02.23.3014: Awkward Advice
Summary: Rozlyn turns to Benedict for advice on Luke.
Date: 27 Nov 2013
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Benedict Rozlyn 

Benedict's Apartments, Orelle Residence, The Ring
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Sun, Feb 23 3014

The Orelle Residence is a good place to try and escape the population often found running around the ring as a whole. The day has gone on though it's hard to tell depending on where you are. The house of the young heir is likely a quiet place usualy unless he's working. It seems Benedict is not today as he's catching up on some recorded tech-shows. It's hard to tell if he looks entertained or bored or what as he's just kicking back for once.

It is rare — very rare — that Rozlyn has to seek out advice from one of her brothers. In point of fact, it's so rare that she found herself uncertain of which one to go to. Cedric or Benedict. The decision was ultimately on the latter because in matters of romance, well… Cedric is far from the norm.

The alert on the door to the Orelle heir's quarters is tripped, informing the man that someone waits outside. And yes, without stands Rozlyn, hands clasped before her. She wears a pair of flowing, black slacks and a fiited grey top. Her hair is bound up, making it appear shorter than it is.

The young man looks up as the door alarm sounds. Benedict wasn't expecting anyone and so actually moves off the couch to answer it in person instead of just letting them in. He sees through the viewer who it is and pushes the button to slide the door open easily enough. "Good Evening Sister, come on in." he steps out of the way it is indeed rare for her to visit so he's curious if something is wrong or just a social call.

"Brother," Rozlyn greets, tilting her head slightly towards him. She takes a few steps in, passing into the apartments her brother occupies. "Any further run-ins with that citizen you had spoken of?" There's a glance towards the Infosphere display, nose crinkling slightly. "You know vastly more than these shows can provide, I thought."

Benedict looks back to the panel with the show still on "I likely do, but maybe I catch a mistake it's like tech-bloopers." he says with a grin over to her "Would you like anything to eat or drink?" he asks standing near the connected kitchen though he'll answer the other question "Yes, we sparred me with my sword her with her hammer. She hammered me in the chest and I accidentally stuck my sword through he shirt.. quite exciting right?" he grins.

"A drink would be lovely, thank you." Rozlyn continues past Benedict as he moves towards that kitchen, finding herself a seat on a sofa. "Accidentally?" Eyebrows rise somewhat. "Is she a squire, perhaps? Whyever would you be sparring with her?"

Settling in, the woman smooths her shirt absently. "Any further on this matter of you kissing her? Has her family come after you yet?"

"Of course." The young man gets out two glasses pouring in a few things a bit of a mixed drink. Benedict grabs his and moves to sit next to her on the sofa and hand over her drink "Yes she swung at me and lost balance I fell backwards as it was all I could do not to run her through but when she fell on me my sword went through her shirt." he explains it like it makes sense "No but she was attacked by a hostile and feels the need to trained she's awakened too she talked to me with her mind." the last bit gets a chuckle "Not yet, though I met the noble who's he current suitor."

Accepting the glass, Rozlyn lets its weight settle in her fingers. She brings her other hand to meet it, cupping beneath as she lowers all to rest in her lap. "I see. I would advise to be careful… The media would just love to hear word of the heir to a Paramount running around with a citizen, offering training. It could be seen as shirking your duties."

Lifting the glass, she takes a sip, dark eyes regarding her elder brother over the rim. After a moment, letting the liquor provide that sweet burn, she asks: "How did that go? Is he aware that you kissed her?"

Benedict sighs "Yes I imagine they would like that, the picture after she lost her balance would have made tabloid artist a rich man no doubt." he takes a drink from his glass smacking his lips lightly as he feels the warm spread through him. "I dont think he must have as he didnt try to hit me did get a bit sharp with me when I asked about his intentions, but his reputation of being a bit of a runaround proceeds him."

"Hm." Rozlyn is quiet a moment, thoughtful. She lifts the glass for another sip. "I would advise to be careful with her, Benny… If she has not told him what occured…" The noblewoman gives a small shrug, shifting to cross one leg over the other. "As for reputations… I am finding they often are not the whole of the matter."

"You are likely right there, but i'm not seeking anything but friendship from Lorelei. It's just a bit uh tough to maintain that given we do have history. I did mention that didnt I?" The young heir says to his sister being taking another drink "I'm sure you didnt come to find out all my miss-deeds though what's going on?" Benedict asks curiously of the other as he waits taking a few more drinks.

"I gathered as much," Rozlyn says, affecting an actuall roll of the eyes as she glances over towards her brother. "It was fairly obvious, the way you spoke of her and your interactions." She takes a drink as well, looking away now across the room. "I, ah… Well, I came seeking some advice of my own."

Benedict chuckles at the duh response he's given to his wording. "I just wanted to be sure." he says looking over his sister at her response. He takes another drink from his glass but sets it down on the table infront of him. "Of course, what sort of advice are you needing?" he asks her but he'll lean back to the couch in silence as he waits for her to answer.

