01.14.3014: An Egg In The Nest
Summary: Rook and Lincoln meet Devon at a clinic for a pregnancy test.
Date: 07 November 2013
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A Small Clinic — The Ring
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14 January 3014

Coming to the clinic on the Ring was definitely not Rook's idea. She hates these places. But after announcing to her half-brother that she was knocked up, punctuated by the waving around of one of those pee test pregnancy things, he insisted. The only way he got her to go, however, was if Lady Devon would meet them there since she knows Rook's medical history. The disgruntled-looking hacker is sitting in the waiting room, arms crossed over her chest defensively, glowering at Lincoln.

Devon Khournas was a bit surprised to hear that Rook wanted her along to what she assumed was a routine clinic trip. She hadn't asked any questions, instead dutifully answering her call as a physician — well, an almost physician. She is dressed in an Orellean fashion of simple breeches and a light tunic beneath a long jacket. Her hair is up in a twist, its color a vibrant orange. She steps into the clinic with a gentle smile for the receptionist, and then her gaze falls on Ithaca. "Rook," she says as she approaches, "is everything alright?"

Linoln is not happy. After the initial shock, his fears started rolling over him. He's glower right back at her, not letting her demeanor intimidate him in the least. Linc stands up as soon as the doctor addresses Rook. He's still glowering, but will give her a tight smile, waiting for Ithaca to introduce him.

"Fine. Need to confirm something," Rook says to Devon cryptically. She leans in to the Khourni Lady and whispers, "Baby." She leans back, shifting her eyes over to Lincoln and back. "Brother. Lincoln. worried. Heart and stuff," she explains. "This is Lady Devon," she notes to the young man with her.

"Confirm somethi —" Then Ithaca whispers, and Devon blinks. She looks over toward Lincoln, offering a vague nod of her head. "Salutations," she says simply before she frowns to Ithaca. "I'm guessing… unplanned?" She pauses, looking a bit more concerned. "It… isn't… Nitrim's?" She asks, feeling almost flustered just by inquiring.

Linc nods to the doc, he's trying to be polite, but is clearly upset about this whole thing. His eyes grow bigger at the thought and his head snaps over to Rook. he'll kill him. Plan and simple. Jail for killign Nitrium would be a fair trade.

Rook starts nodding her head about it being unplanned then she makes a horrified face at the question about it being Nitrim's. "No. Not Nitrim's. Two weeks I think." She hasn't been with NItrim in months. "New Years Party," she says, by way of explanation. "No period. Always on time."

Devon can't hide her relief, and she nods gently. "Alright then… there is a chance that there is another reason you are late." She glances toward Lincoln, offering him an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry… nice to meet you, Lincoln," she finally says gently in return.

Lincoln's shoulders actually lower and a sigh of relief escapes him when it's confirmed that it's not Nitrim's. "Hi Doc." Linc looks to both of them and then back to Devon. "We just…Is she ok, if it is? Isn't her heart, like…not able to this?"

"Home test was positive," Rook notes to Devon as she stands and prepares to follow her into the back. "Not planned but," she looks for the right word, one she isn't terrible familiar with, "happy? Happy if yes." She frowns at her brother and nudges him with her elbow. "Medical tech good."

"No," Devon says confidently, though before she can go into much more detail she hears news of the home test. She frowns a bit, but it is a thoughtful expression. It is only when Ithaca mentions she might be happy about it does her brow arches up a bit. "Happy," she repeats, though it isn't said in disbelief. "Do you know… who else is involved?" Tactful, she hopes.

His jaw tenses, unsure if he needs to go beat someone else up now. Lincs' fingers go through his hair, "Can we just…make sure, first? before we figure out what to do?" He'll give Rook another glare, his dark eyes shining in the exact opposite of here's. "Gods, Ithaca….Let's just….make sure you're healthy, please?"

"Kind of. Soldier. Have his number," Rook points out. "Happy, yes. Not the last. Not Sarah's last descendant. Line goes on," she murmurs a little bit excitedly. She scowls at Lincoln, then sighs and shrugs. "Fine. Check up. Blood test. Whatever."

