08.07.3013: An Evening With The Larents
Summary: The Larent Family discuss a multitude of topics, including dating advice.
Date: 07 Aug 2013
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Room Grand Atrium
The Grand Atrium is accessed through one of the six evenly spaced entrances, guiding visitors through hallways that cut through the rest of the palace without interruption before opening up to the expansive and beautiful sprawl of an interior greenhouse and foyer. The ceilings soar high above, completely crafted of composite panels that allow the sun to shine in, and directed by a system of mirrors to fully illuminate the atrium below. The floors are fashioned from high-shine marble that compliment the stone pillars that stretch from floor to ceiling around the exterior circumference of the room. Traditional stairways are evenly spaced around the exterior of the atrium and lead up to lifts that grant access into the upper levels of the palace.

Exiting one of the lifts to the upper levels, Densoric makes his way over towards the exit with an orange in hand. Neatly peeled back and pre-separated sections, the orange has basically been left as the divided sections placed in a 'bowl' made from the lower half of the orange peel. Taking out another section and popping it into his mouth, Densoric chews away silently as he walks along casually.

For the second time this month, the smallest of the Larent clan has made her way to her childhood home. Nefanwy sends her lady's maid to inform the nearest servant of her arrival, while the Leonnida-by-marriage looks coolly about the entryway. Upon spying Densoric, a polite smile touches her lips and she inclines her head. "Good day, Nephew. It has been some time. How fare you?"

Making their way down to the main floor, a rather large gathering of Larent and some servants and guards begin to descend the steps from the upper private level. With the Head of House and his wife in the lead, Ariana walks alongside her brother; the group engaged in some minor chit-chat. Her tall and slender figure draped in an royal blue gown that cinches tightly at the waist, with the skirt flowing in full to brush against the floor, Ariana, herself, looks radiant today. Even when she doesn't smile. Her chin is lightly lifted and her posture rigid as she glides down the stairs with a such elegance and grace. "The storytelling event on Niveus was quite delightful this year. Perhaps, even better than the last time I attended Niveus' wintry festivities." She speaks in a matter-of-fact tone to her closest of relatives, before her eyes finally alight upon Nefanwy, noting the woman's presence in their home once again. "Oh look who has come to paid us a visit." The tone she uses warms gently and just as the group reaches the main floor, Ariana herself saunters over towards her aunt and graces the woman with a curtsey, "My Lady Aunt, what brings you back home to honor us with your presence once more."

Antaeus walks beside his sister, a slight grin on his face. Even through the chit chat along the way, the slight grin remains on his face. Of course, he can't be as radiant, elegant or graceful as his little sister, but then who can? "I wish I had gone to the festivities, sister. Perhaps I will do so next year." Ariana's greeting of Nefanwy gives him the slightest moment of pause, but he offers his aunt a smile and a nod in greeting. "It is a pleasure to see you again, My Lady Aunt." Spotting Densoric nearby he gives the man a nod and a "Cousin."

Densoric halts his progress and nods politely to Nefanwy saying, "I fare well my Lady Aunt. My apologies for not being around more to welcome you on your visits but you know as much as any of us how much one's schedule and plans takes us away from those we'd prefer to spend time with. Are you doing well?" in a calm, passive tone. He then asks, "Would you like something to eat or drink My Lady?" in a more formal tone as he sticks another section of orange in his mouth. Leave to Densoric to have table manners without a table and with an orange no less.

Dressed in his typical 'mildly formal' attire, Densoric's gaze shifts to the group of Larents as they make there way down, then he moves a few steps back from Nefanwy to make room for the larger, and more important members of the family given the importance of their guest. He then gives a polite, silent nod to each of the newly arrived relations.

