01.26.3014: Bar Room Blitz
Summary: Beden and Lincoln run into each other in not the most ideal setting. And then other's help the situation into an all out brawl, until Ashleigh steps in.
Date: Nov 13, 2013
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The Mead House The Pit, Ignis
The Mead Hall is dark, with low ceilings and veins of soft, luminous orange running along the corners where the walls and the cathedral roof. Circles of the glowing orange march up the roof, linked together like archaic chainmail. Heavy tables of dark wood line the hall in two rows, with benches on both sides. Mead and hearty meals are delivered from the kitchen in the back. A space at the front of the hall is cleared for speaking, contests of skill, and the occasional drunken brawl. Pictures of members of the Ash Legion line the walls, organized by an arcane order known only to the proprietor.
Jan 26, 3014

It's been two days since Linc saw the announcement of the vidscreen. He's gotten maybe a few hours of sleep, and called off last night. He's not been on a binge per say, but with everything stack up , and Klaudea's bomb of she's BFF with Nitrim before this mess, Linc needed a day off. he's dressed in a sharp outfit. His pants the right amount of tight, his tunic cut to accent his build. He's been to almost every other bar he can think of, and has some how need up here. He's pointedly not looking at the photos on the wall, instead, he's slinging back his third mead, watching a few soldiers talk down at the end of the bar. Maybe he shouldn't have come here. Probably not the brightest choice, but then again, if he was smart, he'd not be in the situation he's in.

Fighting? Check. Smashed a drum set? Check. Drink? Not yet. Beden Grantham's been on a bipolar whirlwind over the past few days. Play nice for the cameras, get mocked by his Uncles, and simmer in anger at everything. He's been on-edge and thankfully hasn't had any immediate deployments, though he bitterly wagers it's probably because of his mother keeping her fatted calf safe for the slaughter. An act of defiance in his mind, he's wearing his Legion uniform as he strides into the bar. "A mead, and a shot." He's tunnel-visioned on the bartender.

Lincoln closes his eyes, It's not he didn't know that what happened was a possibility, but the times was just…bad. And Beden didn't even tell him, he had to see it on the news. Fuck that. And ruck his uncle. And fuck Nitrim. Just….fuck. He'll sigh and crack his neck, an arm going back to rub his neck. he freezes when he hears that voice. Seriously? Do the Six just hate him? He thought it would be safe, that he'd be off…celebrating, or whatever the hell he's been up to. He'll not turn around, cause if he does, it may just be to punch him. His eyes actually start trying to plan a way out, trailing around the room, away from the bar.

One of the soldiers nearby sees Beden and gives him a congratulations that's followed with a clear glare as the Grantham shoves the guy briefly who backs down quickly. He downs the shot with a clang on the bar and chases it with the warm mead before looking around. And there's Lincoln, just a few stools down. And the Sergeant freezes, staring at his back. Of all the…and damn. He shakes his head and starts to reach out a hand to touch his shoulder but decides against it.

Lincoln 's whole body is tense, to anyone looking he's clearly not comfortable sitting on the bar stool. His back is to Beden and he's looking to make a break for it. The mead in front of him is slammed, in hopes to not draw more attention when he leaves.

"Need another?" Beden says from behind Lincoln as the mead is slammed. His voice is a bit uncertain, as a heap of emotions swirl in the Grantham as well. He braces himself for a response, what he assumes will be the other running away.

Lincoln reaches up to run a hand through his hair, a sure sign he's stressed. His shoulder tigthen, he's wound up enough when he hears Beden's voice that he looks about ready to strike, he darts his head over to glare at the man, "Screw you. You can offer to buy me beer, but can't send a fucking message? Fuck off." Ok…maybe he's slightly drunk, his voice is louder than it needs to be.

Kieran casually walks in the bar, not trying to necessarily announce his presence to those in the bar. He's already been caught once with Reena, another sighting would land him in some major lectures with his father. He places a hand in his jacket pocket as he heads to the bar. As he walks, he does a double-take. Was that Lincoln? How many people is he going to run into in random bars he goes into? He doesn't say anything yet, however, as things seem to be not goign so well for him. He grabs himself a drink in the meantime.

