The Awakened

The Awakening did not occur overnight. There was no dramatic, violent cataclysm that tore open the minds of the people of Haven's Worlds. Instead, it was a slow, subtle change in the genetic make-up of susceptible individuals. At first, these changes were minor, manifesting in the ability to gently nudge small objects with a concentrated thought and to share the impressions of thoughts and feelings with others. As time passed, however, these changes began to become more profound. With each passing generation, these individuals began to evolve and change, finding ways to control and sense the world around them. They became Awakened.

In the wake of the First System War, the Awakened adapted, changing the way in which they viewed their own abilities. They associated themselves with archaic magic, wizardry, and other Old Earth legends and stories. Like the fireball-wielding wizards of the old myths, they tap into a hidden power. Various disciplines have been developed since the Reversion that pay homage to various forms of magic. There are three major disciplines: Hermetic, Mystic, and Sorcerer.

Each time an Awakened enters the Awakened state and gains access to their abilities, their aura becomes a visible, glowing field that often resembles glowing energy, crackling electricity, or lapping flames. The exact details of these fields differ from Awakened to Awakened as each manifestation is a signature as individual as a fingerprint or a retinal print. The strength of the field depends on the level of ability being used. Minor powers only cause a light flare of aura, while combat or major powers cause a much brighter aura. The Awakened's eyes also drain of all color when they enter the Awakened state, becoming white ocular orbs without pupils or irises. Somatic gestures are required for complex abilities, restricting the Awakened from wearing heavy armor or using using their powers while bound. Simple abilities such as telepathy and light kinesis only require smaller, subtle gestures, allowing them to be used most any time.


The Return of Magic: Awakened + the Reversion

The coming of the Hostiles also brought an opportunity for the Awakened to redefine their place in the greater Haven Society. When the first Awakened was born some 1,500 years ago, they were met with fear and uncertainty. It took centuries for them to integrate themselves back into the population, though the prejudice still ran deep. However, after the First System War and the war to save the Havenite people from the Hostiles, one of their own named Edward Taelith came before the new King Matthias Sauveur with a premonition that would save them all; this solidified the decision for the whole of the Haven System to revert to the culture and traditions that went hand-in-hand with the evolution of the Haven military tactics.

Edward Taelith was the first Awakened to sit on the Regnant Council, taking a Merlin-like position alongside the First King. It was through his example and encouragement that the rest of the Awakened also began to shape their traditions after the legendary magics of Old Earth. They began to establish themselves throughout the various regions that were now being looked after by Paramounts. Some adopted traditions such as druidism, magecraft, and soothsaying, while others maintained a more hermetic view of their abilities. Over the generations, some traditions became tied to particular regions.

Today, Awakened are valued for their supernatural abilities. There are still some who fear the Awakened due to the amount of training and practice required to control themselves when in the Awakened State — but as they are valuable assets against the Hostiles, most have found ways to accept them amongst the population of Haven.

The Awakening

To be an Awakened is often hereditary. If both parents are Awakened, it is more common for the child to be Awakened. There have been instances, however, of an Awakened child being born to completely Unawakened parents. These children can be challenging as most Unawakened do not have the right education to understand what will happen to their child as they mature.

Awakened children are born with access to a limited set of abilities. They can share basic thoughts and emotions, which can be startling to Unawakened parents when they realize their newborn baby is literally telling them telepathically when they have certain needs. Minor telekinesis is often developed when they are around three or four, allowing them to gently float lightweight objects into their waiting grasp. Unlike adults, however, when an Awakened child uses their abilities, their aura does not become quite as visible and their eyes merely lighten instead of completely whiting out.

The full Awakening happens during puberty. This is a very difficult time for an Awakened as they are experiencing not only normal adolescent changes but also the development of their full potential. An Awakened begins to develop a full aura, and their Awakened state is far more uncontrolled. Without the right regimen and structure, it is possible for an Awakened adolescent to completely lose control. This happens more frequently in families where both parents are Unawakened as they have not experienced the Awakening and therefore have little context to frame what their child is going through.

Awakened who are being raised by one or two Awakened parents are taught the structure and customs of their region's particular discipline early, but other Awakened must be brought to a mentor to learn these things. For example, Arborenin Awakened are taught through the lens of the mystic tradition with a druidic slant, while the Awakened of Cindravale are more sorcerery-based, those of the moons of Oculus take a more astrological view, and the Awakened of Landing and Khournas take a more hermetic view of their powers. For more information on these disciplines, look under 'Awakened Disciplines' on this page.

Post-Maturation Awakening

It is possible for an Unawakened individual to become Awakened. This is usually due to a dormant potentiality that has yet to be accessed. It takes substantial training and dedication. They are usually behind the learning curve based on those who have been Awakened since birth. For those interested in seeking post-maturation Awakening, they should contact Staff.

a sorcerer awakened

Awakened Disciplines

While all Awakened abilities have the same roots, it is the disciplines that add particular manifestations and characteristics that make them unique. There are three primarily disciplines observed by Awakened throughout the Haven System.


