Lord Lieutenant Antaeus Larent
Ryan Phillippe
Ryan Phillippe as Antaeus Larent
Full Name: Antaeus Larent
Byname: -
Age: 23
Planet: Oculus, Moon of Nubilus
Paramount: Orelle
House: Larent
Title/Profession: Lord Lieutenant
Position: Lieutenant on the Titan's Wake
Spouse: Single Height: 6'2"
Father: Lord Captain Percival Larent Weight: 172
Mother: Lady Ancelina Larent (née Cindravale) Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Young Lady Sir Veryna Portia Larent
Lady Matildie Larent
Lady Ariana Larent
Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Antaeus Larent was born second of the four children of Lord Captain Percival Larent and his wife, Lady Ancelina Larent (nee Cindravale) in 2990 AL. To date, he is the only son of the Lord Captain, and as such pressures were put on him from an early age to follow in Percival's footsteps into the Royal Navy.

The Dutiful Son

As Antaeus grew up, he engaged in his studies with a work ethic that could make any military man proud. In addition to his studies, he was given private tutelage in a number of the arts of war and combat by private tutors that his father would bring in. Despite being trained in the use of different weapons, the young Antaeus become enamored with the sword.

Through the years, as he gained more and more experience with using a blade, he found it to be his preferred method of combat over anything else. Oh sure, Archery can be fun, as can unarmed combat, but there's an elegance to using a blade that cannot be found in anything else. Moving through various forms has become quite a relaxation tool for Antaeus during his downtime.

Into the Fleet

At his first opportunity, Antaeus entered into the Royal Navy Academy, an act that had to have made his father proud. During his time in the Academy, Antaeus started to feel some measure of freedom and began to experience other aspects of life other than duty, training and education. Gambling became one of his biggest vices, especially after his first several visits to the Apogee Casino in Summit during holidays. He began to pick up a habit of going on a winning streak only to lose all of his winnings because he didn't know when to quit. Barhopping was another activity he engaged in, although he never found that to be as fun as rolling some dice or playing cards.

Despite his newfound habits, Antaeus still graduated in the top 20 percent of his class, and as such was able to get a much nicer assignment than he could've hoped for. His career is still in its early stages, but he has high hopes that his future will see him as a flag officer and maybe pushing his own sons to follow his footsteps.



Antaeus Larent stands at 6'2" with shortly cut blonde hair that fits in with regulations of the Royal Navy, though he has it just long enough to ensure that there remains some style to it. His eyes are dark blue in color and the skin on his face is clear and cleanly shaven, giving him quite the youthful appearance.

He is currently wearing the standard black uniform of the Royal Navy. The high-collared, double-breasted jacket is neat and adorned with the rank insignia of a Lieutenant as well as the crest of House Larent over his left breast. The black slacks are maintained in the same professional fashion as the jacket. The leather belt and boots are well polished, and the buckle of the belt gleams golden. Upon his belt he wears a longsword in an ornate sheathe with the trappings of House Larent, a gift from his father after graduating the Academy.


Courage Under Fire
Dry Wit
Dutiful Son
Let it Ride!

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Known Associates

Percival Lord Captain Percival Larent : My father and the reason why I joined the Royal Navy, a decision that I do not regret.
Ancelina Lady Ancelina Larent (née Cindravale) : My dear mother.
Veryna Young Lady Sir Veryna Larent : My older sister.
Ariana Lady Ariana Larent : One of my younger sisters.
Densoric Lord Densoric Larent : My dear cousin.

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