"I suppose that's something," Devon says with a frown even as she considers this particular situation. Then she blinks as Ithaca puts a particular piece together, and she glances toward the woman. "I… hadn't thought of that." She looks forward once more now that she has settled down into the seat beside the woman. She glances toward Lincoln. "Motherhood isn't all bad," she says, perhaps a touch defensively. After all, her own baby bump is starting to show.

Lincoln doesn't seem calmed by either woman's words, "Damn it, Ithaca. You are all I have." He'll move, looking almost desperate as he kneels in front of her, "I know you want this, but it's not something that you can just…" He'll struggle with the right words, "You had a fucking heart attack..I can't…You have to be smart about this. Safe. For you and any baby." He'll look to Deven, "I didn't mean…Shit. I don't even know what I'm saying." Anotehr hand through his hair and he'll offer seven an apologetic smile.

"If I'm pregnant, need to see Sarah again," Rook murmurs, glancing at Devon. "Can you help? Get me in?" Lincoln's worry seems to touch her, and she ruffles his hair with one hand. "Resilient. Faith," she urges him. The clinic nurse comes out and calls for "Rook Owens", the name on the fake ID Ithaca is using for this. Paranoid much? She is if Lucian is looking for Ithaca Black as the Hostile's relative. She stands and waits for the others before she follows the woman back to an exam room.

"To see Sarah?" Devon asks with a touch of a frown, but then she nods gently. "I can put in another request. I will see if Victor can put his weight behind it." Then she slowly pulls herself to her feet even as she smiles a bit toward Lincoln. "You are worried… it is understandable." She offers the man what is easily a motherly smile before she starts after the Lucian employee. She keeps instride with Ithaca. "What do you think… Sarah will say?" She asks the woman in an undertone.

Lincoln doesn't speak but will nod, glaring up at the ruffle to his hair. If circumstance were different he'd be estatic wight eh touch, now it just feel patronizing. His jaw tightens agein at the mention of Sara, but won't say anything. He just stands and follows the woman, intent of going back unless he's kicked out.

"Don't know," Rook responds to Devon in a quiet whisper to exclude the nurse. "Want to find out. Does she have sense of family? Mentioned me, I saw, in video. She thinks about it. Might mean something." She shrugs. The nurse glances at the chart and clears her throat. "Lady Devon, you have been extended privileges to examine Ms. Owens. Please let me know when you're finished with the room." She departs, closing the door behind her. Rook smiles at Devon innocently. She may have falsified those privileges in the computers somewhere.

The Ash Witch flicks a glance toward Ithaca when the nurse announces she has the room, and she smirks. "You're going to get us both in trouble," she says lightly before she shakes her head. "Alright… all I need is a bit of blood." She steps forward as she draws off her jacket, revealing her graceful arms. She checks over the room until she finds an extraction pack and a pregnancy test. She drops into the hover-stool, guiding it toward the examination table. "Sit," she instructions gently. She is thoughtful after a moment, glancing toward Lincoln before she looks back to Ithaca. "I would be… surprised… if they didn't have a sense of a family, I suppose."

Linc's a ball of different emotions , but will shove them down and walk over next to Rook, holding a hand out if she wants to hold it. He's already planning on what to do, if it's positive.

"Sarah tries to hide it," Rook notes as she sits on the paper covered table and shrugs out of her own jacket. She's in a simple t-shirt beneath it with her leather pants. "I think she plays cool. But she might miss family. One not manufactured. I still hope some of Sarah is in her." She scowls, "Not just genetically." The slight woman holds onto Lincoln's hand, more for him than herself. She's covered in tattoos, needles don't phase her.

