Lord Sir Ariston Cindravale
Simon Woods
Simon Woods as Ariston Cindravale
Full Name: Ariston Cindravale
Byname: -
Age: 27
Planet: Imperius, the Second World
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Cindravale
Title/Profession: Lord Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: - Height: 6'
Father: Lord Sir Theo Sauveur Weight: 175
Mother: High Lady Sir Kallista Cindravale Hair Color: Red
Siblings: Young Lord Sir Solon Cindravale, Lady Sir Mirana Cindravale, Lady Xenona Cindravale Eye Color: Blue
Children: -


Born March 15th, 2086, Ariston is the eldest child of High Lady Sir Kallista Cindravale and Lord Sir Theo Sauveur. Normally, this would make him a Young Lord, and for a time, he was, but two things came to pass that would change this: he was born Awakened to parents that that were not and, several years later, his younger brother Solon was born.

As connected and powerful as his parents were, his tutelage was not a concern, they could afford Awakened mentors and counsel on how to proceed with an Awakened child. Further, Kallista's sister, Lucretia, was Awakened; so it is not an unheard of event in the family, merely an unexpected surprise. The birth of his younger brother, however, allowed for a strategic decision on his parents' part, both Knights, to make Solon the heir.

These events would shape many of Ariston's future choices. His early life was filled with the training necessary to be a young aristocrat and not yet fully Awakened youth. But in a noble family of Knights, chivalry, and full-throated support of Reversion, the unspoken message was clear to a young boy. This message clashed often with the mystery and wonder of the world shown to him by his Awakened tutors. It wasn't until he saw a true Awakened Knight at one of his family's tourneys that it clicked for him.

It took years to convince his family, the young Ariston working hard at his subjects and Awakened training with a conviction and will not generally found in one so young. Even with his persistence, however, he did not get squired until his 11th year, 1-2 years after his contemporaries. He was dedicated, however, and it was with the self-same Knight from the tourney he saw those years ago that would become his mentor and guide.

He was always more gifted at the sorcerous, and he'd never be the strongest or hardiest of knights, but he worked hard and forged his own path. He focused like one of the monomolecular blades he trained with on his Awakened abilities and spent hours afterward working on the fundamentals of knighthood. He reached his full Awakening just a couple of years after being squired and despite it all, he was able to be knighted by his 19th birthday.

Upon his Knighting, he spent several years at the White Tower, honing his sorcery and Hostile lore, only departing to attend Tournaments held locally. His relationship with his family is cordial, but not exactly overflowing with warmth, a young man out to prove that an Awakened can make an excellent Knight, in his own way. It has marked him out some, even compared to his mentor, as it is his preference to wear Light Combat Armor rather than the heavier sort favored by most Knights. Neither is it subtly adorned, composed of circles and geometric patterns in fine silver over dark blue.

There is a polite refusal to acknowledge the unique presence of an Awakened Knight in the common skirmishes in which the Houses and Paramounts often partake. Despite this, he often volunteers, both openly and merely appearing at those pitched battles he can learn of, taking risks perhaps not entirely becoming of a main-line scion of a Paramount House.

To him, these feuds are more training than anything. He knows the Hostiles are returning and he sees it as the ultimate chance to show the capability and potential of Awakened Knights. He's willing to do much to see it through, to prove his own worth; though he's no longer quite sure if it's for himself, his family or some other reason at this point. For now, the rising political tension can no longer be ignored, particularly as a Cindravale, but with an uncertain future, now is no time to lay down his Awakened blade.



At just a hair's breadth over six feet in height, he's light of build with a fair complexion grown slightly ruddy from long hours under the sun. Ginger in hue, his hair is just short enough to stay out of his eyes, for the most part, but otherwise fails to maintain any sort of order or accountability. His eyes are more serious, a light blue that borders on pale set against a dusting of freckles that bridge a straight nose and expressive mouth.

He's dressed well, a dark blue, long-sleeved shirt of rich silk flowing against a tight vest of silver, the metallic threads shimmering slightly with each movement. Woven into the fabric of the vest over his heart is a subtle representation of Cindravale, a glimmer of white and deep bronze from the rampant destrier of his house fading in and out with the argent shimmer of his vest. His trouses are a finely tailored synthetic weave of deep black, tucked into high boots of hardened, equally dark leather. Hung from his his waist at his right hip is a sheathed monomolecular sword of high quality, the pommel intricately detailed with the heraldry of Cindravale and the hilt well-worn from use.


  • No Guts, No Glory
  • Something to Prove
  • Strong-Willed

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Known Associates

Nikomachos Lord Sir Nikomachos Cindravale : Mother's cousin, but a knight and near enough in age to be a peer.
Ellinor Lady Sir Ellinor Sauveur : A knight of the Royal House.

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