08.28.3013: An Evening At The Office
Summary: Senator Alistair Hartcliffe and his Senior Intern, Glenna Blair, discuss upcoming events
Date: 08.28.2013
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Glenna Alistair 

Senator Alistair Hartcliffe's Office, Senate Tower, Landing
This office, on the fifth floor of the Tower, is decorated for both function and comfort. The double-doors display banners of the blue and yellow of Leonnida, seeming right out of one of the tourneys for which the region is known. The room opens up to a lobby area, with Senator Alistair Hartcliffe's private office behind a door to the right of the main desk. Numerous paintings displaying the beauty of the Southern Wilds are hanging around the room, while a bookshelf graces each wall. Behind the main desk is a banner, which reads "Serving United," and has a picture of a dove. A sturdy wooden table is to the right of the entranceway and is surrounded by several plush, upholstered chairs. At virtually any time of the day or night, at least one of the Senator's aides is around.

Behind the door engraved "The Honorable Senator Alistair Hartcllife of Leonnida," is a smaller room, which serves as the private study. One desk sits nearly against the windows that overlook the Lower Courtyard, a comfortable looking chair behind it. Two additional chairs, identical to the one behind the desk, are seated facing the desk. The Senator's desk has a number of papers spread across it, along with a variety of trinkets, including the tooth of a Lion in a glass case. The walls will feature slogans and advertisements from recent charity events and fundraisers, which are ever-changing as new ones occur.


Late afternoon in the landing, most of the rest of Alistair's staff has adjourned for the day, leaving behind a large stack of reports and proposals scattered across the desk in the lobby. The Senator is, as per the usual, a flurry of motion and ideas, drifting between pages and maps. Most of the items on the table deal with the upcoming banquet and Gala. Senator Hartcliffe is on his third cup of coffee in the past hour, and he's been in good spirits throughout the day. He's in very clearly Pro-Reversion attire, with a Leonnidan blue tunic, with a diagonal yellow stripe. Glancing up from his papers, he'll look around the room for his chief intern. "Glenna? Do you have that projection map for Lord Garus? He'll be wanting to know how much food we think we'll be getting through donations before the Gala on Friday."

Glenna says, "I'm right on top of that, Senator…" glancing over her shoulder for a moment, as she deftly manuvers her way thru a series of reports. Taking out first one, then another, she turns towards the Senator, offering the first one "This is the projection map and this one…." offering the other one, "….is the cost analysis of the monetary donations used to obtain whatever we weren't able to obtain through physical donations. Although, I'm very pleased to see that it's not that large an amount." Waiting for a moment, she eyes the coffee cup, and goes to refill it. Academ students are coffee addicts as well, this is one legal addiction that must be fed."
Nodding as he reviews them, the thinly man will smile. "I don't know what I'd do without you. I'd probably drown in a sea of papers." Alistair chuckles slightly, knowing that hard copies are not a necessity, but he still prefers them. "Did you want to order in before we left for the Notice Meeting?" He asks, still flipping through the papers.

Glenna returns, setting the cup down where it was before, "All the reports are recorded to your device so you'll have access to them at the meeting tonight, and for now," returning to where she was before, starting tap some keys and pull up some other information in anticipation of the Senator's ever active mind. "I hadn't thought about that actually, although it would probably be good. I can always grab something to eat. You, however, would forget to get something later, then have to get up in the middle of the night and eat something totally in appropriate. So, YOU need to order something now before you forget."

Chuckling at the thought, he'll walk over to the phone, relenting to her true suggestion without question or hesitation. "Yes? Two burgers and fries please. And…two bottled waters…" He hangs up. "Alright, so, I've offered an entertainment slot this Friday to Miss Letha Vallas, you remember her father, the composer? We'll need to make sure she's got the supporting and staging space she needs." Yes, he did just throw a curveball with two days to go for the Gala. He's definitely done bigger changes on shorter notice, though Alistair does follow it up with a genuine, knowing tone. "She's completely self sufficient, won't need much but a spot on the stage planning."

Glenna nods, keying everything into her device, as well as solidifying in her mind. Pursing her lips for a moment, hmming to herself, "She should have her own stage crew; but, we'll make sure that we have enough room, as you say, and I'll check into making sure all the other sundry details are inline: lighting, tech support, and the like, just to be on the safe side in case something should happen with her crew. That way, should there be a glitch of some kind, we should be able to carry on with little or no interruption." She takes a few more moments, to ponder something on her screen, tapping a few times, glancng over at the Senator, "You're co-hosting this with Lady Brianny Saimhann, did you wish for some sort of gift or some thing of that nature before or after the event, to show your appreciation?

