10.01.3013: Antidotes, Lyres and Bridesmaids
Summary: Elodie invites Ariana to Shelter to request her presence as a bridesmaid at her wedding, and Ariana has amazing news of her own. Ronan inadvertantly serenades the ladies, and Sammel joins the family for dinner.
Date: 15 September, 2013
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Grand Hall Iah House, Shelter
The top floors of Shelter have a set of separate lifts which lead into Iah House. These lifts, made of glass, steel and copper, lead to either side of Iah House's Great Hall. Like most of Shelter, the Great Hall is a large, tall room. Great beams of copper plated steel are evenly placed along the white walls, curving around the arched ceiling of frosted glass, which is back lit to appear as though the sky were right overhead. Gold marble topped with thick gray fur rugs cover the floor, and large tapestries of former heads of Iah House hang on the walls, most of these in blues and whites.

Two large aquariums flank the room, each holding a group of the smaller fish found in Niveus' oceans. Between them rises a large black pedestal, on which a sculpture in white marble depicts an ice bear family. The bear family faces the lifts, and behind them is an open space for gathering, then a sitting area of large leather couches with fur blankets thrown over them. Behind this is an area for large simulated fires, and the entrances to the rest of the house. High on the wall is one of the circulating fans, this one of the larger ones with thick blades of bronze and a clock at the center made so that the inner gears are visible beyond the face.

1 October, 3013

(The scene begins in Elodie's chambers)

Although it has the same white walls with dark brass beams and vaulted ceiling of the rest of Shelter, Elodie's love of life and living things has taken over the once geometrically laid out suite, giving the place something of an air of an old earth industrial site that's been left to nature. A geometric pattern cut into the metal floor and planted with low growing thyme has taken the place of the circular walls that used to enclose her foyer, in the middle of which a simple, circular fountain still stands. The herb gives an aromatic and fresh welcome to the visitor, trying to prepare them for the small vista that opens up before them.
The curved ceiling has been tiled almost seamlessly with computer monitors that have a feed from outside cameras, bringing Niveus's skies right to her suite. Every cloud, star, or ray of sun is fed straight into the room, meaning that she literally does sleep under the stars.
Normally, this would make a space seem huge, the openness of the sky seeming to go on forever. But, like most other rooms in Shelter, the strong beams of wood and metal truss work hold up the ceiling and delineate where walls once stood, breaking into the view. The only solid walls left standing are the ones around her privy. Planters of ivy and flowering vines have taken advantage of the 'natural' light, and wound their way around these beams, following wires that have been strung in between in some places, leaving areas of dappled shade. A few miniature potted trees have been arranged to surround her own personal little library and reading area. The long, stone fireplace partially hides the sleeping area, appearing to be a rock wall from the entryway, behind which a canopy bed of smooth curves, nestles near the fire, like a camper's tent at a campfire.

It seems every time Elodie has wanted to invite Ariana over to ask her an all important question, something important has come up. First it was a rescue party, then her sister's return. Now, she's reasonably sure that no emergencies will crop up, and she's invited the Larent Lady over for the afternoon, and has set tea in her little library grove. Hanging from one of the branches towards the back is dress on a hanger, covered in a solid white colored plastic protector. She paces slightly, dressed in a new gown, simple in cut, colored a pale sky blue to bring out her eyes. She's bound her hair back in a loosely coiled braid, and set one of the bright red flowers from one of her plants at the nape of her neck. Sergeant Wolf looks up from his seat with mild amusement, but says nothing.

Ariana does love a beautiful and bountiful garden… as long as it is clearly taken care of and not left to be so overgrown and wild. Thus, when she first steps foot into Elodie's not-so-humble abode, she is pleasantly surprised by the flora found within once she is allowed into the young Iah's chambers. Dressed in a sapphire blue gown, her shoulders draped with the fur cloak which Declan had gifted her for the storytelling event a while back, Ariana intones in an airy voice as she crosses the distance to meet with her Iah hostess, "Lady Elodie, it has been a while has it not? When I first received your message, I was surprised, but glad to know that you were doing fine and that you wished to meet with me." Cool blue eyes trail along the walls and decor of this comforting room. She even lifts her chin up to peer at the monitors on the ceilings, viewing the Niveus sky through them. "It would seem that our busy lives have hindered our desire for shopping and gossip; which makes these rare moments all the more special." When she finally reaches where Elodie now stands, Ariana lowers herself into a light curtsey.

Elodie turns as Ariana is announced, so she's watching the young lady's reactions. She gives a smile as Ariana seems to find her quarters pleasing. Sgt Wolf receives a nod, and he gets up to excuse himself, bowing properly to the visiting lady before leaving.
Returning the curtsy, the Iah lady nods. "It has been much too long, Lady Ariana, and I do apologize heartily for my remiss. I am only glad that you were free to accept my invitation." She lifts a hand to indicate two comfortable chairs near the tea tray. "Would you like to sit and have some tea, my lady? There are some frozen grapes and pastries as well, if you desire." She waits for the other woman to move before taking any steps herself.

