Lady Ancelina Larent
Rachel Weisz
Rachel Weisz as Ancelina Rosaline Larent (née Cindravale)
Full Name: Ancelina Rosaline Larent (née Cindravale)
Byname: ..
Age: 43
Planet: Oculus, Moon of Nubilus
Paramount: Orelle
House: Larent
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: ..
Spouse: Lord Captain Percival Larent Height: 5'4"
Father: Lord Castor Cindravale Weight: 135 lbs
Mother: Lady Margarita Cindravale (née Peake) Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Rogere Cindravale, Marcus Cindravale, and Cassius Cindravale Eye Color: Hazel
Children: Young Lady Sir Veryna Larent
Lord Lieutenant Antaeus Larent
Lady Matildie Larent
Lady Ariana Larent





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Percival Lord Captain Percival Larent : Beloved Husband. It is true what they say, opposites attract. My 'Barnacle' and I could not be any more different, yet it works somehow.
Veryna Young Lady Sir Veryna Larent : My first born child. 'Fern' is the light of my life and I'm so proud of her. Now, we just have to find her a suitable mate!
Antaeus Lord Lieutenant Antaeus Larent : 'Antelope' is my golden boy. I swear, he can do no wrong.
Ariana Lady Ariana Larent : Surprise! Another girl. 'Nanners' is my last child and just like her siblings, she is a little ball of sunshine. 'Fern' and 'Lope' follow in their father's footsteps and Nanners has decided to dedicate herself to medicine, like me. I love tutoring and mentoring my peanut.
Densoric Lord Densoric Larent : My beloved nephew 'Snores'. (More to come!)

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