02.23.3014: Another Round at Motts
Summary: Idle chatter by an eclectic group at Motts Taphouse
Date: 28 November 2013
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Motts Taphouse
The taphouse is burrowed out from the heart of one of the various elder trees that surround the Heartwood. It is dark, warm, and inviting no matter the time of day. There are not a lot of hard corners, and it feels as though the walls blend in with the ceilings that curve high above. The interior wood has been stained a honey gold, which is offset by the rosewood bar and tables. There are a couple of circular windows that have been carved from the tree trunk, though the glass is stained a soft green to continue to maintain a particular atmosphere no matter the time of day. Scattered throughout the room are tables of various size and chair arrangement, and the aforementioned bar runs along the left-hand wall. The taphouse only provides ale. Order a whiskey, you get ale. Order a martini, you get ale. The menu is also very simple with a set series of meals — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — that change from day to day. It is common knowledge that special orders or requests are always ignored.
February 23, 3014

"We don't need them to survive. There's not one shred of evidence to suggest that." Balius says back, quietly, in a more academic, philosophical debate. While it's much like the ones they are used to having, the ramifications of this are a little more widespread. "Even if they need us to survive, or our land, they can't have it. They're not human." Cold and calculating are his words. No anger or fury, it's a simple statement as if it were fact. He downs the rest of his ale and smacks it down on the counter though. His eyes scanning his mentor's, trying to figure out his thoughts.

It's a Saturday evening in the Taphouse, regular mix of folks. Demos and Balius are seated in a table in the middle, apparently discussing Hostiles and Haven survival.

His head bobbing slightly indifferent, Demos doesn't agree or disagree with Balius' assessment. "The genetic samples disagree with that assessment. I am speculating, between our experience of Awakening and the evolution of the Hostiles, the universe may have more surprises left to discover than we realize. Yet, in the end, if they only want our land, I would gladly give it away. I would rather focus on the 100-year starship and simply move along, to new land. Perhaps fighting between us, we all lose. Perhaps we need them to ensure that we continue to evolve. Once we cease to evolve, we stagnate." Just a consideration. He finishes his own ale, waves for a couple more.

Canis cant just sit at home while he heals up it just gets so boring. He has rested as much as could be but deciding that an ale would be good for him he hopped a ride on over to the tap house. He enters easily enough holding the door open "My sister will kill me later, but broken ribs or not, had to get out of the house." he explains to the one behind him. He says this with a grin though secretly he'll be glad to sit down.

Having just got back from Phylon on a visit with her horse, Brienne was just outside the Taphouse when she had discovered Canis. She's wearing an off-white sweater, black pants and black leather boots. Her right hand is bandaged with her arm resting in a sling, more for protection of her hand. "If she doesn't, can I?" The question is given to Canis as he holds the door open for her. "Thank you," she grins moving aside for him. "You sit, I'll go order us some ale. Are you hungry too?"

"So quick to abandon home?" Balius says thoughtfully. "Perhaps that's right…I just can't imagine abandoning the lands I've called home, or that of my family. Perhaps we shall have to flee, but I'm not ready for that." He gives his mentor a soft smile. "We can evolve here as well. Fighting can bring about change. In fact, I would argue that much advancement happens through conflict."

Another round is brought over, Demos gives a nod. "Ah, back to the Razor - if much advancement happens over conflict, what conflict have the Hostiles faced that they evolve so much more each time they return?" A shrug at that thought, he turns to look at the entering nobles a moment. Still, he continues, "Even if we assume the status quo, 40 years of fighting, we're only leaving our descendents a fight in 500 more. I might be less tied to the land, I've worked on the Ring too long maybe. Perhaps the fight should be taken to them, perhaps that is the correct answer as well, but its good to know all the variables - and I fear we are missing a lot currently."

The young knight looks over to the other and smiles "Of course i'd be honored." Canis says about her killing him about being out of the house while he should be resting. He does nod to her words and looks for an empty table giving nods in greeting as he passes. He will sit down lightly once he finds one and is a able to relax a bit now that pressure's off his injured middle.

Brienne walks in past the table and to the bar, but offers Balius and his companion a nod and friendly smile. At the bar, she orders a couple of ales and whatever is for dinner. It's always a surprise but it smells like either hamburger steak, chicken friend steak or just steak in general. Something smells good in the kitchen. When she turns from the bar, she notices Canis had opted for a table near where Balius had been, and his friend was. She drops in her chair lightly as the ales are delivered right after. "How are you feeling?"