"And say what exactly?" Beden's anger, definitely misplaced, rises in response. "Hey, I just saw this HNN report, turns out I'm betrothed?" He stands up from the stool and downs his mead. "Not like you were at work yesterday…" He trails off, mixed emotions under the surface.

Lincoln stands up, instinct kicking in that that's not the best position to be in with a mad soldier noble and a ton of ash legions lackies. His dark eyes flash in warning, "Yeah, that's exactly what you fucking do." His glare narrows, "I took the night off. You can come back when I'm on the clock. you know my rates." Mixed emotions indeed, but Linc throws up anger and defensiveness like a shield right now in his drunken state.

Kieran watches the scene unfold for a second before sighing. He's gunna get more people talking about him. He stands up and walks to Lincoln, lightly placing a hand on the angry drunk man's shoulder. "Linc, how can I help?" He asks, giving the man a grin.

"If that's what it takes to see you!" Beden says back. because, well, he's not got anything else in his mind. And then there's the other fellow who's walked up, clearly older. The Grantham tries to take a breath and ease himself. Six, he needs another shot.

Some how, surprisingly, Beden's words aren't doing anything to easy Linc's mind. Infact Kieran can feel the tension in Lincoln's shoulder, which is odd for Lincoln, he's not this…out of control. "Fuck, if that's all I am to you…." His jaw tightens and he purposefully looks away to hide the hurt in his eyes. Which brings his gaze to Kieran. Lincoln blinks, sounding slightly unsure, "Koth?" Talk about left field….

Kieran gives Lincoln a half smile as he says, "Linc." He stands next to the very angry and drunk man and says. "I don't know what is going on here, I don't know what he has done to anger you so. The Linc I know, however, is calm and collected in all matters. Maybe take a step back for a second and breath?" He speaks in soft, friendly tones, ignoring the other man for now.

"You know it's about way more than that…you know…" Beden's voice gets softer. "You didn't contact me either." He looks to 'Koth' and decides to take some breaths himself, though his mind is now lunging in a thousand directions, a twinge of it jealous at Kieran.

Lincoln's jaw tightens and he'll turn away placing both hands on the bar for support. Up close, He's got cirlces underneath his eyes, they just weren't apparent with his dark skin till he was close enough. He takes few deep breaths as well, closing his eyes. this is not what he wanted when he came into the bar. Somewhere in the back of his head he's hearing Ren freakign out to not drive away a client. "…Sorry Koth."his eyes open and focuses on the empty mug, "I assumed you were off doing …things. I don't know how soon…" He'll shake his head, taking another deep breath.

Kieran looks a little confused. "Why are you apologizing to me?" He asks, giving Lincoln a half smile. "I just came for a drink is all, ended up finding a friend who needed some backup." He talks, but can feel eyes on him as the two men have been making more and more of a scene the longer they talk. Looking at Beden, he says. "I don't want to intrude, but it might be best if you two talk at a later time…" He says as he tries his best to look natural, but also hide from everyone as well.

His eyes look a bit more concerned than before. "Lincoln…no, I haven't done any…things…" Beden looks to him and then to Kieran. "If…if that's what Lincoln wants…" He says defeated and dejected, though he avoids looking at Koth altogether.

Lincoln glances over to Koth, the calling him of a friend is unexpected, but not unwelcome. Friends in high places. A small nod of thanks for the words, and he'll turn to look at Beden. He inhales like he's going to say something, but then his eyes go to over his shoulder at the couple of Ash Legion who have seen the gathering and are coming to back up Beden. Because this is clearly a fight.And they're drunk. And a fight! Why would they pass that up? Linc straighten some, eyes not leaving the soldiers, "Koth…you should probably leave…" Linc's aware of what rumors Koth is trying to stay out of.

Seeing the soldiers heading towards Lincoln, Beden bares his fist and turns. Six dammit, it's about time to hit something. Maybe he's fought with some of these guys, maybe he hasn't. The point is that he's not holding back now. "Dude, you should both probably go." And the noble seems prepared to throw the first punch.

