11.23.3013: Bathroom Surgery and Confession
Summary: Okay, not quite surgery, but it was the easiest word to use. Klaudea goes to Lincoln's flat after almost being blown up and asks him to get her friend there to take care of her injuries, and confesses what she's done with her time that has her sneaking to see him with major injuries.
Date: 12-13 October, 2013
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Klaudea Lincoln 

Lincoln's flat
It's a small flat in the Blue Ring
23 November, 3013

It's late. Really late at night. There's a 'thump' against Lincoln's door. Then there's a dull thudding near the bottom of it.

Lincoln got home about an hour ago. He's in sleepy pants and that's it, having showered away the client of the night. he was dozing on the couch she he hears the thump and will look through the peep hole. Unfortunately, that doesn't help him at all. he'll grab his brass knuckles and slips them on as he opens the door slowly.

The cloak that covers her is gray with dust. Thick dust, as if she's been buried in avalanche of dust. Klaudea's eyes look out from a mask of dust, although the lower half of her face is relatively clean, except where tears have tracked through the dust and dragged some of it down. Her arms are crossed under her cloak, as she struggles to straighten away from the door and not collapse into Lincoln when he opens it.

It takes Lic only a moment to realize who and what is going on. His voice is soft, but worried, "Fuck!" He'll fling the brass knuckles backwards into the apartment and kneel down next to Klaudea, "What the hell, Klaudea! Why are you not at a fucking hospital?!?" His eyes travel, trying to evaluate what's wrong. His hands quickly move to to try to pick her up, gently, to get her into the room and close the door.

Klaudea looks up at him, and is about to say something when she starts turning green. "I'm going to be sick," she says, looking around for his bathroom.

Lincoln doesn't put her down, instead carries her into the bathroom. The mirror still has a touch of moisture from his shower . He'll set her down next to the toilet, pulling her hair back. He's clearly not happy, the worry evident on his face, "Ok…just take slow breaths…"He'll try to slowly move the cloak off of her, not sure what the damage is yet.

One thing he'll notice is that she's armed, her sword doesn't hang at a normal angle, and she'll give a it bit of a cry at the maneuvering, her hand is still clutched around it. But the expression of pain is cut off as she leans over the toilet. When she's finished, she slumps back, pale where she isn't dusty and sweating. "Hostiles," she says quietly. She looks up at Linc, and her expression twists with a bit of guilt and a lot of pain. "Lincoln, there's a man, Georgiana's brother. He's a doctor, but I can't go to him." She chews her lip as her color is slowly returning for now. "Can you please… get him for me? I'll… I'll explain everything. I promise."

Lincoln tries to get the sword away from her, "Fuck, Klaudea, Hostiles? You couldn't go to the hospital?" Even as he's chastising, he's bragging a wet wash cloth and wiping her face. He'll purse his lips, "Can I call him? I'd rather not leave you alone…" The washcloth is pressed gentle to her forehead and he'll try to figure out what's wrong with her exactly. He'll glance towards where his tablet is on the coffee table.

Klaudea cries out when he touches the sword and she weakly pulls her body away. Her hand has been smashed around the hilt so that she can't uncurl her fingers. Her left arm moves from the shoulder, but doesn't seem to have the strength to push him away. "I'll be all right now, here. I can sit down, and I have…" her eyes glance towards the toilet. "No hospital. Sergei's a doctor. Sergei Criminov. Naval doctor," she'll tell him the address. She frowns as she tries to concentrate, then gives him the number slowly, halting between a couple of them as she tries to remember.

Lincoln mumbles to himself and will hurry over to his tablet. he'll hurry back, the tablet already swiped on. His fingers shake and he'll try to type it out, but the numbers mix up and he can't seem to hit them right. He'll grit his teeth, closing his eyes in frustration. "I…Let me try it again…I'm sorry…" he sounds freaked out, too freaked out to be embarrassed. That will come later.

Klaudea is leaning against the wall, her eyes close, and she repeats the numbers, they come with more confidence this time.

Lincoln takes a deep breath, biting his lower lip, hard, and will the type the numbers in. After the numbers, he'll send a message, stating where and who is hurt. That it is an emergency. He'll send it, leaving the number up, so if another message needs to be sent, it's already up. "Ok…It's sent….You better have a fucking good reason to not be in a hospital…" There's fear in his voice…he can't really help her, So instead he'll try to clean her up with the washcloth. "Do you want water to rinse out your mouth?"