Demos sits alone, having just finished a conversation with said Balius, who - perhaps shocked with the discussion, has decided for some time to think. Thus the geologist sits alone instead, working on his own ale. Giving over to thought, he watches the nobles idle - as if not aware he's looking at them, potentially starring. Instead of drinking the ale, though, his thumb traces the rim of the Mott's mug that holds the contents. Back and forth, his fingers around the handle of the mug. Slowly, he nods, in agreement with the thought that formulated there while he was conversing with his intern turned tech.

"Thank you, Brie." The young knight says as he takes his ale and takes a sip of it. "I'm okay doctor said i'd be out of the fight a little bit which just wont do." Canis looks at her hand "What about yourself it goes both ways I get to give you a stern look or something if your not taking care of yourself you know?"

Adelstein comes walking into the taphouse wearing a traveling cloak that hangs from his shoulders to his calves gives him a formal appearence. He has a datapad tucked under his left arm and withdraws it once he is through to door to look at a map of the city…clearly trying to be certain he is in the right place. "Barman, a warm honey mead," he calls out to the nearest attendant who offers the newcomer an icey stare before replying, "Got Ale…my lord…"
Adelstein does not bother to look at the barman and says, "Just mead thanks." After a few moments a mug is passed to the Valtan lord who takes a gulp, expecting his ordered beverage and finding it to be ale, looks around hurriedly as though in search of a pail to spit into.
Adelstein grabs a used tankard from a nearby vacated table and spits into it. Then spinning to the barman he barks, "I said mead! Not this swill!"

While Demos sits in silence, Brienne is anything but. "Of course, Canis." There's a brief look to his abdomen, a frown puckering her brow. "Broken ribs?" Shaking her head, she leans forward onto her forearms on the table. "I am taking care of myself. You shouldn't be moving around." Her attention though is well and truly caught as Adelstein arrives, recognition on her features, about to greet him as he goes through his tirade. "Well aren't you a dandy. Never would have thought that of you." Disappointed to say the least, she hitches a thumb towards the door. "If you want mead, go home. We have ale here." And that's that.

Coming out of the silence, Demos looks over to the raising of the lord's voice. He was considering getting up himself, but good thing Lady Brienne calls out to him, perhaps even helping the staff on hand today. Even if they might be used to certain nobles asking for something else, or even the Hollolas pastetime of always asking for something outrageous and being ignored while they are given ales. "Yes Lord, alas, Ale is the fare here." He throws in his voice at least, taking a drink his own - which he enjoys but he wasn't expecting anything else, really.

Canis winces but nods his head "I know, but I was just sitting there at home." he knows he sits a bit whiney and smiles across the table "I'll be careful promise or you have full right to thwack me." He takes another drink of his ale, but sets it down turning around as another enters and goes to the bar the outburst raises an eyebrow figuring the other knew about the ale only policy in place. He looks back to Brie as she speaks.

Adelstein's expression immediately alters at the sound of Brienne's voice. He spins on his heel with the grace of a dancer, his travelling cloak whipping around his ankles. He only manages to croak out, "L-l-lady Brienne?" He turns beet red at the sight of her and turns back to the barman, reaching over the counter to smooth out his lapel and pat his chest. He takes a faaaaaaaaaar more apologetic tone as he addresses the man, "Alright, alright…forgive me. I do not mean to criticize the brewer." He passes the mug back and says, "Just…just….get me your strongest stuff…" then as the barman turns to comply Adelstein quickly offers a correction, "No no, wait…just…just the meal…thanks. I will sample the ale later." He finally and ashamedly turns back to Brienne and smiles as he recognizes Demos. While awaiting his meal, he walks over to them and says "I'm not much of a drinker…the mead, well it's a Valtan tradition I got to use to while young…even then there are some days I hate the stuff. Since my elder brother and mother died, I have had to bear witness as my Father slow gives himself over to his lust for drink." He pauses for a minute to stare at his feet, "I chose not to end up like him—-so over time, I guess all such beverages have come to taste like "swill" to me…they tend to remind me of his weakness and failings."
Once the meal is readied he gives the attendant a generous tip and takes a table near Demos…though he looks at Brienne and says, "I was actually on my way back to Volem Dir, but decided to stop in here first…part of me would rather stay in Arborenin I guess."

