06.13.3014: Bad News, Good News
Summary: Both heading to the hospital in Phylon after getting news that Elodie was brought there, Sammel and Ronan get some good news.
Date: 21 January 2014
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Hospital Room, Phylon
A Hospital Room in Phylon
13 June 3014

It's fairly early morning Phylon time, when Sammel receives the message at the Front. His wife, the Lady Doctor Elodie wasn't feeling well, and was admitted to the Paramount's hospital wing for treatment. House Iah is sent a similar message, the siblings of the now Cindravale lady each being given the same message in turn. The note also assures that she is all right, and resting comfortably, but will be staying at the hospital for the next couple days.

Having gotten to leave the front lines as soon as he could, Sammel only stopped by at home briefly to get out of his armor before he made his way to the hospital. Stepping inside, he looks around a bit nervously as he moves to find his wife.

The weather on Niveus has been particularly harsh, so Ronan came immediately without changing, meaning that he is wearing a thick fur cloak made from the white pelt of a Niveus ice bear. The assurance that his sister was "all right" did not really offer much comfort. The young Iah knight walks, rather storms, through the halls looking for the room that his sister is in.

It's a good thing they told Sammel and Ronan that Elodie is all right, and even so, they still may not believe it. Her face is pale and a bit drawn, and IV's run fluids into her hand. Leaning against the pillows, her eyes are closed as she rests, but her chest doesn't rise and fall with that rhythm of deep sleep.

Seeing Ronan making his way through the halls as well, just as he reaches the door to the correct room, Sammel offers a quiet nod to his brother-in-law. "Ronan," he greets the man, before entering, looking to Elodie at once, and heading over in her direction now.

Ronan gives Sammel a nod and quickens his pace, now with even greater purpose. "Sammel," he says as he enters the room. When he sees Elodie, he mutters under his breath, "Sweet Mother." He pauses, just inside the door, giving Elodie's husband the first opportunity to greet her.

Hearing his voice just outside the door, and the fact that it's greeting her brother, brings Elodie's eye open. One of them is extremely bloodshot, but somehow, she manages to express a strange joy through the weariness and pain. "Hey, love," she greets, holding the non-IVed hand to him. She lifts her chin slightly for a kiss, then rolls her head a little to the side so she can see beyond her husband towards the door. "It's okay Ro, I know it looks bad… it kind of is… but it's good news."

Taking the hand, Sammel's own hand holds it firmly as he leans down to give his wife that kiss. "Hey. I came as soon as I got word. Just needed to get out of the armor." Stepping slightly to the side to make room for Ronan by the bed as well, he doesn't let go of the hand at the moment. "Good news?" he asks, quietly.

Ronan arches an eyebrow. He looks at her silently for a moment with much suspicion. "How can this be good, 'Die? You look like hell." He steps closer to her. His tension can be seen clearly in his jaw and his brow. He swallows and purses his lips, as he's trying to figure out how it could possibly be anything but bad.

Elodie can't help the weak little grin at Ronan. "It's Hyperemesis Gravidarum," she tells them, and, knowing they aren't medical lingo types, she clarifies. "It's a rather extreme form of morning sickness. Only about two percent of women get it… and I just happen to be in that two percent."

"She looks more like I do when it's me there in the bed and her visiting, you mean?" Sammel remarks to Ronan, before he hears the explanation from Elodie. A brief pause, as he takes a quick breath, before he says, "Morning…" Going silent again now.

"No I mean she looks like crap." Ronan cocks his head, "Hyperwhata-whata?" He, like Sammel, take a moment for the latter part of the explanation to set in. Of course, Ronan isn't exactly as verbally graceful as Sammel, unless he actively wants to be, "Morning sickness, as in like my littlest big sister is preggers?"

Watching the men put two and two together, Elodie's smile breaks out, somehow managing to make her look less tired and pale. She nods, her fingers trying to squeeze Sammel's hand. "We're going to have a baby… finally," she confirms, her eyes shining as a tear slides down her cheek.