"I would love that, really." Ariana responds in acceptance of the offered treats, "It is not everyday that one can enjoy the delight of frozen grapes." Taking her appointed seat, she then carefully picks at a couple of frozen grapes, slipping one between her lips as she takes a subtle nibble. Once that is done, she announces, "I have some news of my own that I had wished to speak to you of, so I am glad that we have been given this opportunity today."

Elodie's head tilts curiously as she pours the tea, readying a cup on a saucer to hand over to Ariana. "You have news, as well? I can't wait to hear, would you like to go first?" she offers both the tea and first dibs at sharing news. The darker blue of eyes reflects her curiosity as she waits patiently, returning to pour tea for herself, but mostly looking to her guest as she is familiar enough with the act of pouring tea that it does not need her complete attention.

Ariana merely watches the tea pouring with an idle gaze as she speaks forth when prompted, her eyes finally lifting to look upon Elodie, "For the past week or so, I had been spending much of the time in the lab. After the ambush in the Imperious mountains and Young Lady Yolanda Peake's death, I decided to look into the poison used on her and see about working on an antidote. I am pleased to say that my efforts were successful and that I have produced an antidote that will neutralize the effects of the poison created by the Yellowhare plant. The poison which one of the Hostile Soldiers had used to kill the late heir of House Peake." Taking another small nibble of grape, she continues, "Young Lord Declan is currently seeing about getting the antidote mass produced. To some extent anyway. There is always a possibility that the Hostile will create a new poison which we will eventually need to find an antidote for. For this time being.. and with the knowledge that this Poisoner may still be out there somewhere, the antidote that I have created will have to do. I was hoping to have as many medics and some field soldiers and ranger carry it with them, for it needs to be used immediately upon the victim being poisoned (OOC: Within 2 rounds). So I am glad to be able to inform you of this as we wait for the results of the production."

As soon as her own tea is finished pouring, Elodie just stands there looking at Ariana. She doesn't reply immediately, her eyes rounded with amazement at the news. Finally, she finds her voice, and, picking up her own tea moves to sit. "That is … I can't even find the proper word to describe the news. I would be grateful beyond words if you could provide me with some of the antidote as soon as possible. It is…" she bites her lips, her eyes shining brightly with gathering water. "It's been one of my fears, lately, that I would lose someone on the field to this poison, because there would be nothing for me to do." She blinks, and manages to push away the over relief building up at the news and takes a sip from her tea. "I will be happy to learn what I can of your antidote, and pass it on wherever possible."

Ariana responds with a quick nod to Elodie's request, "Of course, My Lady. I know that there are still Hostile lurking out here on Niveus and though poisons have rarely been used by our enemies, there have been documented incidents where our soldiers and knights have died from them. This is one of my primary concerns. The chemical companies may not find the antidote to be important enough to shut their own production down for whatever they are creating. Especially, as we have only had one incident thus far during this war. I, however, like the idea of taking precautions against another of our own dying needlessly to this yellowhare poison. While I can create more vials of my own, it is still nothing compared to what an actual pharmaceutical company can produce." Now that the tea is poured, she carefully takes up her cup in both hands, but rather drink it immediately, she waits a moment for it to cool. "I am waiting on Young Lord Declan to contact me and inform me whether he has found a particular company who will take up this mantle or not. But I thank you, My Lady. The symptoms that you are looking for is weakness and a foaming at the victim's wounds. Nausea and cramping is soon to follow."

Elodie's brows knit in concern as she looks to Ariana. "Surely some companies would see the wisdom of being safe rather than sorry in a time of war," she surmises. "We can't afford to lose any more people than we already do to the physical weapons the Hostiles carry. Maybe some of our scientists here can work on it, although we don't have large chemical facilities, either. But any help… surely." She nods at the symptoms, repeating them to herself to help commit them to memory. Then a smile begins to pull at the corners of her mouth. "It sounds like you and Young Lord Declan are starting to work well together, my lady," she comments lightly.

"I hope that you are correct." Ariana says with a quick nod, adding in, "If not, then I would be grateful for any and all help that I can get on producing this antidote." Oh so subtly, one of her brows lift when it is Elodie who brings up Declan now, but her own expression melts into a slightly warm smile, followed by another nod, "I must agree, but that is why we do get married. So that each part of the couple can help to work so that together you are a well-oiled machine. The perfect marriage is one where each partner can both compliment the other's skills and talents as well as making up for what the other partner may lack."