Klaudea's eyes remain closed while he cleans her up, too tired and weak to protest at his mention of her not being in a hospital. When he mentions water, she manages a bit of a smile. "Please." While it doesn't take the eternity it feels like, there is a knock at the door again, one that is short and assertive, requesting admittance.

Lincoln doesn't leave the bathroom, instead using his glass on the sink. He'll even help her lean and spit. He's fuming, but realizes yelling right o isn't really going to do anything. When the knock happens, he'll lean back, and just yell loudly, "It's open!"

The door is opened immediately and a young man enters, his similarity to Georgiana is pronounced in features and blonde hair, although his is cut close to his head. He looks around, then finds his way to the bathroom. He gives a nod to Lincoln, and settles down on his knees in front of Klaudea, his gaze scanning the dust that covers her and shaking his head. "Six, Klaud, I was hoping you were safe in your bunk, not out …" he glances at Lincoln, and the back, "we heard about the explosion in the office. Some of our crew were sent for clean up." He takes a field scanner from his back and starts scanning. "Oh, by all Six, girl…"

Lincoln steps backwards. He knows he'll be no immediate help, and it sounds like the doc needs to ask things that he can't with Linc there. "Is there anything I can do to help you, or should I just go make a pot of coffee?" He means that helpful, not sarcastic. It's gonna be a long night. Klaudea would probably pick up on his worry that, but if the young doctor does or not….

"It's okay," Klaudea says weakly. "I told Lincoln I'd tell him. You can talk. Were there any civilian casualties?"
Sergei looks up, and shakes his head to Lincoln. "I'm going to need your help holding her to get her right hand away, then he gives a shake of his head to the girl. "You know I can't tell you that. But from the looks of the dust, it's a good thing you had your breath mask on. You'd have been coughing up dust for weeks. How close were you?"
There's a little bit of silence as he gets a hypospray to numb her hand as much as possible. "I tried to deactivate it. We almost had it, but all we could really do was slow it down to get people away." She sighs and shakes her head. "Until that kid tripped it on the way back out again. We barely had time to push the Hostiles away and get a safe distance."

Lincoln's jaw tightens, but he'll nod, moving back over to hold Klaudea where ever the doc tells him to. He's grip is strong. He'll not make eye contact, just soaks everything in. Bomb, Civilian causalities, dust. His mind flashes back to the warehouse, but he'll refocus, swallowing. He'll process everything later.

Even Sergei pauses as he listens to her. "You tried to deactivate it." It's not a question really, just a repetition of a fact that he finds almost absurd, but at the same time, doesn't seem to truly surprise him. He shakes his head, then looks to Lincoln as he removes the hand from the sword. Klaudea whimpers, but not as much as she had when Lincoln tried to do it. "I'll hold her hand up. Let's get her belt and cloak off," he suggests.

Well….who ever said Lincoln's job wouldn't give him skills outside of the bedroom was wrong. He'll quickly and easily get the cloak and belt off of Klaudea, jaw still tight. He'll not speak, what the heck can he say? He'll just do whatever Sergei says.

"I didn't…" Klaudea sighs and tries to lean a bit to help Lincoln as he works to remove her outerwraps. there is also a breath mask that was hanging down underneath the cloak that should probably come off, too. "They went through my changing room, and then a patrol went by. I tried to get around the patrol, and ended up in the ambush with them." She bites at her lip. "Sir Thalo was leading the patrol. I don't think he recognized me, when he ordered me to go in and help diffuse because I said I could, he called me 'you' and spoke to me like a stranger. I think I'm going to be sick again."
"That's not surprising," Sergei says to the last. "You got a sonic pulse to your stomach, you're going to be wretched for a few days. Probaly won't be able to keep anything down." He holds her right arm to keep from jarring it as he helps lean over the toilet again.

Lincoln's not the brightest bulb, but he's picking up enough. He'll remove the mask after the cloak and will hold her hair back again as she's sick, but he lets Sergei talk and hold her. The mask and cloak are both tossed into the bathtub.