"Oh for crying out loud…" Kieran mutters when he notices the Ashe Legion soldiers. He has absolutely no idea what's going on… well, maybe some idea, but for the most part no idea what's going on, and he's got himself involved. When he is threatened, however, he doesn't waver. "What the fuck? Do you know who I am?" He asks, tilting his head to the side. "I'm Young Lord Kieran Valta. I don't know what you Ash Legion thugs are doing here, but I can tell you that Khorunas AND Valta will make the Grantham's pay dearly for this fight. So… tell me, grunt? How much is this argument worth to you and your house?"

Fuck him sideways. Seriously, is Fucking Nitrim gonna show up next? His missing father? How does his life keep getting worse?!?! Even with all the drama, he knows Beden well enough. To hopefully stop a house war, and keep a client, and well, fuck. just. He quickly places himself between Beden and Kieran. Whether that's just standing between them, or blocking the punch that he thinks is going to be launched at Kieran's face, so be it.

Beden's anger rages and he seems altogether unsure now of who his target is. A punch, originally intended for a random soldier now is reconsidered. He glares to Kieran. "You Valtas always gotta go…" He gives a groan in frustration and slams his fist down on the bar. Head swimming in adrenaline and alcohol. "Damn!" He just glares down for a moment.

Kieran is seriously starting to regret ever stepping foot on Ignes. When Lincoln jumps in front of him, he just shakes his head, this has gotten out of hand, and he /shouldn't have involved himself in the first place. "We always gotta what? save people from doing something stupid? Your actions reflect on your House, and attacking an Orelle citizen, even on home turf, is not going to reflect well on the Granthams. You should be thanking me I stepped in when I did." He stops talking for a second to survey the area. They've now received full attention at the bar. Kieran sighs. "C'mon Linc, lets get out of here." He sighs, and mutters under his breath. "I'm never getting this damn sulfur smell out of my jacket…"

Lincoln's in the preverbal rock and hard place situation. His eyes stay on the soldiers, who seem to be half waiting for Beden's response, half sizing up the other two. When Beden slams his fists into the bar, Linc does glance over, in his drunken state, he's not exactly sure what to do. He just knows this is not what he wanted. His jaw is still tight, but he keeps hearing Ren in the back of his head, 'Young Lord Client…don't fuck this up…'. "Yeah…lets get you out of here." He'll turn to walk, but the soldiers seemed to have heard Kieran's mutter. "What was that, you Valta dregg?"

"I wasn't attacking him." Beden says back quietly. "I was going to hit them!" He points to the grouping of soldiers, obviously confused…and perhaps sizing up the three of them now. "Lincoln…I'll message you, just get out of here." And the Grantham's gone and shoved one of the guys who's the closest.

Kieran shakes his head and looks in the eyes of the soldier, silently commanding him to back off. "I said that I'm never going to get the smell of sulfer out of my jacket. This is my favorite one." He gently pushes Linc towards the door, hoping that he'll start to head out. He looks at the solder one last time before turning around and following Linc out the door.

Yeah….he's not leaving Beden to fight three dudes. Linc spins as Kieran pushes him, twisting to get in-between him and the 3 soldiers again, "Koth…I'll catch up-" And Linc doesn't get to finish that statement, as the soldier that Kieran was making eye contact with takes a swing at the space Kieran was, which is now Linc.

And that shove gets met with another shove from the soldier. Beden's not looking back now, hoping that Kieran and Lincoln had the sense get out of the bar fight. He raises his fist to the guy…it's a good thing they're all unarmed.

Kieran is surprised when Lincoln turned around. He /had/ it under control, they were going to be leaving without causing any problems… But now the shit really has hit the fan, and the next thing the Young Lord knows an Ash Legion solder is barreling at him, looking to strike. Acting quickly, Kieran steps to the side as the soldier makes his swing. Also in that motion Kieran swiftly kicks the soldier in the stomach.

Lincoln growls as the Ash soldier's hit lands squarely on his chest, knocking the air out of him slightly. He sees, out of the corner of his eye the bigger guy going for Kosh and knocks his hard in the left arm, hopefully enough to distract him from hitting the Young Lord.

Swinging at the guy he'd shoved, Beden lands a punch and is lost now in the heat of the battle. His eyes dart to Lincoln, who seems to be holding his own. He's admiring the movements…even grants a smirk when a return blow connects against him.

