07.05.3013: An Unexpected Ambassador
Summary: Viannea bumps into Nitrim as he skulks about Khar-Mordune uninvited.
Date: 05 July 2013
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July 05, 3013

After finally deciding that she has kept to herself long enough, Viannea has come out for a walk. She is alone, refusing all offers of an escort although that took a bit of clever… fibbing on her part. 'You don't really want to come with me,' the half lie started only to then be concluded with one of several excuses made. First one was mention of shopping for new 'intimates', the excuses finally progressively getting dirtier in hopes that she'd embarrass them out of wanting to go. It finally worked and the guards promised to stay back (although it's anyone's guess if they honestly stayed behind - they very well might be watching her covertly from afar).

Wearing a simple gown of green and with her hair drawn up, Vi makes her way down a walkway, looking for the life of her like her mind is on a different world entirely.

Furthering his adventures this day through the Waygates, Nitrim Khournas is a man out of place. He is a Khournas in both appearance and mind. The long, heavy coat that he wears is emblazoned with the embroidery of flame and drakes. The copper-jacketed rings on his fingers give him an almost sorcerous appearance, made even worse by the dark sunglasses he wears while walking down the streets of the Peake territory. Trailing a cigarette between his fingers, his jaw rises to the sights of the street, looking for something distant and unclear as if there's no address to search for in his mind. Walking alone with the heavy scabbard of a war-time sword on his hip, his heavy boots crush against the small pebbles that line the sidewalk as he weaves his way through the other pedestrians. The Khourni…don't walk slowly. They walk with purpose.

And lo' as he nears within sight of Viannea, he lowers his head to the path forward and tilts his head ever-so-slightly, recognizing her face from their noble social circles. As if tipping his hat, he nods his head from that far distance, to say hello.

People move out of Nitrim's way and even go as far to mutter at his back when he breezes past, the hurried pace he moves in a contrast to the easy stroll many of the others have assumed. It causes enough dischord for the noblewoman to notice and she watches warily, a hand falling to where she has a dagger hidden in a fold in her skirts. Thankfully it doesn't seem like she'll have to use it however as she sees Nitrim and his greeting, her own head dipping slighty as she smiles.

Her footfall eventually brings her right in his path, giving them both the perfect chance to stop the other, putting her an arm's length from her fellow noble if that. Nitrim can very easily reach out to grab her and stop her if he so desires.

Nitrim passes her, but a second thereafter his boots come to a stop. With a sway of his coat, he turns to stand with his back to a storefront, head turning towards Viannea's back. "Lady Viannea." He says, voice smokey and pale. Initiating conversation, he flicks the ashes from his cigarette onto the ground and steps back from a passing elderly couple.

"I'll have to apologize for the stepping onto your lands with no notice, but with the reports coming in I had to come see for myself." Directly to the topic of the war, the news-du-jour, he hooks a thumb into his belt buckle as his back taps the dry, painted letters of ARGYLE'S PHOSPHATES, the building that stands behind him. "How are you and yours faring?"

Pausing suddenly causes the silk-like material of her gown to swish noisily about her feet and swirl about them as well when she turns, Vi expression fainly puzzled. "Lord Nitrim. It is nice to see you. I do hope all is well." His explantion of why he's here finally gets her confusion to melt away and become replaced by a welcoming warmth. "It is alright although I do have to confess to not being sure what news you mean. Might I ask for details?"

A large, older man seems to be in just as much of a hurry to get where he is going as Nitrim was before he paused and bumps rudely into Viannea who stumbles forward. One of her heels gets caught in the hem of her skirt, causing her to become dangerously off balance. Seems like she might need a bit of a rescue otherwise she just might wind up on the ground and in a compromising position.

Like a lashing drake's tongue, Nitrim suddenly steps forward to take Viannea by the underside of her upper arm and offer his balance as support. With no time to spare, his ringed fingertips wrap around her arm and he straightens, casting a hooded look to the man's back as he trudges down the street, unaware as to who he just nearly upended. Nearly sneering, he glances to the much closer form of Viannea at his side, eyebrow cocking over his sunglasses out of concern.

