07.30.3013: An Escort Home
Summary: Jarek escorts Agnes back through the ways, and they let Viannea and her guest, Densoric, know about the events at the Saimhann party.
Date: 30 July 2013
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The Ways of Khar-Mordune — Khar-Mordune, The Spine
Only those not from Niveus will have to take a moment to adjust to the damp, stark chill of the deep, mountain cavern that is Khar-Mordune. Situated on a large, flat, and nearly featureless island at the center of the underground city are the humped arches of varying sizes that greet or bid farewell to various visitors. The city is situated in the twilight zone of the maze-like caverns, allowing some natural light to filter down from the entrance far above and to the west of the settlement. There are a series of bridges that lead out from the island like the spokes of a wheel into the various districts. Plantlife here is sparse, though the cathedral ceiling high above is home to a colony of spotted bats who have shared this cavern with the people of Khar-Mordune for generations.

The city of Khar-Mordune is a combined architecture of cuboid buildings and intricate elfin edifices. Stairways wind their way through the various promenades and tiers of the central caves.

30 July 3013

Viannea ohs! She smiles as she recognizes the name, one she's probably heard in passing more than once. "It is nice to meet you. I'm Viannea Peake." Her habit of not using titles when introducing herself is contrasted by the polite bow of her head, a mix of formality and a casual air. "I do think you'll like it here. Lots of interesting sights."

Densoric nods politely and says, "As you say Lady Viannea." at least he's formal, and recognizes the name Peake as a noble House. His gaze then turns back to the surroundings as he asks, "Any sights of particular note My Lady? I'll admit to a fondness for natural beauty, though admittedly I've not seen any underground sources of note as yet in my young life."

They always say the morning after is the most romantic, granted that is usually said for two who've coupled for the night. Since that didn't happen this night, the morning wasn't so romantic as it was awkward. Either way, Agnes said she needed to return home and Jarek offered to escort her there. Thus arriving through the Ways in Khar-Mordune, he's wearing rather casual attire at present though it is impecable quality and design. Clearly, if anyone knows her work, this is a Kira Graves outfit.

Agnes' has her arm linked through Jarek's, and she's wearing a simple pair of breeches and a tunic, carrying the overnight bag she'd brought to Spikka in case she needed to use guestright, which she did. She's looking a little flustered, maybe a touch giddy even. "I'm sorry if I'm being silly about all this. I just never expected," she trails off, looking at him with a small, private smile.

"No need to dote on formality," Vi says with a light laugh. Not that she expects Densoric to be anything but, based on experience. Seems like the more she says people can be casual with her the more formal and proper they get. What else she has to say on the subject of that or the sights that can be found here is forgotten upon seeing her aunt and the man and, more importantly, how they walk arm in arm. Blinking once, Viannea finds the corners of her mouth turned down slightly in a vaguely-disapproving frown. "Aunt Agnes. This man's behaving himself, I do hope." Leave it to Agnes' niece to say exactly what's on her mind.

DDensoric nods to Via and says, "That would go against the ay I was raise My Lady." as she is distracted by the sight of her aunt and a man Densoric leans in slightly saying in a lower tone, "Careful now, some might think you were jealous." in a good-natured tone. He then stands erect once more as she starts to question the other man's honor and adds nothing more to the discussion.

Jarek chuckles softly at Agnes, returning the private smile. "It's alright… to be honest, I never expected." he drops off at the woman's words and looks at her for a moment. "If by behaving myself you mean escorting your aunt from my home in the Drake mountains safely to her home after she took my offer of guestright so she didn't travel wearily in this time of war. Then I am certainly behaving myself." he pauses, "If you mean the fact that I have written your father a letter, and allude to that as being inappropriate, then I suppose I have not behaved. For the letter was sent at sunrise this morning." he gives Agnes' arm a gentle squeeze before offering his hand to Viannea "Jarek Saimhann, nice to meet a neice of Agnes'." he says jovially.

"Lady Sir Viannea Peake, this is Young Lord Sir Jarek Saimhann, my dear friend and, if my brother agrees, my husband-to-be." Agnes nods to Densoric and her smile is warm. "You have the look of a Larent about you. Related to Lady Ariana?" she asks.

The hand is taken and given a brief, tight shake, Viannea careful to make sure it lingers long enough to be civil without being so long that it's be improper. That happens in tandem with her eyes rolling at Densoric's joke about jealousy. "Not jealous," she points out between clenched teeth, that said to Lord Larent, "just protective." And then she looks at Agnes. The air of displeasure ebbs some when Agnes explains who he is but she doesn't address Jarek further just yet. She instead hugs her aunt. "I see things have been going on that I've been unaware of."