Ambling along with his family, Percival engages in the same light conversation, curious of his daughter's excursion to the ice moon. "It wasn't too cold? I heard they held it outside." Which he seems to take as a slightly dubious decision! "What sort of stories were there?" When his daughter spots Nefanwy on the floor below, though, his smile brightens. His wife, his daughter, and his sister? Surrounded by his favorite ladies, the man is absolutely tickled. Oh, and, you know, Antaeus and Densoric too! Giving Ancelina's hand a squeeze, he takes a few strides to slip ahead of the the bunch to rush ahead and greet her. "Sister! So good of you to visit. You do it far too little.

Lady Larent leads in with her arm lightly threaded within Percival's. She is dressed to impress as always in a rich and sumptuous emerald green gown and her long dark hair styled off of her shoulders. Occasionally she will glance back to her children engaging in their conversation. Once they arrive into the main room, Densoric and Nefanwy are greeted. "My dear sister-in-law, nephew. What a pleasant surprise to see you both. It appears we have something of a family reunion." Ancelina slips away from Percival for a brief moment to greet Nefanwy with little air kisses. "You look amazing, Nerfy. It's been a while since I've seen you last." Nerfy being Ancelina's nickname for her beloved sister-in-law.

The chill in Nefanwy's demeanor thaws a few degrees upon spotting her favorite niece. "Must I have a specific reason to visit my family, dear girl?" she asks with a light smile. Although she gently arches an eyebrow at Densoric's use of the entrance as a dining area, there is no time to retort before the Lord and Lady Larent in upon her. The air kisses are returned to her sister-in-law, although she stiffens subtly at the nickname, as she always does. "Indeed it has, my lady. Yet you look nary a hair different from when first I laid eyes upon you in my childhood." Percival is graced with a warmer smile, followed quickly by actual cheek-kisses and a squeezing of hands. "Brother, you are regal as ever." Stepping back, she looks at the members of the House in turn. "It is good to see all of you again."

It does indeed seem to be nearly a family reunin aside from Veryna and his own mother. Densoric however doesn't mention either, for one its a bit obvious, secondly to mention Veryna not being present and not mention his mother would e a bit of a disservice to her. He nods once again at Ancelina's greeting and replies with a simple, "My Lady." as he remains a bit distanced from the rest of the family, but then over the years it hasn't become completely uncommon of a sight. As from at least his early teens any time honored guests show up Densoric has tended to distance himself from the main line of the Larents, same for most public events for that matter. The orange he was eating seems to vanish as he takes on a very stiff and proper stand with his hands behind his back.

Of course, Densoric is given a polite nod too, but Ariana sees him all the time! She is just lightly elated that her favorite aunt has come back to visit. "Of course not, My dearest aunt. You know that you are always welcome here. Oh, I didn't see you at the storytelling event on Niveus, were you able to attend?" When the rest of her family moves in to greet Nefanwy, Ariana steps gently back to allow them room to do so. Oh no, she makes no comment upon hearing the nickname 'Nerfy' once again, not having heard that uttered in so long; but the way that her own posture stiffens very well says that the name was heard! "I was just relaying the happenings there before I realized that you had shown up." In response to one of her father's comments, she nods slowly, "It was rather chilly, but nothing too terrible. There were huge bonfires to keep us warm and many a story and song. You remember Lord Keanen Arboren. He even projected a movie that he created for all of us to see… it was something of an interesting topic."

Watching both his mother and father rush towards his Aunt is a source of grand amusement to Antaeus. Oh, the nickname Nerfy might also add to his amusement, though he is careful not to show it. He wouldn't want his dear Auntie focusing all of her attentions on him like she did the last time he saw her. Stepping over to Densoric, he reaches up and slaps the man's back. "Come cousin, finish your orange. Don't stand there so stiffly either. Lighten up a little bit." Turning, he flags down a servant. "A snifter of brandy. If you'd like something Cousin, best tell the man."

"No, no, you never need a reason, but I still think you visit far too infrequently and wonder to what we owe the pleasure!" insists Percival, who really looks besides himself being surrounded by all his lovely family. Fortunately any collision is avoided and he happily takes turns greeting his sister, and once they've all gotten their hugs steps back as well so she's not completely surrounded by people. "Well, I would suspect they'd do something like that to keep you all warm. Lord Keanen did? Interesting how?" And then jumping from one Arboren to another, he wonders, "Did Young Lord Declan escort you?"

