05.12.3013: Arrival at the Ring
Summary: As the shipment of Hostile tech arrives from Arboren, Lady Dalton arrives from Inculta with a contingent of scientists to study it.
Date: 12 May 2013
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Real Science
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The Way of the Ring
As one of the major Ways hubs on the Ring, this domed circular plaza possesses two dozen or so graceful archways of varying sizes. This particular hub is primarily for personal travel instead of freight which requires far larger archways. They are constantly active, glowing as individuals arrive and depart the Ring. The Ways station itself is quite simple with little flare or flourish, emphasizing the typical functionality of the Ring. It is floored in polished metal tiles that create a spiraling moisaic at its center. High above are hexagonal transparent composite panels that create the perfectly sealed dome above, supplying a spectacular 180-degree view of the stars and the glowing planet of Oculus.

Leading out of the Ways hub and into the circular Halo surrounding the spherical heart of the Ring is a large rounded corridor with a transparent arched ceiling. Crawler carts are often seen puttering along, ferrying people from the Ways to the Halo.

May 12, 3013

There's some large, armored crates coming through the waygate. And Captain Cedric Orelle has been with it every step of the way. With the contingent of Orelle Watchmen along with him, armed just in case, because you never know with Hostile tech, walk along with him. For the Orelle himself, he's decided that a flak jacket has been enough protection on the traveling from Arboren to the Ring. The hovercart thums loudly, two each carrying their payload. The crates are rather non-descript, even if the armored and secured kind, giving away no real idea on whatever is inside looks like. A security line has been created during the transit from the waygate to more secured facilities where the tech will be taken apart and researched. This security has kept the clamoring of the media press at bay, all the way a dim of chattering and cameras flashing to try and get a picture of the precious cargo. Cedric himself frowns, even if he seems to have a rather tight gripe on the situation at the moment.

Lyrienne has returned to the Ring along with the recovered tech, though she's still using a hover chair to get around just now. Her usual edge of fashion clothing has been traded for something a little looser, to compensate for synthskin and bandages beneath. Despite her injuries and the chair, though, she's still camera ready, with her hair and makeup done just so. She's hovering at Cedric's side, despite whatever threat he might expect from the crates.

As the deliveries from Arboren continue, a Waygate nearby comes to life and and a group emerges from it. At the fore are four Servants of Light, the desert-knights of Inculta in their tan armor and flowing white cloaks bearing long scimitars. Their faces are wrapped and hooded. After them are a handful of hovercarts bearing some technological equipment along with a group of Incultan engineers and scientists. Amongst them, speaking quietly to one of them, is the tall Augusta, second of that name. She wears loose-fitting white robes and has a shoulder-height gold walking stick which she grasps in one hand. The Servant of the Servants of Light and her scientists are followed by another four armed knights of House Dalton.

It's not that Cedric is worried about something inside the crate breaking out. Rather from the outside and what people might do. So, precautions. While doesn't seem to be totally worried about it's contents, there's always that chance he could be around about the tech being totally inert. "So much for service. Make a big issue about getting back to the ship, only to make a priority check." he utters, eyeballs scanning the crowd, the amount of reporters elliciting a sigh out of him. The fact that he was told to be the one to lead the crates back to Oculus hasn't been lost on him, it's never exactly been hidden that the Captain has sided with his grandfather on most matters. The thought of such gets an eyeroll out of him. "Everyone should be thanking you, you know." he says off-handedly. "It wasn't me that got these crates here."

Lyrienne flashes a brief smile toward Cedric, reaching out to give his hand a squeeze. "I don't need to be told," she says with a soft laugh. "It's enough that it's taken care of. I did suggest she send Keanen. And I think he'd like a tour of the Shadow as well, so if you're up to it, that would go a long way toward smoothing some roads. He's a bit more like Orelle than Arboren anyhow. You might like him." She pauses as she catches sight of Augusta, tugging lightly at Cedric's sleeve. "Lady Dalton," she murmurs, tipping her chin toward the other delegation.

Noticing the Orelles, Lady Dalton offers a parting comment to the scientist next to her and steps away from the group. Two of the desert-knights accompany her but stay some paces back so as not to intrude. "Lord Cedric … Lady Lyrienne .." Her rich-toned deep voice is warm in its greeting. "I had not heard that you were injured, Lady Lyrienne. Is all well?" She leans on the gold staff with an expression of concern on her face for the younger woman.

"If he wanted one, I'd be happy to give one." Cedric nods. "But I'll leave that up to him." A shrug. "I like everyone. Usually." The hand squeezes back. "You don't need to be told, but I'm telling you anyways. There's a lot I couldn't do without you. A bit more patient than I am." The tug on his sleeve is noted, causing him to swing his gaze away from the perimeter and then lay them on the Head of Dalton. "Lady Dalton." he greets. "A spectacle, isn't it?" he offers, thumbing over his shoulder at the throngs of news media, held back by a line of Watchmen. The remark about Lyrienne's injuries get a small smile. "I'll let my wife talk about her war wounds. Woudln't want to take away the honor of that."

"Honor, indeed," Lyrienne laughs softly to Cedric, shaking her head. "I had an altercation with the Hostiles we took this from, my lady," she explains to Augusta. "The doctors assure me I'll be fine in a few days, but it was their suggestion I confine myself to bed or a hover chair for the first few days so as not to tear the stitches. Once I'm healed, though, I think I'll be spending a little more time training with weapons that are more useful in close quarters than psychometry."

