07.26.3013: Antaeus Goes Shopping
Summary: Now that the betrothal of his sister to Lord Declan's been announced, it's time for Antaeus to expand his wardrobe.
Date: 26 July 3013
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Antaeus Kira 

Kira's Clothing Store.

Impressions, the huge clothing Shop owned by Mrs. Kira Graves, who is the prefered tailor to alot of nobles, has a wide display floor where the person getting fitted can be measured and scanned by the electronic drones hovering about. Sitting as a half circle desk is Kira, working on a few wedding dress designs, with all thease weddings, as well as some formal clothing for other nobles attending parties and other Galas. She has been running herself ragged, though that doesn't stop her from making her top of the line and very extravagent clothing for those who can afford it.

Antaeus Larent steps into Impressions and gives his surroundings a cursory glance. The clothing seems to be fine enough, though admittedly, his own sense of fashion is rather bland compared to most of the nobility. Moving deeper into the shop he eyes a woman who seems to be working on a number of dresses. "Good day." He says softly, not wanting to startle the woman. After another moment he continues, "I'm looking to get a new set of clothes, very formal mind, something for weddings might do nicely."

Kira looks up and offers a soft smile as she stands up and moves over to the man, he doesnt look like a noble, only a navy officer, so she offers a polite nod, just to be on the safe side. "Good evening, I'm Mrs. Graves, are you the one getting married?" She says, waiting to know how extravagent the suit needs to be. "We have a wide variaty of styles and i can put them in any colors you like. I can do simple single peice clothings or a full outfit." She says as she motions for the man to stand at the center of the room, so her drones can come measure him.

Antaeus frowns and narrows his eyes slightly at the woman, but seeing how utterly busy she is, he assumes that she might not be in the best state of mind. When he speaks, his voice is soft, but there's a slight hint of a chill in it, "No, but my sister, Lady Ariana Larent is marrying the Young Lord Declan Arboren. I would like something formal to wear for the occassion." His dress uniform would work normally, but it is his sister, so extra effort should be made.

Kira blinks. "Oh my how rude of me Milord." She says as she quickly dips into a curtsie. "I'm so sorry." She says, the curtsie is very low, and when she comes up, the drones begin their work. She waves a hand to the full length wall monitors and they turn on. "Milord, if you will looks to the monitors, we have many styles… let's start wit hthe coat… I beleve a mandarin collar with scroll work down the arms in your family's colors and the creat on the cuffs would be nice… it's becoming a popular nobleman's fashion choice lately." She says with a warm smile.

Nodding to the woman to indicate that he is quite mollified, Antaeus turns in the indicated direction and begins to view the wall monitors. His head tilts to the side as he takes in the coat with the fancy scroll work. He could put on an act and pretend as if he knows what the latest fashion is, but he doesn't. "Is it now? The coat looks rather nice, and the scroll work seems to be a nice touch. How comfortable is it to wear for long periods at a time?"

Kira smiles. "Well, the mandarin collar itself does give abit more breath to the neck, unlike a traditional collar that would techincaly add an extra layer, though, the comfort is in the inner lining, I usualy have a softer fabric that breathes well, I don;t make my measurements to tight, so you will have mobility." She explains as house larent colors begin to show on the coat. "I would make the coat in black as the base, with another color for the under shirt. silken slacks and a pair of leather well shined shoes should round it out. Should you require any jewelry, I can draw some up and have them sent to a jeweler to be made." She says as she adds small touches to the coat, making it look propper and very stricking, but without the whole 'loud valen' flair to it.

Antaeus watches as the outfit shifts into the colors of House Larent, his interest peaking as he gets a certain type of vibe from this style of dress. Formal, yet almost martial in appearance. Not quite like a uniform, but the style is there. He begins to nod, "It's quite satisfactory. The style and the colors you have here…" He gestures towards the monitors. "Quite satisfactory." He repeats, his mind considering the question about jewelry for the briefest of moments before he shakes his head. "I have a couple of pieces that I never use, it might be time for me to actually put them to use."

Kira smiles. "I'm so glad you approve Milord, it makes my day." She says with a warm smile as she looks to the screen. "Is that fine as is, or would Milord like a cloak to go with it as well?" She asks, showing the outfit with a simple riding cloak, though of high wuality fabric, and a silver chain clasp at the front.

He considers the cloak question for several moments before shaking his head. "The cloak isn't going to be necessary." Then as an afterthought he adds, "Yet, but if I ever feel the need to accessorize with the cloak, I can always come back." After all, he might be coming around much more often to check up on his sister after she gets carted off by Declan.

Kira smiles and nods as she takes the outfit and places it on her padd, then sets her worker drones in the back of the store to work on making the outfiit. walking over to her desk counter thing, she types up the order and turns a scanner to him. "It you will scan you chip Milord, I can have the outfit sent directly to you on Summit." She says with a smile. "And it was a pleasure to be of service Milord, I do hope you will return." She says, so happy and seren that it almost catching.

Stepping over to the counter, he brings his chip out and scans it. "Should the clothing turn out to be satisfactory, I can assure you that I will indeed come back again. Perhaps I may even offer recommendations to my sister and her future husband should they need garments as well." Pocketing his chip, he gives a perfunctory "Good day." before turning to head out of the shop. Pleased that he has one less thing to worry about ahead of Ariana's wedding.

Kira smiles and gives a curtsie before taking her seat again, three Noblemen in the past two days, not to mention a dozen wedding dress orders, the same amount of Groom's wear, and her usual normal casual orders… Mrs. Graves is haveing a wonderful Fiscal year.

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