There is something that kindles in Elodie's look at Ariana's own expression, perhaps relief, but definitely a happines for her friend. "This is true. It is supposedly what our parents are looking for when they propose a match. I am beginning to wonder at times if Sir Alexandros proposed a match with me because Sir Sammel is always seeming to need so much medical attention." A short, quiet chuckle accompanise the supposition, and she takes a sip of tea. "And, while we are on the subject of marriage, I would like to discuss the reason I invited you today." Her eyes dart sideways to the hanger on the tree, but she quickly returns her attention to the lady sitting with her. "I would be most honored if you would consent to me one of my bridesmaids."

Ariana looks as happy as Ariana tends to look in most situations where it is called for, but even her words are simply spoken in as much a matter-of-fact way as is normal for her. "That could be so, Lady Elodie. At the moment, we truly do not know what more to expect of our marriages, but in time, once we know which parts we must play, everything shall come together." Only then does she finally lean forward to take a careful sip of her tea, before breathing in sharply and releasing a wistful breath. "A bridesmaid? How delightful. I had not really thought about it, but if you so wish, My Lady, I would be honored to be your bridesmaid."

Elodie smiles quietly. "I do wish it," she affirms. "Although I am sure that we will have to have the large number of guests, being that Sir Sammel is of a Paramount House, even if he's not of the main line," the woman takes a breath to continue her sentence. "I would still like to keep the actual ceremony and so on… smaller. I am going to talk to Sir Sammel and see what he thinks, but I would like to just have you and Lady Eiris and my lady sister Jordis for attendants. I don't many other ladies very well, and although it's possible I could ask others who would like to be seen in the bridal party of a Paramount House wedding…" there's a little wince to one corner of her mouth, "that isn't the kind of bridal party I wish to have." She pauses, then looks to Ariana. "Do you think I should ask Sir Kassandra? Although I don't know her well, yet, we are going to be family."

"A smaller ceremony? For something this special?" Ariana asks curiously, her eyes focused on Elodie just as she takes yet another sip of her tea. A much deeper drink. Her tea cup is then placed back upon the tray as she considers allowed, "I can understand the desire for a smaller affair, but I suppose there really is no need to compete with all of the other weddings taking place months, sometimes weeks between one another." When the bridal party is mentioned and a particular Cindravale name is brought up, Ariana responds quickly enough. She is the type of woman who seems to have mental files on everyone that she meets or knows of and thus she quietly pokes at Kassandra's file within her mind. "I cannot say that I know Sir Kassandra all that much. I basically know of her from viewing tournaments or when visiting Cindravale relatives. If you so wish to invite her, I see why not. She will be your Lady Sister in short order."

"It is special, whether I have two attendants or twenty," Elodie replies with a smile. "But sometimes, it just seems like a fake show to me, having so many people being a part of the ceremony because they have an appropriate title or you've been introduced at a function somewhere." There's actually a serious expression on her countenance as she explains her feelings. "I want my special day to be… completely honest. I don't want to detract from it by being false in any way, or pandering overly much to other people's expectations. I want it to be special in my way of special, not the way of special that other people expect for their own satisfaction. They can do it their way on their day."

Elodie's words brings a gently amused smile on Ariana's lips, but this is soon hidden behind her cup once more when she goes for another sip of tea. "What an interesting idea, Lady Elodie, but I suppose each and every girl has dreams of their own weddings." The cup set down once more, she now rests her hands upon her lap, looking rather thoughtful. "For as long as I could remember, I wanted the largest, grandest wedding ever. With all of the fanfare which my betrothed and I deserve. Who knew that planning such a large scale event would be so grueling." A soft laugh now escapes her lips. "But I will make do with what time I have or expenses that I have at my disposal. Either way, a large or more intimate and personal wedding. A wedding is a wedding. The day where we will look our most beautiful and vibrant. Until, that is, it is time to bring a child into the world." Or so she has heard of this beauty which women possess when they are pregnant. She had never really noticed much of a difference in the women around her. "And I must say, that it is all quite exciting."

time passes as the ladies talk weddings, look at dress ideas and such

Coming down the lift from her quarters, Elodie is still talking with Ariana about wedding plans, dresses, fittings, flowers, etc. Her style has started to sway a little towards to the more Cindravale tastes, as she's been working at fitting in with her family to be.
Having finished tea and discussed most of the salient points of the reason for the invitation, the young Iah lady is seeming rather relaxed, with a tiny bit of glow to her cheeks that seems to be there whenever she discusses her betrothed and her upcoming nuptials that she has yet to set a date.

Sitting sideways in a large wooden chair in the hall, Ronan is idly fingering the strings of a six-string lyre. One foot is on the floor, while the other leg is cocked over the arm of the chair. A half full bottle of wine is on the floor next to the chair. His softened tenor voice can be heard as he sings along with the tune that he is playing. If he were only to put as much dedicating into his playing as he did his drinking, he'd probably be a decent musician.

