Arise Peake
Summary: Nikomachos writes a letter to Young Lord Aidan Peake
Date: 27 October, 2013
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Nikomachos Aidan 

22 December, 3013 — Willowtree Hospital, Landing

To: Aidan.Peake@KharMordune
From: Nikomachos.Sauveur@PalaceTowers
Subject: A call to action

You have a lot of time to think when you're stuck in a hospital bed. And I've been thinking about what's holding us back. Haven. The War. Big thoughts, I know. It's what happens when I get stuck in a small room, I'm afraid. And afraid is the whole of it. I'm afraid for Haven.

I've seen lords and ladies more concerned with maneuvering against one another than about fighting the Hostiles, more concerned with gathering personal power than protecting the people sworn to them. I've seen Knight Lieutenants too concerned with their own personal safety to drive forward and accomplish the critical missions placed before them.

We're too stuck in the old ways, the ways of political shifts, the call to power within Haven, the placing of the one before the many. With the Hostiles coming down around our ears, we need to be arrayed alongside one another, without care for whether we're Cindravale, Sauveur, Peake, Arboren, Khournas, Orelle, or Citizen. And we need to be driving forward, putting our best people where they can do the most good.

We need to come together as a people, or we will be destroyed by the war, either by the Hostiles themselves or by the infighting that follows in forty years. I don't have a plan, a plot, or a timeline, I just have a call to action, and I want to make sure that you're there with me. I want to appeal to the rest of the Generation of Vengeance, to those of us raised to win this war. I want to appeal to those like us to draw together, to put aside our bickering differences and swear to see the best person for each and every job placed where they can do the most good. To swear to put the needs of Haven before the needs of ourselves.

You once gave me the best advice I have ever received, Lord Aidan. I value your insight and the drive with which you protect your family and people. Will you stand with me and help me find others to stand alongside us both? Will you join me on this crusade to truly unite Haven?

-Sir Niko Sauveur of Cindravale.

To: Nikomachos.Sauveur@PalaceTowers
From: Aidan.Peake@KharMordune
Subject: Re: A call to action

Lord Niko:

You say we're too stuck in the old ways. I agree. All the Houses of Haven need to come together to defend our entire system regardless of where the enemy happens to be at the moment. We need to do so without political maneuvering, without needless one-upmanship, without ego. As, individuals, we are not important but we can be a danger. As a people, we are what is needed and can succeed.

You say we're too stuck in the old ways. That applies in many ways. I am not part of the Generation of vengeance. I don't care about vengeance as tempting as it might be to see the one who killed Yolanda suffer. I care about my people not dying. If the safety of our people means we make peace with the Hostiles, we need to abandon our obsession with killing them all. Too many of our people have died already. So have too many of theirs though, in all honesty, that concerns me less.

Let's do this.

-Young Lord Aidan Peake

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