Awakened Disciplines

The Awakened make up about 5 percent of the population of the Haven System, but very few of them would think of themselves as "Awakened." Instead, they are Druids, they are Sorcerers, they are Hermetics, and they are Mystics. The majority of Awakened in the Haven System consider themselves members of their Discipline or House first, the other second, and only then an Awakened.

This is encouraged by the Disciplines, as they teach the use of Awakened abilities very differently. While a Sorcerer may see a fireball as an evocation of power manifested from pure magic, a Hermetic would see it as the inevitable result of the application of will through a precise formula, a Druid would see it as an extention of the forces of nature, and a Mystic from The Ring would see it as making the cosmic forces of the universe align to create a blaze of energy.

This difference of view makes creating an overall "Awakened" identity difficult, and since power within the Disciplines is based on knowledge of those individual viewpoints, and the power of each Discipline is dependant on the number of people who follow that Discipline, those who care about such power have every reason to encourage an identity within the Discipline.

This doesn't mean, of course, that members of the Disciplines are encouraged to be antagonistic towards one another — far from it. Members can be quite friendly with one another, but at the highest levels of the Disciplines, there is definitely some competition. Each of these powerful men and women want to see their Discipline — and them with it — as the most influential one in the Haven System.

These leaders of the Awakened Disciplines are powerful figures in their own right, even without the weight of a full Discipline behind them.

Magus Marco Derry of the Sorcerers
From his tower in Phylon, Magus Derry rules the Sorcerers with undeniable flair. Personally ambitious, driven, and interested in building the Sorcerers as a personal power base — as well as a point of stability for the Vale — the Magus strives against the head of the Illuminated Order of Hermetics for the role of most influential Awakened in Haven.

The Grand Pursuivant of the Illuminated Order of Hermetics, Delphan Russ
A citizen of Landing, the Grand Pursuivant is the public face of the Hermetics, a psychometric theoritian (thaumatician, in his own words) attached to the Academ. He has an ongoing feud with Magus Derry to determine which of them will be the most influential Awakened advisor to the Crown Council as a whole.

There are rumors that the Grand Pursuivant is only the public face of the Illuminated Order, that they are actually directed by a shadowy figure or council of figures, but no Hermetic who has gained such knowledge has ever shared it.

Archdruid Emmanuella Semmir
The Archdruid is a reclusive figure, content to live among the Arborenin and guide her fellow druids when they have questions. She is a well-known feature at the Elder Seat, a close advisor to High Lady Sir Eryn Arboren.

The Mystics of The Rings are a much looser conglomeration than even the Druids, favoring individual connections between teachers and students along with ties of personal friendship and respect. As such, they have no singular person who leads them.

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