07.02.3013: Appreciation and Invitation
Summary: Young Lord Volen visits Nevues to thank Lady Elodie for assistance after the battle of Niveus, and invites her to visit Mare Maris.
Date: 2 July, 2013
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RP Room One, serving as the Hydroponic Gardens of Shelter
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2nd July, 3013

In contrast to the outside of Shelter, there is a room deep inside with filtered light from above, and a warm mist in the air. Pushing back the hooded cloak of her gown, Elodie removes it and hangs it on the peg near the door before venturing further in. The dove gray gown she wears is trimmed in white fur, with white embroidery down the long, flowing sleeves. Her dark is pulled smoothly back, as always a stark contrast to her pale skin and blue eyes, and pale gray velvet. Pulling off her gloves as she walks further into the hydroponic gardens, she reaches out her fingers to touch leaves gingerly. It's mid afternoon, and she's already done her rounds in the medical ward of the soldiers still being treated for their injuries from the battle.

The Young Lord of Orelle has arrived through the waygates at shelter. He's dressed a bit warmer for the colder world, though the outfit is not really suited for any sort of trip outside. He arrives in the Hydroponic gardens as well, gaze drifting over some of the plants growing before his eyes come to rest on the Lady Elodie and he flashes a smile, "My Lady." He says, offering a slight bow of his head.

Turning as her solitude is interrupted, the youngest Lady of the house smiles, and dips an appropriate curtsy to Lord Kadmus. "Young Lord Lieutenant Kadmus," she replies, straightening. "To what do I owe the honor of your presence?" Although everything is correct, and her expression is arranged in lines of genial hospitality, there's a slight dull expression of the eyes, as if her heart isn't completely in the present.

"I had heard you could be found here, actually." Kadmus explains as he moves to join you, "I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all you have done for the wounded here on Niveus, and wished to properly thank you for it. It cannot be easy, with all that has happened."

Elodie dips her head as her cheeks tinge a slight pink. "You do not need to thank me, my Lord. It is what I went to Landing for training at the Academ." She glances away, so as not to subject him to the direct bleakness behind her eyes, as she is too open to be able to completely mask them, even if her expression and posture remain stronger. "It is a comfort, in a way. To be useful. To have something to do."

Kadmus nods his head slightly as he comes to stand beside you, "None the less, I am thankful you are here to provide care for those wounded by the Hostiles." He says, "These garden's are nice, we have something similar in New Atlantis."

Elodie finds her cheeks to be a little pink again, but she smoothes her expression, and it fades. "Thank you, my Lord. I am glad to be of service." At his mention of the gardens, she follows the change of subject with a nod. "Everything you see is edible or useful in some way. It amazes me sometimes…" she inclines her head towards the pathways in an invitation to walk with her. "How such useful things can also be so beautiful."

"We do it more for the benefits of plantlife, we have a lot of edibles from fishing and aquafarming." Kadmus nods, "But it is quite charming, and practical as well." The Volen lord nods as he falls in step beside you.

Elodie grins. "We have quite a bit of meat ourselves for food. Bears, seals, whales provide a lot as well. But there's something about fresh fruit or herbs to go with it that makes it taste so much better." She walks along the aisles, her fingers gentle on the leaves again. "And… there's something about green and growing things when you live in a place that is mostly white and blue… it's a balm to the eyes."

"I suppose I can understand that, then." Kadmus agrees with a nod, "In the depths there is color, of course, but you often cannot see it without lights, Still, anything that can bring joy to someone is hardly a thing to complain about, and these gardens are exceedingly lovely." He adds.

"You are full of compliments today," Elodie can't help chuckling a little. "But I cannot disagree. My father had great interest in the sciences, which has been a passion of the family for generations. The care of many generations of Iah have gone into these gardens, and even into experimenting with different plants, adapting them." She glances to Kadmus. "Things that are well cared for always seem to shine with their own beauty."

"You must be well cared for then, Milady." Kadmus says with a playful grin, "But, I can certainl stop with the compliments if you wish, Lady Elodie." He adds, "My father insisted I have at least a foundation in the sciences as well. It is hard to make wise decision when one is uninformed."

