Lord Sir Asher Khournas
Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa as Asher Khournas
Full Name: Asher Khournas
Byname: None
Age: 23
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Khournas
Title/Profession: Lord Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: Unmarried Height: 6'2"
Father: {$father} Weight: 220lbs
Mother: {$mother} Hair Color: Black
Siblings: {$sibling} Eye Color: Green
Children: None


Nephew to High Lord Jevon Khournas, and former Squire to Sir Eneas. Asher is known to be awakened, having been squired to Sir Eneas so that he may adapt his gift to front line combat. Sir Asher was not known to have excelled greatly in hand weapons, but was known to favor the Axe, though it is said his awakened potential is promising. After his knighting, he spent some time traveling the ways, visiting many of the lands of Haven before returning to his duties in Volkan. He has done some work involving his families manufacturing concerns, accompanying envoys and representing his family on several trips to Ignis, and has also been involved on some level with the House Khournas preparations for the return of the Hostiles.




Likes to Draw: Asher has always liked to draw, from a young age. He would often sneak off to sketch landscapes, or people, or anything that catches his fancy.

Likes to Travel: Having grown up in and around Volkan, Asher takes every opportunity to get out and see the world, especially with the return of the hostiles imminent.

Reluctant Knight: Asher never really wanted to be a Knight, but with pressure from his father, and the Khournas martial tradition forced the path upon him. He has never shirked his duties, however.

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