As soon as she's done, and leans back again, Klaudea gives a weak thanks to Lincoln, and it seems that if she could she would glare at Sergei. "Thank you for the good news," she mutters. "I have something to look forward to."
Sergei gives a shrug. "Don't thank me yet," he tells her as he starts working on her hand, which will have her pushing back against Lincoln a couple times as she tries to both get away from the pain he causes, and keep herself from yanking her hand away. "I can't fix your hand, you've crushed just about every bone in it. I can temporary set it, because they can't operate until the swelling goes down anyway. I'll put it in a splint, but tomorrow, you /have/ to go to a hospital." He takes a breath, and looks down to his kit as he pulls out the spray foam and a frame to make a splint. "And even with the surgery, I can't say for sure if you'll get full use of your hand back." He looks to try and find his sister's friend's eyes. "The Wall is not stupid, Klaudea. If he was there, he will put two and two together. You're going to have to explain everything to him."

Lincoln's arms tighten against her, he'll let her press into his shirtless chest. This is not how woman usually grope at him though. His voice is a forced soft and calm, "Hold still….let him work." At least he's getting support from the doc on her going to a hospital. His grip on her is strong, he's trying to be comforting, supportive.

Klaudea closes her eyes as she listens to Sergei, and a couple of tears squeeze out from under her eyelashes. "Six, Sergei, what if he boots me?" She opens her eyes and looks down at her hand. "I won't make a very good knight if I can't use my dominant hand." She takes a deep breath. "Not to mention that he didn't take me on the patrol, so he probably thought I wasn't qualified enough. And he's going to think that I snuck out and tried to follow him to prove myself or something. I just… their medic went down, and then I heard Lord- " she stops. "I had to help protect them. Hopefully he'll believe my explanation that I /wasn't/ following the patrol to get into a fight, because why would I do that without my armor?" She lets out a breath, and without thinking about it, leans her head back on Lincoln's shoulder, a little calmer now that her hand isn't being manipulated any more while the splint and foam are being applied.

Lincoln actually watches Sergei now. He's going to get a better understanding of what's happening from him, than Klaudea. When she leans back, he'll light his shoulder some, giving her abetter place to to rest her head. His eyes stay on the doc though and he'll not say anything.

Sergei finishes putting the splint on, and watches the time on his watch as he holds it up. "Well, at least your left arm damage is temporary. Those HFP blasts can really mess up your nerves. And you know you have people who can vouch for you if need be," he adds looking up at her. When the hand is set, he pulls out a sling and shows Lincoln how to set it at the right height, having noted the young man watching him. "I have to get back, Klaudea. You should get yourself cleaned up as best you can and have your friend get you back to your barracks. Here," he hands her a little bottle of pills. "Take a couple of these or you'll never sleep." Putting his things together, he stands up and gives Lincoln a nod… then pauses. "I'm sorry. I'm Dr. Sergei Criminov." He offers his hand along with the long belated introduction.

Lincoln nods about the sling, "I'll get her where she needs to be." He'll also reach out and take the pills, she's really not even able to even open them. Linc doesn't get up from holding Klaudea, as she's leaning agains his. So instead he'll reach a hand up to the doc, "Hi..I'm Lincoln Dunne. Thank you for coming."

From the look of relief in Klaudea's eyes when Lincoln takes the pills, Klaudea had the same thought about not being able to open the bottle.
Sergei nods once. "You're welcome, Lincoln. It wasn't in question, although I admit this is pretty high on my list of dodgy places to come. But, if you need me, give me a call. If Klaudea trusts you…" he shrugs and doesn't need to finish the sentence. "I'll just let myself out."
Since he suits actions to words, the place is pretty quiet with just the two of them left, and the girl chewing at her lip as she struggles to think of what to say. "Thanks," she says quietly.

Lincoln raises an eyebrow, he didn't think his apartment was in a bd neighborhood. It's not fancy pants or anything, but not bad. "Ok doc…see you later." He'll wait till he hears the front door close and will let Klaudea lean against him. She can feel him nod his head brushing his slightly against her hair. He'll take a deep breath, his chest filling out against her back, "Do you have to go back to the barracks? can you just message your knight or whoever? If you're going to have to fill him in on what's going on…" It's implied why go through the physical pain of going back to the barracks. "Maybe he can just meet you at the hospital tomorrow?" Although, Linc isn't sure if the Wall isn't in a hospital, anyway, if he was in the fight.

