank you." She turns and joins Chiron and the others, Ephraim and Lorelei given a polite nod before, playfully, the squire gets a light chuck to the shoulder. "How is everyone?"

"Hello," grins Ephraim at the latest approach, "Join us for the launch Lady Viannea, we'll make a complete party of it and then we can retire to The Hand. You're coming I hope," he asks of her. Then nods to Lorelei, "Exactly, his presence, its natural. And if anyone wants to reaise a speculation, let them say what they will, we shall enjoy this day. I'm looking forward to the dance to be honest." And getting off his feet alittle probably with the days activites so far.

Chiron gives Viannea a smile when she touches his shoulder. "I'm doing alright,how are you doing today, Sir Lady Viannea?" He asks, trying to be friendly and make conversation. The last time they talked she was in the hospital. He places a hand over his sister's hand and gives her a light squeeze in response, trying to convey he's alright for the moment. "The dance should be fun, though I admit I'm no good at it." He laughs some, though it seems slightly forced.

Lorelei bows her head to Vianna, smiles that Chiron seems at ease with her. Turning to look at her brother, "Well, we Quelltons aren't known for our dancing. we can't be faulted for that." Looking at Eph, "You've been warned."

Viannea says, "I'd love to join you for the launch," Viannea says to Ephraim, "but I'm not sure if I'll be able to stay for the dance. I do hope you'll allow me to stay in your company until such a time I have to return home, though." Lorelei is looked at before, with a smile, she pokes Chiron. "Who is the young lady?"

A smile comes to Ephraim's lips at the curiousity over who the Lady is, but he leaves that one for Chiron, instead saying, "Certainly, welcome as long as you'll grace our company. No complaints from me." Then he'll turn more to Lorelei, "A good partner will amend, or simply take the blaim. It is my job to make you look otherwise, or I shall be the one who fails." Reaching to take her hand if she'll give it as they walk for the special platform now. "Don't forget, secret meeting, we had something constructed you know."

Chiron laughs softly. "Oh, this is my sister, Lorelei, my Lady. She was present at my squiring dinner." He smiles again, continuing. "You should come to the dance if you could make it. I think it'll be important, even if it's just to amuse yourself by watching me stumble about the place." He says as he starts to follow Ephraim and Lorelei to the platform.

Lorelei's hand is taken by Epg and she'll smile over to Vianna, "It is nice to be able to talk to you, Lday Vianna. Chiron's Squiring was a bit hectic." With a small shake of her head, "Lord ephraim, this may be a challenge you…and your feet, are not up to." A soft smile when the secret meting is mentioned but she'll not respond, instead turning back to Vianna, "Oh…my brother isn't that bad, he's just unpracticed." Yes…yes he is, but it's a sister duty to make he sound better.

Viannea has a little light go on over her head now upon Chiron explaining who Lorelei is, someone she saw briefly that night and not since then. "I do apologize that I didn't get a chance to talk to you that evening, Miss Lorelei. I was busy trying to keep my brother out of trouble." And was also trying to keep Brigham from making a mess out of himself with his supper. Turning back to Ephraim, Vi regards him warmly. "You're very kind to offer your company. I may make it… depends. I'd have to return home and change, though." Pants and boots do not make proper formal attire.

Sir Agnes has been shaking hands and being given congratulations on both the medal and her recently announced betrothal, so it's taken her some time to re-locate her niece and her squire in the crowds. Finally free of well-wishers, she approaches, wearing breeches, tunic, and surcoat in House Peake's colors and arms. She looks a little overwhelmed, but smiles, fingering the medal around her neck lightly. "Lord Ephraim, thank you for honoring everyone involved."

"Certainly," grins Ephraim to Viannea, "And understandable about brothers, we always have to keep ours in line too, they wander around dark caves or amongst the peaches far too often, always out of line." A squeeze to Lorelei's hand for the moment after that, "But if you can, it will be splended, stars, maybe some fire pits, and open stars above the sea, it doesn't get much better. We shall see if me feet live up to meet this challenge that is Lorelei." About rejoining them as both Quellton's like the idea the same. Then as Sir Agnes thanks him, he shakes his head, "No, please, it is thanks to you and your squire," he thinks he has all the squires straight and who they belong too, he hopes, "That brings us here, the only thing can do is be thankful for what you were willing to sacrifice for the rest of us lacking that fortitude."