Densoric looks to his cousin at the slap to the back and says, "I am displaying a proper degree of respect and relative status for our guest. Family or not, she is still an honored guest and I will show respect for that." in a casual, calm tone. He then adds, "As to my snack it will keep till later, and I need nothing further." in the same tone. Leave it to Densoric to show little emotion and tons of formality. After speaking his piece, he actually takes a half-step back to place Antaeus slightly closer to Nefanwy then himself. Perhaps to place the main line closer to the guest then himself, perhaps to try and draw Nefanwy's attention to Antaeus for another speech about how he should act. After all it worked on his interest in marriage it seemed.

When the brandy is called for, Ancelina pipes up. "And some wine for me as well. The bottle and glasses for everyone." She turns to her family now with a swish of her long skirts. "Come, let us sit and relax so that we may catch up with current events." Her hand lightly brushes Percival's arm before leading the way towards the seating area.

"I did not attend, Lady Niece, but I hear it was an enjoyable event." Percival's mention of Declan has Nefanwy's eyes darting searchingly toward Ariana, then shifting to Ancelina a moment later. "Thank you, my lady." Those green eyes fall upon the only one she has not yet addressed and the woman remains still, as though expecting one of the young men to escort to the nearby seating area. "Antaeus, child, have you given thought to our last discussion?"

Even Antaeus is more or less forgotten now as the conversation kicks into gear. "It was a rather dreary, yet important film that he made about our soldiers and knights and the injuries they have collected. Many images were those taken from medbays and hospitals." Ariana begins to explain, "So he projected this film for all of us to see on one of his little gadgets." She then blinks suddenly at the mention of her betrothed and slowly she nods in response, "Why yes, Young Lord Declan did escort me to Niveus for the event. In fact, he gave me a fur cloak, one which matched in color to his own which he wore. It was a very lovely and generous gesture on his part, I think." She even smiles sweetly when she says this as if to emphasize the fact enough. Oh, it seems like their aunt has spotted Antaeus, and this time she turns to her brother just as she moves to join Ancelina at the seating area.

Even Antaeus is more or less forgotten now as the conversation kicks into gear. "It was a rather dreary, yet important film that he made about our soldiers and knights and the injuries they have collected. Many images were those taken from medbays and hospitals." Ariana begins to explain, "So he projected this film for all of us to see on one of his little gadgets." She then blinks suddenly at the mention of her betrothed and slowly she nods in response, "Why yes, Young Lord Declan did escort me to Niveus for the event. In fact, he gave me a fur cloak, one which matched in color to his own which he wore. It was a very lovely and generous gesture on his part, I think." She even smiles sweetly when she says this as if to emphasize the fact enough. Oh, it seems like their aunt has spotted Antaeus, and this time she turns to her brother just as she moves to join Ancelina at the seating area.

Densoric remains in position angling his body to follow the others with his ice-blue eyes as they head for the seating area. Pausing a few moments he hands over his orange to one of the servants ans says, "Put that away for me, I'll finish it later." A quick look over his outfit to make sure everything is in place, he then makes his way inside, as there is no time to slip away to put on his best. Once in the seating area Densoric moves to take a seat as distant from the others as possible, especially Percival as though trying to seat himself in the closest he can get to sitting in order of status and importance relative to the others present.

Ancelina sips at her glass of wine and settles in beside her daughter. A doe-eyed glance shifts between Nefanwy and Antaeus with curiosity brimming in her smile. "What discussion is this, Lopey?" As 'antelope' is her beloved gold boy's nickname. Everyone seems to groan when Ancelina tosses out the nicknames, but she enjoys making people somewhat uncomfortable for her amusement. "Is there something I should know?"

