As The Son Rises
Summary: Jarek writes his parents, mainly his father, and seeks to once more stand proudly as the Eldest and son of Saimhann.
Date: 07 Jan. 2014
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Jarek Saimhann 

May 17th, 3014 — Jarek's Rooms, Drakholt

TO: Erek.Saimhann@Drakholt Mirabelle.Saimhann@Drakholt
FROM: Jarek.Saimhann@Drakholt
SUBJECT: Two Matters

Mother, Father,

I have recovered, for the most part, from the injuries I sustained while seeing to my task on the South Road from Settlestone to Cavern Mine. I feel that I need to apologize, as son and heir to this house, for failing as horribly as I have. Before you write back saying that I have not failed, I speak as to how I have.
With Agnes' death, I have spent all my time working and preventing sleep. I've neglected the small things like getting my armor cleaned and the electronics replaced. I loathed asking for anything, because in my heart and mind the one thing I had nearly begged for from you I failed to protect. I no longer blame myself, at least not entirely, for her death… but to keep from going into far too much I'll just say that I've gone forward with getting a suit of defender armor crafted for me.

With the word from the Citadel, I feel my place is on the battlefield taking charge as I have done. However, before I can do that I need to do something I'd promised to her. I'm sending my squire Chiron for his stay in the Chantry in the coming days so that when he emerges from his vigil, he may be knighted. I ask that we offer him reason to swear to our house, I know his heart lies in Arborenin where his family is and I cannot fault him, but he is both capable and level headed and will make a fine knight and a great commander.

We would only benefit from his service. I'd prefer to know your thoughts on the matter before I say anything to the Young Master. On one last note, I do ask that any information regarding my stay in the hospital, primarily the extent of my injuries, have measures taken to ensure their secrecy. I personally feel that as such a symbol for knighthood and Haven, I should not appear in public with cybernetic implants. Morale and support for the war is always on the fence with the people, if their heroes begin to look like the enemy then those vids on the Infosphere will start to raise conspiracy and panic.

We should sit together for a feast this month, perhaps we can both celebrate my birthday and Chiron's knighting at the same time. It depends on your schedules and the efforts for the war. All aside, I will be working on my physical therapy and coordinating sweeps of the mountains from The Hex.

They do guide us, always,
~~ Jarek

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