"Genetics are still a mystery to some," Devon says quietly. "There are some that would suggest that we leave imprints on our DNA based on the lives we lead… like marks on a bone… but it is hard to prove that." She then lifts her gaze up toward Ithaca as she prepares the needle. "Arm, please." And once it is given, she gently taps the bit of soft skin at the crook of Ithaca's arm. "But… even if she isn't the original Sarah… who knows what she might still have in common… perhaps something in her reflection bothers her the same way your grandmother did… perhaps she does some art, or likes similar sounds…" She looks up to Ithaca. "You should do some research on your grandmother… they might not have the same memories, but our memories aren't all we are." Then she pricks the vein, drawing out a bit of blood.

Linc stays quiet, suddenly feeling an outsider in Ithaca's life, again.He'll watch the needle piercing her skin, a memory of the last time he says needle on her, and similar he's feeling.

Rook watches the blood draw passively. "Maybe. Will look up stuff. May not be much to find." It was a long time ago after all, on a world they lost contact with. She squeezes Lincoln's hand, trying to comfort her brother as best she can. The crazy of her life is new to him, she's had decades to adjust to the daily insanity and unpredictability.

"I don't know," Devon says with a shrug. "There's probably something you could find out." Then she retracts the needle and immediately presses a small cotton ball to the minute wound. She glances up at Ithaca. "What color synthskin would you like?" She asks, a slight grin tugging at the corner of her lips. Then she takes the vial and the test, popping open the latter so she can conduct the test. "But… you won't know what of this Sarah is like the old Sarah if you don't have a reference." Then she shrugs a bit.

Linc will just mutter softly, "Does it matter? If they're human, genetically…then she's related." Oh, to be simple minded with science and math and anything hat requires reading. He'll keep his head down, giving Rook's hand a squeeze back.

"Purple," Rook requests for the synthskin. Because purple is awesome. "What's not like a Hostile must be Sarah. Process of elimination," she notes. "When I saw her, let her make a choice. Seemed to confuse her a little. Having her preference asked. Maybe made her think." She swings her feet a little, like a kid waiting for their lollipop.

The Ash Witch is focused on the test for the moment while she runs the blood through the test. She sets it aside for the moment to let it do its thing while she hovers back over to Ithaca. Devon obliges in her request, applying on a bright violet layer of synthskin. She is quiet for a moment, and then she shrugs. "Choice isn't something I would expect if I was a captive… I'd think it was a trick. Or a trap." Then she hovers back over to the test, picking it up to check the results.

"Maybe. Maybe doesn't get to choose a lot," Rook notes. "One of many. Follows orders, like a soldier, but was made to be a soldier. Never chose that. Free will, but no choices." She cocks her head, looking from Devon to Lincoln. "That make sense?" Sometimes she isn't sure people grok her. And yes, the test is definitely positive.

Devon shrugs her shoulders. "I don't know… I've not… spoken with her." Then she tilts her head a bit at the test, and she turns toward Ithaca. "Positive. You're pregnant." She steps forward so she can hand the test off so Ithaca can see. Then she looks over toward Lincoln.

Lincoln lets out a soft sigh, so there's that. Positive. Baby. More blood relatives. He'll look over to his sitter, "Ok…so…" he'll then look to Devon, "What does she need to do? Vitamins and stuff?"

Ithaca takes the test in both hands, staring at the result, and flushing a bit. She starts grinning and can't seem to stop. It's very creepy on her, someone who barely smiles. One hand goes to her utterly flat stomach. "Kid in there. Amazing." She laughs a little then sobers. "What do I need to do? Want to be careful, healthy." Good thing she repaired that stove so she can eat something more than microwave pizza. She digs in a pocket, tugs out her cigarettes, and chucks the pack at the trash can. That's step one. Expect her to be really cranky really soon.

Devon smiles gently toward Ithaca. "I can send you all the information you'll need… it will give you some suggested eating and all of that." She tilts her head. "Awakened and pregnancies… can be interesting." She quirks her brows a bit with a smile. "I can go see if the clinic can send you some information to a secure email address, if you like?" She tilts her head. "But I should at least get some information put together. You'll need to find a doctor who can do you check-ups."

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