Bringing his other hand up to clasp it over hers, Sammel takes a few more brief breaths, before he smiles, squeezing her hand in return. "That is the best news I've heard in many days," he says, before he looks between the two of them, his eyes a bit teary as well now.

To say that Ronan smiles at the news is a massive understatement. He has an extremely wide, somewhat goofy grin. "Fantastic!" He realizes how loud he was at that and quiets down a touch. "Elodie, if you didn't look like I'd break you right now, I'd give you a big kiss on the cheek." He pauses, "And I'd give you one, Sammel, if I didn't think there would be a chance you might reflexively punch me in the face for it."

Elodie chuckles at her brother, after her husband squeezes her hand. "Oh, go ahead and give him one anyways. For me, at least." However the mention of her looking easily broken does sober her slightly. "I have to stay on anti-emesis intravenous medication for the next few days, to control the nausea. And Doctor Sefina wants to monitor me throughout the pregnancy. Light to no duty," she said, giving Ronan a look that's actually almost irritated, but in a 'don't say I told you so' way, rather than actual anger.

"At least it would only be relexes?" Sammel offers to Ronan, unable to hold back a chuckle, before he nods again to Elodie. "Makes sense," he replies, offering her another smile. "We wouldn't want anything to happen to you and our little treasure, after all."

Ronan waggles his brows slightly, "Well, if it will make my sister feel better." He moves and plants a quick kiss on Sammel's cheek. He feels the icy glare and puts his hands up, "Hey, didn't even cross my mind to say I told you so… at the moment. I'm just too happy to hear that you two are going to have a little ankle biter."

Grinning to see her brother humor her and give Sammel a peck on the cheek, Elodie relaxes a little against the pillows again. "Yes, we are. And we're going to train him bite Uncle's ankles the hardest," she tells him with a grin. She squeezes Sammel's hand again. "It took us so long to get pregnant, I won't run any risks with our baby." Her blue eyes look to her husband's with a solemn pledge.

Holding back any reflexes that was mentioned before at the kiss to his cheek, Sammel grins as he shakes his head. "That's what uncles are for, isn't it?" he offers after Elodie's words to Ronan, before he nods as he hears the rest of his wife's words, his own eyes watching hers. Taking a few moments of pause, before he leans down to kiss her forehead, gently.

Ronan looks at Elodie and Sammel, "And I will get my darling nephew or niece every noise maker ever created. There will be a drum set in the future. I can foresee it as clearly as any awakened." His expression becomes more seriously. "All joking aside, I couldn't be happier for the two of you."

Elodie leans her forehead against Sammel's kiss, and then raises an eyebrow at Ronan with his empty threat of noisemakers. Smiling, she gives him a nod. "I wanted you to know as soon as possible, too. I know you've been wanting a niece or nephew for a while. Almost as much as we've been wanting to give you one."

"A drum set? Does that mean I should get musical instruments for the kids of my brothers too, and we'll all send them over to do their rehearsals at your place, Ronan?" Sammel remarks, with a wide grin, and a chuckle. Nodding with a smile as he hears the rest. "Thanks for being here, sharing the moment with us," he says.

Ronan offers Sammel a bit of a shrug, "I will always be a patron of budding musicians, especially if it's my niece or nephew… " He nods to Elodie, "I just wish that our sisters was able to be here too." He looks over at Sammel with a grin that is uncharacteristically serene. "That's what family is for, Sammel. You are, after all, the closest thing to a brother that I have ever had."

Another smile lights Elodie's face, a quieter, more serene one as she listens to the most important men in her life talking to each other. A nurse comes in and checks the levels in the IV bags, and nods to Sammel and Ronan. "Lady Doctor Elodie needs to get some rest. You may stay, if you don't disturb her. Otherwise, I'll have to ask you to leave," she informs them gently, but firmly. Glancing to her side, the young woman squeezes her husband's hand in a silent plea.

Sammel smiles, nodding a little at Ronan, "Excellent," he offers, before he smiles again. A pause as the nurse comes in, before he nods at her words, then looking to his hand as it's squeezed. "I'll stay," he offers, with a smile to Elodie again.

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