Lady Augusta II Dalton of Inculta
Vanessa Redgrave
Vanessa Redgrave as Augusta II Aines Dalton
Full Name: Augusta II Aines Dalton
Byname: the Fair Sun (used by her generation)
Age: 64
Planet: Inculta
Paramount: Orelle
House: Dalton
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Head of House
Spouse: Sir Pelinor Sauveur Height: 5'10
Father: Lord Marcus IV Dalton Weight: 200lbs
Mother: Lady Regan Larent Hair Color: White/Red
Siblings: 2 Siblings Eye Color: Blue
Children: Lady Nimue Dalton
Lord Bors Dalton (d)
Two other children



  • 2949 Augusta is born to Lord Tyrus IV Dalton and Lady Regan Larent. She is their third child, but first Awakened and is therefore designated Heir of House Dalton.
  • 2955 Augusta's rigorous education and training being in full to prepare her for the multifaceted role as ruler of Inculta. She proves to be a bright child and enthusiastic towards her education. Her childhood is for the most party a happy one.
  • 2968 At the age of 19, Augusta moves to Landing and spends the next five years as a courtier at the Royal Court. She becomes highly praised throughout Haven for her great beauty as ballads are made about her and she is favored by House Sauveur. It is during this time that she meets Sir Pelinor Sauveur, a young cousin of Symion's. Their romance becomes the subject of many love stories from that era.
  • 2973 Augusta and Pelinor are wed on Imperius. While the Royal House favors the marriage due to House Dalton's wealth, it is primarily a marriage of love.
  • 2975 Their first child, Nimue, is born.
  • 2979 Augusta's father dies. The family returns to Inculta and Augusta is made Lady Augusta II Dalton of Inculta and Servant to the Servants of Light.
  • 2980 Augusta and Pelinor will have three more children over the next 10 years.
  • 3004 As the Destros epidemic spreads, Augusta loses her second child and oldest son, Bors, to an overdose. The death of her son causes the Servants of Light to begin an expulsion of all drug peddlers from the planet.
  • Current: Augusta swears allegiance to the newly made High Lord Esiah Orelle. As people begin to take sides in support of Crown Prince Emund or Princess Jenelle, Augusta refrains from voicing her opinion although her paramount has sided with the princess. Augusta begins to voice concerns over the imminent War and attempts to focus attention on defending Inculta as a primary target for the Hostiles as the chief provider of energy. Augusta is privately supportive of Ilo Orelle's project of a new sleeper ship. Her House's wealth and technological skill are a resource should such a project move forward.



This tall, older woman has an austere presence about her. Her aged face still holds an elegant, attractive appearance denoting perhaps a great beauty in her youth. Blue eyes express a sharp intelligence and general calm alertness. Her red hair, paled with white, is swept up and usually worn up and held by jewelry or a simple bun.

She wears a finely made, pale grey dress that is long with a flowing skirt and fitted bodice. A long, white wrap is draped over her shoulder and trails down around her, at times brought over he head as a hood. She wears simple, but elegant jewelry and while wearing the fashion and craftmanship of the noble born, does so without being ostentatious.


Balanced Worldview, Religiously Tolerant, Once Famous Beauty, Ruthless Negotiator

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Known Associates

Orelle Lord Admiral Ilo : Ilo and Augusta are old friends and she was very close to his late wife. She is supportive of his endeavour to create a new sleeping ship.
Orelle Lord Sir Captain Esiah : While on good terms with her paramount lord, Augusta appears to side with Esiah's father in many things. Whether this is just appearance or the truth is harder to tell.

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