07.29.3013: An Intended Invitation
Summary: Reena invites Kadmus to Volkan for a few days, so the newly betrothed can get to know each other. It doesn't go well.
Date: 29 July 2013
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Grand Hall — Blackspyre, Volkan
This hall takes up a significant portion of one floor of the Blackspyre, backing up to the east so that Mount Drakan is visible through the window in that wall, continually burning behind the high table. The other walls are of plain metal, although adorned with trophies from past battles and drake hunts. These weapons, banners, drake-skins, and drake skulls are mounted high, out of reach, but are well maintained. Long trestle tables run the length of the hall in two rows, nearly connected at the eastern end by the high table, which is mounted on a one-step dais. The high seat of Khournas is placed at the center of the high table, where the continual eruption of Mount Drakan frames the person sitting in that seat. At the far end of the hall are the double-doors that are the primary entrance, although there are smaller doors along both side-walls as well.
29 July 3013

Lady Reena Khournas heard about her own betrothal a bit late. She was out in the field on the Crescent, in a remote triage center, working on the many wounded who fought back the second landing of Hostiles. At the end of her shifts she never bothered to even check her datapad, falling into her cot to sleep until her next shift a few hours later. When she returned home, two days ago, she got the news, and was surprised, elated, and horrified. Not about her betrothed, honestly, but about the fact it was likely her own words to Lord Jevon that have wound up getting her poor cousin Victor engaged as well.

She sent off a message to Young Lord Kadmus, apologizing for her delayed response, and inviting him to Volkan for a few days, to get to know his intended wife a little bit. She waits in the Grand Hall for him to be escorted in, wearing a red and gold gown, her hair up in a carefully styled arrangement, and her cosmetics modestly done. She stands behind the head table, gazing out the window at the fiery height of Mount Drakan, her eyes distant.

Kadmus has arrived in the halls of Volkan, dressed in his Naval Uniform, which is perhaps not a terrible suprise with the current naval skirmishing going on. He spots his host rather quickly, crossing towards where you stand with a slight nod of his head, "Lady Reena."

Reena turns at the address and she dips her head in an appropriate greeting. "Young Lord Kadmus. We meet again. I would say the third time is the charm, but apparently it only takes two to get betrothed." Her lips curve in a smile and her eyes glitter with it as she steps towards him, offering both hands. "I hope that the news of our banns was received as happy news and not something to send you screaming into the deepest depths of Mare Maris?" she asks.

"It was what my father wished, Lady Reena, so it is hard for me to take issue with it." Kadmus replies at that, offering a little nod of his head. "There is little time to worry about it regardless, with the Hostiles pressing as hard as they are, however."

The lack of joy in his response stings slightly, but Reena takes it all in stride. She offers him a seat at the table, where wine and light refreshments have been set out. She settles into a chair herself and watches him over the rim of her glass. "If there is anything you need me to do, for the benefit of New Atlantis, while you are deployed, please let me know. I am a trained field medic and have been working heavily in triage since the Mount Drakan eruption, prior to the first wave arriving. I am also in the midst of launching a charity project, now that my father has granted me permission to do so."

Kadmus moves to join you at the table, sitting himself down nearby and he reaches to accept one of the glasses of wine, "Well, You are welcome to spend time there and familiarize yourself with New Atlantis, I can personally see to accomodations for you to visit any time you wish." He nods his head, "What sort of charity are you launching, Lady Reena?"

Reena sips her wine lightly and listens to his formal words with a tilt of her head. "When we grow up in privilege, sometimes we lose vision of the world peripheral to ours. The selfsame world that is found in every city, along the paths we, as nobles, rarely venture." She puts a few morsels on her plate. "I was shown what our citizens who are in distress call "Down Below" or "The Oubliette" or the "Barrens". The names change as the cities do, but it is always the same. A place tucked away from the eyes of the wealthy, where the poor, homeless, starving, and addicted try to find shelter." She looks up at him with a serious expression. "The Notice project will work on reclaiming these areas and making them liveable, aiding our poorest and most needy of citizens, and helping them to be self sufficient so that these areas do not decline again in the future. Clean water and air, proper housing, community tended gardens, farms, and fishing ponds, whose bounty is given to those who tend them, training of security people, technicians, and tradespeople."

"Interesting." Kadmus nods, "I fully support such philanthropy, Lady Reena." He says as he takes a sip from his wine, "You'll find our population on New Atlantis is significantly smaller then you're used to here on Imperius, it will no doubt be a bit of a culture shock, I imagine, from Volkan."

"I do not doubt that, Lord Kadmus. Especially living beneath the water. But I look forward to visiting my home-to-be, soon. I wanted you to stay a few days here though. I want to show you where I came from, so you might understand me. Wedding a stranger does no one any good, so I would like to know one another, at least a little bit, before our marriage occurs. Also, there is someone here who I do think would be over all the moons of Occulus to see you." She smiles. "Your sister, Devon."

"Well, I am happy to accept your hospitality for the next few days." Kadmus says in response to the first, though pausing a bit as Devon is mentioned and he nods faintly, "Ah. I'll be quite overjoyed to see her." He says rather plainly in response.

The plain response takes Reena aback. She sets down her glass and smoothes her napkin in her lap. "I thought you would be pleased that your sister has been freed from Grantham, and that we will all soon be family of a sort. My cousin Victor is a good man, someone I respect and love, and," she hesitates, "Please do not tell my siblings, but he is my favorite relative. He will do nothing to or for your sister without her consent, and I hope they will get on well. She will be free to travel as she desires, to visit anywhere she wishes, including New Atlantis of course. She is no longer a hostage, but beloved family and beloved friend."

"It is not that." Kadmus says, "I just have little interest in this reconciliation with the Grantham that this entire match seems aimed at." he explains, "But, if she is happy with the Khournas, then I am happy for her." He nods.

"Regardless of whatever reconciliation does or does not happen, Lord Kadmus, your sister is free, and that is something that should mean more to her brother than some grudge feud with a vassal house," Reena says, a little sourly. "I will do her the kindness of not telling her of your lack of joy at her long awaited freedom and your equal lack of pleasure with your new betrothed." She rises and sets her napkin on the table, clearly displeased but too well trained to stomp about like a child. "The servants will show you to the quarters that have been prepared for you. You may explore as you wish, and if you wish to see me, I can be sent for."

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