07.10.3013: And in Walked a Dame
Summary: Sophie goes to Nolan's office to meet with him.
Date: 10 July 2013
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Nolan Vaughn's Office - Landing, Imperius
A small smoke-filled office located in the bad part of town, alla film noir.
July 10th, 3013

The office can be found in a rundown building in the Westend of Landing, a couple block's off the redlight district of the Central Arcade. The door says 'Nolan Vaughn, Private Investigator, with a frosted window, and blinds on the other side further preventing view into the room. The hallway outside is dim, but the door is currently unlocked, and inside the office is equally dim, a receptionist area (With no receptionist currently in) leads back to the main office which appears in a bit of disaray, though thankfully with the advent of modern electronics lacks any paper clutter. The entire office smells a bit of aromatic pipe smoke, and a light haze of smoke clings to the ceiling. Nolan sits behind a desk, his coat off and a computer terminal active, a worn couch sits against the back wall, and a single chair sits infront of the desk. An artificial potted plant sits in one corner.

The sound of three pairs of feet hitting the ground can be heard, as Sophie all but drags both Taryn Wystrel and Caedmon Barrow towards the private investigator's office building, "like I said, Lord Aidan told me of a means of assisting Haven without the danger of going to the Drake Mountains or heading into battle…though I still hardly think it is called for that Niko blacklisted me from joining the patrols…" She sighs dramatically, "anyway, this should not take long. And this should be safe, truly. Besides, like I've been trying to tell everyone. I can protect myself." The door opens, and in comes Sophie wearing a very informal outfit consisting of a brown front-laced bodice over a low-cut green tunic, as well as black pants and brown boots. Augmenting the ensemble is a long black cape with an opulent broach, which glides gracefully across the ground as she walks. Marching down the hallway, she soon locates the door to Nolan's actual office, "this is it…I think." Steps become uncertain when there is no receptionist, though the lack of a greeter hardly falters her movement. It takes little time before she locates his room, walking within and bluntly declaring, "my gods, it smells of smoke in here." She hurries to settle in the only chair facing the desk, while Caedmon silently stands at the door, "so, you asked for me, Mister Nolan?"

Taryn follows behind the tornado that is Lady Sophie Sauveur. "You know, m'lady, the term 'should be safe' is not the same thing as actually being safe." He rmakes a mental note to "thank" Lord Aidan for whatever he has indirected gotten Taryn pulled into. He is dressed in far more humble clothing. The nicest thing on his person being the sword that hangs from his hip.

The part of town the office is in is not known as the most savory of parts of landing, though probably just fine during the day. Nolan looks up as he hears the footsteps and the opening door. The display is killed, and one of his hand's reaches for his nearby pipe, taking a bit of a puff at it, the other moving under the desk. "You appear to have me at a disadvantage. I'm certain I never asked for anyone though.." He pauses at Taryn's comment then back, "M'lady."

Sophie laughs lightly and shrugs her shoulders nonchalantly, "well, if this does not turn out as safe as Aidan hopes, then at least I get to experience a meager amount of thrill and danger before I grow wrinkles and gray hairs." She turns towards Nolan and smiles, "forgive my friend, he is far too paranoid for his own good." She shakes her head, "you did not expect me? Well, Lord Aidan Peake suggested I come to you, so that I might help with some sort of investigation? He suggested I could assist using my greater contacts and influence, though I suggest you use me for more. I would be glad to help in whichever way I might, Mister Vaughn."

Taryn huffs slightly. "It's not my own good that I'm concerned about." The Valen reaches up and combs his fingers through his hair, tucking the curls behind his ear in a vain hope of keeping them from his face. "And trust me, danger is not all that it's cracked up to be." He looks to Sophie, "Perhaps if you had introduced yourself, so the gentleman might have a clue who he may or may not be expecting… " He looks over at Nolan, "This is Lady Sophie Sauveur… " He gestures to the obvious guard with them, "This is Caedmon… And I am Taryn Wystrel… and I'm still not exactly sure what I am doing here…" He smirks slightly as he thinks how confusion seems to be a natural state for those around Sophie, especially when she has an idea.

The hand under the desk relaxes a bit and comes to rest upon the arm of Nolan's chair once again, and he takes another puff from his pipe, exhaling a bit of smoke into the air and offering a bow of his head, "Lady Sophie, a pleasure." He says with an appreciative nod towards Taryn, "My thanks, Taryn." He adds then looks back to Sophie, "And Lord Aidan did mention he was sending something to me, I'm a bit suprised he uncovered something so quickly though. So what news do you have of the event?"