Ariana has always embraced the more traditional Cindravale style of dress, even if at times it mixes with a more contemporary Larent ideal, so chatting away about Cindravale fashion and other beautiful things, the young Larent maiden seems to be in high enough spirits as she trails alongside her ecstatic friend. "Speaking of wedding preparations," she finally decides to bring up as she will be a part of the ceremony as a bridesmaid, "When do you think both you and Sir Sammel will be ready to take your vows? I believe that Young Lord Declan and I shall be taking it slowly, giving us more time to get to know one another, before our wedding day." And in her mind, this lengthy betrothal would be considered proper. "That is, unless, something comes up that forces us to push the date to some time sooner." As they approach Ronan and his lyre, Ariana hushes, so that she may listen to the young Lord as he sings and giving the opportunity for Elodie to greet her brother, if she wishes.

Hearing the sound of the lyre and her brother's voice before she sees him, Elodie's eyes light up and she turns. Between the rescue missions and visits to Phylon and the Vale, and the battles that he's probably been out fighting, she hasn't had nearly as much time with him as she would like. However, she doesn't rush to him right away, instead advancing slowly and quietly, waiting until hse seems to come to a pause on his music before she greets him with his name and an offered hug. She can't help giving him the once over with the doctor's eye to see that he's all right. "Ronan, you and the Lady Ariana have met, yes? Aside from the time that you were half drugged and decided she was an angel?" Her grin is slightly mischievous as she makes sure the two know each other before she addresses Ariana. "We have not set a date, yet. We had wanted to wait until we got to know each other better, and now that we are feeling more comfortable around each other, we are making plans. I just need to discuss an date with Una, but I think she is procrastinating a little." She grins. "Maybe's she's not quite ready for me to fly from the nest."

Even from this position, Ronan is a creature of grace. Ronan swings the leg from the arm of the chair over, to bring him upright, with a slight flourished spin. Placing the hand with the lyre behind his back, and the other one across his stomach, he offers a bit of a bow. "Good evening, Ladies… I should have realized that I was no longer alone, when the room lit up so." He grins with a slightly arched eyebrow, "We have met, but I don't believe fate ever afforded us that much time." He rises, placing the instrument in the chair, "Ah, Lady Ariana, is my sister talking about fitting her ankle with nuptial shackles again?" He grins teasingly at Elodie.

When Elodie does decide to address her brother, Ariana follows suit with her own polite greeting in the form of a curtsey. "How do you do, Lord Ronan? It has been a while, but I am glad to see that you are in far better health than when we last met. However, I must ask was that your own composition, My Lord? It was quiet a lovely melody." Half-turning to face Elodie once up when the woman's brother speaks in amusement to Elodie's soon-to-be fate, "It is usually the husband-to-be who is said to have such thoughts. Though from what I have seen so far, if Lady Elodie were to be fitted with shackles, they would look spectacular on her."

Elodie chuckles at the two of them and their banter, although her head tilts at the comment about looking great in shackles. "I am not sure if I should take that as a compliment or no, Lady Ariana," she says with a grin. "Are you actually staying for dinner this evening Ronan?" her attention comes back to her brother, "or is this a fleeting sighting of my brother before he disappears again to save some damsel in distress or other?" Her voice is lighter, a more teasing tone that's been entering into her conversation since being betrothed to the Cindravale who does /not/ seem to take too many things seriously. "If so, perhaps you can help me prevail upon Lady Ariana to stay for dinner."

Ronan grins and shakes his head, "Oh, no, my sister would never refer to her impending marriage in such a manner. I am merely expressing my own distaste for such a permanent foundation. Oh, sure I know it is a necessary thing - politics and everything… But I am still young, and not nearly so romantic as my beloved moon-eyes sister who is blinded by that affliction that no man or woman can resist once it has been contracted… It's fever drives the sanest of men mad, and the most dignified of ladies into school girls." He places his hand over his heart, "May I immune system stave off the malady for some time yet." He nods, "And the tune was my own… though I am sure that somewhere and sometime I heard something that fathered the thought in my head." He sighs slightly, "Apparently, being the brother to the Lady of the House does not mean that I can just keep myself on the patrol rotation… I was told to take a day or two off, rest up, before heading back out." Since their mother's death, Ronan has pushed himself endlessly to keep Niveus as safe as possible.

Now it is Ariana's turn to look slightly amused by this banter as she turns from one Iah to the other. It is Ronan's description of love that captures her full attention now, but rather than look upon the young man as he goes through such a dangerous affliction, her eyes are upon Elodie instead, to gauge her reaction to all of this. "Is that so, My Lady?" Though she asks, she, too, has heard of something similar, yet never to this extent from her conversations with Elodie as well. She then finally returns to Ronan, nodding once to his statement, "Then I wish you luck on this endeavor. No matter how trying." The melody still in her mind, she intones lightly, "Ah. If you ever decide to pen the entire tune with lyrics down, I would love to hear it. I don't know, I feel that it is so rare to listen to something as simple and yet enchanting as a lyre being played. It gives off a melody which I can appreciate. Oh, by the way, have you ever met with Lady Eirene? She is a musician, an opera singer to be exact, though she has been working on revamping her image slightly." The mention of dinner draws her attention and she considers, "I believe my schedule is free for the evening, so dinner would be quite lovely."