When Demos speaks up, Brie gives him a grateful look, though at the promise from Canis, she cracks a smile. "A promised thwacking. This sounds good." She offers a closed fist of her only good hand, for a fist bump. Though as Adelstein turns completely around in his demeanor, "Then maybe you should bring some with you if you decide to visit Arborenin. Just a suggestion. We have ale here and Mott's is a staple in several houses." The explanation he gives has her shifting uncomfortably. "The decision to drink is ones own and you certainly are not your father's keeper." As he takes a seat, she reaches for her own ale with her one good hand. "You are not required to leave yet. Is there something pressing at home?"

"Indeed," says Demos, nodding to what Brienne said, in complete agreement. "And should you choose to do so, it could be simply acquiring the taste for varietals in the way of yeast concoctions." As if he had to encompass all drinks in particular. "It is good to see you away from work, I was beginning to suspect you were more focused than I, Lord Adelstein." A grin around, if any of the nobles give him attention; he's not trying to demand it. "Yet, on that note, my break here is done, good to see you again, but back to that grindstone. If you find time to visit the Ring again, Lord, perhaps we could talk work again, I have some updates on the magnetic separation, but the mind of an engineer might be needed." Finishing his drink he stands and gives a wave not unlike a salute, quick and not touching his head so much as waving top to bottom.

Stepping in from the outside, Tristan is walking a bit slowly now. It might look like he's been doing some exercise or something like that. Spotting his sister, he starts moving in her general direction now.

Canis returns the gesture easily enough though he's listening to a bit of the conversation from the bar now as well. "The ale, just seems to fit here too with the forests and the place overall." he says casually about the drink. He takes a drink and bite to eat finishing before he'll continue listening a bit more actively. The door opening gets his attention a nod to the figure who approaches "Lord Tristan." he greets.

Adelstein peers up at Brienne, trying to determine the extent of the damage he had done to his reputation, "I understand the role that drink plays in tradition. I would happily imbibe a generous portion of Mott's ale to honor the grand House of the Arboren. As for father, I am the last of our family he has left…well, nuclear family. He has adopted Firia to be something of a surrogate daughter, but it is clear he is still in pain. I spent years trying to help him—-but these days, I have been forced to admit I cannot control him. Nevertheless…how far will we go for our families…thats a question we need to ask ourselves…" He finishes up his meal and pushes it aside. Then looking at Demos, he waves a farewell, "I will be send you a notice with some new schematics, there will be some data from a recent full-range radiological spectral scan of all space junk passing at least one AU near to Imperius. We might find what we need from them."

"It was nice meeting you." Though technically, she hadn't met Demos. "I'm Brienne Arboren, maybe next time we meet we won't be strangers." She looks between the two, Adelstein and Demos. "You work together?" Her own food is mostly ignored, only able to use one hand, she's got it wrapped around the ale. Hearing her brothers name, she looks up and her smile brightens considerably as she stands to give him a warm hug. "Tristan, I'm glad you're here." Looking back to Adelstein, she ponders his rapid reversal in attitude. "I don't care if you don't like the ale, Lord Adelstein. It was the treatment of the staff when it's clearly posted that ale is the only thing sold here. They didn't deserve such treatment." And indeed the Arboren are known to work side by side with the citizens of the Spine.

Pausing as he hears his name, Tristan look to Canis, offering the man a brief grin, "Lord Canis. Imagine running into you here, of all places." Spoken a bit lightly, before he's hugged by his sister, and hugs her back now. "Hey. How was the time with Wind Dancer?" he asks, before he pauses momentarily as he hears Adelstein mentioning a particular name. Studying the man carefully for a few moments, before he looks back to his sister, and to Canis. "How are you, all of you?" he asks, before he finally adds, "And may I join you?" A nod and a smile is offered to Demos as well.

"A pleasure Lady Brienne, Demos Osteros," returns the geologist, standing and nodding to Adelstein, "I'll be glad to see the scans you have amassed. I'll see if I can get some samples from Nubilus, to work on a better extraction technique to preserve those isotopes." Then a nod to all, a bow of his head out of respect, "I shall take my leave."

