06.07.3013: An Important Task
Summary: Agnes charges Sophie with an important task.
Date: 07 June 2013
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Agnes Sophie 

Orelle Residence
Outside of the Orelle Residence on the Ring.
07 June 3013

Sophie has only just returned from the Entertainment District of the Ring, arriving at the Orelle residence hours after sunset. The only lights that brighten her path are those around the opulent Grand Courtyard, though er guard Caedmon was clever enough to have packed a flashlight. She is panting softly, having scheduled to meet with Agnes Peake almost a hour ago, sweating lightly in her simplistic outfit of a tunic, bodice, cloak, pants, and boots. She looks around wildly at the outside of the palace, hoping beyond hope that she was not too late.

Agnes is as patient as the mountain she lives under. The Bear is seated on a bench outside the palace, in a surcoat, breeches, and boots, her typical off-duty garb. She stands when she sees Sophie and her guardsman approaching, and inclines her head to the young woman. "Lady Sophie, thank you for seeing me." If she's perturbed about the late arrival, she doesn't show it.

Sophie rushes to Agnes, hands falling to her knees the moment she arrives. She pants softly, sweat glistening on her brow in the artifical lighting, trying to catch her breath. When she is capable of uttering a sound, she rises from her half-crouch to wheeze out, shaking her head miserably, "I am so sorry, Lady Sir Agnes. I lost track of time, then I got lost to begin with. And…and…I am so sorry. Will you please forgive me?" She licks her lips, throat parched, "this will not happen again, I promise." Caedmon is hardly even breathing, despite his greater age, picking a handkerchief from his pocket and giving it to his ward. She wipes her forehead and smiles lightly, "thank you." Amber eyes flicker to Agnes again, "thank you as well, for being so patient."

"All is forgiven, Milady, if I can impose upon you to handle a few important tasks for me, regarding the war effort," Agnes offers, unclipping a small canteen from her belt and handing the water-filled device over. "Please, sit, I can see that you've been running and are exhausted."

Sophie perks up, eyes widening in surprise, "tasks regarding the war effort? I would be…be…" She sucks in another breath of air, sighing out, "be glad to." She hesitantly takes the offered canteen from the Knight, before gratefully plopping down gracelessly on the bench, "thanks." She untwists the cap and takes a long draught of delightful liquid, eyes lidding over while her throat becomes quenched once more. Closing the canteen again, she almost reluctantly hands it back, "what tasks would you have me do, my Lady?"

Agnes sits beside the girl, with the creaking and clanking of belts and weapons. She accepts the canteen back and returns it to its clip before looking at Sophie sincerely. "People are afraid, Milady. Spirits are low, and many of the populace are feeling a sense of hopelessness regarding the coming war. I would like to ask you if you could design some posters to motivate the citizenry and nobility towards hope, preparedness, and support of the troops. You are the finest artist I know, and I think the Sauveur name on the poster would mean a great deal to the people." She lets that first request sink in.

Sophie suddenly metamorphoses into Artist Mode when Agnes speaks of drawing posters for the war effort. She taps her chin in thought, forgetting to even agree to the proposal before considering aloud, "perhaps a picture of the leaders of the three worlds standing defiant against the abominable Hostiles, their swords drawn and raised into the air. With the words, 'our leaders are doing their part to defeat the enemy of the human race once and for all. Will you do your part and be remembered forever?' in block text at the bottom. Perhaps an adjoining picture, with each side by side in the same poster, where the citizens accomplish various tasks to help with the war and the words, 'how will you be rememebered?' below."

"Those sound like brilliant ideas, Milady," Agnes agrees with a small smile. "I have arranged with your father to fund the project, and asked his permission to ask you to design them. Also, once the conflict begins, there will be Hostiles in various states of dismantle, that we will deeply need schematics drawn of, intelligent artists renderings which often show more truth than scans and photographs do. Would you be willing to draw these forensic schematics and renderings for us?"

Sophie blinks, and then blinks a few more times, "my father has helped you arrange it? Interesting." She nods her head, the light within her amber eyes only slightly fading at the next task at hand, "I imagine they must be accurate and there is little room for creativity?…very well, I suppose I could do that." She blinks once again, a grin sliding over her face, "I get to see the Hostiles at closer inspection than almost anyone else…"

"Yes, you do," Agnes confirms, leaving out the bit about it being the safely deactivated ones in a very secure environment. "I approached your father because I thought of you first, so who better to fund than him?" She smiles and pats Sophie's shoulder very gently.

Sophie beams joyfully at Agnes, bobbing her head happily, "I regret not coming here sooner, Lady Sir Agnes." She feels that pat about her shoulder and giggles merrily, "two tasks then? I should probably complete the first, and then begin on the second…though I imagine I have visited the perfect place to study Hostile parts at my leisure. I wonder if Lord Orelle would allow me to remain here on a more regular basis…"

"That is between you and Lord Orelle of course, but I am very pleased to know these tasks will be in good hands, Milady. Thank you for helping me with this," Agnes says, sincerely.

Sophie nods her head happily, "thank you for giving me something to do, my Lady. I am already considering what I might do with the posters. Lord Densoric suggested I record a speech. Perhaps I might do so and follow up with posters in a similar style. Like a series with a similar message throughout. That if we defeat the Hostiles now, we will never have to worry again. That we have waited centuries for this, and we are fighting the enemy of all humanity. Those that fight, whether survivors or those who bravely died for humankind, will be remembered long after all of us are gone. We are fighting for our future, and if we do not do whatever we can, we will be forgotten in the darkness of space. Or worse, enslaved."

"And those who are not soldiers are just as important to the effort. Conserve resources, donate their services to the families of the soldiers who will be away to care for their families and lands while they are protecting all of us, things of that nature," Agnes suggests. She seems tickled pink at Sophie's enthusiasm.

Sophie nods her head enthusiastically, "stay brave in the face of these malevolent creatures that harass us to know end. We are humanity, and we owe it to ourselves to…to regally raise our chins and declare ourselves the Generation of Vengeance."

Agnes stands. "Splendid. I will check in with your progress periodically whenever the Intent is in dock, Milady. I am grateful for your assistance in this matter of import." She bows her head again and, when Sophie isn't looking, throws Caedmon a wink.

Sophie looks up happily at the giant woman, her feet kicking against the ground beneath the bench like an excited little girl, "I am grateful that you brought it to my attention, Lady Sir Agnes." She looks down at her lap, tilting her head from one side to the other as she silently considers what she might do, absolutely lost in her own thoughts. Caedmon smiles at Agnes' wink and bows deeply to the woman, silently grateful for all she has done.

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