Taking his first punch, Kieran laughs a little. "Is that all you got?" He asks the man, looking over at Linc as one of the soldiers attack him.

Lincoln's still growling, maybe in a punch or two, this will start to be fun, but right now he's just pissed. He cocks her arm back and lands another punch to the big dude, ignoring the guy who smacked him in the chest. He hits the guy hard in the stomach. Hard enough to be taken notice, but then the other soldier, perhaps on purpose, perhaps just in the heat of the fights punches Linc in the neck of all places. Who does that in a bar fight? Linc stumbles back into the bar, the room growing dark around the edges of his vision.

Seeing Lincoln fall after he dodges, Beden growls. "Hey, come get some!" Lame taunts from the Grantham.

Kieran dodges another swing from his aggressor, then quickly punches the man that attacked Lincoln. He shakes his head slightly when Lincoln falls, they had a chance to get out.

Lincoln pulls himself up against the bar, blinking and trying(And mostly failing) to get a breath . He'll turn , a snarl on his face and will try to focus on the fight, ignoring the spinning of the whole room.

Throwing a wild punch at the bigger guy, Beden connects, only to recall that he's made himself a prime target for most everyone. Another shot to the hand.

The brawl has gotten completely out of hand, a circle of people stand around those who are participating. There appears to be some Ash Legion soldiers fighting Beden and two others. Kieran strikes the man once more before getting punched in the chest one last time. Crack! "Yup, that's a broken rib." He thinks before he falls to the floor unconscious.

It might be luck that has Ashleigh Grantham arriving when she does, the Ash Knight dressed in the tunic and leggings she often wears when she is out and about. Imagine her surprise when she realizes there is a fight going on and it looks like the majority of those involved in the brawl are members of the Legion she recognizes as she gets glimpses of them. Frowning, she takes up a leaning position against one wall, arms folding under her chest as she watches for a moment.

Lincoln charges the man with so honorable punched him in the neck and twist his around to slam his hand into the bar, the sound of bones snapping can be heard. He's quickly turn placing himself over the fallen Koth. Although his stance is clearly shaky, it's a protective one and he'll glance to Beden, trying to make sure the noble is still standing as well.

The blow hits Beden. Hard. He falls for a moment and gets a dark smirk on his face. "Too bad for you I'm already dead." And then he sees Ash and freezes.

There's a shake of her head as she sees one of those fighting is her brother, that being the last straw. "ENOUGH," she yells out with enough authority to her voice to get the attention of the Legionnaires in very short order. That should get them to cease with their side of the brawl although she's not sure if those with Beden will stop or if they'll try to keep the fight going. Ash levels a cool look at the men she fights with, her icy blue eyes narrowed. "If you all do not return to the barracks now I will see that you all are arrested and stripped of rank."

By the Six that's got to be the creepiest thing Lincoln's ever heard. And he's been in some pretty fucked up situations. He's not able to really talk, as his throat is closing up, but his dark eyes glare from each of the soldiers and then back to Beden. And then over to whoever has Beden and the rest of the soldiers suddenly frozen and then scampering away.

Hearing the voice of his heir-sister, Beden leans over to the bar…bleeding a bit. He takes his mead and finishes it.

Ashleigh frowns. She grabs one of the exiting warriors and levels such a cool look at him that he actually cowers a little, not thrilled that this transpired. "Go get medical help now. And if any of those you were fighting is are overly injured or die, you all will wish you were never born." The guy nods once and hurries off, leaving the Grantham heir to approach Beden and those with him. "What the fuck," she asks her brother, just shy of her temper boiling over.

Lincoln sways a moment, look at Beden and the departing soldiers before kneeling down to check on Kieran. Well, it's more slumping down, but he gets to him and checks to make sure he's still breathing. He's not so sure he can do any sort of first aid in his condition. His eyes flutter up at Ashleigh, unsure of who she is, but is able to piece together it's someone higher than Bed.

There's an apathetic shrug from Beden to his sister. "They started it." Beden mutters, his right hand swelling up rather nicely. "Ash…these two need a doctor. That's the Young Lord Valta there." He motions to the passed out man. "And that's my - ummm…that's Lincoln."