"My hammer hasn't exploded yet, so I think he did a pretty good job." Chiron chuckles out, speaking to Vi about her brother. He gives Ephraim a confused look and says, "Aren't you the only male sibling in your house?" He's slightly confused, but doesn't know the Hollolas family very well. He's wearing peake colors and the medal he received just a little while ago. When Agnes arrives to the group he gives her a big smile and gravitates toward her side instinctively. He smiles up at her.

Lorelei nods to Vi, "I understand, brothers are hard to control. I'm lucky I only have two." Loree smiles warmly t Anges, glad that her bother's knight could be there. Her cheeks turn a touch pink at Eph's tease, but she' just tilt her chin away from him, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of a smile.But one does tug at her lips any how.

Looks like Agnes and Viannea are going to miss each other again as a device chirps somewhere on the younger Peake's person. It's pulled out of a pocket and looked at. Whatever is on the small item's screen has her wrinkling her nose and then looking up at the others. "I am sorry but something kind of exploded -" and considering one of her brothers borders on 'mad scientist' professionally that just might be meant literally, "- and I'm needed at home." Epraim's bowed to and then Chiron and Lorelei are hugged before she rushes off, her bows and other hair decorations in hand.

Going up to the platform with all involved, lanterns are available for those who accompany the Hollolas party. That includes some Quellton siblings, one of which was honored earlier with a metal, along with his Knight and her sister. They can choose a sky lantern or a wave lantern to their liking and as the sun begins to set behind them to the west, the lanterns are slowly launched, a few at first from the Hollolas, then after the main family/line launches, ever from the city begins to join in. There will be plenty floating out from the city itself while the sky and winds will alight and dance with them. The sea delights with lanterns and reflections while the twinkle of those in the air are like fireflies on the last of the warm summer winds sneaking into the beginnnig of fall.

Afterwhich, everyone retires to various activities. Most nobles probably going to The Hand, which is bedazzled in lights and decorations. Most tables are arranged on lawns about the public rooms of the family seat, a few inside. Dancing areas reserved both indoors and outdoors, a few mixed between the two in the larger open air rooms. The family table is mixed with one such room, inside but so open along a row of doors and windows that run from floor to ceiling that it is practically outside. Even now, lanterns can be seen back at Beacon floating up and into the sky while a tide of lanterns rolls out. The food is succulant and there are vegetarian offers a plenty. Room is made to host the Quellton's, whether in honor for Chiron and his Knight, or for other reasons is speculation, but Ephraim is next to Lorelei it could be observed. Amidst pleasant conversation, he picks up an earlier topic, "So, I am challenged, I recall, something of dancing and having to work with an unpliable crafting material?"

"Yes, my Lord. You are challenged." Chiron teases Ephraim, forgetting some of what happened during Lorelei's birthday. "It was dancing and my sister. /Not/ unpliable crafting material." He laughs, sipping on some wine. "The candle memorial was really nice, my lord. Thank you."

Lorelei's eyebrow raise, "Unpliable…? I'm awful, just be aware. we'll make the papers for sure." She'll look to her brother, tilting her head, he's clearly not remembering much of the tap house conversation. She will agree, "It was beautiful, Lord Ephraim. I'm proud to have been able to see it." her hand will start to reach for his, then remember where they are, and all the eyes and redirect to her wine glass.

Not pausing to consider who might be looking, Ephraim might reach over to touch that hand, nonchalantly slightly. "No, you're right, far from unpliable." He might go on in that regard, and then realize himself to stop before saying too much. "But awful or not, the only thing that should matter is that it is fun. The ceremony was good, but after the events of the day, I think we could stand to attempt the conclusion on a happy note." A chuckle from Ephraim at what that could be, its rather open at this point finally. No more bustling to another point to meet someone, or do something. The planning has finally played off. "It was something to see, I should check to see what sort of images are searchable, but this wine is too good to be bothered with what's already hitting the headlines."

