Alone Again
Summary: Lincoln goes to visit his sister, only to find his worst fear realized.
Date: 20/11/2013
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IC Date — Location

The door of this musty, basement apartment bears several chains across the spanalong with multiple locks, electronic and mundane. Inside it is almost empty, Spartan to an extreme. There's just one, windowless, main room serving as the entire living space, and a small bathroom. The bedroom consists of a mattress on the floor in one corner. The kitchen is nothing but a counter with a small sink, microwave, mini fridge/freezer, hot plate, and electric crockpot

Along one wall rests a small tattered loveseat and a coffee table which looks to be an old trunk of some sort. The rest of the space is taken up by computer equipment, resting on scratched up Plexiglas sheets propped on rusted old filing cabinets, stools, chairs, anything that could be used to support the flat surfaces. The walls are plastered with page upon page of code and mathematical calculations.

Lincoln got off a few hours early and went to the all night grocery store. His arms are full with bags of groceries when he swipes the key to get into Ithaca’s pad. He had told her he’d be by to help her look at new apartments. He’s not lived with family since he moved out of his mom’s before he was even out of school.

“Hey Ithy! I brought you OJ.” She’s been craving juices, it seems. Which is good, his goal is to fatten her up! The door pushes open and it’s dark inside. Maybe she’s sleeping? Linc steps in and in a quieter voice, “Ithaca? I brought you groceries.” He likes to announce himself with her, still not convinced she won’t light him on fire if she’s spooked.

He flips the switch and freezes. There’s….nothing here. Like…empty. His heart clenches, as he rushes to the bedroom, only to find empty boxes and useless papers cluttering the floor.

Linc’s mind is racing, she wouldn’t just leave. She wouldn’t do that to him! About that time, his tablet vibrates and he drops the bags. It’s a timed message from his sister. His fingers shake as he struggles to read the short message. A hand goes up to wipe at his eyes, this isn’t…Six.

He’s alone. Again.

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