Elodie's eyes widen slightly at the compliment, and then she grins broadly, her expression almost as playful. She contents herself with nodding at his talk of sciences. "Studying science does sharpen one's mind for analytical thinking, sifting through data to find facts and such. Our parents didn't insist on it for all of us. Una and I had an interest in sciences and knowledge over battle, whereas Ronan preferred combat and business. Although, neither Una nor I are exactly deficient in combat skills, we just didn't place as high a priority on them."

"My Pursuits of sciences has been largely just introductory." Kadmus says, "But I have a broad base to expand upon, at least in regards ro the industries of Mare Maris." he adds, "So, what is your favorite plant here in your gardens?" he wonders.

Elodie chuckles. "That would be like asking you what is your favorite fish in your reef," she replies, looking over to him before she reaches out to pull a peach from one of the trees and offer it to him.

Kadmus grins a bit, "Well, that is a fair answer." He says as he accepts the offered out peach, "How is your brother faring from the injuries he'd received?" he asks, "I hope he is recovering well?"

The relief is evident in Elodie's eyes at the question before she turns to pluck a peach for herself. "He is recovering quite well, thank you." Having procured a fruit for herself, she turns back. "Some people may think it unseemly, or not approve, but your party really was good for him. The social scene is where he flourishes, and it was something… normal for him to do. Being out, music, talking, drinking." She gives a half smile. "Some people think it disrespectful to ones who have passed to engage in frivolity, but I thank you for your invitation. It was quite timely." She takes a bite of her peach, and thought hits her. "Mm, I am not implying that you threw a party just for my brother's benefit. Just that it did benefit him."

"That is extraordinary news, and think nothing of it, Lady Elodie." Kadmus says, "And if you ever wish a private tour of the reefs, I can gladly arrange that." He adds with a smile, "For you, or any of your family. I find it a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, which can only be made better with good company."

The offer brings a light to Elodie's eyes, dispelling some of the dull clouds. "If it wouldn't be any trouble… I would love to see more. I only did a little diving… I didn't want to leave Ronan alone for too long." The clouds threaten to close in again as she takes another bite from her peach. "But I would have loved to have seen more."

"I'll have to give you some lessons on our diving apparatus, then, we can do some real diving perhaps when you don't have your brother to tend to." Kadmus says with a grin, "I spend an awful lot of time diving, actually, and there are some truly astonishing things to be found out there." he takes a bite from his peach, "This is quite delicious." He adds, "Thank you for it, it must be a real treat to have such wonderful fruit so close at hand, I haven't tasted anything as fresh since my walk through the Orchards on Arboren a couple weeks back."

Una enters the gardens quietly, as she does everything. Dressed in a simple gown of grays with a fitted, cloak of black and matching leggings and boots visible beneath the slits in the gown's skirts, she enters the gardens with her eyes on the trees. The first few moments of her aparently aimless walk might make one think she came here for a break from her morning's duties as well. But after only a short walk she pauses, and with only a few trees separating her from her sister and Kadmus, begns making a rather minute inspection of a vine. Which at least Elodie would know she has no clue the name of.

Elodie grins. "There were some truly astonishing things to be seen from the little tour I had," she affirms to Kadmus. "At least, for me, they were. I guess when you see the reefs all the time, they can seem… well, they might lose their excitement. And then you have to dive deeper to fine more exciting creatures." She doesn't as yet register her sister's presence, which may be unusual to Una, as currently her attention is on the young lord and the peach she is eating. "They are quite sweet. Please don't throw away the pit, though. We keep them to plant."

"Oh, I've never lost the excitment for diving, the reefs or otherwise." Kadmus says, "And, I must say the ones at the Reefs are the most eye catching, the deeper ones strange and alien." he adds, taking another bite from the peach, "How resourceful!" he says, considering the peach pit, "I'll be sure to save this one for you then, Lady Elodie." He says with a flashed smile.

Una, who was never much good at subtlety to begin with, has soon lost all pretense of interest in the vine. She watches Kadmus, then Elodie, then Kadmus again, studying the faces of each carefully. And finally she gives up completely and steps around the trees, offering the pair a nod and a polite smile of greeting.

Elodie chuckles. "Well, we do have a lot in storage, now. But, it's habit that goes all the way back to the first settlers, I think. Keeping things stocked up in case the need arose." She gives a shrug and starts to say more, but then her sister makes her presence known, and for some reason, her cheeks tinge a little pink. "Good afternoon, Lady U-Iah," she greets her sister with a smile. "Young Lord Lieutenant Kadmus stopped by to thank me for my services in healing soldiers after the battle."