"It's Sir Thalo," Klaudea says. "They would have to tie him down in restraints for him to not show up tomorrow morning to dump his armor off on me to fix. And it's best that…" she chews her lip some more. "It's best that I'm there to face him right from the start, rather than a message. He'll be there early enough, and then maybe the swelling will be down enough I can go to the hospital and get it operated on." She tries to grin. "Besides, you don't want me throwing up in your apartment all night."

Lincoln's not finding the humor in this. At all. "You realize that's utter drake shit, right?" beyond that, he'll not argue. Instead he's start to move his hands off of her shoulders, he doesn't need to be holding her. "I'm going to he another towel, and we'll get you cleaned up as mush as we can." He doesn't pull his shoulder away yet, not wanting her to lose the support and fall over.

Klaudea blinks, and she does manage to sit up as Lincoln announces his intent. "What is drake shit?" she asks, confused. It takes a scoot along her butt, which brings a grimace of pain since it involves her abs to do so, but she gets herself against the wall.

Once Klaudea's against the wall, Linc gracefully stands up. There's a shelf with some towels and things that he pulls down. "It's drake shit, you saying that you need to go back there. Like that's going to make things better if he hears what ever you've been doing there, vs. getting a message. If he's gonna be pissed, he's gonna be pissed." He'll bite down whatever else he was gonna say on that, instead shakes his head and wets a second washcloth. When he comes back and kneels down next to her, she can see his chest has a full steaks of dust from her leaning into him. "let's get you clean up before me make the trek outta here." It the back of his head, he's already trying to decide if calling a transport would be the best.

Klaudea watches him, confused at first, but then she gets as much of her stubborn bravado as she can, but it's almost sad how little there is. "I'm not saying it will make a difference as to whether or not he's pissed. But one way, I'm facing the music face to face, and the other way, I'm hiding behind the distance between him and wherever I'm sending the message from. It may be stupid to you, but it's important to me." She looks at him, and she lifts her left arm towards him, but it doesn't obey the command to bend or flex her hand, so she lets it drop, instead, just looking at the streaks of dust. "I got you all dirty. And you just got clean."

Lincoln just purses his lips, not even dignifying her argument with a response. Instead he'll take the wash cloth and try to clean her up. He's not quite making eye contact, cause, he'll break and say what he's really thinking. He's eyebrows draw together as she does her arm flop, and he'll actually look down to where she's trying to indicate. With a small sigh, "Yeah…guess you did." He has a ton of things he could say, but she'd either become way to agitated, or get mad. He'll just keep cleaning her off, his hands are remarkable soft and kind doing this. Almost like he's practiced on washing others. If she's watching his face is a touch…sad, hurt? Accepting? Like he's giving up trying to figure Klaudea out.

Watching his hands for a little while, then letting her eyes fall closed, Klaudea hasn't forgotten her promise. She isn't sure how to begin, so it takes a couple of halting starts to get going. "My father owns a factory in Obsidia." She pauses, and chews the corner of her lip once. "I can't let him know I'm helping the people in the factory sector." After a swallow, there's a bitter twist to her mouth. "He's forbidden me to help, says that the people there are just playing on my sympathies, and none of his hard earned money is going to help them. So, he can't find out I've been using my allowance since I was about ten to buy them food and medicine that they need. If he does, he'll stop giving me my allowance."

Lincoln nods, "You don't need to tell me. It's ok." He'll turn, twisting just his torso to grab the second washcloth and a towel. "Do you want to rest for a few, or go to the barracks right away? We can call for a lift, so you're not walking." His voice is calm, controlled. He'll grab the bottle to check to see if the pills will knock her out or what.

Klaudea shakes her head once slowly. "I promised," she tells him. "Keep promises." She shifts, a little groan of pain accompanying the movement. "I go over sometimes at night after I'm finished with my squire duties. I do a lot of things. I try to teach some of the kids to defend themselves, I get food and medicine to people where I can. Once in awhile I help someone if they're being accosted and there's no men at arms around. I've been wearing some old clothes so that I don't look like a rich kid. Learned that lesson by accident when I was ten." She snorts at that one, which makes her cough… and leads to her finding the strength to surge up to her knees and scuttle to the toilet again.