Elodie gives an indulgent smile in Ariana's direction. "It is fine, I have heard the theme before. I am not in a hurry to marry Ronan off, in fact, it is not even my power to do so, so I pay him little heed." She shrugs. "Moon-eyed school girl isn't far from off lately, so I can't completely argue with him there, either. I will just sit back and wait, and when his immunity wears off and he becomes a fool for love, I will surely take full advantage of the chance to chant, "I told you so" at every opportunity that arises." She nods to Ariana's acceptance of the dinner invitation, "that is wonderful. We should also be joined by Sir Sammel this evening, as we have a sunrise picnic appointment, so he is staying in one of the guest suites. As a doctor, I can only applaud Lady Iah's good sense. A knight who runs himself into the ground and does not rest properly is no good in the field. In fact, he may very well become a dead knight walking, and that is something I would not like to see my brother become."

Ronan rolls his eyes at Elodie, "I have only been seriously injured the once… everything else has been minor." He shrugs his shoulders, "I am sure that our noble sister will at some point marry me off for the sake of the family, and I will be the best husband I can be, as my honor and duty require… But that is the only cause that I can see that will tie my hands suchly." He looks over at Ariana, "Oh, yes, this is a long-standing arguement… " He pauses, as he glances at the lyre placed in the chair beside him, "Perhaps… Generally I play what is in my heart… to me, it's a truer gift when played for someone… knowing that it might be the only time that it is played suchly… There is an obscure reference that one of the ancient cultures of Earth of old did that… It always struck a cord with me." He grins, "Pun intended." His brow furrows slightly, "No I do not think I have had the pleasure of making her acquaintance yet…" At the mention that Sammel will be joining them for dinner, he rolls his eyes, "Ah, in that case, prepare to be overloaded on sweetness… it is enough to make one diabetic."

Hearing out Ronan's words, Ariana says in agreement with him, "Yes, in marriage, we will all build some sort of bond with our intended. Our life partners. Even in political marriages will there be that opportunity to grow ever closer. The more that you need to work with that person, hopefully, the stronger your bond grows." Or so she tells herself often enough. Though the very mention of the young Lord playing from the heart does force one of her brows to arch lightly. "If that is so, My Lord, then I look forward to catching you playing your gentle heart-songs. It just goes to show that you have a beautiful heart, I think." Nevertheless, she looks intrigued by all of this and when Sammel is mentioned, she seems a touch surprised, "Oh is Sir Sammel here then? Wonderful. It has been a while since I have spoken with him as well."

You say, "I am not talking of injuries, dear brother," Elodie replies. "I am talking of being tired and off your game, without realizing how tired you truly are." She glances at the bottle on the floor, then so lets the two continue their discussion of music as she goes to ring for glasses and another bottle of wine. She returns with a small shake of her head. "I do not know that Sir Sammel is here already, but he will be. And do not listen to Ronan. Except for his answer to Jordis when she demanded to know if he was going to properly satisfy me, romantic feelings and such are not things that Sir Sammel discuses or shows to any great degree.""

"I'm sorry that I can't help the effect your sister has on me, Sir Ronan," comes Sammel's voice a bit quietly. Seems he has indeed arrived. "But your sister is right, about how tired knights tend to make more mistakes, which might end up a bit costly." Looking between the three now. "Lady Ariana, it's nice to meet you again," he offers to the lady, before he looks to Elodie, offering her a wide smile. "That is probably because I was always told that some things shouldn't be discussed too much in public," he replies, before he steps further towards her now. "I hope you all are well?"

Ronan shrugs slightly, "Sleep and I have not been close friends for several months, on patrol or not… I rest as I can… But warfare is a grim topic, and one that should not leave its bitter taste on talk of love and marriage." He grins, "They can be a bitter enough pill on their own." As the elder knight joins the conversation, Ronan gives the faintest of bows to the man, a greater acknowledgement of his respect than just the polite nod. "You'll find that here, we are too confined and too fond of talking to hide away things like feelings… Especially on the long, dark nights… when the fire dances and the wine plays the role of a siren to call our hearts to our tongues. We Iah like to talk, to tell stories, and to sing… And while, my sister here might be more reserved than some of us, I gladly take it upon myself to make up the difference." He looks to Elodie, "And I was not talking of words of your betrothed, but the looks in each of your eyes… A blind man could see." He grins, "Even one as jaded as myself."