"Hmm. Well, I suppose that is well enough," Percival declares, seemingly satisfied, at least for the most part, with Ariana's report on her ongoing courtship. He moves along with the rest of the knot of family, "I'll have one, at any rate," he notes offhandedly to Antaeus who seems to be recruiting people to drink, before finding a comfortable seat for himself. Once settled, he ponders more on Ariana's description of the icey event, brow furrowing slightly. "Just pictures of injured soldiers? I see those every time I take out the Titan's Wake. So I think we all know that subject well enough. Was there something more to it?"

"Not your Lord Father? Interesting," Nefanwy replies to Antaeus with a lightly lifted brow before sitting. After settling her skirts just so, the Leonnida thins her lips at the sound of her nephew's nickname's nickname. Rather than dwell upon her, she refocuses her attention on Percival's comment. "Ah, but we are not all aboard ships, on the front lines, or in hospitals, dear brother. Perhaps the video was meant to strike home for those who may feel otherwise removed from the casualties of war."

Densoric looks to Percival and says, "Given its Lord Keanen, at least if I remember him correctly, I would imagine the 'movie' was far from appropriate them for the event… Or much of any event." in a calm, casual tone. He actually doesn't have a drink, not even his typical fruity wine.

Just as Nefanwy is curious by what Antaeus says, Ariana seems to look just as curious as well. Settling down into her own chair, her fingers now laced and resting upon her lap, she says to the gathered, addressing her father's comment, "I think.. it was a way to honor those who fight for us. Though done so in such dreariness and I cannot say that it was entirely uplifting. It was, however, a serious glance at the fates… of our soldiers and knights?" She will have to ask Keanen about it all later.

Glancing over to his mother, Antaeus smiles. "Oh, I can tell you about the discussion my Lady Aunt and I had later, but I was hoping to get your advice on a couple of things, Mother." He gives his mother a smile, not even bothered by being called Lopey today. To his aunt he simply states, "I do wish to speak with my Lord Father later on, yes, Lady Aunt, but not just yet." His brandy seems to arrive and he takes a small sip, enjoying the taste of the drink before catching the last hints of the talk about Lord Keanen, though admittedly he has little interest movies of a dreary nature right now.

"Well, I suppose I don't know who all the audience was, but I would presume many nobles and knights. And Niveus just recently saw a hostile attack, so surely they are quite familiar with such things," Percival points out. "But perhaps it would be something valuable to show in certain venues, to certain audiences? I can't really say without properly watching it for myself, I suppose." But he does nod toward Densoric. "He always was a little bit… odd, of a young man. But I haven't kept up with him since he stopped staying here." Discussion of discussions between Antaeus and his female relatives just draws a smirk. "You know you can always come to me if you need advice, lad," he notes, although in an offhanded way that expresses an unspoken 'but you don't have to if it would be awkward.' Having tacked his own order onto Antaeus', he too takes a sip when the drinks arrive, competing the like-father like-son sort of image.

Densoric looks to 'Antelope' and asks, "Your time 'on the town' went that well did it? Or still as… Invested as that last time?" in a casual tone, perhaps he knows what ANtaeus is talking about, or just thinks he does. He then looks to Percival and says, "If the matter is what I believe it is, my guess is Lord Antaeus seeks female advice on the matter. Especially married females." smiling softly.

"Of course, darling." Ancelina replies to Antaeus with a soft smile. "I am always here for you, my son. What sort of advice were you seeking?" With a slight cant of her head, Lady Larent turns her attention fully onto her son.

Nefanwy merely lifts an eyebrow at the further discussion of Keanen and his apparent sense of… art? Politely averting her attention from the mother-son bonding, she shifts her gaze to Densoric. "What have you been involved in of late, Nephew? Have you earned any new promotions since last we spoke?" Her hand lifts in expectation of a glass of brandy without so much as a glance toward the servant bearing the drink. Her dress rustles softly as she crosses her legs beneath the fabric.