The youngest Hollolas has been here and there throughout the day. She was present for the launch of the lanterns, looking a bit distant and oft in thought. Some have made comments on how pleased they are to have the entire family whole again, back in the Beacon. Others have expressed — in more hushed tones — their concern over how long she's been gone and why. When the procession made its way to the Hand, she disappeared for a time. Now Cyrielle reappears, taking her seat at the family table.

Chiron flashes Cyrielle a smile, the events at the Taphouse very muddy in his mind, but he seems to remember an argument of sorts with the Lady. He sighs and turns back to Ephraim. "It's important to celebrate life, my Lord. We should remember those who have passed on, but we also shouldn't live in the past." He seems to be talking more to himself then the Hollolas Lord, eyeing Lorelei's hand and giving her a slight grin and a wink.

Lorelei 's cheeks turn even more pink and she'll quickly drink more wine! her hand does brush against Eph's though. "I'm sure there will be nothing but positive things in the papers. It was beautiful."She'll eye her brother, wondering if he truly believes what he's saying.

Lifting a glass only slightly to his sister, Ephraim does his best to make no full show of acknowledging her presence only to be more quietly complimenting of her arrival. When she is seated and close at hand, he quietly says, "A pleasure, I'm glad you could make it. Honestly, a dance or three, then we steal away into the night sky." A chuckle. Then towards Chiron, "Time to prove my mettle I suppose." He begins to stand, looking down at Lorelei, "There is a more private floor just in the garden, probably only a few people dancing there if you want to avoid any attention, but I think I shall cash in on the dance card …"

Thankfully, it is near to Ephraim that Cyrielle is sitting. She knows her brother will always have her back- even if he's just put one of those jumping tree spiders she hated as a child on it. So big and ugly they are. She's quick to accept a glass of wine and downs a fair bit of it. As she looks out over the milling people, she settles back in her chair. Her eyes go white for a moment as she slips into an Awakened state. That should distract people from her brother and his female friend for a moment. It doesn't last long before she's sitting up straighter, eyes returning to their warm brown hue.

Chiron tilts his head, whispering to his sister. "wouldn't going off to a private room attract more attention?" He suggests, though if it's more to keep an eye on Ephraim or to keep her out of the spotlight is debatable. His eyes widen for a second as Cyrielle slips into an awakened state. He looks away, going back for his wine and listening to the conversations around him.

Lorelei takes a deep breath, almost like she's getting ready to stand up to a firing squad, than a dance. As she stands, she'll blink, her face smoothing out. Glancing to Ephraim, she'll smile warmly, "My brother may be right. You know best. Where ever you want, my lord."

Between standing and his sister, Ephraim doesn't head out completely from the current room, but off to the side enough to hopefully not draw attention. "Thanks," he side mouths quietly before they head there and once there, he ignores most anyone that would greet him other than head nods at best. He simply holds up his lead hand, bringing the other towards her side, "Its easy, we'll go slow, just follow where I lead. Feel free to step on my toes as much as you like and we'll survive this." Mirth in his eyes.

When her brother rises to depart, Cyrielle drowns the last of her wine. There's a slight nod to Chiron. "Excuse me." And she rises, aiming to slip off into somewhere more quiet and secluded.

nods to Cyrielle politely. "Sure thing, my Lady." He smiles up as she departs and watches his sister and Ephraim head to the private garden. He frowns, hoping that the Lord can behave himself. His thoughts are interrupted as a young woman who looks to be in her early twenties walks up to him. "Would you like to dance?" She asks, giggling a little.&r&r Chiron The squire looks around and shrugs a little, smiling up at her. "Sure, though I'll warn you that I'm no good at it."

Maybe it's the wine, or the relief of the day being over, or maybe she's not as bad as she says, But Loree somehow manages to not only not break any of Eph's toes, but dances well. Maybe he's just that good at leading her. Letting out a shaky breath, "This is terrifying…."

"No, not at all," grins Ephraim, noticing how well she dances, "And you're sure you're not practiced at this, you're doing quite well actually." Chuckling a little even, getting into the spirit of the event. "Perhaps its a sign, we should dance more often." That being said, he'll try to move more elaboratly, building off the confidence form her moving so well already to the music.