Ariana does like to learn how others live their lives, thus grows all the more quiet and attentive when the Iah siblings continue on with their chatter. A curious look comes over her features at some of what is said, but Sammel's voice and then his very entrance cancels whatever questions she may have out and she simply lowers herself into a sweeping curtsey for the Cindravale knight. "Sir Sammel, it is quite the delight to be able to meet with you this evening. It really is a pleasant surprise." She then nods slowly, this time in agreement with Sammel, "I do believe in a public and private face, I suppose. To some extent anyway. But as for me, Sir Sammel, I am doing well enough. I guess I am taking a little breather after some extensive scientific and medical research that I have buried myself in for the past couple of weeks or so."

The look that Ronan is speaking of instantly suffuses Elodie's countenance of Sammel's voice, and his words. She takes a few steps to meet her betrothed halfway, then walk back with him, her arm somehow finding its way to be linked with his. "There are some things, yes, that I do prefer to keep just for us," she agrees, leaning only slightly against him for a moment, before the conversation forges on. "Oh, yes. Lady Ariana has some rather spectacular news regarding her studies in medicine. Perhaps you would like to share with us, my lady? Good news is always welcome.

Sammel smiles, as he hears what's being said, and at the arm finding it's way to link with his, before he smiles, "Spectacular news about medicine would always be welcome. I'm afraid my knowledge of the subject mostly comes from the point of view as a patient, though."

Ronan arches an eyebrow as he grins over at his sister, amused by and happy for her finding someone that she is happy to be with. He turns his eyes and that wide smile to Ariana, "Absolutely… Though I must put myself in the same place as Lord Sir Sammel, but I will do my best to hold each word with earnest attention."

With observant ice blue eyes, Ariana silently watches the interaction between Elodie and Sammel. Of course, she doesn't dare outright stare at the pair and from time to time her gaze will flitter to and fro or perhaps focus on Ronan when he speaks, though truly, she seems to find Elodie's betrothal so interesting for whatever reasons. That is when the Iah lady brings up the fruition of her research and thus her gaze moves from face to face, a very faint smile forming on her own lips when she speaks, "Well, where to begin. After the incident in the Imperious mountains where Young Lady Yolanda Peake was poisoned, I started working on an antidote once my services in dealing with Sarah One-One-Three, our Hostile guest… was no longer necessary. And after all of my work, I finally was able create this antidote to counter the effects of the Yellowhare poison. At this moment, Young Lord Declan is seeing about securing some space in a chemistry plant, so that we may have this mass produced in the hopes that what had happened to the Peake heir is not repeated."

The wine and glasses arrive while Ariana is describing what she's discovered, and so Elodie silently leaves the group, letting the Larent lady have her moment as the center of attention. Pouring glasses for all four, she puts them on a little silver tray and deftly carries them over to offer them out, then returning the tray to the table to take her own glass and rejoin the group. "Lady Ariana is hoping to provide all front line medics with the antidote so that we can treate anyone else who happens to be hit with the poison in time to save them." She takes a sip of her ice wine, and then looks to Ronan. "Although I'm sure Young Lord Declan shouldn't have any problems securing a facility, I do think Una wouldn't mind if some of our scientists were put to the task if he is unsuccessful. What do you think, Ronan?"

Sammel smiles as he hears that, taking the glass of wine as it's offered. "Now that's good news indeed," he replies, with a nod. "It would make everyone on the front lines feel a bit safer, both those of us waving our weapons at the enemy and the ones trying to keep us from getting killed." Taking a sip from the wine, he looks between the others again, before he adds, "I'm quite sure someone will be willing to give such a task the space and resources needed."

Ronan nods in agreement with the sentiment of the other two. "I don't know if we have the facilities necessary for such production, but I'm sure that if we do, that Lady Iah would be more than happy to assist in any way possible." He grins slightly as his sister offers him a glass of wine. A nice change from the usual lectures about drinking too much, of course, he is suppose to be relaxing now, isn't he.

"This poison is rarely used and despite my creating the antidote, I hope that it is never used. The effects can be excruciating. For now, though, we believe that this 'Poisoner', still lurks in the Arborenin forest. I am uncertain as to which other Hostile soldiers have access to this or any other type of poison and where they are located. So the antidote is merely a precaution." Ariana explains then offers a quiet smile to the Iah siblings, "I thank you for your cooperation. We simply have to wait and see whether Young Lord Declan is able to convince one of the pharmaceutical companies to work on this for a short moment and stop their own production. If this is impossible to achieve, then I contact other scientists and chemists to see if they will work with me on this manually. I am just glad that this is one issue that we need not worry ourselves with overly much."

Elodie nods in agreement. "I hope I never need to use it, my lady," she says quietly. "But I would rather have it in my kit should I need it, than watch someone go through such excruciating pain with no way to relieve it." Her gaze flickers over the two knights in the room as she speaks, but she doesn't let it linger overly long. She does, however, take Sammel's arm again, giving it a little squeeze.

"We always feel safer with precautions being taken," Sammel replies, nodding as he looks between the others. "It's the same as learning to use weapons. You hope against hope that you will not have to use them, but it's far worse not having taken the precaution." Going silent again, he smiles as his arm is taken again, looking to Elodie at the little squeeze, and offering her another smile.