"I cannot say whether it was completely inappropriate or not," Ariana starts off, "But it was one of the performances that ended the event." To all of this discussion on Keanen, the youngest Larent then states, "I can always ask Lord Keanen if he would like to visit." This sounds almost like a threat. She smiles oh so softly. Of course, she will not interupt the discussion between her mother and brother. Not outright. And so, her attention now focuses on Densoric to mirror Nefanwy's interest in her cousin.

Densoric looks to Nefanwy and says, "Mostly I've been working on my research on the Hostiles the past few weeks, but a lack of resources has put that on indeterminate hold. Though there is a matter I'd like to speak with you at a later date about My Lady."

Taking another sip of his brandy, Antaeus nods to his father, finally saying, "Of course, Father." He would like to, but he's not quite sure how much his father would enjoy discussing gifts for ladies. His eyes flick to Densoric as his cousin makes his remarks, and he offers a slight sigh, shaking his head. "My time on the town has not yet happened, cousin. Soon though, that time will be soon." He offers the man a slight smile, not entirely put out as much as Densoric might have hoped.

Turning to his mother, Antaeus pauses a moment and then asks, in a quieter tone of voice, "I was wondering, what sort of things would you have liked to have received from Father when you two were first getting to know each other?" Hrm, the way he phrased that seems entirely too obvious in regards to what he is looking for, but it can't be helped.

"Well, he did seem to enjoy his last visit," Percival notes somewhat dryly. Who knows if he means the thrilled glider rides or the young lord macking on his female staff. "And it would do us well to treat the Arboren well in general, given our future alliance. So, he is certainly free to visit, although I would expect you to entertain him if you did invite him." Counter-threat?! "Buy them pretty, expensive things," is his piece of witty advice, cutting in on the question Antaeus poses his mother. "Those really never go wrong."

If Nefanwy hears the conversation between mother and son, for how could she not, she makes no indication of it. With a light inclination of her head toward Densoric, she answers, "Certainly." Her gaze snaps to Percival when he threatens his daughter with the duty of entertaining the roguish young lord. "Perhaps it would be more suitable for your son to entertain that particular guest, Brother." Her head cants and eyes sharpen upon the older man, flicking toward Ariana and then back to Percival as though to make her point clearer.

Ancelina is about to say something when Percival interjects. She gives her husband a knowing look and then puts him on the hot seat. "Oh? Is that your advice for your son? I suppose yes, Antaeus, your father would be correct to give you priceless information, however.." She now teases the men a bit. "We spent a lot of our 'betrothal' time writing letters to each other until we were both at an age where we could marry. He would then send me flowers, some jewelry he wished to see on me.." There's a little hint of blush on her cheeks when she thinks of a certain necklace. "Dresses and other things."

Densoric looks to Percival saying, "I could think of better options, but then I'm far from even a betrothal so my opinion matters relatively little." in a calm, casual tone. Not judgement at all, as though simply saying there is the possibility of other options while at the same time admitting to his own lack of experience… Or at least known experience as Densoric has always kept his personal life secret even from his family and its anyone's guess how much flirting or more 'intimate' activities he might get up to. He then looks to Nefanwy and says, "If I may My Lady, but would having Lord Antaeus take on such a role could result in more harm then benefit in more ways then one?" He then smiles softly to Ancelina's list but says noting about it.

In that usual matter-of-fact tone, Ariana states, this time without looking at her father as her gaze has drifted idly to view her hands within her lap, "I do not see why not. I've been babysitting," Ah, this is the term she tends to use regarding her friendship with Keanen when Keanen is not around, "Lord Keanen ever since he arrived here. The both of us being so close in age." Though Nefanwy's words does bring a little smile to her lips once more. Still it is Antaeus' converation with their mother than now does pique her interests and rather than beat around the bush, she comes out to say, "Oh and does my Lord Brother have a fair Maiden in mind for these gifts?"

