08.19.3013: An Orchard for the Lost
Summary: Lorelei visits Nitrim while he heals at the Blackspyre
Date: 19 August, 2013
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Lorelei Nitrim 

Living Quarters Greatroom - Blackspyre, Volkan
This room, as the entry to the living quarters of the Khournas family, is about as sumptuous as things get in the Blackspyre. The floor is sheathed in black tile, heated from below by veins of magma running through the tower itself. Deep red carpets have been layered over the tile across most of the expanse of the room, softening footfalls and providing a visual sense of warmth to go along with the physical one. One wall of the greatroom is taken up by a large 'fireplace' where one of the heat-proof transparent tubes filled with lava can be seen pulsing and roiling its way up the tower. Around the other walls are a scattering of drakeskins, paintings of battle and hunt, and shelves of holobooks. Several couches and chairs are gathered in clumps around the room, providing seating for twenty or so with ease. Opposite the lift is a corridor that leads back into the actual living quarters and a private drawing room, with the entrance to the corridor guarded by two men-at-arms at all times.
August 19, 3013

With news of Nitrim's injury at the hands of the Hostile spreading through Volkan, it's little to no surprise that when he sends for Lorelei Quellton for their meeting that she will have to cross the WayGates to meet him. With only a suggested time for when he'll be available, the Khourni lordling slips into the giant, plush sitting room that serves as a communal sitting place for all of the private apartments that surround it. With the local news playing on a wall-screen, Nitrim keeps his broken leg in a cast stretched on the sofa beside him while he quietly smokes a cigarette and learns of all of the current events that, gratefully, don't include rumours about him.

Lorelei walks in, nervous. she's dressed in her pretty blue dress, hair pulled back in a simple french braid. She's got light make up on, hoping to cover up the circles underneath her eyes. Her satchel across her shoulder, she'll peek her head in, after being pointed to the right room, "Lord Nitrim?" She knows he was hurt, but the image of his leg propped up gives her a start. "I…would you rather i come back later?"

With a brush of the outside of his thumb to his forehead, Nitrim glances over the sofa to Lorelei and gives a quiet shake of his head. Seeing that she's done herself up more than normal, he offers her a polite smile and motions to a chair beside the sofa. "No, no you've come all of the way and I could use the good company, Miss Quellton. After all, I'm just sitting around with little else to do." As if on queue, he touches a remote beside the sofa and the news feed switches to light classical music. "How have you been?"

Lorelei walks in, keeping her satchel close. She'll nod and sits down on the chair, "I'm alright. No broken bones.."She'll glance to his leg, frowning slightly. 'I…uh.." SHe'll open up her satchel, "I know it's silly, but it's becoming tradition for me to bring apples from the GArden of Nora." Loree pulls out 3 bright shiny apples and will set them on the table next to the sofa. "Everyone that's gotten one gets better." She'll give a soft smile, she knows it's silly, but it can't hurt.

"That's terribly thoughtful of you." Nitrim smiles, his green eyes shifting from her to the apples she sets down. With a helpless lean, he offers his hand to her. "If you don't mind I'm actually kind of hungry now, if it's okay that I have one?" His leg shifts, the web-like casting that peeks out from beneath the loose-fitting pants he wears sticking out like a sore thumb. The leg is, effectively, a single unbending stick.

Lorelei reaches and takes his hand, "Oh course, my lord." She'll reach and pick one up, handing it to his free hand, "Would you like me to go ask the kitchens to make you something? You could probably use something to strengthen the bones mending." It's easier to focus on him and the broken leg, than anything happening with her, anyway.

"No, no, an apple will be just fine. Perhaps after that, though, I could have some food brought up if you haven't eaten." Squeezing her tiny hand, he lets it go and snuggles back into the shoulder of the sofa for a bite from the apple. His bite is slow and careful, deftly avoiding any of the apple's sweet juices escaping the corner of his lips. He closes his eyes as he chews, and then swallows. "Did you have any chance to look into the books that I've suggested?"

Lorelei smiles, giving his hand a squeeze back. "If that would get you to eat…" she'll tilt her head, watching him chew. A small sigh escapes her,her hands tightening on each other a moment "No, I haven't. The ranch isn't doing well, I'm having to cover more of my brothers hours." She'll shrug lightly, "I'm having to balance a few different aspects." LOoking to his leg, "Are….do you want to talk about it?"

"Talk about my leg or talk about you?" Nitrim asks to clarify as he shuffles against the arm of the sofa to find a little more comfort. "Lorelei, you and I are entirely different creatures when it comes to talking. I could damn near speak on anything, to be fair. What would you like to talk about?"

Lorelei narrows her eyes slightly, and then huffs. "Well, I meant your leg…"shifting her weight in her seat, "I…Evereyone I know who is awakened life's has been turned upside-down. I HATe to be a bother." She'll bite her lower lip, eyes on her hands. 'I JUSt want to be useful. If I can help some, do anything, I CAN elevate the chance of someone I care about being hurt…more."