Ronan frowns slightly. "I kind of get the feeling that the Hostiles are experimenting with us, seeing what works best to achive their ends." He pauses, "So if they decide that their experiments with the poison is efficient, then more of them might make more common use of it." He shrugs slightly, "It is just my idea, and I don't really have anything to back it up, except for the fact that their tactics seem to change from time to time, without any real clear reason. So by having it ready, it might save more lives without being used that often by fighting the poison sufficiently early on."

Ariana looks from the couple and then back to Ronan, "Yes, I wholeheartedly agree. My fear is that another poison will be used in the future which will render my current antidote obsolete and the possibility of more lives lost until that is dealt with." A soft sigh then escapes her lips, "But that is neither her nor there and I am merely planning for the future. For now, let us speak of much kinder things, shall we?"

"And if we show we can take care of this threat, they will probably not use it any more," Elodie muses. She glances over to Ronan as she continues to consider his hypothesis, then nods once at Ariana's suggestion. "I agree. I've been hearing rumors that there are more entertainments to be held for the various charities being championed by our fellow nobles. Miss Wyre, I understand, is to participate in a couple herself."

Sammel nods as he listens, "More entertainments? That's a good thing, since it'll give the people a little break from all their worries of other things." Taking another sip of his wine as he listens at the moment.

Ronan grins widely, "Kinder things are much more to my liking… I'd prefer kinder things any day." He pauses, "I really do need to head to the Ring while I'm on forced leave… There is this amazing, little haberdashery that I absolutely must visit while I have the chance."

Ariana's attention is only mildly focused on talks of charity. Enough so that she actually asks a question regarding whichever events are being spoken of, "What sort of events? There are countless events for charity that have /suddenly/ simply sprung up as if there is a need to cram everything closely together. I do admit, however, that I am interested in this upcoming tournament. Will any of you be participating?" It is what Ronan says, though, that seems to pique her interest further. Perhaps it's the whimsical word which he uses. "I do wonder if I know of this establishment, Sir Ronan." She releases another gentle sigh, "The idea of shopping does warm my heart somewhat."

"I think I heard somewhere that Young Lord Sir Solon has invited Lady Eirene to sing at the gardens in Phylon, and there is the letters for soldiers campaign," Elodie muses. Then she nods, her eyes glancing sideways to Sammel. "I have signed up to participate in the Archery contest. Are you competing, Sir Sammel?" The talk of haberdasheries is still outside of her realm, she hasn't ventured that far into fashion, so she turns a little more towards Sammel. "I had thought of maybe asking Lady Eirene to sing for the wedding. What do you think?"

"I was thinking about participating in both the melee and the joust, if I can manage to get through the first of them healthy enough," Sammel replies, before he grins momentarily. "However, I have this stern doctor watching me, so if she says I'm too beaten up…" Spoken quite lightly, before he looks to Elodie again. "That sounds like a good idea. I mean, she's a skilled singer, and she seems to be a good friend of Solon."

Ronan grins over at Ariana, "I can't remember the name of it. But I'll make sure to comm you the name and location of it." Clothes and shopping are two things that Ronan can talk about given half the chance. The other is also just mentions, "Joust? There's a joust?"

While having random letters sent to random soldiers doesn't intrigue her enough, Ariana gives off a gentle smile at the mention of Eirene and her singing. "Lady Eirene is the perfect person to have singing for your wedding. In fact, I am planning on doing the same for my own wedding and will be speaking to her of some of her more famous operatic numbers." She seems pleased enough by the direction which the conversation is heading in, even with the talks of tourneys. "Why yes, there will be a joust at this tournament. I do hope that you both find the time to compete. I think tournaments are rarely held as it is. Which makes them all the more special, but I do enjoy the pomp of fanfare of a good tourney."

Elodie raises her eyebrows, and the elbow of the arm that's linked with his digs into his ribs. "Stern doctor…" she mutters into her glass as she sips, although her eyes show mischief over the rim. "You haven't heard?" she turns to Ronan. "I thought you would be at the top of the list to sign up. Oh… now, this is not fair, who do I cheer on to win?" Her attention is diverted by Ariana, and she nods. "Do you think she'd like to sing for us? I know some people prefer to just be guests and relax at special occasions, but if she wouldn't mind, I'm sure we'd love to have her grace our wedding with her talent."

"Ooof…" Sammel mutters lightly at the elbow to his ribs, before he offers a grin at Ronan. "There is, yes. And of course, my main reason for signing up for that one is the possibility to be in the unlikely situation that I'll knock Niko from his horse." A brief pause, before he adds, "Sir Nikomachos Sauveur, that is, my dear older brother. I mean, someone would need to puncture his ego a bit." It's all said rather lightly, before he looks between the others again, sipping his own wine.

