Avalyn Athyros <Retired>
Liv Tyler
Liv Tyler as Avalyn Mellisandre Athyros
Full Name: Avalyn Mellisandre Athyros
Byname: none
Age: 24
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Sauveur
House: Sauveur
Title/Profession: Miss
Position: Soldier/Medic
Spouse: Michael Athyros Height: 5'8"
Father: Avan Draekerys Weight: pffft!
Mother: Liadain Culraven Draekerys Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Valeryn (26), Trelayna (17), and Davys (17) Eye Color: Deep ocean blue
Children: One on the way!


Avalyn Mellisandre Draekerys was born in Landing on September 5th 2989, the second of four children born to Avan and Liadain Draekerys. Her father had been a Knight in service to house Sauveur when he was a young man and was a talented and intelligent artisan as well. He ended up building his own business, choosing to retire from Knighthood to devote his life to hard work and family. He started a steel foundry that became quite successful, Draekerys Steelworks and its success made him quite rich. Avan, being a brilliant metallurgist, created a new kind of steel that he became known for producing, a compound he named 'Dragonsteel'. Avan had devised an efficient method of perfecting his weapon's monomolecular edge, making his weapons stronger, and sharper than the competition's. It was harder than the average steel and expensive to make, but beautiful to behold, lustrous and gleaming and darker than the average steel.

Now at 24, Avalyn has had one year of service, the majority of which has been spent entirely in Landing as a Footman of the House Sauveur military, attending the officers and others stationed there. She dreams of the day she will join the fight and distinguish herself.

Avalyn, after giving birth to a beautiful and handsome baby boy, has recovered well and taken time to be stay at home while her husband has seen to his duties as a knight of house Sauveur. When Xandre naps, Avalyn takes time to work on studies and prepare for trying to enter Secondary school in Medicine with a goal of getting her medical doctorate.



The lovely young woman before you appears to be in her mid twenties and stands a willowy 5'8" tall, her bearing self-confidant, her gait purposeful as she walks. Her darkest-mahogany hair is pulled up and back, braided loosely down her back to her waist, curling tendrils escaping its confines to lay against her cheek and temple. Her eyes are a deep, ocean-blue under finely arched brows, seeming to dart here and there, assessing all around her. Her full lips turn upwards at the corners in an ever-present, if subtle smile.
This day she wears a black Military-style longcoat that is tailored to her form, over a high-necked black shirt. The coat flares from the waist outward, open in the front to reveal black leather breeches and shined, knee high black boots. The only relief from the all black is a patch at her left breast, marking her as both military in service of House Sauveur and a medic. Her cloak is made of a cream colored heavyweight wool, the hood made of a matching cream colored wolf pelt.


Dedicated Prideful
Rebellious Secretive
Short-Fuse Wary

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Michael Sir Michael Athyros : We've been through a lot in such a short time. I find myself deeply in love with a man I barely know, and yet find myself unable to live without. I believe we were meant to be together and I know he loves me just as much as I do him. Now we have a baby on the way and we're married!

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