Lord Sir Barton Ibrahm
Dave Bautista
Dave Bautista as Barton Lithe Ibrahm
Full Name: Barton Lithe Ibrahm
Byname: N/A
Age: 25
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Ibrahm
Title/Profession: Lord, Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: None yet Height: 6'10"
Father: - Weight: 312lbs
Mother: Lady Sir Corialle Ibrahm
Lady Sir Mishka Nordeus
Hair Color: Dark brown/Black
Siblings: Johana(Twin) and several others. Eye Color: Dark Brown
Children: None that he knows


Barton is the twin to the heir, Johana Ibrahm. With him of course being the younger. A large man and a fine knight. Protective and also skilled when it comes to engineering skills and repairing things. Dealing a lot with the security of his house.



A kind giant of a man. Although still able to be intimidating and also fierce when needed. Such as the battlefield. Despite his appearance he is actually quite the geek as well. Protective and headstrong. Having a strong will but a strong curiosity for food. Wanting to try all kinds of food. Stubborness and always up for a challenge.

Physical Description

Short dark brown hair, which is almost completely black, crowns his head. Which comes down in sideburns that frames his face and goes into the stubble that covers the lower part of his face, with it being just a bit thicker in a line from mouth to chin. His face is large as the same as his entire body. Small dark brown eyes lays safely framed by long thick brows. A broad and large nose resting in the center of his face. His lips are thin and small that creates dimples as he smiles. Alll this along with having large ears.

Standing at 6'10" feet and being a large man with basically only muscles. His skin being slightly tanned, moslty from being in the sun a lot. His posture is one expected of his stature, and actually perhaps unexpected for his size. A large chest makes him get a rather lean appearance of his torso, with both front and back showing a bunch of muscle structure. His neck is large and goes out into two rather big arms, which has both length and size. Large fighter's legs which holds a mix between large and muscular along with still holding quickness and flexability.


Culinary Curiousity — A longing to taste all the different food types he can get a hold on.
Geeky — Having a liking for the geeky things in life such as comics, movies, games, roleplaying and so forth. Despite his size and appearance.
Great Balance — Always able to find his balance.
Iron Stomach — Able to drink and eat most things. Still occasionally getting upset stomach but most often being quite fine.

Musical Inspiration

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Known Associates

Johana Twin Sister : She is my twin sister and also the elder of us. Thereby being the young lady of house Ibrahm. I love her dearly and we do share a tight bond. Even if perhaps we have not gotten to spend as much time together lately as we might have wanted.
Thalo The Wall : A good man as far as I know. And a knight that has been with our family for some time.

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