"There should be a medic coming soon." Or at least the man sent to get one better hope so otherwise he'll be made to run miles - literal miles - around the lava pools. Heaving a sigh, she nods to Lincoln, giving him a quick smile. "We'll get you both up and onto the infirmary." That promise made, she levels another cool look at her brother before, with another sigh, she reaches over to cuff him in the back of the head. "Doesn't matter if they started it or not, Beden. You… you of all people, should know not to get into a fight with them. Shit. Now we're going to have a mess…" Her head turns so she can observe whatever damage has been done to the furnishings, "… to deal with and Mother's going to shit herself." Their uncles, however, just might be proud that Beden, Lincoln and Kieran didn't back down.

Lincoln's expression is hard to read, but that could be because he's breathing funny and hasn't fully stopped glaring yet. So when Beden introduces him, he'll make eye contact with Ash and after a pause, bow while still kneeling over Kieran. There's only a slight grimace as his chest constricts slight from the movement. He'll turn back and start doing what he can for Kierna, shaky as his hands are.

"Won't be her problem much longer, will I?" Beden says, his voice quiet and full of thinly veiled rage. He's definitely tipsy at least. "And we'll make sure they get excellent treatment." Beden says flatly as he slowly eases back to standing on his own.

Ashleigh shakes her head and turns as if she's about to head out the door, her expression displeased. Looks like the Ice Queen is slowly creeping to the surface as she's very obviously returning to that distant, bitchy woman who well-deserves that byname. "Beden, you've never been the sort to fall into that 'pity me' bullshit and I refuse to let you start now. We will talk about everything else back at home. But right now, you need to get yourself and your friends to medical aid."

Kieran starts to come to himself. He blinks once, shaking his head and attempting to take a deep breath. Sharp pain shoots though his whole body and he flinches, grabbing at his rib. "Right, broken rib." He thinks to himself as he remembers what all just happened. The fighting seems to have stopped and there's someone that this Ash Legion thug is speaking to. Must be a superior officer. His voice is a little shakey, but he manages to get out. "He's the one who started the whole thing." Kieran says, pointing at Beden. "Was yelling at this one." Pointing to Lincoln. "Tried to stop it, didn't work." He grabs his chest again, using the least amount of words right now is probably best right now.

Lincoln 's jaw tightens at Kierna's words, cause, that's just not helping. He'll shake his head lightly, which might come off as worried, and will place a hand on the Young lord's shoulder, trying to still him. He doesn't look over to the other two nobles.

Beden takes note to deal with the Valta scumbag at a later date. Now he's finding himself being tag-teamed by family and some know it all prat. "Fine. Medical help. And I was trying to give you two cover to leave, my Young Lord." Beden grunts out evenly. He kneels slowly to offer help.

Ashleigh pauses in leaving when Kieran announces just what happened and she looks at her brother from over her shoulder. "Oh yes, my brother. We will most certainly talk when you get home." Lincoln and Kieren are given a quick bob of her head before she turns and leaves. First a quick trip to the training facility so she can beat up on an unsuspecting punching bag and then she will return to the Red House where she'll undoubtedly fume and stew.

Kieran looks at Lincoln, his face expressing emotions of confusion and residual anger, but mostly pain. "Why go back? We were leaving." He says, closing his eyes. "So much for Notice Project I guess…" He shakes his head and looks to the door, hoping the medics will be here soon.

Lincoln's breathing is awfully shallow, like he's not getting a lot into his chest. His neck is already swelling visibly on the outside, so it's must be on the inside as well. He opens his mouth, but doesn't say anything, instead he'll hold up 3 fingers to 1. 3:1 odds. he's keeping himself in check, but that may be because he's on the ground, and not having to stand. He'll frown eyes moving up and over to look to Beden, for any obvious signs of serious injury.

As the adrenaline starts to wear off, Beden starts to feel a throbbing pain in his chest. His tunic is ripped a bit from the effort and he reaches to feel his chest and's there's an audible scraping of bone. The Grantham gives an audible groan. Medics arrive and focus first on Kieran and then Beden. Additional come through the door and start separating the three, though they'll urge none of them to move until they've gotten quick bodyscans.

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