"No it's not a bother, not at all. Truly, if you'd rather avoid the topic altogether I'm fine with that, just remember that I'm always around for questions of that sort." Nitrim intones after another bite of the delicious fruit. He motions to his leg with the apple. "It isn't half as painful as that collarbone fracture was, and I'm able to move around, which is the most important thing. Being stuck in that machine was pure hell." He pauses, smiling to the woman. "Lorelei? You're welcome company, truly. Please, make yourself at home."

Lorelei sighs again, "No…I don't wish to avoid it. I've just been dodging it for the past few weeks' she'll roll her eyes slightly. "My brothers have given me such mixed feelings on it…Chiron says when he checks on me, at night, sometimes the storms are surrounding me, in my sleep." she'll nod, looking at his leg again, "Yeah, I imagine begin able to move makes it easier.' After a moment, she'll smile back, honestly , "I know, thank you." a small chuckle, "between the lack of sleep, Occulus,and trying to dodge half of the Arboren nobles, I've been kinda on guard."

"Sounds like you're starting to keep my chaos-like schedule. We'll make an Awakened out of you, yet." With a flash of teeth and a sly grin, Nitrim turns the apple around in his fingers, working on making a double-helix shaped husk of eaten fruit. "But a Lorelei Quellton on guard isn't a good thing. What do you mean dodging Arboren nobles? Does that mean what I think that means?"

Lorelei snorts softly, 'Yet? I think stabbing a damn mountain cougar should get me the title." she seems to relax some though, her hands loosening. "there's been a horrible influx of Arboren Nobles who suddenly have a fascination with the idea of wooing me." HEr cheeks turn pink and she'll shrug, but then smile, "Sir agnes has talked Lord Darious, after I slapped him….I thought I'd get into trouble for striking him."

Nitrim's dark, green eyes flit to the corner of their sockets as he looks away from her. One half frustrated, another half amused, he rolls his eyes and turns them back to hers. "If you've read the tabloids I'm hardly one to tell them that they should be ashamed of themselves, but I'm rather sure if you were attracted to a man you'd make it clear." He tsks, shaking his head from side to side. "After your troubles with Michael, you really do deserve some peace. Did it all end well?"

Lorelei raises an eyebrow but smiles, "Lord Darious says he understands, time will tell. He showed up at the stables, asking to teach me archery…and a hug.' she'll shake her head, it's been long enough for her to relax about the situation. "Lord Tristan was drunk…I don't think he meant it. and lord Ephraim…he's nice…" Her cheeks turn a bit more pink, and she'll try to change the subject, "I've devised a plan to get my brother grants for the academy, I hope. HE"s too smart to not go….and I read at House Iah's poetry reading…."

"Your brother's a smart man, they should take him, but it might be an overextension if I wrote a suggesting letter to Academ." Nitrim replies. Changing subjects is a hard thing to do with Nitrim, as he can always tell when someone's trying to on purpose. And thus… "Do you know why men like you, Miss Quellton?" He pauses, the question is entirely rhetorical. "It's because you're genuine. You don't like to lie, and every sentimental thing you do, like the poet you are, isn't a false front. Us nobles are so very used to lies and ambition. You're ambitious, but not in an unhealthy, viper-like way."

Nodding, "He is and they will. iT's the cost that will keep him out. Demos said he'd help as much as he can, but…"She'll shrug. "I"m going to ask LAdy Iah, she's asked me to be her house's poet…I just don't know what that means. " LORee'll purse her lips, a flash of worry at the idea of the ice moon. HEr brow furrows, "that's just….Of corse I don't like to lie…who does?" she'll huff, "There are plenty of good people about, we just put blinders on, wishing to suffer in our own sorrows, instead of sharing burdens. with this war, the dreams, i don't see how we'll survive unless we do help each other." She's frowning, the topic one she's thought on(ATLeast where she took the topic too).

"Yes, there are, but perhaps I'm just pessimistic enough to understand that when you're surrounded by liars the best thing to do is to learn how to lie. It's an endless cycle, really." Wincing just a little, Nitrim reaches down to rub his leg just above the top of the cast. "I think you should go to Iah. I really like Elodie and her lady sisters. They're good people and they'll take care of you when you're there. It's a good opportunity and if they're willing to make you a house poet I'm sure they'd publish you."

Lorelei tilts her head, giving nitrim a narrow eyed smile, "You're not stuck in an endless cycle. you don't lie to me, do you?" She doesn't honestly believe he would so she just moves on with a smile,'Do you need pain medicine?" Her smile fades, she doesn't want to go to Iah. "I…I know. I just have to make sure the stables would be ok without me. I'm hoping she'll let me stay at home, and just come in when needed." Cause, how many times would one need a poet, anyway?

"I could probably use some meds, yeah, but they've been keeping me on light medication. It's just a little pain every now and then." Little? More like a lot, which he downplays. With a shrug of his shoulders, he rubs a little more at his leg before settling back into place. "And no, I don't like to you, Lorelei. I only lie to people that put me on the defensive or make my hackles rise, because in my experience those people are better off working with, with a little careful handling." He laughs a simple, happy laugh and leans in for another bite from the apple. "If you don't want to go to Iah, tell them you would like to work near home."