Ancelina's recollection of their own courtship brings a curl of a smile to the corner of Percival's mouth. "Well yes, you should endeavor to make it personal as well." Just so long as you cover pretty and expensive! To Densoric he simply shrugs. "I am sure there are some women who prefer other things, but with examples such as his mother and sisters, I can imagine Antaeus would set his sights on a woman who would appreciate the finer things." As the Larent ladies certainly do! Ariana's reference to Keanen earns a laugh, and he goes on to explain to his sister: "You see, they know one another well enough, and I would not worry over such a thing. Keanen is… an odd lad, but not the sort of 'rogue' I would have any worries over, for my daughter. And at this point if the Arborens were to come visiting, I am sure Young Lord Declan would come as well."

Antaeus glances to his father, and then to his mother, interested in their little back and forth here. To his mother he states, "Flowers are easy enough, and I guess that writing letters doesn't sound too bad, Mother." Although trying to find the exact words to use in writing a letter? Completely different story. The stuff about jewelry seems sound, but how in the hell is he supposed to know -anything- about -dresses-? Hrm, maybe his father had the best advice after all. Good ol' Dad can always be counted on. To Ariana, he simply smiles. "Perhaps, dear sister. Perhaps I do indeed."

Densoric looks to Ariana and says, "My guess would be Lady Viannea Peake." smiling softly. Of course Densoric is smart enough not to let his interests be known.

"Indeed, and no friendship between a young lord and lady has ever developed into more on either or both sides in all of human history," Nefanwy retorts dryly to her brother. After taking a sip of the strong vintage, she swirls the liquid around idly in her decanter. Although her expression is reserved and polite, there is a thoughtful sharpening of those green eyes when a name is tossed into the ring.

Ancelina smiles and winks tenderly at her son. "I am sure Antaeus will let us all know which young lady he is trying to woo in time. Do not dally /too/ long, my son. If there needs to be a political discussion for your father and I to sort out, I would much rather have the time to do it rather than to rush into something." Naturally there is more meaning to these words than Ancelina is saying. It would be highly improper, but hopefully, her children know what she is referring to.

"Hmm…" Ariana sounds, looking thoughtful and a bit wary when the woman's name is finally revealed." Strangely, the first person she turns to is her aunt in regards to this news, before her gaze moves to view her parents' reaction to this as well. "Well then, if this is a suitable match, then I expect our Lord Father to contact the Peakes and get things settled… before any gift giving comes about. I mean, one does not wish to get her hopes up if the negotiations fall through."

Densoric looks to Ariana and says, "Given what I witnessed I don't believe Lady Sir Viannea getting her hopes up is much of a concern. Though a more subdued gift at least might fare better then the recommendations of my Lord Uncle, which is more what I meant before." Just what does he know, or think he knows?

Percival sips from his glass as everyone gossips back and forth until the whole thing is finally revealed, whereupon his brow furrows slightly. "It would be a somewhat suitable match, I suppose, although it could be that we are tying ourselves too tightly to the Houses of the Spine. It will be something to think on, at any rate."

Ancelina shares Percival's thoughts and nods in agreement. "Since Ariana is marrying into Arboren, and there would be talk of a match between Larent and Peake, I would see to it Lady Viannea would then come here, but, before we can make any assumptions, if you are serious about this, Antelope, we would like to meet with the lady and her family."

Sighing at Densoric, Antaeus simply gives the man a look. "Why yes Cousin. How kind of you to provide a name." Focusing his attention back to his mother, he clearly understands what she is trying to say. "Of coure, Mother. I would not do anything that would put either you or Father in a compromising position." His gaze flicks to his sister, and he offers her a shrug, "I will leave it to Mother and Father to decide whether or not it is a suitable political match, of course."

As his father weighs in on the matter, he offers him a respectful nod. "Of course, Father." Though he's half tempted to add: At least it's not a Khournas, right!? Oh gods, and now he's getting piled on again from his Mother. "Of course, Mother." Urge to throw Densoric off of a balcony rising.