"Oh…well, that'd be great actually. She's a former Leonnidan herself, and I feel certain the poor gal misses her family…so maybe something like a personal trinket or reminder? From the Southern Wilds?" Alistair leans back in the chair, taking another gulp of his coffee, mind racing along. "Also, I'll be lunching with the Young Lady Grantham next week again, perhaps organizing a tourney for a medical fundraiser." And he turns, changing subjects seamlessly as he looks up to the banner behind the desk, raising his coffee mug in a motion. "And at some point we've got to start talking about the campaign and your Academ schedule…" The Senator looks at the banner with the slogan 'Serving United' thoughtfully.

Glenna makes another notation, fingers tapping lightly. "I'll see what I can come up with and offer few suggestions for your approval. Nodding again at the rapid-fire transition to the next topic, "Where do you want reservations? THe Rose Inn or elsewhere?" barely waiting herself before moving along to the next topic, "Are you maintaing the same platform as…." then pauses for a moment, looking over, "My schedule, sir?"

The Senator stands up with agility that would surprise most for his appearance and moves to refill his coffee mug, speaking as he does. "The Rose Inn will do fine, thank you…make sure they don't give me some outlandish discount like they tried to do last time." Alistair returns to stand behind the chair, resting his arm on it. "I just want to ensure that in the heyday of campaigning that your grades aren't slipping, Glenna. It is why you're here after all." He looks to her, light blue eyes full of caring, his voice echoing the tone of an uncle.

Glenna looks up, after making the suggested notations: Rose Inn, no excessive discount. "I do think myself that their continuing nicely. The first couple years were a bit difficult; I think perhaps it was because I really wasn't sure wanted to do. Now, I just have to decide if I'm going to return when this year is done, continue my studies or enter the public areana. I don't think think it will be the latter though, I don't think I'm quite ready for that /just/ yet. " But, she rambles, she goes off on tangents at times, and her hazel eyes fill with chagrin. "I'm sorry, I'm starting to stray a bit," a faint grin at the end of that statement, even as she continues to tap away on her screen.

Putting down the papers as she talks, Alistair has been listening intently, taking mental notes of the situation. "You do realize that whatever you decide to do, Glenna, that you've got my full support. I know you'd succeed regardless, but I will, as always, encourage you to take your time and enjoy the possibilities at your feet. It's all about finding your passion and trying out new things…you've still got plenty of time to figure it out." He sips more coffee and returns to his papers, as the burgers are brought it. Alistair tips generously as the trey is set on the table between the two plush chairs. "I think we've got just enough time to scarf these down." He smiles at the statement.

Glenna nods, rising from her current seat and moving to one of the two plush chairs, taking a seat. Eyeing the burger and the fries, tipping her head from side to side and going for a fry first, no ketchup, she takes a bite looking across at Alistair. "You're kind to say that Senator, and thank you. As you say, there's still plenty of time for decisions….and for Senators and their interns to eat as well." Chewing that one fry, she moves to deftly twist the top off of a water bottle, slide it across and then open the other one, retaining it for herself.

Taking a hearty bite out of his burger, Alistair will nod as he chews. "Of course, Glenna. I imagine that we'll need to get heading out to that meeting soon enough." The Senators seems content as he eats, probably hungrier than he realized before the food arrived. As he swallows more burger, he begins to pick at his fries. "And how many times must I insist that you call me Alistair?" He smirks at her.

Glenna says, "Well," picking up her burger and taking a bite of it, chewing thoughtfully, as she thinks about that question. "Well, how many times have you reminded me so far?", grinning over at him. Taking another fry, saying "At least once more?" with a laugh. "I don't know why I have trouble calling you by your first name. Maybe it's because I don't want to do that in public. I'd hate to tarnish your reputataion somehow. I'm still getting used to all the ins and outs of politics."

"You know I'm no noble, but I suppose that respect for the office is good…I just hate creating artificial barriers with titles…" The Senator shrugs as he stuffs a few more fries into his mouth, glancing at the clock on the wall. "We should probably make our way, yes?" He stands, picking up his plate as he goes.

Glenna says, "No, I know you're not," scarfing down one more fry, "If you insist, then I will. Alistair, I can't promise that I won't slip and call you Senator though," reaching also to pick up her water bottle, putting hte lid back on. "It does appear to be about that time."

(Scene fades as they travel to the Notice Project Meeting)

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