When all eyes are on you, even the lightest step cannot help evade unwanted attention. Cyrielle is typing away on a small device as she slides out from behind the table, aiming for the archways to step out into the warm air. However, an heir to one of the smaller Hollolas vassals steps forward suddenly, blocking her path. "Ah, Lady Cyrielle… perhaps you remember the dance you promised me just a few years past." The brunette stares at the lad — poor thing is shorter than she — for a long moment. "You must be thinking of someone else. I was not here for the past eight years." The young man looks a bit constipated as his initial ploy fails him. "It would… it would, uh," he struggles once the line, practiced for hours before a mirror, fails. "look good to your mother if you were to dance with me."

As Chiron dances with the young woman, it's clear that he's not had any dancing lessons. He clearly looks embarrassed and halfway though the dance he stops and says, "I'm so sorry…" giving her a cheesy smile. She smiles back and heads out to find another dance partner. It's just then that he notices Cyrielle looking uncomfortable as she converses with a young man. Opting to save her he makes his way toward the group, placing an arm around Cyrielle and saying. "I'm sorry, my friend. Cyrielle is my date for the evening, would you mind if I danced with her?" He smiles at the boy and accidentally bumps his medal slightly, a slight reminder to him that he was one the members of the suicide mission.

"When would I have had time?" Loree holds onto Eph's arms a little tighter. She doesn't feel like she's doing well. She's just trying to follow him, feel the rhythm, all that piety rot they say. "If..if you want to, we can…" She'll then blink, as the photographer in the corner snaps pics, not only of them, but of all the dancing couples and important peoples.

"I could think of nothing better," responds Ephraim, "Excluding sock safari's and leaf racing. And perhaps learning to ride, and a swim. But, it shall be put on in the book. Not at the top, and away from the bottom, right about the middle." He won't push his luck with doing anything elaborate and beyond even his own abilities as a amatuer practitioner of the dancing arts. "If I'm to assume no practice, than I shall say your a natural, perhaps its part of your wylde witchy ways. Never knew you could until you tried. I won't bemoan fate for being allowed to enjoy the dance though." A smile as he forgets the room, the pictures and simply concentrates on Lorelei.

At the arm around her shoulders, Cyrielle stiffens slightly. Fingers of hands curl in against her palms and she draws in a slow breath. "He's right. It'd be… a shame to… take away from the heroes we are celebrating this evening." Young Lord McPimplestein looks put out and even kicks somewhat at the ground in front of him petulantly. It's clear he's just barely old enough to begin seeking betrothals and had likely hoped to help his house's standing by trying to secure time with the youngest of his liege family. The youngest Hollolas looks a bit flustered and casts a glance sidelong to Chiron as the young noble sulks off to stand with his friends. "Thank you."

Chiron flashes a smile to Cyrielle. "You are quite welcome, my Lady. Care for a dance?" He says, motioning to the floor. "I'm no good at it, so it would just be for show mostly." He takes the youngest Hollolas's hand and leads her to the dance floor. He's not really dancing, more just stepping side to side. "I figure we'd do this for a few minutes then I'd escort you out so you can make your escape." He smiles.

At the arm around her shoulders, Cyrielle stiffens slightly. Fingers of hands curl in against her palms and she draws in a slow breath. "He's right. It'd be… a shame to… take away from the heroes we are celebrating this evening." Young Lord McPimplestein looks put out and even kicks somewhat at the ground in front of him petulantly. It's clear he's just barely old enough to begin seeking betrothals and had likely hoped to help his house's standing by trying to secure time with the youngest of his liege family. The youngest Hollolas looks a bit flustered and casts a glance sidelong to Chiron as the young noble sulks off to stand with his friends. "Thank you."

Chiron flashes a smile to Cyrielle. "You are quite welcome, my Lady. Care for a dance?" He says, motioning to the floor. "I'm no good at it, so it would just be for show mostly." He takes the youngest Hollolas's hand and leads her to the dance floor. He's not really dancing, more just stepping side to side. "I figure we'd do this for a few minutes then I'd escort you out so you can make your escape." He smiles.

"I cannot for long," Cyrielle says, sounding rather uncertain. However, the Quellton's method of dance is one that she, fortunately, can handle. Her steps are very narrow and careful and he may notice that she tends to favor her right foot a bit. "Thank you for understanding. Large crowds and functions are not my forte."'

