08.05.3013: Bathing Betrothed
Summary: Reena introduces Kadmus to the Bathhouse. Their conversation goes…poorly.
Date: 05 August 2013
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Bathhouse — Volkan, The Crescent
Built down low in the Blackspyre where it can easily access the geothermal heat that powers the entire city of Volkan, this bathhouse is set aside for the use of those sworn to House Khournas and their guests. The room is sheathed in large black tiles, warmed by the magma behind them. A large pool centers the room, surrounded by narrow lines of red and silver tile, while a handful of smaller tubs built for one to four people fill up the remaining space. Each of the tubs is heated blood-warm, leaving wisps of steam in the air. Towels sit alongside tubs of bath-salts on small tables near the separate men's and women's changing rooms.
05 August 3013

Reena sent Kadmus a message to meet her at the Volkan Barracks, and from there, she gave him a tour of the facility, ending at the bathhouse. "Have you ever been in a Crescent bathhouse before?" she asks him curiously, as she heads into the corridor leading to the pools heated by the geothermal heat from the volcanos of the area. She's in a simple shift, belted at her waist, the easier to get in and out of for changing for the occasion.

"I believe I did on my last visit to the Crescent, though it was brief." Kadmus replies as he walks along with you down the corridor. "It's certainly an interesting tradition, but not an unpleasant one."

"As a visitor, it won't be considered odd if you wear a swimsuit, but being a native, I don't bother. It's a social gathering, a safe space if you will," Reena explains. "I expect it had something to do with ensuring those you were conversing and relaxing with had no place to smuggle a weapon in." She steps into the bathhouse proper and gestures towards one of the changing rooms. "You can put your things in there. I'll meet you in one of the smaller pools." With that she enters another changing room herself. There are piles of towels and lockers of sorts to keep one's belongings safe.

"No doubt that is why." Kadmus nods faintly in response to Reena's words, and then he's off into the changing room too, emerging after a short while with a towel about his waist, taking a moment to glance about the room for the pool he's to meet Reena at.

Reena has settled into one of the smaller pools that only hold a handful of people. They are the only ones there at the moment, as it's getting later in the evening, and they are most often used in the morning and just after shift changes. She's sunk to her shoulders in the heated water, with a towel nearby folded neatly. Her dark hair has been let loose and it pools around her in the bath. She likely chose the late hour for her guest's personal comfort.

Kadmus removes his towel and moves to enter into the water opposite you, dressed in the Volkan fashion, that is to say nothing at the moment and he settles himself in, "The Geothermal heating makes these waters quite soothing."

Per custom, Reena doesn't stare at him as he enters the water, but she doesn't look away either. "They really are. Sometimes I come down here in the middle of the night if I can't sleep, when no one is here, and just use it as a thinking place." She smiles faintly. "Volkan may not be as pretty to the artistic eye as New Atlantis, but she has her peaceful beauty if you look in the right places."

"I don't know, it's rather utilitarian here on Volkan, I have a hard time finding much peaceful and serene here. But, your house produces fine warriors, and fine arms, which are probably more needed then Artistry in these days." Kadmus replies, leaning back a little with his arms on the edge.

"You're just seeing the surface of things, Lord Kadmus. Beneath the stone of the mountains run rivers of liquid fire, all the shades of sunset. And volcanic glass, and obsidian, and hematite can be quiet beautiful and used for jewelry. There are stretches of forest and field nurtured by the minerals in the volcanic soil, and the geothermal pools like these." Reena waxes poetic about her home, trying to help him see past the top layer of things, and perhaps of her.

Kadmus nods a bit at that, "Well, I suppose there is truth to that." He says, "Though, I admit, volcanic glass and the like is not something I particularly fancy though a lot of others do, I can concede." and he shrugs a little bit.

Reena shifts in the water, sitting up straighter, and she tilts her head at Kadmus curiously, watching through half-lidded eyes. "What things do you find beautiful?" she asks him, drawing a foot up onto the bench beneath her to wrap her bare arms around her knee.

Kadmus shrugs his shoulders a little as he continues to lounge opposite you, "I suppose I like the colors of the reefs, and the fish and wildlife that live about it." He hmns.

