Young Lady Sir Ashleigh Grantham
Rose Leslie
Rose Leslie as Ashleigh Grantham
Full Name: Ashleigh Grantham
Byname: Flame Dancer, Ice Queen
Age: 24
Planet: Ignis
Paramount: Orell
House: Grantham
Title/Profession: Young Lady Sir
Position: Heir to House Grantham, Knight of the Legion of Ashes
Spouse: None, currently Height: 5'6"
Father: {$father} Weight: 135 pounds
Mother: Lady Marah Grantham Hair Color: Red
Siblings: Zayne (deceased), others TBA Eye Color: Green
Children: None, currently





Almost Fearless: There is very little that can put the fear of the Six into Ashleigh's heart. It will very likely be the end of her and is undoubtedly cause for her family to worry about her.

Emotionally Shut Down: Zayne's death was taken hard by everyone but very few took it as hard as his sister. Cut deeper than any sword could ever, Ashleigh shut herself off emotionally, shoving the pain back by doing so. Takes quite a lot to get her to show any.

Serious: As a child she used to have a sense of humor but time has eroded it, leaving her stoic.

Tempered By Fire: Ignis breeds her people tough, the ash, fire and lava strengthening those who make the fiery moon their home like flame strengthens metal. Ashleigh is a good example of how true this is.

Musical Inspiration

Burn My Shadow - Unkle
Her Strut - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
Fire Woman - The Cult

On the Grid

Known Associates

Flint Lord Sir Jacob 'Flint' Grantham : I can not begin to say how much I love my uncle, the man who has always been a second father to me. He still strives to help me become a better version of myself despite all that life has recently handed to him. I vow to always be there for him as he has been for me.
Grantham Lord Zayne Grantham : My older brother. The Six took him from us way too early, breaking our hearts and changing us forever. While I do not believe in ghosts I feel he haunts me. I hope I can half the leader I feel he would have been.
Devon Lady Devon Grantham : We grew up under the same roof yet it's like I was in another world entirely, especially considering I left to be a squire. The widow to my brother, she's now betrothed to someone from another house and will soon be leaving us. I regret not being a better sister-in-law to her.


  • While many knights are only given one byname in their lives Ashleigh's obtained two: Flame Dancer, because of how fluidly she has been known to move while fighting, and Ice Queen due to her icy demeanor and detached air.

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