08.10.3013: An Invitation You Can't Refuse
Summary: Elodie goes to check in Lady Eiris's wound sustained during the fight with the Hostile Scouts. Sammel accompanies her, and Eiris extends an invitation for the to stay.
Date: 12 August, 2013
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Grand Rotunda The Grand Caravan, The Vale
10 August, 3013

The caravan is a wealth of life and movement and Eiris left the two to ride on ahead. The large rotunda takes up a great portion of the noble caravan that houses the retinue of th Rovehn and the largest f any on the plains. Seated off to the side, a few scouts hovering as they receive information from the still helmed Lady, they nod and slip out quickly as those who remain begin to try to pry her free of the warped armor.

The metal screeches as it is pried away from her head, causing her to tense and her hands to grasp at her thighs until it is finally pulled free. The trail of blood down the right side of her face can be seen now, some still fresh as her blonde hair falls about her features. Helmet hair. She starts to stand, taking her time considering the smack she took.

Not long after the screeching of metal, Elodie arrives, having followed the Rovehn Lady after giving her space to do what she needed to take care of her people. She is shown to the Rotunda, her eyes adjusting to the difference in light as she looks around. The pause and tilt of her head shows recognition of this being the same place was before, even if it's been moved to a different location.
When she does spot Eiris, she gives a rueful smile. "How are you? Any light headedness? Ringing in your ears?" she asks, setting down the helmet she carries next to the blonde, her own dark hair almost a dark twin of helmet head… except for the dribble of blood.

Following Elodie, after once in a while speaking with a few of the people, Sammel looks around for a few moments now. He keeps quiet so far as he lets Elodie do her job for now.

Blinking at the voice, Eiris can not help but show a bit of teeth as she grins. There is a laugh and she nods her head, "All of the above?" She rubs at the side of her head. "Bleeder took a good swipe at me.." She lets out a breath and her hand falls away, her gloves tucked into the belt against her scout suit. "I take it you didn't just come here to gawk at me and faun over my wound so I will find a place to sit." A healer of the Rovehns has already started his way over not realizing that any other help is currently available. The Lady takes up a stool easily enough, perching on it with her back somewhat straight, a glance offered up to Sammel. "My Lord, do forgive the surroundings, I fear we do not have the amenities that Phylon does, but you will find food and kinship quite in plenty."

Elodie grins, and gives an amiable nod to the Rovehn healer. "He did take a good swat at you, but you made sure it was the only one," she finds a stool or some other instrument of sitting and places it in front of Eiris, looking the other woman in the eyes. "Can you follow my finger?" she asks, holding up a finger for the woman to focus her eyes on, and then she moves it to the sides, up and down, closer and further away to check how well the woman's eyes track movement.

Sammel listens quietly now, looking a bit concerned as he looks between the two ladies. "Sorry I didn't arrive fast enough to stop him before he could do that," he offers, before he adds, "But you're in good hands now."

Eiris focuses on the finger. "Let me see…" Her voice trails off and she concentrates, a slight delay in her following at times but all in all, her eyes train upon the finger dancing before her. "I hope that was passable, my eyes are aching a bit and getting a pressure feeling up around the area and at the front here." she presses two fingers into her brow before she draws them away and lets them rest back on her thigh. "I figure best not to ride the rest of the evening, as much as I wish to join the scouts."

Elodie gives a little chortle, and nods. "A good idea, yes. Falling off your horse would not be a good thing, right now." She looks up to Sammel. "You arrived as fast as you could, they were much closer than you were," she gives him a gentle smile before she turns to the Rovehn healer, and quietly relays to him what she needs. Then she settles back to watch Eiris, her hands resting on her own thighs as she waits. "You don't appear to be too scrambled, so you should be back in the saddle soon. Just not tonight."

Sammel smiles a little, before he nods. "And you two did a good job keeping them away until I was able to get there, after all." A brief pause as he hears the rest of what's being said, and he offers a chuckle and a grin. "Always knew you Rovehns had solid skulls," he offers, lightly.

"I shall fight back the desire to ride off this evening," Eiris sounds utterly sincere in that and look from Elodie up to the Lord of Cindravale. "Quite, you were just in time, my Lord. To enjoy the fun…" The last gets a chuckle, one that causes her to gasp and wince briefly, touching a hand to the side of her head as the healer listens to Elodie, hesitates but nods and moves off to gather what will be needed to treat the blunt force trauma. She sighs, letting out a breath. "The caravans, as much as they are a joyful way of life and something my people will not give up can be vulnerable to Hostiles…we must keep on our toes…we must have /thick/ skulls." She winks.