"Indeed, I escaped from having to be bored at home while healing up, though I believe your sister has threatened me if I don't take care of myself." Canis says in response he shakes his head "Of course not please do join." he says easily enough. He does catch some of the conversation before and seems a bit confused but not the time or place to ask about all that. "What of yourself?" he asks the newly arrived noble.

"Oh Tristan, it was good to see him. I may go back tomorrow too. I wish he wasn't stabled so far away, but it's the safest place I know of for now." Brienne retakes her seat and motions towards one of the empty ones by them, "Of course, Tris. Also you are welcome to join Lord Adelstein, if you wish." As Demos leaves, she waves, but it's brief and she looks back to Canis. "I did threaten him. He has broken ribs." Her own arm is in a sling, but more to keep her from banging her hand than any actual damage to her arm.

Tristan grins at Canis now, expression otherwise quite innocent. "She didn't threaten to carry you off and hand you over to the doctors, did she?" A brief pause, as he takes a seat near to where his sister is sitting. "She does that from time to time, after all. Was a long time ago, though. Was it three or four years?" Gaze going to Adelstein again for a few moments, before he waves over towards the staff, so he can get his order, which they seem to recognize straight away.

Canis chuckles as he takes another drink of ale though winces and it stops his chuckle. He looks across the table to the lady knight "I don't think i've gotten that threat yet, but if I were try to suit up for battle or something it'd probably not end well for me." he grins between the pair "To be fair it works both ways if she's not taking care of herself." he says truthfully.

Adelstein nods at Brienne's remarks about his mistreat of the barman. "Do not regard that outburst as characteristic of me, Lady Brienne. Far from it. Merely, the shock of it rather through me off." He pressed his lips together tightly and leaned back, "This is why I tend to do better when I am alone…its hard to make an ass of oneself when by yourself. And yes, Demos is one of Haven's leading geologists, he is working on GXR39 with me." He nods at Tristan and then gets to his feet. He ambles over to the barman and strikes up a conversation with him…apparently apologizes but then his gestures relax a bit as they continue to talk.

Brienne laughs at her brothers words, reaching her unhurt hand out to gently touch his hand. "Just because I love you, Tristan." Affording him a look. "And you know I would do it again, if I thought it necessary." She withdraws her hand and holds her mug, offering Canis a conspiratorial smile. "You bet you're not going to battle until you're all healed, doctor note in hand." After taking a drink of her ale, she looks back at Adelstein and smiles. "I have had a rough twenty-four hours, I understand how it can be taken out on others." Her voice is softer now, and she looks down into her ale as the invitation is declined when he goes to speak with the barkeep.

Tristan smiles at Brienne's words, before he replies, "And you know I would do that same for you, if needed. Maybe tie you up too, to avoid getting punched, of course." A brief pause again, before he looks to Canis, offering the man a bit of a grin. "Broken ribs? I won't give you a hug, then…"

Adelstein laughs as the barman pokes him in the chest and grimaces briefly at the nobles beyond. The Valtan Lord nods a few times at the man and shakes his hand before returning to everyone else. He looks at Canis for a moment and nods, "Lord Canis, I have not yet greeted you formally." He inclines his head with courtesy before turning to Tristan and saying, "My lord, you should send my cousin Firia a missive at sometime, she speaks of you a great deal to me." Smirking his presses a finger to his lips before saying, "And the content of those discussions are top secret…no, just kidding. She speaks well of you."
Adelstein returns to his seat, tugging on his doublet a bit to smooth it out. Looking at Brienne he clears his throat and bashfully asks, "Before I depart…would you care to give me that tour of the woods?"

The young knight pretends to take a memo "Doctors note gotcha. I can sign it myself right?" he grins over to Brie showing he's teasing he gives a wink. He turns towards Tristan at his words tiping his head "Much obliged for that, I apparently encountered the new rubber version of hostile that just will NOT go down well until your retreating as a group I am however not rubber. Ask Brie she took a swipe at it too." he turns to the other "My apologies, yes Lord Sir Canis Ligonier, it's good to meet you properly. Canis or Lord Canis is fine though he makes a proper introduction.