Densoric looks to Jarek saying, "One cannot blame family for wishing to ensure their own is being treated well." almost as though making an excuse for Via's more 'direct' words. He then looks to Agnes, his eyes all but confirming her question before he even has the chance to reply, "Indeed. Lord Densoric Larent, Lady Ariana is my cousin on my mother's side. I had heard word of Khar-Mordune and thought I'd take advantage while I could to have a look at the… Cavern Maze seems to be a suitable descriptor." as he nods politely. He simply smiles softly to Via as she comments on not being jealous.

Jarek nods sternly to Viannea, taking a moment to size her up as the saying goes. "You were her former squire. This explains a lot about you, we'll get along just fine Viannea." he smiles, and looks to Agnes for a moment, a little surprised at her words but the smile turns to Densoric after no too long. " Lord Densoric, nice to meet you. I'm afraid I haven't met your cousin. In fact, I think you're the first of your family I have met." his hand now offered to Densoric.

"You were not the only one who was unaware, dear Vi. Apparently my old friend here has been harboring a secret crush on me for eight years, and has always been too much of a gentleman to act on it." Agnes hugs her niece and in truth Vi has probably never seen her this happy before. She releases the Peake and nods to the Larent. "Lady Ariana is a fine doctor. She has treated my battle wounds several times. I hope your family is faring well, Lord Densoric? And the caverns can be interesting but also dangerous. I would recommend taking a native of Khar-Mordune with you if you wish to explore them. I can volunteer Viannea if you'd like.

At least Jarek can take her in stride. That'll serve everyone well, in the long run. Viannea gives him a quick nods and then she casts a look at Agnes who gets a slight sniff before she laughs. "I have a feeling this means Father will get it in his head to arrange a marriage for me as well…" The device she has in her pocket buzzes and gets pulled free from where it was put, the screen bearing a message. "Seems that my appointment's been bumped up a bit. I should get going. Nice meeting you, my Lords. Aunt Agnes." And then she's gone, the Ways wisking her off.

Densoric returns the handshake with what is expected of etiquette and nods politely saying, "Then perhaps a visit to our moon of Nubilus would benefit. We are best known for our tourism, casnios, and titanium ore but if you would except my fully biased opinion, a glider ride over the 'cloud ocean' as I like to call it is a sight none should miss." He then nods to Agnes and says, "If Lady Viannae is agreeable a native guide would not be shunned. As to my family we are well. My Lord Cousin is playing up his wounds a bit if you ask me, but he is young and not unsurprisng, especially when the subject of the attention is one' own mother." smiling softly he then adds, "And Lady Ariana is indeed skilled, I like to think that came from my own injuries when we were younger as I have little doubt she put up with me for so long just for the chance to watch the doctors work on my wounds." smiling softly. He then watches Via get called away then looks to Jarek and asks, "Yu let a catch like Lady Agnes go for so long MiLord? Perhaps its less your honor then your judgement to be questioned." as he extends an obvious compliment.

Jarek nods to Densoric, and seems to consider for a moment. "Well, I can see if my schedule allows me time for a visit of your family's moon. I am sad to say that there were no Larents in attendance to the party my family hosted last night. Though we did send the invitation." he notes, however his tone is more just simply polite. "As for a tour, perhaps Agnes here is attempting a little matchmaking of her own." he casts her a side long before smiling at Densoric, "No, you see. Ten years ago I meet the Bear after getting Knighted. Then for the first two years of my service on Primus to the Chantry guard I hear and see nothing of her. Eight years ago, I spy her when I am given some small leave and instantly I am smitten. I thought she'd have already been bethrothed by then so I shied away. My men still make fun of my cowardice after all these years." he puts his arm around Agnes' shoulder, "Be it my surprise when I learn she hasn't been snatched up. I think the Six are rewarding me for my hard work, and dedication." he pauses, "And, I'm glad to think Agnes also cares for my company."

Agnes' cheeks color at Densoric's compliment. "You are too kind, milord. I'm afraid it was my complete ignorance that anyone found me attractive that stalled Lord Jarek from making his feelings known. And my proclivity for avoiding the news." She leans into the shelter of Jarek's arm with a small smile. "I would love to visit Nubulis. I have never been there outside of training and business matters and even then, it has been some time."

Densoric nods to Jarek and says, "Sounds as though you simply lack the cunning to determine if Lady Agnes was betrothed without informing her of your interest. But then soldiers and the like tend to focus more on martial skills which is as it should be." He then smiles softly as Jarek mentions match-making and says, "I am flattered, but with no disrespect to anyone, that choice isn't up to anyone here. Besides there are Larents of better status then myyself for such a match if a Larent was even to be considered. My Lord Cousin for one. At least if anyone could make him comfortable with the idea of marriage." smiling softly. He then nods to Agnes and says, "Beauty is a subjective thing from my understanding, and I've yet to hear of any none find completely unattractive. Though it sounds as though the match is a good one politically and even more rare, for love so I wish you both years of happiness. I know the good and bad of what can come from those who marry for love. But you both seem the sort to deserve only the good."