"Lady Iah." Kadmus says with a bow of his head, his cheeks don't color at all, however, but he does offer a smile, "I suspect she was instrumental in saving many of our young soldiers and knights so far."

Una's expression undergoes a number of changes before she speaks. Her eyes narrow when she sees Elodies blush, then her face ripples with suprise and supressed argument at the title her sister uses for her. Kadmus is regarded with a raised brow, though also with a true smile. "She very well may be, Lord Sir Lieutennant Kadmus. We have all long suspected that my little sister is the most talented of us all."

The pink doesn't have a chance to recede before it deepens with a flush from their compliments. Though she may be noble and refined, compliments can still fluster Elodie at times. "I am not sure about being any more talented than any of my other siblings," she protests. "I just have different talents." Her gaze implores her sister to not embarass her further as she finishes her peach.

"You do not need to be modest, Milady." Kadmus says with a smile Elodie's way, and he nods towards Una, "She was just telling me about your hydroponics here, I had truly not expected to taste such delectible fruits on my visit." He adds, "It's interesting how similar, yet different our worlds are though. I suspect, were Niveus much warmer, she wouldn't be all that different from Mare Maris."

"Its quite likely." Una responds, heeding her sister's wish with a small nod. "Though we rather like it the way it is, most of the time." She looks around, running her fingers over a peach "And the hydroponics are relatively new, really. A creation of only a few generations ago."

Elodie smiles a little more naturally as the conversation moves to things not about her, and gives a small nod. "And one wouldn't appreciate Mare Maris as much if Niveus were the same. There wouldn't any reason for me to visit and go diving in your beautiful reef if we had the same thing here."

"Indeed." Kadmus agrees with Elodie, and to Una he nods as well, "We've used some degree of hydroponics in New Atlantis for as long as I recall, it helps with mantaining breathable oxygen in the city. It might be interesting to compare techniques at some point, see if we might learn something from one another."

Now this seems to truly spark Una's interest. Her eyes light up at the possibilty of new knowledge to be gained. "I would like that very much, Young Lord. As, I believe, would my sister." Because she cannot help just a /little/ more teasing. "I am extremely curious about your filtration systems.

One way in which the two sisters are similar, despite their difference in age, is their intrest in scientific learning. The spark in Elodie's eyes is very similar to Una's, although her older sister does have to add that little suggestion to bring the pink back to her cheeks. "It does sound fascinating," she agrees. "I never thought of using the plants for oxygen, although it does make sense. Have you ever used fish in your hydroponic system, for fertilizing the water?" Okay, someone got the sisters started on scientific matters, he asked for it.

"I do believe we have some sealife in the system." Kadmus nods at Elodie with a smile, "Like I said, I just have a foundation in most of the sciences." he grins, "If you want to talk specifics on Astrophysics I can hold an engaging conversation, but if either of you wish to come to New Atlantis sometime, I can show you." He offers, "I had already invited to take Lady Elodie out on a diving excursion."

"So I heard." Una replies. The wry tone in her voice is laced with a warning. She doesn't really need to say it, she assumes. But its there all the same. She takes a short moment to eye Kadmus measuringly, then looks to Elodie, "I'm sure that Ronan or I would love to accompany you to New Atlantis. I suspect his time is far more free than my own, but I /am quite interested in your systems." She turns back to Kadmus. "And before you go, if you have not already you should make sure to have Elodie show you the aquarium."

Elodie nods once. "Ronan did seem to express a regret that he was not in a fit enough condition to go diving when we were at the party," she offers to Una, oblivious to the warning in her sister's tone. "I'm sure he would like to have a chance when he's all better. And, I would like to see the hydroponics… maybe we could use fish here in our gardens." Her blue eyes glance between the two, and then to the door where one of the junior medics is making an appearance, and a request for her presence. She nods, and bows her head to the two older people in the room. "If you'll excuse me, Lady Iah, Young Lord Lieutenant Kadmus. It was kind of you to pay a visit." She curtsies properly, and then sets off briskly towards the medical wing, taking her cloak from the hook as she passes.

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