"You… were in the woods for a while, yes?" Chiron says, trying to remember what happened during that conversation, he was so drunk. "I imagine that would make anyone weary of large social gatherings." He does indeed notice that she has been favoring her right foot, and asks slightly concerned. "Is everything alright, my Lady?"

"For nearly eight years," Cyrielle says to the question, brow furrowing somewhat. "To study with a druid." She glances away for a few seconds, taking in the lay of the land as it were. "I have… a problem with my foot. It's why I don't dance."

"That's quite a long time to study in the woods. Do you prefer the woods? Your siblings seem to prefer the sea to the woods." Chiron laughs quietly, shaking his head. "Though I guess that's to be expected. What happened with your foot? We can stop if you wish."

"I do, yes. It wasn't always so." Cyrielle gives a slight nod to the offer. "Stopping would be good. Though I'll certainly accept the escort out, lest I am accosted by more Lords too young to know what to do with themselves."

She may have purposefully ignored the question of what happened.

Chiron nods politely. "Then lets get you out of here." He smiles as he slowly and carefully leads her towards the door. He doesn't press her about the foot, if it's not something she wants to talk about, he'll just let the subject drop.

The assistance seems welcome as Cyrielle takes Chiron's arm. Though on the outside it likely appears simply as an honored Squire escorting a noblewoman about the festivities, the Hollolas girl is leaning slightly upon the Quellton, taking some aid as they walk. "You are welcome to join us at the afterparty, if my brother and your sister have not yet given mention. I just request that you don't spread the word of the location beyond the small group."

"I would like that very much, my Lady." Chiron says, "Your secrets are safe with me. I have no intentions of blurting out locations of meeting places for the Noble houses. I'm not going to cause bad relations with other houses of my paramount." He laughs as they head out the door. "So, what do you do for fun? Besides tromp around in the woods?" He's trying to make small talk.

"Good idea. Most of Arborin prefers to avoid politics, so we're largely easy to get along with." Keep lands green, kill Hostiles. That about sums up The Spine at most times. Cyrielle pauses briefly, a slight wince on her features. She fumbles at her hip a moment before retrieving a small silver rod. A button is pressed and it extends into a cane. "For fun? Mm. I fancy myself a photographer."

"Are you /sure/ you are alright, my lady? Have you had your foot looked at?" Chiron asks, now a bit more concerned as he watches her get a cane out. He assumes this is a wound she possibly suffered in the woods. "A photographer, eh? I know a few of those. What do you take pictures of?”

"I'll be fine. This is standard." Cyrielle does cast a brief smile towards the Squire, attempting to assure him. "Yes, a photographer. I take pictures of… just about anything that should catch my eye. Primarily scenery though." She nods towards a path that breaks in the crowd. "And what do you do, when not busy with your Knight?"

"Well, I don't have a whole lot of free time, but I enjoy playing chess, spending time in the Taphouse. Usually tough I'm at my family's Ranch helping them out. Things are hard on everyone now, with the war." Chiron says, following the Lady and assisting her if necessary. "I'd like to see some of your photography sometime perhaps."

"Certainly. I can send some to you. I tend to edit some of the images before letting them be seen publicly, so those are readily available to send over." Cyrielle tucks her cane against her elbow, slowing her pace a bit to pull out a small device. "If you give me your information, I can make note so I don't forget."

Chiron gives Cyrielle his information, still glancing at the cane and frowning slightly. "Did you take your camera with you during your stay in the woods? I imagine you've seen some rather wonderful things out there. The Spine is quite a pretty place."

"I think I shall be fine from here. I can make my way to the treehouse and be certain all is ready for the afterparty later." Cyrielle steps away, smoothing her skirts lightly. "Thank you, Squire. I pray you enjoy the rest of your evening. This is to celebrate your efforts, so do whatever please you. Even if it's just to partake in as much of the Hollolas wine stores as possible." She offers a light wink after the last.

Chiron bows yet again. "Then I shall see you at the after party then." He states, stepping back, to head out towards the festivities again. "I shall partake in the festivities, and the wine. Thank you. I look forward to seeing your pictures. Until we meet again." He says, heading back towards the main hall.

As she exits the main areas of the festivities, Cyrielle is filled with a sense of relief that takes her at a slow pace towards the forest on Hollolas lands. Back to where she feels most at home.

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