"About the hazardous pathways, of course." He smirks, flashing his teeth in a rakish grin. It's a joke. "Are you alright?" Slowly and gently, he lets her arm free when he's sure she'll be alright, and takes a respectful step back. "The news about the Hostile landing on the Spine. My brothers, sisters, and cousins in House Khournas have taken the field, I with them, at the Crescent and at Niveus. It may sound strange but I'm compelled to come and see the faces of the people who, should this war continue long, I may be lending my support to defend." He slips the cigarette between his lips for a drag, careful to blow the smoke away from her.

Viannea's face pinkens when Nitrim swoops in and saves her from the embarrassment falling would have caused. It takes a moment for her to recover and regain her physical balance but while she can stand upright again she still feels off center. "Thank the gods you're fast," she murmurs sincerely, her eyes lowering slightly. "Thank you for saving me." Clearing her throat, she brushes a hand down over the front of her gown in effort to gather some calm about herself.

The mention of the Hostile's landing has her eyes narrowing and her mouth curling down in a frown, the subject one still very touchy with her. Thankfully Nitrim speaks further, giving her something else to mentally focus upon. "Your aid would be greatly appreciated, I am sure. You'd have to talk to…" There's a pause. Vi runs through a mental list of people she knows, some filed away as being the wrong people to try to speak with while a few others are filed away as 'maybe's. At the end there is only one name that really stands out as being one that would be the best for him to approach with this. "Sir Agnes would probably be the best one to talk to if you're of a mind to, Lord Nitrim. She might be able to better direct you to the right person to make the offer to if she isn't the one."

"Yes, well there's only one way to learn how to dodge gouts of lava and ash." Nitrim smirks, in response to being fast. His brain fires quickly the responses that allow him to weave his way through social situations, much like the snake-heads depicted on his many copper rings. "You're quite welcome, My Lady."

Resuming his perch alongside the building, he stands with his shoulder to the oncoming traffic to effectively barricade Viannea from any future rage-walkers. After casting one warning look to the crowd behind them, he smiles back to Viannea Peake. "I'll do that. I've seen Sir Agnes but I've never spoken with her directly. I'm known for wandering like this and spreading myself out conversationally, so if it's no trouble I just may request an audience at your hold." A far off frown creases his brow, sensing her discomfort on the topic. He lifts a shoulder in a hapless shrug and changes subjects. "Well then, it seems we know each other from afar, you and I. I wouldn't want to come across as pompous and carry on with a formal introduction." He laughs. "How was your Midsummers?"

The effort made to protect her does not go unnoticed and Nitrim is rewarded for his gentlemanly behavior with a smile that just might be best described as brilliant. Or something. "It has been a fairly long time since I've acted in any capaciity beyond squire and now Knight of House Peake but let me know if you need someone to stand with you, Lord Nitrim. I'll be sure to be present and vouch for you if it winds up being needed."

Standing still is something Vi can only do for so long and soon she is motioning to Nitrim, inviting him to follow her if he'd like. "Speaking of a visit, perhaps you could come by for tea someday. It would be wonderful to get to know you better. And if the opportunity presents itself, perhaps I could come over and present myself to your family as well, formally."

"Well, of course I could always use someone to stand beside me, Lady Viannea." Nitrim smiles, crushing his cigarette under his heavy, buckled boots as he falls into line beside her. Though he doesn't show it in scars, he's been reported in the midst of the fighting, and having been injured in it before. "When everything turns into spears and pikes waving all over the place, helmet cameras, unintelligibly growled commands over the networks, it's rather nice to know who's to your left. It's also probably best that you don't owe them any money either."

His sword bats softly against the outside of his thigh as he moves to the outside trackof the sidewalk, making a display of people with expensive clothing walking down the row. Eyes forward, he's careful to make eye contact with the less careful people coming towards them, which sends them stepping at times into the gutter on the street to avoid them. "I happen to be a fan of tea, as well, so I accept your invitation in the spirit it is given. I rather like Peake, there's a certain comforting quality to being embraced by the stone all around. Of course, where there's stone there's the molten, which would likely give all of us at Khournas plenty to trade about our homes when you visit." He smiles, looking over to her. "Have you ever been to the Crescent, My Lady?"

"Then consider it done. I will stand and fight with you if… when the time comes." Vi casts a glance and a wry grin at him as she says that. Not that she finds the subject of fighting amusing but something about the conversation as a whole has managed to tickle her. "You'll have to forgive me if I get distracted like I did last time, however. I had to keep an eye on my brother who decided he wanted to get into the fray as well and if that happens again I can't promise to be fully on my game." A light jest, that, made at Aidan's expense.

