Lady Ariana Larent
Elsa Hosk
Elsa Hosk as Ariana Contessa Larent
Full Name: Ariana Contessa Larent
Byname: -
Age: 19
Planet: Oculus, Moon of Nubilus
Paramount: Orelle
House: Larent
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Scientist and Oculus/Nubilus Promotional Representative
Spouse: Betrothed to Young Lord Declan Arboren Height: 5'9"
Father: Lord Captain Percival Larent Weight: 117
Mother: Lady Ancelina Larent (née Cindravale) Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Young Lady Sir Veryna Larent
Lord Lieutenant Antaeus Larent
Lady Matildie Larent
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Children: None


Lady Ariana Contessa Larent was born the youngest child of Lord Captain Percival Larent and Lady Ancelina Larent (nee Cindravale) in 2995 AL. Due to her mother's influence, Ariana came to fully embrace the Reversion. She loved the romanticism, the pageantry and the beauty which she believed the Reversion stood for. So when her eldest sibling, Veryna, was granted permission to train alongside their Cindravale Uncle as his squire, the youngest of the Larent children could not help but feel a tinge of jealousy. It's not that she wanted to train as a knight, herself, but instead, Ariana wished to live amongst her relatives and live life as a true noble.

From an early age, Ariana always felt at odds with the society which she was born into. She was proud to be noble and kept a cold distance between herself and anyone whom she considered to be beneath her. Being a part of the noble houses of Oculus has always been frustrating, but she loved her home at Summit and spent most of her free time enjoying the breathtaking views and the many beautiful gardens which can be found throughout Nubilus. She even developed an adoration for the natural beauty of the flowers that bloomed within these garden - a fascination which would eventually pique her interest into the science of botany.

As with every young noblewoman, Ariana attended an array of lessons to help groom her into a proper young lady in the hopes that her family would be able to secure a good marriage for her. She was an excellent student who relished in her teachings on the arts and humanities. She loved literature and poetry and music and even does some painting as a hobby. However, as an obligation to her family, Ariana was thrust into the world of science as well. Entering the field of MedSci, she trained as both a medical practioner and as a scientist and has worked alongside other brilliant minds in the discovery of new or improved pharmaceutical drugs. Due to her love of beautiful flora, much of Ariana's studies has been focused on botany though most of her experience with plant life has been in more controlled environments like a garden or even a laboratory.

At the age of 15, Ariana was tasked to do some promotional videos for the tourist industry on Nubilis. She is now one of the most recognizable faces for any visitor or immigrant who visits Oculus. On video screens placed at terminals at way points, her image greets new arrivals before informing them of all the sights and wonders that await their stay whether it be for work or pleasure. The tourist industry, aside, Ariana has also done work to promote enlistment into the navy as well as into the fields of science and technology.



Very much like her eldest sister, Ariana possesses an air of independence, preferring to bask in her own grace and beauty. She is not a physically affectionate woman and in fact, she has learned to school her emotions. Any sort of histrionics, in her eyes, would be considered embarrassing and even immoral. An unapologetic snob, Ariana makes friends with like-minded noble peers who love to gossip and speak judgmentally about those around them. In fact, many go to Ariana for juicy tidbits of gossip. Attentive and somewhat sneaky, she has found ways of finding out things and with her web of rumormongers, her finger is always on the pulse of court gossip. Having a strong grasp on etiquette and propriety, Ariana is always on the lookout for those who wish to disgrace themselves by acting improperly. Suffering from a touch of Schadenfreude, she delights in the misfortune of others and loves to see her enemies fall into ruin. When this is not possible, her simmering annoyance can come to a full boil in her private solitude, but never would she betray herself by acting out in such a manner in the public eye.


This young woman stands at a striking 5'9" with a gracefully slender frame. A natural beauty, she is blessed with high cheekbones that are more soft than sharp and plush lips pursed into an ever present pout. Long silken waves of pale blonde cascade in tumbling rivulets to frame her youthful features. In certain light, her delicately colored hair warms to richness of spun gold threads. Her eyes bear the countenance of a glacial gaze with icily colored irises yet are thickly outlined by a veil of dark blonde lashes. She moves with a well-practiced grace; every gesture, every step taken is performed with an elegance and confidence which further adds to her allure.


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Ice Princess

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Larent House Larent : My family, like the angels in the heavens.
Percival Lord Captain Percival Larent : My dearest Lord Father, proud household head of our family and Lord Captain of the ramship, the Titan's Wake. He's always been so very busy with the Royal Navy. So much so that his absence has always upset my Lady Mother greatly. Still, he has always been a doting father. A man who I both greatly respect and admire. I just wish that he wouldn't work so hard all of the time.
Ancelina Lady Ancelina Larent : Mother! TBA.
Veryna Young Lady Sir Veryna Larent : My dearest older sister and Heir to Larent. With our age difference and the fact that she was so fortunate to have been granted the opportunity to live with our Cindravale relatives when she was training to be a knight, I can't say that we've spent as much quality time together as siblings as we should have. Now that she is back full time at the Sky Palace, I will do all that I can to lend her my support. I may have been a little envious that she got to live part of her life at Phylon in her youth, but we are sisters and we are Larent. That is something I will never forget.
Antaeus Lord Lieutenant Antaeus Larent : Older Brother. More to come!
Densoric Lord Densoric Larent : My darling, mysterious cousin. I've always found it a touch odd that Densoric's father is an unknown, though there are several rumors surrounding his parentage. Even as a child, I never knew what to think of that, but he's always been a mostly decent sort, so whomever his father is couldn't be all that terrible. Nor would I ever believe that they were a citizen, because how disappointing would that be? We get along well enough and I find that he's a good source for courtly information.

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