Keanen has been lingering near the Hostile pod and the hover carts. Having allowed Captain Cedric and Lady Lyrienne to make the initial greetings, he slowly steps forward to join them. He folds his arms behind his back, his right arm cybernetic, and he smiles just slightly, glad to be on the Ring.

"Well, that is good to hear…" Augusta says to Lyrienne. She looks past Cedric at all of the media covering the delivery of tech and shakes her head somewhat. She brings the tip of her gold walking stick down on the steel floor and it creates a chiming ring. For a moment the sound hovers in the air and then there is a movement of air as the sound waves are moved and warped to form a bubble around the group of four nobles. "I have never enjoyed the intrusion of journalists in my conversations." She then continues, "Word of the delivery preceded you, Lord Cedric. I have brought a contingent of scientists from the Eastern Light Temple to assist in studying your finds if you are open to their inclusion. I myself would be most pleased to take a personal look." Lady Dalton is known to be one of the chief scientists and engineers on Inculta, taking a personal hand in tech development. The coversation now secure from listening ears, she regards the two Orelles to see their reaction, glancing at Keanen and offering him a polite smile. She does not appear to know who he is or just doesn't recognize him. But then he's young and she hasn't been off Inculta or the Ring in some time.

"I think it proceeded just about everywhere, Lady Dalton. Everybody is wanting a look at what was brought down. Suppose…can't really blame them. It's been plastered all over the news." Cedric notes, even if the use of psychometry gets little more than a blink out of him. Guess you get used to when your wife does the stuff all the time. "But, I appreciate the backup, certainly. And we certainly are not going to say no to the researchers. I hope that my father will not prevent anyone from looking at what's been discovered. I feel, when it comes to Hostiles, we need open disclosure. And I personally thank you for the assistance." Stepping to the side, he gestures at Keanen. "Lady Dalton, may I introduce Lord Keanen Arboren. He wished to accompany us on bringing the Hostile tech back to the Ring. Lord Keanen, Lady Augusta Dalton, head of House Dalton." he states, the second-born son of Orelle making introductions.

Lyrienne's smile quirks at Augusta's precaution, head tilting slightly as she marks the particular tone. She seems about to offer an introduction when Cedric makes it himself, smile deepening with approval. "She's quite the expert when it comes to these sorts of things," she adds to Keanen. "I think you'd enjoy studying with her, if she wouldn't mind showing you a few things. I'm afraid I'll have to leave you all to it, though," she chuckles. "These things are somewhat beyond my particular skill sets."

Keanen bows his head a bit in greeting to Augusta when he is introduced. "Lady Dalton, it's a pleasure to meet you." He smiles, "As part of her agreeance to allow the pod to leave Imperius, my mother has deemed me to accompany it and work with the researchers. I'll be reporting back to her on what everyone learns."

Augusta offers Keanen a slight bow of her head, "Lord Keanen. You are most welcome to spend any of your time with my scientists or myself personally." She then turns to Lyrienne, "Let us not keep you, my dear. Your swift recovery is foremost in our minds. As for you Lord Cedric. I wish to provide you with four of my Servants to fall under your command for any security needs you should require." She gestures slightly at the desert-knights with the scientists. There are eight in all, so the other four are obviously for her personal protection. The Servants of Light are known as the best trained of Inculta's light infantry, the majority of them full fledged knights and many of them Awakened. Its only their slightly religious zeal which is at times off putting to non-Incultans.

"And on behalf of House Orelle, I gladly accept them." Cedric notes with a nod. "The Watch is more than capable to bear the progression to our labratory facilities, but they can't be watching this tech, even if inert and contained, all the time. They would be welcomed as another precautionary measure. And while I might be rather useless in terms of scientific study," he chuckles, "can't say that's exactly a job for a Naval Captain, I'm sure both you and Lord Keanen will find what discoveries are revealed rather insightful. I can't imagine a better mind on this matter than you, My Lady."

"Thank you, my lady," Lyrienne dips her chin to the older woman. "I'll be interested to hear what comes of the study. Oh," she adds, giving Cedric's hand a touch. "And I had a thought. If the Hostiles are landing here in single pods, alone, and they don't have some version of Awakened powers, then they need to communicate with each other, which means they must have some sort of transmitters to allow them to meet up with each other or report back to their ships. If you can find that in the pod or the armor, then you'll know what to look for to find them."

Keanen nods at Cedric, and then smiles, "Well. I suppose I should see to my things." He again bows his head to Augusta, "Thank you," and he heads off to one of the hover carts to get his bag.

Augusta smiles to all gathered, "Good. I will be staying at my apartments, Lord Cedric should your father need me for anything." She is his vassal after all. She raises her walking stick off the ground and the bubble of sound dilution sorta pops. She then gives each a polite nod and turns to join her Incultan scientists.

"Lord Keanen. Should you find time, you're welcome to join me on a tour of my ship should the mood strike you." Cedric replies as the Arboren begins to leave. "But, I won't stop you from poking about the labs either." That said, he turns back to Augusta, giving her a polite nod. "Certainly. I'll make sure father knows. I'm sure he appreciates the offer. Good evening, My Lady." That said, he tugs on the cuff of his uniform sleeve.

"Good evening, Lady Dalton," Lyrienne says with a polite inclination of her head for the older woman. She shifts carefully in her chair to look toward the press, sighing softly. "You should probably go and take that back to the labs, Ric. I'll go and give the press a few tidbits and something pretty to shoot."

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