06:19.3013: Apologies in the Park
Summary: Lorelei confronts Taryn for his behavoir.
Date: 19 June 2013
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Gardens of Erkwin - Landing, Imperius
While the Arborenin may like their greenery wild and lush, the Gardens of Erkwin are carefully and precisely manicured, even if they are no less green for all the attention they have received at the clippers of gardening drones. Broad expanses of grass are trimmed to exactly the same height, grown to exactly the same verdant shade. Hedges are neatly clipped back into exacting shapes. Some form mythical creatures, others living statues of famous historical figures, and one section even rises in geometric patterns to create a hedge maze. Between the hedges and lining paths of crushed gravel are beds full of flowers from all over Imperius — and before that, from all over Old Earth.

As beautiful as the gardens are, however, all of the paths lead through them toward the stadium on the water's edge. A final parade of flags draws the attention of most onlookers up toward the bulbous blue shape of the stadium's half-roof, which is lit from within by the glow of the lights when a tournament is taking place or a soccer game being played.

June 19th, 3013

Since the other spot in Landing that Taryn was using to feel less smothered by the massive city seems to have become a favored spot for lots of people, the Valen has come to the highly manicured park, which is much less to his likings. The parks saving grace being it's proximity to the tourney circuit, which normally would have a greater pull, but just not today. It is nearing lunch time and Taryn is sitting on one of the benches eating a piece of smoked meat on a stick, of a possibly questionable nature.

Lorelei's got a list of missions to complete today. Foods been dropped off to the first problem. Now she's search for her second problem. She's dressed in one of her green and brown dresses, marking her as a Arborenian and she has her satchel over her shoulder, already buldging with some packages. Spotting Taryn, she'll walk up,it's like ripping a band-aide off. "Do you even know what that is?" She'll eye the "meat" and wrinkle her nose slightly.

From the way that Taryn is chewing on it, the meat is as tough as rubber. He swallows as he sees Lorelei. He shrugs slightly, "Yeah… it's what I can afford… " He sighs, "Look, if you were coming to the park to relax or write or whatever, I'll leave. I know you don't really want to see me right now." Oh, he doesn't know why she so mad at him at the moment.

"No..I came looking for you. I have somethings I need to say…And you're going to let me say them." Loree will set her bag down and rotate her shoulder slightly. Whatever's in her bag is heavy. She'll look at him, eyes wide, waiting for him to give a nod or confirmation that he'll do just what she told him he'd do. Listen.

Taryn's shoulders sag slightly as he settles on the bench. He wraps the meat on a stick with a piece of waxed paper and puts it back into messenger bag, so that she won't be offended by its formly faced presence. He sighs softly, "Okay… go head…"

Lorelei nods, "You," And she'll point to emphasize her word, "Are not better than me. I am surrounded by people who can do what you do. So it's not impressive or flashy or neat. So stop acting like you are, like you know better than me. You told me, so I could help you, and now you've shut me out. If we're no longer friends, then say so and I'll leave you to go die in whatever foolish dream you've had. But it's not fair that you tell me half, and then walk away and act like I shouldn't care or be upset." She'll take a deep breathe, she had that planned out, and got most of what she wanted out…except, "and I get it. You don't like me. That's fine, but don't push others at me. Michael is all weird now and I don't know if after what he did if I should be around him or not. So don't help. Because it's not. I'm not some child who's going to wither away from yearning for you." There's a touch of frustration in her voice at the end, but again, she's practiced this and managed to keep herself fairly calm. In fact, she'll lean back into the bench and fold her arms. Just to make her point. Cause, that somehow makes her point.

Taryn looks at Lorelei, "For starters, I don't think that I'm better than you… I never have did anything to suggest it. And second, I don't know what you are talking about… What did Michael do? And what do you mean he's all wierd?" He pauses, "And I never said anything about us being not friends… you're the only one who suggested that."

Lorelei purses her lips slightly, looking down at her bag, "You say cryptic things, expecting me to not question?" She'll shake her head softly, a more hurt expression starting to show, "I told you those things about Benedict in confidence, and you just blathered them to Michael. I kept your secret." She'll take a slightly shaky breath, "He…was just very forward." Her cheeks start flushing, and she'll not look at Taryn, it's a bit of a nervousness though, not just embarrassed. "Friends are honest with each other. If you're gong to be honest, then I'd like to be. But I don't wish to be treated the way you have been."

"Benedict?" Taryn questions, "Oh, the old guy? And I didn't mean to blurt it out… I really didn't?" He is as ernest as he can be. "I just wanted you both to be honest about the way you felt instead of playing games… I don't get games like that." He sighs, "I told you… I don't talk about myself… For all my life I have had to keep secrets… not doing so doesn't come easy… "

Taryn's admission doesn't really help, "Games or not. That wasn't your right to say."she'll bring her eyes up, "I don't know // what my feelings are, and now it's all messed up. I'm being pulled in different directions…"She'll shake her head softly, "Keep secrets? Fine. Don't tell me. But don't try to manipulate me anymore. You /did do that. Throw attention on Loree and her blushing and upset her, and then no one will ask what's wrong with Taryn."Her lower lip starts to tremble slightly, "I won't be friends with you, if that's how I'll be treated."