Nefanwy gives one very firm nod of agreement after Ariana speaks. "All actions which might be construed as courting should occur only after the banns have been announced." Her tone brooks no argument and it seems the small bit of brandy she is ingesting is doing naught to loosen the woman's demeanor. After the Lord and Lady have spoken on the matter, the visiting relative rises and dips her head. "I fear I a sudden bout of fatigue is upon me and I must cut short this visit. It has been a pleasure to see all of you again." Looking at Densoric, she notes, "You are welcome to join us at any time to speak on the aforementioned matter." Ariana is given a far warmer smile as the Leonnida continues. "And I rather insist we speak in the very near future, my dear."

Densoric looks to Ancelina and simply shakes his head silently as she speaks of things being serious, but for now leaves the matter at that. He then looks to Nefanwy and nods respectfully, "Thank you for your kindness and consideration my Lady Aunt. I will see when I can make an appointment for your time." he then falls back to silence for now.

Ariana looks content enough that things are following the usual noble orderly fashion when it comes to even Antaeus' match and she seems pleased by what Nefanwy says, though her agreement with her aunt's words does not surprise her. And with the announcement of Nefanwy's retiring to rest, the young Larent lady rises from her seat, "Will you not stay the night here, My Lady? Though, I suppose, I would not dare pull you away from your duties, but yes, I would like that. There is much to be discussed."

Ancelina concurs with her daughter. "Yes, Nerfy, please stay if you don't have to go. We have recently renovated the sleeping chambers. You will find them to be very luxurious and soothing." The woman rises from her seat either way in case Nefanwy decides she must make leave.

"Oh, must you leave so soon?" Percival looks crestfallen. Really, he does dote on and women of his family, and having his sister around makes for just one more to do so with! "If you are feeling tired, you could rest here-" And Ariana and him seem on the same page once again. "Yes, precisely. We could have a room ready for you immediately." Oh, and his wife too. Its a Larent dogpile!

Antaeus glances up to his Aunt, offering her a warm smile, or trying to be as warm as possible. Even if she is going to scold him like that. "Aunt, I do wish you could stay, I know my dear sister would love that." Of course his voice is one out of many asking the woman to stay. Unsure as to how much longer this little family get together is going to last, he goes ahead and drains the rest of his brandy and then rises from his seat.

How can anyone resist such an outpouring of love and politeness? Nefanwy smiles and graciously nods. "I can most certainly stay the night. The Castellan can last this short while without an assistant. Indeed, if you are the mind behind these renovations, Lady Larent, they must not be passed by. Thank you." She holds the mostly-filled decanter out, again without looking, simply expecting a servant to take it away.

"Wonderful!" Ariana says with a lone clap of her hands. "Please, let me escort you to loveliest of the renovated guest room. My Lady Mother has a keen eye for design, this is true." While she may wish to listen in on any conversation that could continue on without her presence, Ariana seems eager enough to show her favorite aunt around and will gracefully escort Nefanwy up to the guest wing of Sky Palace.

Ancelina calls for one of the servants and informs her Lady Nefanwy will be spending the night and to please tend to the Leonnida's needs. A room will be set up for her and whatever else she might want will be at her disposal. "Excellent and thank you, dear sister-in-law. I will make sure you are well cared for in our home. As for Antaeus," The lady of the house glances around to everyone. "I believe that is enough discussion about potential betrothals for one evening."

As it looks like Nefanwy will be staying after all Densoric says, 'Perhaps we can speak before you depart for your home then." casually.

Percival is surely ready to jump to make arrangements, but once more, Ariana and Ancelina have him beat to it! So, there is naught for him to do but smile and wish his sister a good evening. "Sleep well." FOr his own part, he may sit a while and finish his drink, before likely retiring as well.

Still smiling at his Aunt, Antaeus offers a polite, yet slightly desultory smile, "It was good speaking with you Aunt, perhaps we can talk again tomorrow." He does seem to be slightly lost in his thoughts though, shaking himself out of it upon hearing the combination of his name and the word 'betrothal' from his mother.

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