When Nitrim accepts her invitation for tea she ponders a second, trying to figure out just where the tea should take place. There's her sitting room which is a part of her suite of rooms but that might seem too forward, but anywhere else might seem too casual a setting. Ah well. It can be something for her to figure out when the time comes. Her musing ends abruptly when her companion speaks and she blinks once, having to think. "I have not, no," she eventually confesses. "It is something I have always hoped to experience, however."

"There, then it's settled, but don't be ashamed of being distracted. I'm a rather distracted person, myself. It comes with the territory of being what I am. I may not be looking, but I'm always paying attention." Nitrim replies with a sharp nod of his head, jesting in return. "And for your brother's sake I hope he doesn't owe you money, either. Your brother seems a good man. Please, send him my regards."

As if finalizing their talk about family and war, he turns his eyes back forward once more to slow their walk to allow her to step forward to avoid a sandwich board placard for a restaurant's meal specials. Once passed, he falls back into line. "Then I should warn you, Lady Viannea, the Crescent is not the seas and swimwear of Mare Maris, the introspective sand and light of Detrius, the nightlife of the Ring. We had all of that once, replacing it with lava flows, ash floating from the skies, a constant and rather sweaty heat, and rain that sizzles against the ground on impact. I always tell everyone that wishes to visit that I…" He places his hand to his chest. "…am rather fond of its somewhat underdog beauty. Falling ash has a certain poetic sense to it. However, I've met more than a few that replies to my description of my home with Wait…what?" He laughs.

"My brother has learned long ago not to owe me anything for long…" Vi retorts with a slight snort of laughter. "If anything, it saves him from being harped on until he pays me back." Despite all the teasing it should be obvious that she loves Aidan to no ends.

The menu board is almost passed by without incident then but she finds herself having to pause a second when an errant splinter catches her gown, necessitating her to free it herself so she won't run the risk of having it torn. "I will be sure to dress down when I come to visit. Something more akin to what I wear normally so the heat and such won't cause me to pass out." Now freed, she walks without further incident, a result of how she keeps her arms pinned firmly to her sides to keep her gown reined in. "Is there anything you'd recommend to me in the way of sightseeing goes?"

Eyebrows twitching, Nitrim leans back and looks to the sandwich board with concern as she nearly tears her dress on it. Without reaching out to aid her, he waits politely while she untangles herself. Once freed, he continues their meandering pace down the slight decline that the walkway provides.

"Yes, dress for comfort and remember to bring something covering if you venture out." Nitrim motions to his own coat to emphasize. "It doesn't happen often but at times a stray bit of hot ember can find its way, and you don't want one getting inside of your sleeve." The lordling knows how to sell his homeland. "Well, if you're still interested, there are plenty of places to see. The Blackspyre has a rather large collection of drake skeletons, some of them being rather massive in size, and I happen to be rather fond of the overlook at the 'Spyre that oversees Volkan below. If you're at all interested in the rather punished beauty of the place, there's mountains, and if you're the sort that likes the city, there's plenty of bars and nightclubs in the city proper."

'This is the last time I wear a gown when I don't need to,' is vowed mentally. Causes nothing but problems and the heels Viannea chose to wore with it? Nope. Not helping at all. Thankfully Nitrim is patient with her otherwise this would undoubtedly be as unbearable for him as it is for her.

A slow, deep breath is blown out before Vi catches herself, the sound of which gets her to both laugh and blush a bit. "I will be sure to pack accordingly. Even if I only stay for a day, I'd like to see all I can."

"Then you should be rather pleased, My Lady, to know that the Crescent isn't really a place for expensive dresses. I'm sure the last thing either of us would want would be for you to ruin a lavish gown. My sisters, at least Lady Anabethe, regularly dress more functional in breeches with thick boots." Nitrim sidelongs to her, rubbing softly at his chest to quell the urge for another cigarette. Having given her a suggestion for her choice of wear, he laughs softly and turns his eyes forward again.

"So, you have me at a bit of a disadvantage. I know your name and face, but very little about you as a person. I can see you care for your brother very much and while you don't seem to enjoy fighting, you seem to want to be a part of the efforts, yes?" He cocks a brow towards her. "So what has brought you to dress and take out to the street? Wandering?"