Sophie smirks, "have you experienced danger and the thrills of it yourself, Mister Wystrel? I would be quite intrigued if a groom happened to know adventure more than a royal. Besides, you hardly denied the suggestion we go to the Drake Mountains…at first, anyway." When Taryn introduces everyone, Caedmon decides to speak up for the first time and clarify, "-Sir- Caedmon Barrow." Either way, Sophie simply bobs her head as the two of them help out, before amber eyes settle squarely on the investigator. She lets out a sigh as he questions her however, shaking her head, "I regret to not have been provided details on how, precisely, I might help, Mister Vaughn. Only that my contacts and influence as a royal might help your investigation, whatever that might be…what is it you are investigating, anyway?"

Taryn looks to Lady Sophie, "Have you ever been on an unbrokened horse that did not want a rider on his back?" He frowns as another thought crosses his mind, as he stops counting the number of times in the last month that he has woken from sleep after dreaming of his death or dismemberment. "I said danger, M'Lady, not adventure. Adventure is for story books… "

"What exactly did Lord Aiden tell you?" Nolan asks, giving a skeptical lot to the three, looking primarily from Taryn to Sophie as he sits, "And how far exactly are you willing to go to help someone you don't know do something you know nothing about?"

Sophie smirks, "like Nebulae, Taryn? No, I have not tried riding Nebulae." She shakes her head, "adventure is not for story books though, Taryn. Adventure is what happens and is written down in story books thereafter. Adventure is something you do, something that takes you through thrills and dangers and wondrous experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life. Adventures happen when you fight Hostiles or head into the Drake Mountains, despite the risks that might make others stay at home." Finally, she looks back to Nolan. With a firm and proud rise of her chin, she pronounces, "I have been told next to nothing, Mister Vaughn. But for the sake of adventure, I am willing to help you…" She falters slightly, lips twitching, "well, as far as my family would allow…" A glimmer gleams in her amber eyes, hoping to pick herself up from her previous admission, "and…a-and perhaps even farther…"

Taryn shakes his head, "No, not like Nebulae… Nebulae is just tempermental… I mean a horse that wants nothing better than to throw you to the ground and try to trample you to death by pounding you into the ground with every ounce of his being until you are left curled up in a fetal position bleeding and broken." He looks at the young noble woman with an increasingly arched eyebrow as she describes "adventure". He does not look like he agrees with her opinion in the slightest, but at least he has the courtesy to not argue with her over that in front of a stranger, even if the stranger was recommended by Aidan. From a slightly condescending look with her adventure speech, Taryn's expression becomes increasingly disapproving at the 'even farther' comment.

Nolan nods his head a bit, "Well… I was only told to expect one person…" he says as he looks towards the trio, "But I will talk to Lord Aidan, and if I have anything you can do to help me I can be in touch, Lady Sophie." He explains. "Perhaps if you can tell me what resources you have and can make available, that may be a starting point?"

Sophie rolls her eyes, "you're just being dramatic, Taryn. I hardly imagine many horses are as intent on killing their rider as you make it sound. One would think such hostility would have been bred out of them, at the very least. Besides, if you ask me, you should only get onto the horse in the first place when you have trained it to welcome you on its back." She frowns at Nolan to his reply, uncertainly shrugging her shoulders, "I…I am a Sauveur. I have the influence being a royal might bring, as well as the contacts that could possibly help you with your investigation. Granted, if this is about the war, most of the military personell are extremely busy. So if you wished me to, say, request a meeting, unless it is very important, it would not be right of me to force them away from their duties." She nods, "otherwise, I have money, though I am not confident I wish to use it unless the expenditure might assist us in our System War."

"A war horse bred to be docile isn't much of a war horse." Taryn points out. "And how do you think that a horse is trained to bear a rider? No, you shouldn't get on a horse until it is trained to bear a rider." He quiets up as Sophie and Nolan start talking.

"Well, I don't know what influence that brings, Milady." Nolan admits, "And I don't know what personal connections you have either. What might be most beneficial is access to information networks, and perhaps some materials. I can perhaps get a list to you, but until I've spoken to Lord Aiden again, I don't want to get into too many details. Needless to say, this could have a huge impact on the system war, and more."