"Oh, I won't be going out again until my hand is healed, but like Kieran said, it's not that bad, several others were hurt much worse than I was." Brienne says quietly. When Adelstein joins them again, she can't hide the smile as he mentions Firia. "Tristan does like Firia as well, and his intentions are only good, so rest assured." Though the mention of the tour makes her pause as she considers it. Finding absolutely no reason why she shouldn't, she nods to him. "Sure, I am almost finished here anyway, we can go soon." Canis is given a nod along with a grin. "No forgeries. Has to be a legit doctor. As for the rubber Hostile, I have to agree. I thought it would never go down."

Tristan smiles as he hears that. "Well, some of the Hostiles tend to be that way. Not everyone goes down as fast as the first few ones we encountered…" A look to his sister for a few moments, before he pauses as he hears Adelstein's words, taking a deep breaths as he listens. "She does? She is a lovely person, your cousin, my lord." A brief pause as he hears Brienne's words now, cheeks reddening a little. "I do…" he replies, words kept rather quiet, before he hears the part about the tour. "Leaving so soon? I knew I should have taken a bath before I came over here, sorry…"

Adelstein smiles and blushes at Brienne and inclines his head gratefully. Turning to Tristan again he says, "Father and I were quite worried for some time due to her association with a man…some sort of discojockey named Sean…forgot his last name. But we were concerned that he was attempted to…influence her in an unwholesome way. Eventually, we determined that he had not violated her honor—-but nevertheless there was a bit of a stir throughout House Valta." Adelstein looks at Tristan as though trying to gauge him, "Try to insure she does not fall into his orbit too often. She will probably listen to you moreso than myself or my Father."
Adelstein looks over at Canis and asks, "What sort of armor were you wearing when you recieved that injury?"

"Well no this was no scout, but when I keep jabbing him with my polearm and he just decides it's time to bash me again." Canis says with a small chuckle and shake of his head "See she saw him too." he takes another drink of ale but turns at the last question "My usual defender armor, to be fair it was three different hits to about the same area which caused my broken ribs." he explains not really blaming his armor for this one.

"Then perhaps you should spend more time with her, Tristan, and get to know her better." His reddening cheeks cute. Once more, Brie reaches over with her good hand and touches his. "At the risk of getting hurt, the journey is worth it." Flashing him a grin at his bath comment, she nods sagely. "You know it's bath day." Just trying to tease him back. She stands, giving Canis a smile. "Come by anytime you like, Canis, you know you're always welcome."

Adelstein has pulled out his datapad and has begun to look at schematics of defender armor and then at Canis' injury. "Hmmm, repeated blows…the crystalline formations in the alloys will have been disfigured along nearly three vectors." He scrolls through various images, continually looking up at Canis to try also as though he is trying to determine how he was hit. "Ah," he declares…more so to himself, "I see…now. Yes, the armor's integrity should have been reenergized following the first strike, but the second would have caused that process to be of little effect…then a third hit would not be able to absorb the shock…" He looks at Canis and says, "It would take a major systems overhaul in your armor to correct that type of error." Hopefully, the Citadel will adjust the manufacturing standards soon enough.

Tristan pauses for a few moments again as he listens, shrugging now. Having gone silent as he listens to the others for a while. "Stay out of trouble," he offers to his sister now.

"Of course, your welcome in Honor's Keep too, think i've said that previously though. It's a good place to rehab hands and ribs if nothing else." Canis turns at the tech talk about his armor. "Maybe by the next time, it'll hold up a bit better it still saved my life all the same. It's getting repaired right now, not that I can really fight without my doctors note." he chuckles at this requirement he's just gotten.

"I always try and stay out of trouble. I won't be too late, I promise." Brienne leans down and brushes her lips over his cheek. "Keep Canis company?" Winking to the Knight in question. "Oh I already know how well I like Honor's Keep, so I fully intend on visiting. Of course you're welcome to remain here also." She reaches into her sling and looks at her datapad before putting it back up. Brie has a datapad of all things. "Ready when you are, Lord Adelstein."

The Valtan lord nodded at Tristan and Canis saying, "Very well, good evening to you then gentlemen." Looking at Brie his cheeks redden and he gestures to the door, "I shall follow where 'ere thy lead, my lady." He gives her a bow and rises to smile at her, "I have been looking forward to this since we discussed it yesterday."

Tristan nods a little, but otherwise keeping silent for the moment, sipping his ale as it has finally arrived.

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