06.17.3013: Apple Cores
Summary: Taryn and Michael have a chat, an apple core to apple core sort of.
Date: 17 June 2013
Michael Taryn 

Menagerie and Terrace Park
This park is most aptly named due to the various tiers and terraces that are neatly stacked with one another to create a rather pleasing aethestic. It is accessed through a series of pathways leading from the Statuary Forum. It encompasses about two square kilometers of space that, when combined with the various ups and downs of the tiers, means for quite a harch for those trying to explore every inch of it. Built within the parks architecture is a stream that burbles along and cascades over the tiers. Each tier varies in its ratio to lawn, trees, and flower beds. Some have stone bench seating, while others encourage sprawls across the plush grasses.

Tucked in the center of the park is a modest zoo and aquarium that is always open to the public and contains a wide range of animal life from all over Haven.

17 June 3013

When he is noticed by Talayla, a grin eases across his lips. He watches the two nobles walk off before he hops down to the lower terrace instead of finding one of the walkways. He walks towards Michael, offering a respectful nod of the head, "So… um… " He reaches up and rubs the back of my neck, "Should I expect Arboren assassins sent by Lorelei?"

Michael is caught off guard by Taryn's sudden entrance, and slams his book shut a little too fast. If Taryn knows anyone who carries a book, then Michael could be seriously toast cause Taryn will be curious. "Uh… I don't…" he regains himself, looking up to Taryn now, "No, no Arboren assassins." he grins, leaving the implication hanging. "Good to see you Taryn." he then gets a matching apple from his rucksack, and takes a bite.

Taryn cants his head slightly as he looks over at Michael and the book. There is a curious smirk on his lips, before he looks up at Michael again. He takes another huge bite of apple. He crunches a few chews before he says with the apple chipmunked away in one side, "Well, that's good… As mad as Lorelei was… thought it might be a possibility." His tone implies that he's joking about that. "So, what about you? Hopefully you aren't too mad either… I really didn't mean to put you on the spot like that… "

Michael notes Taryn's smirk and blushes slightly, though he doesn't hide the book. "It's fine… you were close to the right track with your outburst, but there is a time aspect your powers seem to leave out at times. "He smirks with that, clearly teasing back.

Michael's blushing, which too reminds Taryn of Lorelei, makes that grin only grow wider. Then when Michael mentions "his powers" all humor drains from his face. Soberly, he looks at the other man. "If you could not mention that around anyone, I'd kind of appreciate it… there are only a handful of people that know that I am Awakened, and I'd kind of like to keep it that way."

Michael maintains a smile, but nods to Taryn. "I don't talk about it, with anyone. Though, I have a hunch that both Lorelei and Lady Sophie know." he studies Taryn for a moment, "Between us will stay between us when you want it to."

Taryn nods slightly. He sighs softly, "They do. I told Lorelei.. because she's the closest thing I have to a friend, and …" He shakes his head, "I had not choice but to tell Lady Sophie… I had a vision that I thought meant that she was in danger."

Michael nods slowly, "Her job offer… and the possible Hostile or group of them that could also be something completely different." he says this matter of fact, as if he knows something about it.

Pretty much all the color drains from Taryn's face. "What?" He blinks at Michael. Subconsciously, he takes a step backwards into a more defensive stance. For a stable boy, Taryn seems to have some kind of basic understanding of combat.

Michael eyes Taryn warily, his sword strapped to his rucksack but not tied down. If Taryn makes a lunge or threat, Michael is far more capable than one might think, of defending himself in this situation, "She has hired me to be a part of this hunting expedition, Taryn. I'll be going too, and if I have my way, I'll be bringing you back in one piece and still breathing." he fixes Taryn with a look that says sit and talk to me.

Taryn had stepped into a defensive posture, not an aggressive one, nor had his hand moved towards the sword at his hip. With Michael's explanation, he looks even more perplexed. He relaxes slightly, "What? How?"

Michael hasn't changed out of his relaxed state at all, but still looks at Taryn with a mixture of wary and concern. "I met the Lady Sophie after Mister Aeldan had an altercation with someone in the mall open area…" he pauses, glancing about and noting that they are infact alone, "I mentioned to Mister Aeldan that I too and without funds, and no offers of a job. Lady Sophie then asked us both if we'd care for one. I accepted right away… there is more in it for me than just money. If I can do something of worth then I might get one step closer to Lady Johana's hand." his blush tells that he's surprised he admitted that, "Mister Aeldan said he would also help, but with conditions." he frowns slightly, but continues, "I don't know all the details, but I am going to go, even if I go blindly."

Taryn finds a spot to sit down. He rubs his hands over his face, before pushing back his hair. "Okay to start with… we don't know if it was an Awakened dream or not, since I'm the only one that we know of who had it. It doesn't mean that it isn't an Awakened dream, but there is nothing to support that it is either." He looks around to make sure that there is no one about. "I had a dream that I saw a young golden eagle. It was hooded and jessed, and in its claws was a piece of tattered purple and gold fabric… I saw someone put the eagle into a cage which was resting on the skull of a drake." He shrugs slightly, "I thought that it might be about Lady Sophie, since she has a fascination with drakes… she pointed out that it could also be here sister, Lady Sir Ellinor, who hunts drakes… but Lord Aidan Peake thought that it meant that there was a threat either located in or from the Drake Mountains in the Crescent."

Michael shifts in his seat, but listens to each word. "I see, drakes huh?" he seems to think for a moment, "Then wearing house Ibrahm colored armor is indeed, a bad choice. I would be spotted easily and recognized and that could endanger us." then he pauses and there is a glimmer in his eyes. "Have you thought, that this dream could be a warning of a different kind?"