Lincoln moves to hold her hair again and will reach over her head to a basket on the back of the toilet and will grab a hair tie. "I told you, it doesn't matter anymore." He'll rub her back softly after her hair is secured, "We'll get you back, when you're ready."

"It matters to me," Klaudea inisists when she's stopped. "I know you don't get me. I see it. I'm a social nitwit, but I'm not stupid," her exhasperation is weakly put forth. "I don't understand you, either, but… " She doesn't have a but. She just rests her chin on the lid of the toilet. "Anyways, I was on my way back to my 'changing room' tonight, and someone had been there, whether it was a homeless person looking for a place to sleep, or the Hostiles on their way through, I don't know." Her eyes close again. "I had to double back to the infirmary that we've set up, because Bertram, he knows me, and he has a second set of clothes for me. But, the Hostile ambush was in the way. I couldn't leave the patrol to handle it alone, especially when I heard there was a bomb in there." She pauses. "I'm not doing anything illegal. I'm not a druggie. I'm just… I can't not help people that need it. I have no excuse to not help people, I have the money. I just don't have the influence, yet. That's why I'm working so hard to become a Knight, and I can't not become a Knight."

Lincoln nods, "You're not stupid. i don't think that at all." Yeah..of course there's not a but. He knows he's not on the same level as her. "You should tell your knight. He might have a better way fro you to do this. You should be able to use some of this as your training…" Maybe he's being over simplified with it, but what the hell kind of knight wouldn't be ok with this, besides the deception. He'll set the pills down, "They'll knock you out….Need to wait till you're back at the barracks." He'll wet the washcloth again and lay it on the back of her neck.

"Sir Urik knew," Klaudea's voice is slurring already with exhaustion and pain. "He knew from the start what I wanted to do, and what I was doing. He didn't turn me in to Father." She manages to lift one corner of her mouth. "I won't have much of a choice but to tell Sir Thalo, now." She tries to sit up, and, then struggles to stand, but she can't use the right arm, and her left arm just won't support her right. "Maybe… you should take me to the hospital, instead of the barracks. They'll tell Sir Thalo where I am. It's not like I'll be able to hide my injuries whether I see him in the barracks or the infirmary."

Lincoln lets out a thankful sigh, "Yes, ok. I can do that." It'll take him some maneuvering, but he'll figure out how to help her walk without hurting her too badly. He'll move her to the couch and makes her sit. "Give me like, 40 seconds?" And he'll dart to the bedroom where he trows on a pair of pants and a loose tunic. It's possible the only time she'll see him out without any jewelry or hair product or anything fancy on at all. His shoes are slipped on as he hops back over to her, "ok…you still with me?" He'll pat his pocket to make sure he has his wallet and tablet before reaching to help her stand again.

The couch. Sitting. Something softlike. Klaudea's body is trying to take that route away from pain into the land of sleep, but then Lincoln is back, and she blinks her eyes open. "Yeah, I'm here," she says quietly, giving him the numb left arm to help pull up, since she can't really feel him pulling at it, even if there is damage they can't see. "The Volkan Hospital, please. That's where Sir Thalo would look for me. I have some money with me, I can pay if you just get me there."

"oh…shut up. I can pay for the cab. You'll just owe me. Like…Huge. Steak dinner, I'm thinking. Fancy champagne, the works." Linc's trying to be silly, keep her engaged in conversation, not passed out. "One of those ridiculous fancy dresses of Georgina's." he'll lift her, more carrying her than letting her walk, if she lets him.

Klaudea doesn't really have the strength to resist him, and she's carried to the cab. "It's my problem, I should pay for it," she protests weakly. But then she nods against his shoulder. "She made me buy one a few days ago. It's definitely ridiculously fancy, designer, even, but Mother almost fainted with joy when she saw me in it. You might like it."

Once in the cab, Linc gives the destination, with a look that indicates the cabby should hurry. "Yeah? What's it look like? A dress your Mother likes? Lots of leg then?" he'll keep a hold of her, partially to comfort her, but partially to soak any jarring that may occur from turing on the roads.