Ronan looks to his sister, "I have been out in the west quadrant for the last two weeks… I was in the south, three weeks before that… " He shrugs, "I haven't really been thinking about much else." Yeah, it's more than time enough for him to take a break.

Ariana considers Elodie's question, looking thoughtful, "The only way to find out is to ask her, but I do hope that she will sing at the both of our weddings. Her eyes on Sammel now, she cannot help but let out a soft laugh, "Good luck with that, Sir Sammel. Your brother is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to jousting. All in all, this will prove to be an exciting event and so much more different than the rave that was held recently."

Elodie chuckles to Ronan. "Well, if your sister's orders won't keep you from heading back out right away, perhaps the prospect of a joust will do instead?" She winks to her brother and then raises her eyebrows to Sammel again. "I might have to agree with Lady Ariana on that one. I'm afraid Sir Niko's ego has been earned over the years. Did you go to the rave, Lady Ariana? I've heard much about it, it seems I missed a rather eventful evening."

Sammel nods, unable to hold back a grin now. "It has been earned over the years, that's true. But what's the fun in setting goals that's easy to reach? At least for something like that." Another brief pause, before he adds, "And besides, if I manage to do that, I can make sure to remind him of it every now and then, right?" Pausing at the mention of the rave. "What happened there?"
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Rave, tournaments, what else has he missed. Ronan's attention is thoroughly grabbed, that is until one of the servants comes up and whispers something into his ear. Ronan nods slightly, before looking to his sister and company. "Well, I am afraid that there is a matter that I need attend to in one of the facilities." He gives a smile and a bit of a nod to Sammel and Ariana, "Well, if I don't make it in time, have a good dinner." He winks at his sister, before picking up the lyre and heads off.

Ariana blinks quickly when asked about the rave, "I honestly have no idea. I did not get to attend, but then again, I am not one for raves. The music is far too loud and the crowd can be way too personable for my taste. On top of that, the dress code can be considered scandalous, but I am certain that it attracted a certain type of youth." Obviously, not anyone as classy as she, for she is still a youth! Slowly, she turns to look upon Ronan and his sudden departure, when she comments, "Your Lord Brother has really thrown himself into his duties. Commendable, but I do hope that he finds the time to rest."

Elodie nods. "I was surprised to hear you talk about the Rave my lady. It is not an event I would expect to see you attend, although I understand Young Lord Sir Solon attended." Although she nods and grins to her brother as he departs, as soon as she turns away, her eyes cloud with concern. "I wish he did, Lady Ariana," the hearfelt sigh communicates that concern audibly. "He's been… driven, ever since Mother's death. I worry for him."

Nodding a little as he listens, Sammel smiles, "Not really my kind of event, a rave. I managed to catch one part of that huge charity concert some months back, though." A brief pause, before he adds, "It was the one in Landing, where Hell If I Know played." A nod and a smile to Ronan as he leaves as well, nodding a bit as he listens to the others. "It's the biggest threat to a good knight, or really to everyone, not managing to rest enough, and wearing oneself down too much."

Ariana looks a touch amused by what Elodie says about the heir of Cindravale, "Yes, so I have heard as well. Young Lord Sir Solon would definitely be out of place at a Rave.." she then pauses when Sammel brings up some rock concert as well, "Or one of those. While I do not hate all electronica, for some of it can be soothing, I also do not despise all rock music. Unless it is far too loud than is necessary and usually, it is. But yes, I brought the rave up to compare it with this tournament event. Who does not enjoy a good tournament? Aside from anti-Reversionists that is.." And to this, she lifts her shoulders up into a graceful shrug. "I will be there to cheer you both on in your chosen events."

Elodie nods slowly. "I like the music from Hell if I Know, I just don't like it that loud," she admits. "And some of the outfits we saw at the Siren did make me blush. Why do people think I really want to see that much of their body?" She gives a shake to her head as she looks up to Sammel about his opinion of said outfits, but then she smiles. "A tourney is always good fun, though. I agree with you on that one, even anti-reversionists enjoy watching a spectacle, I'm sure."

"Well, the music was good, if a little loud, and the people were fun," Sammel replies, before he adds, "And I guess that some people just wants to show off their bodies, even if people don't want to see them." Nodding a bit at the mention of the tourney being great fun. "And there's something in most people that likes to follow some kind of competition, I guess."

Ariana does have to look skeptical at this praise given the band, though with all of the airtime they get, she more than likely knows what kind of music Hell if I Know performs. She doesn't live under a rock, so while she may not care for this or that style of music or fashion, the Larent lady is keen enough to be on top of current affairs, especially of the entertainment variety. She can only nod in agreement to everyone else's feelings on the underdressed that tend to frequent places like Raves, dance clubs or even rock concerts. Just the pursing of her lips is enough to state her displeasure in these things. "I am curious if my Lady Sister will be competing this time around. There is no melee on foot combat which she excels, so she may decide to just sit out and observe."

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