Taryn chuckles softly, "Oh, it has been passed about… it could be that there is a threat from the Drake Mountains… of that who is pulling the strings is from that region… or that there is a group of Hostiles hiding there… or that a hundred years ago, some Sauveur went missing there and I'm meant to have a role in finding his remains… or a billion other possibilities…"

Michael shakes his head, a somber serious expression taking over. "Not a threat of battle, but a threat of politics. The war is upon us, whether we accept it or not, the houses need to stand together, but there is concern among them about the King… a golden eagle, tame even, could represent a message or missive. The cage could mean secrets, or control. The drake is obviously a sign of someone, Lady Ellinor hunts them, perhaps her, Sophie adores them, also possible, however a drakes head could be the head of the beast, the King. Sauveur colors aid to that speculation. Going on this mission could mean we are too far gone to get back to save the King, or that we walk into a den of hostiles or even drakes. I'd prefer the latter, for I'm comfortable dealing that enemies I understand."

Taryn frowns slightly, "The politic interpretation was also thrown about… and about how it could represent the struggle between the Prince and Princess… " He shakes his head slightly, "Personally, I don't know what to think it means… I have never been particularly good at interpreting the dreams… generally most Awakened have no clue what they mean until after it has already happened… They just make it seem like they know what's going on."

Michael smiles, the seriousness still there but lighter. "Then if you go, I go. I made a promise to Lorelei that if heard you needed someone, I would find you and bring you back. By being there, I am able to make sure you return to her."

Taryn shakes his head, "If you go, I can't be your priority… You have to swear to me that you will watch out for the Sauveurs first and foremost… " He looks over at Michael through a veil of wavy blond hair, "In comparison to the royal family, my life means nothing… " There is no denying that he believes the words he says. His gaze lowers, "Besides, I had another dream… that doesn't end so good for me."

Michael looks at Taryn with the most serious look he's ever given the man. "Taryn, you are my friend, and you mean a lot to Lorelei, also my friend. In regards to threat, yes, if the Sauveurs are endangered they will come first. As much as I care for your safety, I must also think about myself, and if I can save the life or even lives of one or many Sauveurs… then all my own dreams are basically opened to me." he pauses, and seems completely unsure why he's suddenly so selfish. "That said, I will also endeavor to brink you back in one piece and still breathing. Tell me of the other dream, I will need to know if I am to keep my oath to Lorelei."

Taryn looks over at Michael, "Promise me that you won't repeat this to anyone first." He waits for Michael to either agree or disagree first before he speaks.

"On Sir Corbin's soul, and my own, this will be between us alone. I promise to you, I will not speak of this with anyone."

Taryn rubs the back of his neck, looking down at the ground between his feet. He speaks softly, as he looks down, "The dream didn't leave much room for interpretation… If I go, a Sauveur will live and I will die." He shrugs, "Doesn't really have a lot of choice there… I can't really let someone die because I'm too afraid to face a possibility."

Michael nods, "Did you see in what way you are felled?" if Taryn looks into Michael's eyes, he'll note a lack of blue, it's there but lessened. The light of wheels turning and calculations being made is also noticeable.

Taryn shakes his head, "No.. just left with a feeling of a searing pain through my chest and stomach… I woke up in a cold sweat… clutching my stomach." The tension in his voice becomes audible. "You're Awakened as well… " He pauses slightly, "That how you put one and one together so quick?"

Michael shakes his head, "No, not Awakened… it's just something Sir Corbin taught me to do. She's called it a 'zone'. A way for a warrior to clear their mind so they can focus on the battle at hand." his eyes don't seem any different then normal, and might not have ever been different. There is no light of calculating in them now either, "The slight color change isn't a sign of tapping into power, it's just something my eyes do when I 'zone' or think about something. I don't have any power, been checked already, nothing in my blood line to have passed it along."

Taryn listens and nods slightly. His brows are slightly furrowed. "I hadn't ever heard of that… but I barely understand what I do… " He reaches up and combs his hair back with his fingers, "And no, I'm not assuming that there is written in stone that I'm going to die… well, I am going to die like anyone else.. but I'm not sure that there's no chance of me coming back from the Drake Mountains… but I know it's a possibilities."

Michael smiles, "It was something only Sir Corbin could really do, and she passed it down to me. It took a lot of mental break down for me to accomplish, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone who wasn't capable of handling it. Sir Corbin went harder on me because I was so capable… the two fights I've been in, lasted only minutes and since I'm here you can guess the outcomes." he nods slightly, "I was certain you had considered, however, I hope that I am in some way able to prevent you dying if that seems like what will happen." he looks up at the sky then back to Taryn, "I have to finish moving into my new place, and then see about looking for work. I should also check in with Lady Johana at some point, I'm sure she'll want to see my new place, and then probably I will convince her to go to the gym with me." he smiles, "I am glad we've finally spoken, at lease now, if anything you know that one person in this world is watching out for you."

Taryn offers Michael a week smile. "I wish we had met one another before now… " He shrugs, "Just in case the dream is right.. but if it is meant for me to die, then I'm glad that I got to meet you…" He stands up, "Is it wrong of me to wish that we could just get this over with and be done with it?" He looks skyward for a second, "I think I really should see if I can try to force myself to sleep… It hasn't been that easy here lately… " He pauses, "Thank you, Michael… for being my friend."

Michael smiles at Taryn, warmth and comfort, "Sleep, friend, you'll make that dream come real if you don't. Anxiety is understandable, and the only way to be ready for it is to make yourself ready for what's involved. Not meaning trading off your worldly things like you're going to die, but working on your training, sleeping, eating, and the many many mundane things that go along with being ready for the fight." he then stands, and shoulder clasps Taryn, "I am glad we are friends, and like I said, I have any say in the matter, we'll be friends for a long time yet." his smile never faded, but he collects his rucksack and with a last look, smile, and farewell departs.

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