Taryn sighs and lowers his gaze. "I'm sorry. You're right, it wasn't my right to say anything about.. Benedict…" He shakes his head, "I just wanted to know that there was someone who would be there to watch after you if I wasn't here…" He pauses, "I know that Michael likes you… and I know that you like him as well… but more, you like the idea of someone being into you… and he likes to being into someone… I didn't mean for him to become forward… " He pauses, "Did he do something inappropriate? I'll let him beat me up trying to defend your honor if he did."

Lorelei swallows, still not looking up, "I don't need anyone to look after me. I'm not a child.And i don't need you to matchmake for me." She'll exhale, her shoulders slumping. Her voice softens, confusion clouding it, "He…gave me a rather expensive present. And after telling me it wasn't him wooing me. that he just wanted friendship, he kissed me without permission." A soft sigh escapes her, "No…No fighting. That won't help."

Taryn's voice takes a slightly defensive tone. "I thought that looking out after someone is what a friend does? Trying to see that they are happy is being a friend? That's all I was trying to do." He cocks his head, "Well… if you're not interested in Michael, then just tell him so. I'm sure that his ego can handle one rejection everyone once in a while." He smirks slightly, "Me against a squire who is probably good enought to be a knight already wouldn't be much of a fight…"

Lorelei shoulders slump more, Taryn's not understanding, or choosing to not acknowledge what she means. "Not in the way you were." Her voice is soft though, like she's lost this fight. She'll just nod softly to his advice on Michael. She'll lean over to her satchel and open it. Pulling out 2 apples and a small block of wrapped cheese. "I went shopping, if I can make sure Michael has food, I should do the same for you. " She'll set them down on the bench.

Taryn cocks his head slightly, "Okay, what am I too stupid to get?" He looks like the first option is the case. He shakes his head, "That's okay, Lorelei… you don't have to do that…. I'm okay."

Lorelei's jaw tightens slightly and just responds to his second statement, "I was out. It's fine. I had to pick up stuff for my mother, anyway. My brother's home on leave." She'll make herself busy buckling her bag back up.

Taryn cocks his head, "So, you get mad at me for not saying everything, but you can and it's alright?" He frowns slightly, "I'm trying, Lorelei… but apparently I'm just crappy at this whole friend thing." He looks at the cheese and apples. "Thank you… " He does acknowledges the gift.

Lorelei shake her head softly again, "No…I just don't have the words. I'm so worried about you, and you just… don't care? HAve accepted it? I hate when you all have dreams. You all interpret them differently, and only your interpretation is the right one. Hanging onto it like a dog with a bone. It's going to come true, because you //make // it come true. A self fulfilling prophecy." She'll looking to her hands again, and he can see the start of wetness at the corners of her eyes.

Taryn looks at Lorelei for a moment, before he sighs softly. "Trust me, I don't hold myself to what the dreams tell me, unless there is just no room for interpretation. Like me seeing myself standing in Landing… kind of hard to argue with that, don't you think?" He pinches that spot where the nose meets the skull. "Just like when a dream tells you that if you go to…" he pauses, "on a hunting expedition… that a Sauveur lives, but Taryn Wystrel will die. I can't not go, knowing that if I don't someone will die. I don't plan on dying there… That's why I agreed to wear a huge set of armor to protect myself… but if I let anyone know.. then I know that they would try to prevent me from going…. like you or Lord Aidan or Lady Sophie… I can't let someone die just because I might possibly get hurt…."

Lorelei closes her eyes as he gives her what feels like half explanations. There's a small shake of her head, but it's hard to tell if she's disagreeing or trying to clear her head. In a very soft voice,"If none of you go, no one dies." she's not crying….but a small tear does finally escape down one cheek.

Taryn looks at Lorelei for a second, "If the Sauveur is one that goes with me and not one already there… or if by going that we end a threat to one of the royal line that will result in the death of a Sauveur if we don't go." He puts his hand on her shoulder, "Look, I have not resigned myself that I'm a walking dead man… "

Lorelei looks up, wiping away the tear, almost mad that it escaped, "Yes you have. You've practically made funeral arrangements." again though, there's no real fight left in her words.

Taryn shakes his head, "No.. I have just been having to deal with the possibility that in a couple days, I could be dead… You try living with that, especially when you're not letting anyone know about it and see how chipper you can stay." He sighs, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap, but do you think it's easy to have carry this on your shoulders?"

Lorelei flinches at his snap, and will drop her gaze again. "You didn't have to.Not on your own , anyway." she'll bite her lower lip a moment, and then shake her head. There's nothing she can say here.She'll reach for her bag, "I…if you need anything else, let me know."

Taryn frowns, his own voice softening, "I didn't want you to know and have to carry it too. I didn't want you to look at me like every time I walked away I was walking to my death… And I didn't want it to become obvious to anyone who saw the way you looked at me. I was trying to protect you… " He smiles, "Just be my friend… and try to put up with all of my shit."

Lorelei bites her tongue as she lifts up her bag. There's no need to snark at him, it won't help. She'll nod softly and offer, "I'll bring you some more apples tomorrow." It's a statement, not a request.It's her way to be able to check up on him.She'll nod, "Please, be safe." She'll stand and walk away, head down. It's the first time Taryn has ever seen her not smile.

Taryn watches Lorelei start to walk away. "I'll try.. I promise." He looks at the food and puts it in his messenger back, suddenly no longer all that hungry. For a while, he just sits there in silence, before finally getting up and heading off himself.

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