Sophie waves a hand in the air, "I suppose you are right about a war horse…though that is precisely what I meant when it comes to bearing a rider. You hardly climb onto its back until it trusts you. Unless you want to be thrown to the ground and trampled while you are left to curl into a bleeding fetal position beneath its hooves." She arches a brow at Nolan however, "I bring as much influence as you are likely to get, Mister Vaughn. What influence do you require?" She shifts in her seat, crossing her legs and leaning back a bit, "what information networks, and what materials, Mister Vaughn? Is it a problem of trust to not provide me any details on the investigation, Mister Vaughn? Because you can trust me. Especially if this has an impact on the system war."

Taryn shakes his head, "No, I meant you as in people like you, people like me are the ones that crawls onto the horse's back to break it so that I can be ridden by someone." He has no clue what is going on between Sophie and Nolan, so he shushes up once again.

"If Lord Aiden did not trust you with the details, My Lady, I'm not second guess him." Nolan says, bringing up his display once again, but quickly switching to a blank file, "But he did say you could help, and until I can go into specifics with you, I could use information on Elder Sabine, as well as logs of the incoming and outgoing communications calls from Primus to Landing over say, the past few weeks. Also, I can provide a list of equipment that might be useful, if you can manage it. I will have that transmitted to you shortly, if you wish?" he then taps a few things into it.

Sophie furrows her brow, glancing at Taryn, "like I said, you hardly want to climb onto its back and risk broken bones until it accepts you and your proximity. When it accepts you, you introduce the horse to another rider. Each time taking precautions that the horse trusts both its riders before climbing onto its back." She sighs at Nolan when he replies however, returning her amber gaze to him, "he trusted me to help you in your investigation. Surely he simply expected you to explain it to me?" When she is actually provided information, she uncrosses her legs and leans forward with obvious interest, "Elder Sabine?" She shakes her head, "fine, fine, no details. I would be glad to have you send me the lists and information when you can. I would also suggest you inquire to Lord Aidan about how much you can share with me." She licks her lips, "still, I will need more than that you simply require information on Elder Sabine. What sort of information? How loyal he is to the Chantry? His past scandals? What might be his favorite brew of tea?"

Taryn looks at Sophie, in mild disbelief that she is telling him how to do the job that he has spent years actually doing. The muscles in his jaw tenses as he remains silent.

"Lord Aidan didn't even tell me who he was sending, My Lady." Nolan explains, "So I don't even know that it is infact you he meant to come. And anything you can acquire might be helpful. And it might help judge the sort of assistance you can offer as well. If you're going to be my assistant I don't want to have to look over your shoulder the entire time to make sure you're doing things right, I'll want someone who can think for themselves."

Sophie sighs, "well, you can be certain he indeed meant to send me, Mister Vaughn." She reclines against the backrest of her chair, "send me the list of desired information to research, and the items you wish to be acquired, and I will oblige. Though I highly suggest you include details of the investigation as well." She smirks, "once I know what I'm looking for, you will hardly need to look over my shoulder." She lets out one last sigh as she rises from her seat, extending a hand towards the man and firmly nodding her head, "it was…interesting to meet you, Mister Vaughn. You can send the lists directly to Sophie Sauveur of the Palace Towers."

Taryn remains quiet. Okay, he's sulking slightly. But in the end, he really has nothing to contribute to this conversation. When Sophie rises, Taryn waits and watches to see if this little circular dance is in fact done.

"If I took everything at face value, My Lady, I wouldn't be very good at my job." Nolan says as he rises up, offering a slight bow to the woman, "But I'll forward the list of equipment to you within the half hour. We can probably discuss specifics when we next meet, assuming everything pans out with Lord Aiden."

Sophie smiles, "of course, I understand" She offers another firm nod of her head, "I am certain I will be reading the list as soon as it is provided to me. Good day, Mister Vaughn." She glances towards Taryn, "thank you for coming with me on this. Even if I…did not acquire quite as much information as I wished, Taryn." At that, she slowly makes her way towards the door, with Caedmon soon to follow her out and presumably back towards the palace towers.

Taryn offers Nolan a nod and an almost apologetic smile. "Nice ot meet you." He then turns to follow Sophie out. "You're welcome, Lady Sophie… I'm sorry that things didn't turn out just like you had hoped it would." He knows that the young woman has a tendency of getting bent out of shape when things don't go her way.

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