"I would like to see them. Anabethe and I have been talking about taking a small camping trip around the Crescent. Her and her son Mikhail, you and I, Victor and Lady Devon. To show you the beauty of the land, and such. Would you be amenable to that?" Reena asks. She stretches out her legs to rest her feet on the bench opposite, not far from him.

"I don't know that I've ever been camping." Kadmus says with a bit of a hmmn, "But I suppose it could be interesting. Assuming my duties will allow me to get away long enough for it."

"Of course, duty comes first. It just might be a nice way to get to know one another a little bit better. Other than sitting naked in a pool in a bathhouse that is," Reena quips with a lopsided grin.

"I suppose you don't really know anyone until you're naked with them, hmn?" Kadmus says with a bit of a smirk back at that, "What all will I need to bring along with me for this trip?"

"In here, you are laid bare before each other," Reena murmurs. She chuckles quietly and shakes her head a little. "I believe House Khournas will provide most of the equipment, so just clothing and whatever personal items you would wish to bring. We are not sure when it will happen yet. It has to fit so many schedules." She cocks her head a little bit and rests her arms on the side of the pool. "I find it very odd to be engaged to a man who hasn't even tried to so much as hold my hand," she admits.

"Well, we had barely even spoken before we were engaged." Kadmus counters, "Should I be trying to hold your hand, or something?" he wonders, "It's not like we've been in any sort of public setting where we should put on a show.."

Reena's smile fades. "Is that what you want our marriage to be? A show?" she asks, not angrily, just quietly. "My sister is under the impression you're as much a playboy as my brother Nitrim. I'd expected you to at least try some show of physical affection at this point." She shrugs.

"Well, she's not entirely wrong." Kadmus replies with a little bit of a shoulder-shrug, "Though I don't know that I'm anything like your brother Nitrim." He adds, "Do you want me to try and bed you or the like, Lady Reena?"

"Well I've been feeling mildly insulted that you haven't even tried, Lord Kadmus. I am Khourni, we are not all tangled up in the invented taboos of sex. I'd like to know that I won't be coming to a cold marriage bed while my husband stokes his fires elsewhere," Reena says quietly, sincerely.

Kadmus laughs, "Well, you Khournas are a practical lot. You could have come and found me." He counters with a shrug, "But if you want to." He gestures a little, "I have no problems with sleeping with you."

"How romantic," Reena drawls. "I can see your enthusiasm knows no bounds." Oh yeah. This isn't going well. "Is it such a strange thing to want to be wanted by one's future husband?" she asks him with a frown.

"Well, I can take you out for a romantic candle-lit dinner or something as well?" Kadmus replies with a bit of a grin at that, "And no it's not strange, but the reality is neither of us chose this, it will not be a fairy-tale marriage, no matter what either of us wanted."

"Then why don't you lay out for me just how it will be, Lord Kadmus," Reena requests. "I would prefer to know up front what I should expect. She sets her jaw.

"Well, I have no clue." Kadmus says, "I'm not awakened, I don't have prophetic dreams." He adds, "But I'm certain it can be whatever we want it to become."

"And what is it you want?" Reena asks, her eyes gone flat. "I spent my life trying to make myself as appealing as possible for a potential husband, specifically so that even if I was put into a political marriage, there would be a chance for happiness, loyalty, and perhaps even love."

"It's possible all of those things could happen given time." Kadmus nods, "And you are attractive certainly." He continues, "But I don't know what I want yet, so I can hardly give an honest answer."

"I see," Reena says quietly. She doesn't look very happy at the moment. "Then I suppose this is all just a show until you figure that out. I am sorry for taking you away from your naval duties for that." She rises from the water, naked as the day she was born, and steps out of the pool, wrapping her towel around herself. "I hope you get a chance to speak with your sister before you depart. Good night, Lord Kadmus."

"Then I take it you don't want me to come by your room tonight?" Kadmus asks, brow popping up just a little bit, "And if you'd like me to I can head back to the Ring tomorrow."

"I don't want to go through the motions, no. I want it to be inspired, to be spontaneous, to be something you really want. I want us to mean something more than an alliance for our families," Reena says in a tone just edging on sharp, but clearly one she's controlling carefully. "Stay or go as you wish, Lord Kadmus. You're the one trying to figure out what it is you want, so please do." She turns her back on him and walks to the changing room she used prior.

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