Elodie chuckles as she scans Eiris's head with her own field scanner. "Yes, I can see that," her eyebrows furrow with concern as the woman winces from the chuckle. "I would also suggest that you not eat anything too heavy tonight. Stick to soup, something light of that nature." Mostly Elodie requested cleaning materials from the medic, and they won't take long to be procured. "I will, however, hold you at your word that you will not ride this evening. I know your word is important, and for your own safety, I will rely on your honor to keep you from further harming yourself." The blue eyes that look back to Eiris are open, showing some understanding as well as the transparent concern for the blow to the head. Her hands are firm but not abrasive as she cleans the wound, then pulls a small hypo of new skin from her belt to seal the edges.

Sammel chuckles as he hears Eiris's reply, nodding a bit now. But he keeps quiet as he listens to the medical things for the moment. After all, one should never interrupt the doctor at work, right?

Eiris arches a brow at Elodie's words and concern, considering the other woman. "You have my word, Lady Elodie, I shall not endanger myself further. I saw you punch a hole through that hostile with a single arrow. I would hate to actually feel the full force of your attentions." A smirk plays at her lips briefly, amusement still lingering her gaze. She goes still however as she is tended to, occasionally glancing up to study Elodie but often looking askance. "SO tell me, Lord Sammel, the Lady Elodie is quite taken with the match between you two. I trust you share this feeling for the arrangement?"

Elodie drops her eyes for a moment as she works on the delicate work of pulling together the wound so that it will heal. "That was… lucky," she says, and gives a little smirk. "I'm sure I'm not really all that bad…" she glances towards Sammel, since he's had to suffer her ministrations on two occasions so far. "You don't show any signs of internal bleeding or anything happening inside the skull, so I'm sure you're going to be fine in a few days. It will feel pretty tender when you touch it, though. Your helmet might be uncomfortable." She finishes with the work, and then gives a little cough at the conversation directed towards the Cindravale Knight, her face turning all shades of red.

"Yes, she showed quite some skill with the bow there," Sammel offers with a smile, before he hears Eiris's question, nodding quite a bit. "I do share that feeling, yes. Very much so. And that feeling only grows the more we get to know each other." There's a pause as he sees the shades of red on Elodie's face, and he offers her a smile now.

Ahhh yes, Eiris looks quite pleased with herself, grinning slyly as she looks between them. The Rovehn is not shy in her words, rather blunt. "Well good then, at least the match has not ended poorly. Love has grown where two seeds were planted close together. You will only grow to support each other more and more…I am happy for you both. And in my thanks for today, and in celebration of happiness, you both shall stay here together. In your own tent of course after dancing," she pauses to look at Elodie, "I will not dance either, but I will drink and feast. And so will both of you. I will not take no for an answer."

Even though the conversation made Elodie blush, the blue eyes that turn up to Sammel as he affirms his regard for her return the statements he's made to him with equal esteem. The Rovehn's pleasure at putting them on the spot earns an arched brow, however, and she gives a shake to her head. "I will be happy to share your feast and your drink… although you may only have one…" the offer of their own tent brings about a sudden silence, and suddenly the noble doctor is quite busy cleaning up and making sure everything is taken care of. "That is very generous, Lady Eiris. I - " she almost chokes, then corrects herself. "We are grateful for your hospitality."

"Dancing, drinking and feast?" Sammel asks after a few moments of pause, before his mind seems to register the mention of the tent. "Well…" he begins, before he nods again at Elodie's words. "We are very grateful, yes." Offering a smile to both the ladies now, a bit quietly.

"Ahh well, you can not stop the drinking. It comes with an open fire, the air and heavens and music. I will see that your tent is set up for you." She rises then, taking her time to ease to her feet. "Thank you both, for your aid Lord Sammel, for your skilled healing hand, Lady Elodie. I will make preparations and wait for you to joint he central fire at your leisure. There are places to freshen up and if you need something to change into, I can arrange that as well." She makes to leave them. Tent setting up to do and all.

Elodie doesn't respond to the not stopping the drinking, but she does nod her head. "Thank you, my Lady. We shall join you… shortly," she replies. She watches the woman leaving, and will wait until the tent is empty to turn to Sammel. "Well…" she says, the one worded loaded with a wealth of meaning and questions.

"Thank you. And I'm sure something to change into would be a good thing. I don't tend to wear the fine clothing under the armor, after all," Sammel replies to Eiris, before he turns to Elodie, waiting for her words. "That was… I don't know. An unexpected offer, I think." A brief pause, and a smile. "You okay?"

To be continued in Dress Code

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