Lorelei glances around, looking to see if his medic bottle is near by, "You should eat more than an apple if you're going to take meds." SHE"ll frown, but it's playful, 'I can be offensive. I make plenty of hackles rise." She'll wrinkle her nose, in an attempt to look tough, "I piss off my brothers all the time. And am getting good at slapping nobles." Biting her lower lip, she'll nod, 'I know. i just have to balance what my brother needs with what i can do…I'm hoping Lady Iah will be ok with that."

"Right, but I'm not going to give you any reason to slap me, because that would absolutely destroy this perfectly working friendship that you and I have, Miss Quellton." Really, it seems Nitrim doesn't mind using her name, but Miss Quellton rolls off of the tongue so well. He enjoys it so much that he hangs on to the L just a bit when he says it. "But once more, I ask, what do you want to do? Be careful to not become a fixture, because sooner or later you will find yourself moving too far in one direction that may never have been the one you intended."

Loreleiwrinkles her nose again, but laughs, 'Don't say my name like that! you make it sounds creepy!" She's giggling though, "I want to help. To write poetry and leave the world better than when I came into it. I want to make sure my brothers survive. I want to help the Stables get out of debt. Everyone keeps telling me that I need to get married and have babies, but…" She'll shrug, "I Don't think that's actually what the Six intended for me." She sounds sad, but accepting of this.

"Then don't have babies, write poetry, take care of the people you love, and help build up the stables, Miss Quelllll-ton." Nitrim laughs, digging his teeth into the last bite of the apple. Chewing heavily, he swallows and leaves the unspent portion of it on a serving plate to his side. "You know, people overcomplicate things. People named Nitrim Khournas over-overcomplicate things, but at the end of the day it's really not so complicated. If you want to do it, do it. If not, then don't. Follow that mindset and you won't ever really go too far off-course."

Lorelei rolls her eyes, but laughs, "Spoken like a Noble….Life is complicated. It's complicated for everyone, not just nobles." She's smiling though, not upset, "What is so overly complicated for you? You've helped me, can I help you?" She keeps her eyes on his, tying to read his mindset.

"No, I don't mean it's not complicated for you but it's complicated for me. I mean to say it's not really that complicated for everybody but I overcomplicate mine." Nitrim smirks back to Lorelei, balancing an elbow over the arm of the sofa. "I have a number of problems of my own doing, things I need to mend like friendships and other personal stuff. Trust me, if you knew you'd be horrified."

Lorelei shakes her head,"Well…are you making effort to fix these things? I'd not be horrified if you were attempting to make amends. Six knows we all make mistakes…" SHe'll swallow, thinking of her own. "I went though those Dreams…I don't think many things you could do would horrify me."

"Oh, that's where you're wrong." Nitrim laughs, narrowing his eyes playfully to the woman. With a claw-like ring, he reaches out for a cigarette. His eyes wash over into white and he floats it between his lips, lighting it with a snap of spark from the air in front of it. "Don't misunderstand me, Lorelei, I have a good soul but I'm the guy that took the nightmares and got comfortable with them, to make them stronger. I kind of like the nightmares. Perhaps that's strange of me." His eyes wash over, back to normal. "Please, trust me, my mistakes are all sex and death and things people don't talk about. I'm not trying to be creepy here, mind you." He laughs again. "But, I've had a strange run."

Loree's own eyes go white, the storm clouds only faintly coming into view. As quickly as his cigarette is lit, it's out again. she'll give him a slightly cocky smile, "I don't believe you. You may be used to the Dreams, but you don't like them. No one with a soul could." she'll shake her head, her eyes returning to normal as her aura dissipates, "Sex and death. People do talk about that, and it is a touch creepy, but if it will help, talk." she'll chuckle lightly, "Strange run? I keep Dreaming of breathing dirt… Life is strange and complicated."

"Maybe I'll let you win this one. Maybe it's more complicated than I make it out to be. I just take the angle that people make things more complicated than they really need to be, but with the war and all that's probably more hope speaking than anything." Nitrim gives a shake of his head and motions to some crutches resting against the arm of the sofa. "Help me up? I'm not going to horrify you with my problems, but maybe we should get some food and talk about what, if anything, I could do to help you and your brother, how's that sound?"

Lorelei grins, it's clear she has siblings and will take any wins she can. 'Well yes, I'll concede more complicated than needed, sometimes." she hopes up to grab his crutches before she even hears what else he has to say. "You couldn't horrify me." she sounds pretty sure of that. "Unless you can help him get the Crown Scholarship, not much. Unless you need a poem for something? Or a new horse?" She's grinning again, and will help him stand.

Throwing an arm around her shoulders as she helps him up, Nitrim hobbles on one foot until he can get the crutches under his arms. "Oh please, again, the tabloids? You blush mentioning Lord Ephraim, you have no idea how unlordly I've been at times, Lorelei Quelll-ton." He does it again, teasing her. "Besides, I'd have to change all of the names to protect the innocent. Just know that your good friend, Nitrim, has suffered a distinct lack of…foresight and it's all a repair in progress." He smiles, taking the first few steps down the hall. "Now a horse I could do…" His voice trails as their conversation fades into the distance.

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