Jarek hms softly and pulls Agnes a little closer, "Love has to grow in time, I care for Agnes deeply as she is my dear friend, and I couldn't stand the thought of another man vying for her heart." he smiles softly, "However, thank you. I am not entirely sure how my father will see it… but I've avoided him for nine years about a match. He might take it as a sign and happily accept without needing an offer." he shrugs slightly, "I am more worried how Lord Peake will view me and my request."

"I am relatively certain my brother will be relieved that someone wishes to wed me, let alone that it is a House heir," Agnes notes. "Moreover, my brother has loved me dearly enough not to push me into marriage to his political advantage, and will be thrilled that I am happy, rather than forced, into this."

Densoric nods to Jarek and says, "Then I wish you both luck, as it sounds as though you are already 'lost in love' Lord Jarek. Unfortunately there is nothing i can do to help your chances as I have no ties to either of your families, much less your respective Head of houses." He then looks to Agnes and says, "An heir is always of political advantage, at least as long as they are of equal standing or higher to one's own House. Unfortunately I'm unlikely to be so lucky as I'm not of the main line, and therefore a bit unworthy of the main line, let alone heirs." His tone remains casual and calm, as though he has simply accepted what he has said as a part of life, and doesn't appear to be upset at all about it.

Jarek tilts his head to rest it on Agnes' shoulder. Though only one inch taller than him, Jarek is still shorter and thus her shoulder is the one that's rested on. "You should be more proactive Lord Densoric. Houses won't know you're worth anything, if you simply accept the standing you feel you were given." he pauses, "I worked hard to become a Knight Lieutenant, as no doubt Agnes did, but just having the title and the birth doesn't mean I am worth it. I have had to show to the houses, to the public even, that I am worth my rank and title." he looks up at Agnes slightly, "So, do you really think Trentin will find my request acceptable? I left the talks about a bethrothal to him and my father… but my request is one for courtship. I feel it's only proper that I give you time to decide if you really feel I'm the one for you. I don't want you to settle just because I'm the first one to admit their feelings for you."

"I think your request will let my brother finally sleep at night, rather than worry about his spinster sister, Jarek," Agnes says with a chuckle. "And I thank you for your patience with me. As you realize, even courting is completely new for me." She smiles at Densoric. "I hope you are as fortunate as I in finding a match, and not nearly as slow in opening your eyes to it."

Densoric nods to jarek and says, "I'm aware, however I'm not a combat person, and I've yet to find anything political to throw my support behind as of yet. As to my research, well I've suffered too many setbacks and blocks to really rely on it for status. So currently I'm at a loss on other options. Though well-known knights, skilled fighters, and heirs seem to be in fashion for betrothals and courtships it seems so I do not believe you will suffer too much resistance unless Lord Peake has found a match he feels is more suitable or places a greater value on Lady Agnes then your own father Lord Jarek." He then nods to Agnes and says, "I am more of a politician, I know my relative value and I am logical, practical, and realistic enough to know I can only accept the best offer I can get. In all honesty I keep matters of love in check, I know the odds of noble marriages concerning love. Though with that said I would not deny the effort of developing love with my match when i have one."

Jarek smiles at Densoric, "Well, you don't need to put yourself behind anything. And if your research is failing your seek others who can help, or do something entirely different. In fact, I had a request made of me recently for something to do with research… speak with Lord Hadrian Orelle about it perhaps. He might be willing to have you." he chuckles softly, "If Lord Peake worried that he'd never find a man for you Agnes, then he doesn't know his own sister. And as for taking it easy on you, of course. We're friends first… and sure I asked for you hand but we do need time actually build a relationship. Plus with the war going on, we have duties to attend to."

"I thank you both for your kindness, but I should be going now. I have duties to attend to this afternoon as, like Sir Jarek has noted, the war waits for no one." Agnes smiles, kisses Jarek's cheek gently, then nods to Densoric and heads into the keep.

Densoric nos to Jarek and says, "I've done so before its how I'm acquainted with Lord Brigham. He helped me to solve a problem that was bothering me in my research, unfortunately to progress any further I'd need either at least an inactive Hostile or a Hostile's computer one. But given the dangers that is unlikely. I've heard rumor a Hostile has been captured, but i doubt they'd let someone who could at best be called a novie anywhere near it, especially for one with limited combat skills." He then nods to Agnes and says, "Take care My Lady."

Jarek lets go of Agnes and returns the cheek kiss with one of his own. "I'll see you again soon I hope Agnes." he waves to her as she leaves. Then turns to Densoric, "Lord Hadrian requested I capture him a living hostile so he could test his medical treatments on them… perhaps it could be that you work with him and further your own research in the process." he offers.

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