The Hermetic Awakened view their abilities through a lens of direct science. They are neither as flamboyant as the sorcerers of Cindravale or as esoteric as the mystics of Arboren. They believe in the physics of their abilities, and those of Landing in particular frequently experiment on themselves and other Awakened to better understand the hows and whys behind the Awakened State. There are three regions where hermetic Awakened are predominantly found: Landing, Khournas, and The Ring.

In Landing, the Hermetic Awakened are primarily scholars, taking up residence in their own section of the Academ Arcology where they study their abilities. They tend to view other Awakened disciplines with varying degrees of disdain, believing their disciplines to be superstitious and backwards.

The Hermetic Awakened of Khourni tend to integrate their abilities into their everyday lives and trade, making it an almost integral part of life. There are very few specific customs or traditions that coincide with their discipline, allowing Awakened of the Crescent to focus on their lives beyond being Awakened.

Similar to the Awakened of the Academ, the Awakened of the Ring — primarily those in the research, science and Noble House of Orelle — tend toward logical and scientific views of Awakened Ability. It is in the lower regions of the Ring itself and some of the Lashes where mystical Awakened are more predominant.

Delphan Gruss is the current Grand Pursuivant of the Illuminated Order of Hermetics. A citizen of Landing, the Grand Pursuivant is the public face of the Hermetics, a psychometric theoretician (thaumatician, in his own words) attached to the Academ. He has an ongoing feud with Magus Derry to determine which of them will be the most influential Awakened advisor to the Crown Council as a whole.

There are rumors that the Grand Pursuivant is only the public face of the Illuminated Order, that they are actually directed by a shadowy figure or council of figures, but no Hermetic who has gained such knowledge has ever shared it.


On the other side of the spectrum from the hermetics are the sorcerers. Mages, wizards, and whatever other names they may refer to themselves, they are all based in the same discipline. They are known for their flashiness and showmanship, relying on grand somatic gestures and focus items like wands, amulets, and staves. The manifestations of their powers are often seen as fireballs and icy shards of energy. There are two regions where sorcerer Awakened are predominantly found: Landing and the Vale.

The Valen mages and sorcerers are the true showmen of the Awakened. Their flashes, booms, and bangs are renowned across Haven. Epic, wizardly duels are commonplace. They are constantly finding new ways to present their abilities, and half their artform is based on the presentation.

In Landing, the sorcerous Awakened are more reserved than their Valen counterparts. They are not as ostentatious, but they still enjoy putting on a spectacle now and then. They are deeply interested in power, and can be at great odds with the hermetics. They are often seen walking the streets of Landing with towering staves and pristine robes.

The leader of the sorcerers of the Vale and Landing is The Magus, who resides in the White Tower. The current Magus is Marco Derry. From his tower in Phylon, Magus Derry rules the Sorcerers with undeniable flair. Personally ambitious, driven, and interested in building the Sorcerers as a personal power base — as well as a point of stability for the Vale — the Magus strives against the head of the Illuminated Order of Hermetics for the role of most influential Awakened in Haven.



If the hermetics and sorcerers are at either end of the spectrum, than it is the mystics that sit neatly on the center-line. They have adapted druidism, shamanism, divination, and other such arts into their discipline. They use the natural world as their inspiration when manifesting their abilities. They are viewed by both hermetics and sorcerers as mostly parochial. There are two predominant regions where mystic Awakened are found: Arborenin and the moons of Oculus.

The mystics of Arborenin are best related to druids and shamans. Though Unawakened Arborenin already have an affinity to the natural world, their Awakened are even more so. They use their abilities to manipulate weather on a small scale, electrify the air around them to create blasts of lightning, and they are particularly skilled at borrowing the senses of animals (see the Known Abilities table for more information).

On the Lashes and The Ring of Oculus, the Awakened have adapted a more divine and celestial bend to their discipline. They explore aspects of soothsaying and foretelling. They often wander the moons, providing guidance and support to the isolated colonies. There is something more occult about the mystics of Oculus, as they have a rare fascination for tarot cards, haruspicy, and other types of divination.

The head of the druids on the Spine is known as The Archdruid. The current Archdruid, Emmanuella Semmir, is a reclusive figure, content to live among the Arborenin and guide her fellow druids when they have questions. She is a well-known feature at the Elder Seat, a close advisor to High Lady Sir Eryn Arboren.

The Mystics of The Rings are a much looser conglomeration than even the Druids, favoring individual connections between teachers and students along with ties of personal friendship and respect. As such, they have no singular person who leads them.

The Compendium

The Awakened Compendium provides a list of evocation and psychometric abilities. This is not an exhaustive list, but provides a basis for what Awakened are capable of.

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