Drawing in a slow breath, Rozlyn takes a moment to organize her thoughts. She looks down to the glass, now holding it between her hands, resting palms against her knees. She's even begun to hunch over slightly. Rather atypical of the eldest daughter of the Orelle family… in public. In private, with certain family members is a whole other matter. "There's a…" even the usually rigid construction of sentences falls apart.

And so, she tries again, after a quick sip of the drink. "Someone has given intention to court me."

It's hard to tell if the heir was expecting this sort of news but the way his sister is acting he knows it's something rather big. He reaches out and places his hand on her should lightly "What is it?" he'll ask lightly trying to reassure that it's okay to speak of it. When the reponse finally spills out he looks at her but his lips turn up "That is a good thing I hope, do I know them?

There's a slow draw of breath and Rozlyn seems hesitant. One finger taps gently at the side of the glass. Now, however, the woman dares to look over to her brother. Gauging his reaction, perhaps. "Lord Sir Luke Grantham." A pause, before she offers the man's byname. "Crowseye."

Benedict watches the nervous response to his question a moment. He keeps his face warm as he does seem to want to help and not have her shut down on him. The name rings a bell but he takes a moment to scan through he memory. "Hm, I see and do you return the feelings for Lord Sir Luke?" he asks after a moment trying to see if this is the sticking point or if it's something else. He takes another drink after a moment.

"He… has a reputation," Rozlyn says, looking back to her drink. It's easier to talk that way. "Fighting. Women. You may remember him from functions when we were all much younger. He was… studious." A bookworm, like her. "But I suppose that changed when he became a Knight. We came across one another again as he was leaving the security holdings in the Halo." The woman lifts a hand to push at her hair, quiet for another moment more.

When she does finally speak again, it's preceded by a long sigh. "I think I may like him. Beneath… all else, there is something."

"Ah, but is it deserved. I mean do you believe it is, from what you know of him?" Benedict asks his sister finishing off his drink "Would you want another drink?" he asks her as he sets his empty glass on the table. "I know your a woman of logic, but after all this with my miss-adventure I can say for certain that your heart is going to lead you in a different direction eventually and you'll have to decide if it make sense to follow." he fidgets knowing he's not really the go to guy for this topic but he'll help family whenever he's able.

It's not as if any of the Orelle children are really the classic figures one might expect for romantic advice. Rushed marriages. Arranged marriages. A decided lack of settling down. Rozlyn and Benedict, the eldest two, and yet… neither has found or been presented with a match. Drawing in a slow breath, the woman gives a nod and downs the last of her drink, extending the freshly emptied glass towards the heir. "I find I like when he does things like place his hand at my back when we walk." She looks to Benedict, brows furrowing, "Is that strange?"

Benedict smiles a bit as he hears her words about enjoying time with the other noble "That is quite normal Lyn, I unfortunately feel the same way when with the other we'd been talking about though i'm being on my best behavior not to make notice of it. That's off topic though, it sounds like he really likes you but i'd say that you need to talk to him about his past get his side of the story and all that. I imagine father will be interested."

"We have spoken of it somewhat," Rozlyn says, brow furrowing slightly. She draws in a slow breath. "He knows of my… recent issues in the field of Cantosan research and has been supportive. I have…" She shakes her head, leaning back on the couch and nearly slouching, staring out across the room. She is rather out of sorts, letting that usual mental and social armor all melt away. "I don't know, Benny."

The young heir nods and frowns slightly at the issues she's had professionally lately. "That's good, i've tried some contacts myself but nobody seems to want to hear any of it." he frowns sorry he's not been able to help "I'll keep trying though promise." Benedict says to her he is silent while he thinks a moment "I wish I could know the outcome so I could tell you it'll all end up alright, but if this is your chance to find someone i'd hate to see you let it pass by."

There's a small sound from Rozlyn, who starts to get to her feet. It's a frustrated noise. "This… with Sir Luke, has actually served to distract me from all of that. I may try to speak with our grandfather, if I can find him in good health, but I am not going to go against father." She draws in a slow breath and looks to Benedict. She certainly appears torn. "I never wanted anything like marriage. Now, however, that it is facing me… I don't know if I still feel that way."

Benedict watches as she starts to move and winces as he's brought up a bad point quite on accident "I know you hadnt thought about it before now, but if that is something you do want I would say see where it goes? I thought i'd be matched by now but not even a word about it. I will even speak to father if it will make it easier." he offers trying to make the other feel better if he's able.

Drawing in a slow breath, Rozlyn shakes her head. There's a slight, wry chuckle. "I imagine there have been bids, as it were, for you, Benny. But father won't let you go so easily." She smooths at her top, giving another shake of her head, looking to the Orelle heir now. "No, please. I feel I should not set off any of father's ire right now." She looks to the door, frowning. "I… need to think. Thank you, Benny."

"I guess we'll see." Benedict says about the matches for himself though he's not so sure he does nod "I will leave it to you to decide when to speak about this." he gives her a smile "Of course Lyn, please drop by anytime hm?"

There's a slow, steady breath drawn and Rozlyn gives a nod. "I will. Be careful with your citizen, Benny." And then she'll depart, moving with a swift, but even-keeled grace.

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