She doesn't dare snort again, so Klaudea shakes her head. "Men and lots of leg," she murmurs. "Yeah, ridiculous amount of leg, and sparklies. I almost didn't want to come out of the dressing room, much less wear it to Mother's party." She sighs, grunting as she's jarred against him. "What's your favorite color?" she asks suddenly.

Lincoln grins, "Yeah, legs are nice." He's really not in a lecherous mood, but is trying to keep her talking. "Sparklies, huh? Sounds pretty. Glad you decide to wear it. Lucky party goers." His hands tighten and he'll try to give her move cushion to be against. He sounds slightly surprised, "Favorite color? I…I like sky blue. Like, real sky blue. There's something about it that makes me feel like I can breathe." Maybe cause the only times he's seen honest sky blue is when he's been outside the Ring, and breathing is always easier then.

Klaudea nods. "You'll like this dress, then. It's got blue, maybe not really sky blue. More like water blue. I don't usually wear blue, but… it was nice." She's quiet for a little bit, "it shouldn't take too long to get there. I know a nice steak place near The Gardens," she mentions.

Lincoln nods, trying to keep her conscious, "Water blues nice. I've been to the ocean a few times. I likes it. I bet you sparkled everywhere. You go with Zavier? Was he sparkly too?" He'll glance sup at the cabby, who really is doing the best he can, taking short but where he can, "Yeah, we're almost there…no worries." He'll honestly smile, "Oh sure, take us full circle. We'll be a sight, you in a sparkly water dress, me drinking all your fancy champaign." The cab pulls up to the emergency doors. He'll tap his tablet at the Cabby, over paying him in his haste. "Coem on…Let's get you in. They'll dope you up good."

"Who? Why would Zavier be there?" Klaudea's eyes snap open, and she does manage to focus on Lincoln for a bit. "I haven't seen Zavier since the concert. He's like… wants everything up front and pay later. Be his girlfriend and /then/ find out if we actaully are compatible enough to date." She lets him get her out of the cab. "You can have all the champagne," she promises. "It's really not that great."

Lincoln raises an eyebrow looking down at the squire in his arms, "Ah…well…I didn't know that. Thought you two were… something." After a moment, he'll just lift her up and carry her in. He's afraid he's doing more damage by half dragging her around. "There you're not getting the good champagne. I'll pick it out, you'll like it." As soon as he's throughout he doors though he'll yell for help, "I've got someone injured here!"

As their entrance attracts attention of the nurses, and they bring a gurney forward, Klaudea looks at him. "Why would you think?" It seems Lincoln found a way at last to get her conscious. "What, just because he said he wanted to go out with me you think I'm like one of the mindless teenagers that has pictures of Zavier Masters in her room and sits around dreaming of him asking her to go out? You think I'd just say yes because I'm some shallow twit who is …" She's on the gurney now, but she just stares at him as they start asking questions. Then she turns from him to begin giving them the information they need.

Lincoln sets her down, giving her a bit of a smirky grin with a tilt of his head. Goal accomplished, not only is she conscious, but argumentative enough to question. Which means she'll be able to answer questions, instead of him. He'll leave his hand on her shoulder though, he doesn't want her to feel like he's abandoning her. He figures he's only got a minute before the kick him away anyway. In a moment of silence as the nurses are figuring out where to bring Klaudea, "I don't think you're a shallow twit, but I have poster of him over my bed." He's joking, trying to get a smile out of her before she's wheeled away.

"I'm fine, thank you, Lincoln," Klaudea tells him as he lingers. She can't lift a hand to his to squeeze it and she's too tired to smile, the latest round of questions has drained her, but she does offer as she closes her eyes once more, "maybe you should be his girlfriend, then. If he's still talking to me, I'll see if I can arrange a date." She's not very good at teasing, yet.

Lincoln's voice gets quieter,"oh…i don't know if I could handle dating a famous person, Nobles are hard enough." His fingers give her shoulder a slight squeeze. "you need to tell them I have permission to visit you, in case you're all intensive care, or whatever. I'm not leaving till I get the ok from someone with access to machines that says you'll live." There's an underlying stubbornness in his tone. Not like he's gonna be able to fall asleep now anyway.

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