Vi nods slowly, relieved over how the logistics of travel will be easy to take care of. Pants and blouses and such are so much easier to pack, after all. She almost says something about thag but is instead brought up short when she realizes Nitrim has just asked her to talk about herself. Oh boy.

Effort is put into not wrinkling her nose. Viannea doesn't want to be thought of as rude, after all. She turns her head to look at him and almost runs into someone in the process. The almost-victim is quick on their feet and is able to deftly maneuver their way out of her path. "Of course I want to be a part of the efforts," she answers. "I can't just sit at home while others lay down their lives." That could almost be a line out of a movie or some kind of crappy romance novel but despite that it sounds very believeable because of how much conviction she puts into it. At the last she merely smiles and shakes her head. "I just wanted to try and dress up," she manages to get out before laughing.

The young, Khourni lordling laughs in time with her. Wanted to dress up. He leans back just a little, stretching his neck muscles at the thought of it all. As he rights, he makes a little tsk with his teeth and looks down to the hem of her dress to make sure nothing actually ripped in her fight with the sandwich board. "Perilous. Truly perilous. I have to sympathize that making the switch from more functional wear to dresses, and back-and-forth, has got to be rather confusing. Men's fashion doesn't vary much, in that I think I've been rather lucky. The clothing and the shoes always remain the same."

Nitrim's head ducks suddenly, nearly banging his forehead against a street sign. He has to sidestep to avoid it, and as he does so he plants his hand atop a post-box to steady his balance as he slips past it. A cluttered street indeed. "To be honest, Lady Viannea, neither could I. I've spent more time away from the Blackspyre these last four weeks than I have in my entire life, it seems. I'm no knight, so my approach is rather different, but I need to be out and see these places and things because sitting and waiting for a battle doesn't bode well with me. I get restless."

"I think it's the fault of you men. Always wanting us to look pretty and show ourselves off for your entertainment." A hand lifts and she gestures towards her gown's neckline which, while demure, puts a bit of Viannea's softer features on display. "Add to it the lessons we're taught in how we ladies should be demure…" She now motions to her skirts which are more than long enough to brush against the ground, "… and it makes for an exercise in sheer frustration." A fake sigh sounds before she laughs again. "At least we'll look nice before we trip and fall to our doom, I suppose."

And while Nitrim doesn't have to worry about fashion-induced accidents he has another problem to contend with, that apparently being his height. When he has to dodge the sign she instinctively reaches out to steady him, her attempt coinciding with his hand finding the postbox. "Sounds like you and I are cut of the same bolt of cloth, Lord Nitrim. I can not stay in one place for long at all." The hand that rests upon his arm pat-pats at that limb before she moves away, allowing him to continue on without hinderance from her. "I do hope you'll become a regular feature here. Would be nice to see you on a regular basis. One can never have too many friends, after all."

Steadied by her hand, Nitrim glances over to her and blasts her with an almost boyish smile. Stealing an opportunity to glance to her dress as she motions to herself, he tilts a sly, narrowed eye towards her face and laughs. "And in return, My Lady, I'm quite well aware that for all of the uncomfortable clothes, shoes, and prancing that nobles' daughters are taught to perform they are also well aware of how the subtle act of making a nobleman notice is of key." He replies in stride, quick on the draw. He knows the game. "And yes, it seems that this street may very well kill the two of us. I'll travel in again soon when I can, or should I be invited. I'd like that, though I suggest if you do we find a much wider street to venture down, oka—"

A beep sounds from inside of his coat. Reaching in, Nitrim takes his earbud out and whispers an apology to Viannea as he slips it into place.

"Yes? This is." He answers the voice on the other line. "Understood. I shall return shortly." Tapping the earbud off, he looks to Viannea at his side. "My apologies, My Lady, it appears that I'll have to cut our walk short. I'm needed back at the Blackspyre. I'll extend to my father, High Lord Jevon, of an interest in a Peake visit?"

The conversation cut short, Viannea lets all of what was said pre-call go without comment since it seems like Nitrim's in a hurry. "Please do, Lord Nitrim. It was a pleasure meeting you. Please stay safe."

A quick curtsey is bobbed before Viannea turns and departs for her own home, her expression pleased. Such a nice visit.

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